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Child Amenities & Entertainment Available On Board Your Flight.

Child Amenities & Entertainment Available On Board Your Flight.

Updated 2020

Child friendly airline entertainment varies greatly from airline to airline. It’s tough for an airline to cover all ages, but some airlines put a great deal of thought into their younger passengers. Here is the low down on some baby and child amenities available on board your flight – which may help with some packing decisions!

As a general rule, North American airlines do not provide any toys, activities etc on board, but many other major airlines do, especially the Far-East and Middle Eastern carriers. Some of these airlines are very family friendly with superb amenities for kids. Compare my top favourite family airlines here. Are there any I have missed?

Air Canada – Family orientated TV.

Air France – Games and colouring books which are age specific. Kids’s TV, cartoons.

Air New Zealand – Children are given a kids’ pack featuring the Jet Cadets. They provide Olbas oil if children suffer from ear- ache during take-off or descent. For an extra fee, Air New Zealand also have a Sky Couch a row of seats which can extend and essentially make a couch/bed.

Airline baby and child amenities
Air NZ sky couch B777-300

American Airlines – New planes have kids’ TV shows and games.

Asiana: Provide a ‘Happy Mom’ service includes baby, toddler and child meals, and a baby sling service for those who do not have a bassinet seat or whose babies are too large for the bassinet. A magic show in all classes plus face painting and Art magic balloons. They also have cookie making, dressing up photo sessions and name sticker making! You can also request a celebration party for a special event.

British Airways: Dedicated kids’ channel from Disney and Cartoon Network, plus family movies. Colouring book with puzzles and crayons in a swim bag style ruck-sack. (Very limited amounts of nappies are carried on board, and a couple of bottles of SMA milk, just in case a parent runs out.) Read my review of British Airways here. An additional bonus is you can choose your seats for free online after booking, IF you are flying with an infant.

Cathay Pacific – On long haul flights a colourful children’s fun pack is offered to children from the age of 3-6. Kids cartoons, family movies and interactive games are also available.

Emirates airline entertainment

Emirates: Dedicated family check-in area at Dubai Intl Airport. Kids play areas in First class and Business lounges at Dubai airport, child size headsets, puzzle books, Lonely Planet Kids goodies, blanket/back pack, soft toys and a baby amenity kit. Kids TV channels and games. The crew will take a polaroid photo of your child wearing the Emirates hat as a souvenir.  

On arrival into Dubai, there is a special ‘stroller’ delivery service for parents with babies, provided immediately after disembarking. (Also very limited amounts of nappies are carried on board and baby milk; pre-made Cow & Gate, just in case.) Read my review of Emirates

Etihad – Free Flying Nanny who makes arts and crafts, puppets, runs competitions,  does face painting, magic tricks etc. Also kids tv channels and games. Every child over 3 years old receives their own children’s pack of games, activity books and stickers. Premium Class guests have Family Rooms in most major airports.There is also an Etihad children’s play area at Gate 32 in Terminal 3.

Eva Air – The select Hello Kitty flights are fun and great for young travellers. Literally everything is emblazoned with Hello Kitty and her ‘Magic Star’ friends. Even the cutlery and playing cards.

Gulf Air: Toys and games from the Sky Nanny, as well as child friendly entertainment on TV. (Baby food, nappies, baby powder, baby lotion, baby wipes, baby bib and cotton bud packs are on all flights.)

JetBlue – Children’s TV shows, unlimited children snacks and drinks for free.

Korean Air: They provide a free amenity kit for pregnant passengers travelling from Korea to all international destinations. The tubes include blackberry for cream and organic skin care cream, sleeping socks and tea.(Inform your booking agent when making your reservation or at least 24hrs prior to departure.)

Korean Air facilities for pregnant women
Korean Air amenities for pregnant women

Lufthansa: Provide children’s toys,colouring books, puzzles etc and also have films and TV suitable for children. nappies (Very limited amounts of nappies are also carried on board.)

Malaysian Airlines: Selection of movies, cartoons and games. (limited amount of baby formula, food, bottles and brushes.) On the ground at selected airports, Malaysian provide a Child’s Play room. These are equipped with a TV and DVD player, kid sized writing tables, chairs, toys, comics and colouring books. Some spare nappies. (Read my review of  Malaysian Airlines).

Qantas crayola kids kit
Qantas Crayola kids kit

Qantas: On all international flights, provide children over the age of 3, Kid Kits to keep them entertained for the duration of the flight.  Age 3-6 have a Crayola kids kit and older children have a puzzles and games kids kit. They also have a limited amount of baby formula, nappies (one size fits all), a limited range of sweet, savoury and vegetarian baby foods, straws and baby bottles.

Qantas kids goodies activity packs for the plane
Qantas toys for kids.

Pre-flight, selected Qantas lounges have Family Zones which come equipped with dedicated iMac computers , Sony Playstations, children’s furniture and toys and books. Some Family Zones have child friendly refreshments. ( Read my review of Qantas here)

Qatar Airways: Babies have a dedicated baby channel, and older children have cartoons, Disney films and other family favourites. There are also some educational programmes and interactive games. Qatar also provide creative and educational kits that come with crayons, stickers, an activity book, and more, which vary according to the child’s age. (Read my review of Qatar Airways here)

Singapore Airlines: Activity games and toys for infants and children. including stickers, memory card games, puzzles, soft toy etc.Toys and games are refreshed every quarter. (Limited quantity of nappies/diapers, disposable bibs, feeding bottles and baby wipes.)

South African Airways: Toys and activity bags for children and selected TV shows and films.

Sri Lankan: Children’s TV, and movies.  Toys and a dedicated child care stewardess. Diapers/nappies and baby food are available on board.

Thai Airways: A range of toys, games and books are presented to children according to age – under 3, 3-6 years and 6 to 12 years.

Turkish Airlines: Rubik’s cube, colouring book, travel bag, slippers, tooth brush, child headphones, snap on watch. Read my review of Turkish Airlines here.

Virgin Atlantic: Provide lots of children’s films and TV shows and a KiD backpack full of goodies such as colouring-in book, pencils, socks and eyeshades.

If you know of any others that should be included- please do let me know below.

SO many airlines to choose from..but which are the most family friendly? This guide details all the kid friendly facilities for most major airlines- helping you plan and pack for your next holiday. Includes details of the travel activities for your flight.

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Thursday 29th of March 2018

Are these facilities for Economy or Business class?


Thursday 29th of March 2018

Hi - all the facilities are for all classes. Economy included!


Friday 12th of January 2018

We are flying BA for the first time in the summer so this is good to know. Though at 16 and 12 no doubt they will be plugged into their devices for the 10 hour journey x

The Love of a Captain

Friday 12th of January 2018

Fab and useful post. No doubt this will come in very handy for your readers . If only they did adult kits too :) x

Sam | North East Family Fun Blog

Thursday 11th of January 2018

Fantastic comparisons! Nevermind the kids - I'd like some of these facilities for myself ! haha x

Lucy Dorrington

Thursday 11th of January 2018

I had no idea airlines put some much thought into their young passengers!