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Travel Checklist for Flying With A Baby or Toddler

I often get asked what to pack when traveling with a baby, especially for the first family holiday or vacation abroad. Whether we are flying long haul to see family in Australia or flying short haul to Europe, most of it has been trial and error; learning on the go what has been useful.

These tips are a culmination of what items were most useful for us when flying with a baby.

Plane Travel With Baby - Cabin Luggage Items

Below you will find my specific packing tips for carry-on and checked in baggage. I’ve also included a free printable baby packing list for you too, with space for you to add any unique items for your family and tailor it to your needs.

Obviously, you won’t need all of these suggestions, but it will give you some ideas of what to pack which suits your families circumstances, age of your baby, flight time, destination etc.

Do let me know if you find this packing checklist for traveling or flying with a baby  useful or if you would add something? 

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Packing Tips For Flying With A Baby

Below covers packing tips and a printable checklist for travelling abroad with a baby. This includes what you can take as cabin baggage and as hold baggage.

Plane Travel With Baby – Cabin Luggage Items

  • Try and pack as light as possible for your hand baggage. Many major airlines allow you to bring a small bag for yourself AND a nappy/diaper bag for your baby, but others do not give infants their own allowance, meaning you must have everything in one bag.
  • I now have a Mia Tui Jennie bag which I use all the time as I don’t need as many nappies, but a rucksack is super useful as you can keep your hands free when travelling.
  • Here are some of the top family-friendly airlines and a quick reference guide to those that do allow carry on for infants.)

    A great tip: Have the essentials like a nappy, small packet of wipes etc in several individual bags such as a ziplock bag, and have it in an easily accessible place. Once you have you used them, you can replace with your next ziplock bag of supplies. No more rummaging around or taking the entire bag into a small aircraft loo.

  • Bring food/drink and supplies for your journey and some extra for testing at airport and unforeseen delays. All the rest can go in your checked in baggage or be bought at your destination. See my post on various milk and baby food brands that can be found in different countries.
  • If you are weaning, some large international airlines allow you to pre-order baby meals (BBML) which are usually jars of pureed food. Check the details on your airline’s website. They are either listed on the travelling with an infant section or under special meals requests – you cannot choose the actual content of the jar though.
  • If you are bottle feeding, depending on the length of the flight, you may need to bring some sterilising equipment on board. Here are some tips and ideas on how to sterilise when travelling.
  • Zip-lock bags to fill with ice at the airport and the plane – to keep food and milk cool. (ice packs/cool packs are often not allowed through security as they are considered a liquid.)
  • Small cool bag/insulated bag
  • If you need to warm up food or milk on the flight, consider packing a small flask – you may need to empty any hot water before a flight, but you can always ask the crew to fill it up on-board. This way you can heat up baby food whenever you like.
  • If you are flying from the UK, consider ordering from Boots online in advance and collecting airside, once you have cleared security. This is not limited to baby products, so you can pick up your favourite make-up or suntan lotion too. Here’s information on how to order Boots at the airport.
  • With your checklist for travel with baby, don’t forget a change of clothes for you, you partner AND baby. This is an absolute must, especially on those long-haul flights to Oz! It’s also useful to dress you and your baby in layers, so you can remove or add depending on the cabin temperature.
  • Something familiar for your baby, whether a favourite toy or blanket or both. I really like the This Works Baby Pillow Spray to help them sleep on a plane. I was bought it as a gift by a friend, and I’ve stuck with it, although it is on the pricier end.
Checklist for Traveling with Baby, baby sleep spray
  • Some new toys. Please see my best baby and toddler toys post for some great ideas. An option is to wrap some these up in a few layers of different coloured paper. Perfect for tiny, inquisitive little hands, and helps keep boredom at bay.
  • Calpol and Ibuprofen sachets. Perfect for travel and in handy 5ml sizes. Available from most supermarkets and chemists. Other essential medicines, larger than 100ml can be brought on board but need a doctor’s letter and prior approval from the airline. This does include inhalers.
  • (In the USA -Tylenol and Motrin, but I don’t think they provide these in handy dosage size sachets yet. Please let me know if/when they do.)
  • A baby carrier or sling. Perfect for walking around the airport, and even better for when you arrive at your destination and it’s a long walk to baggage reclaim. This is one of the most essential items on my baby checklist for traveling. Here are some reviews of tried and tested baby carriers by me and fellow readers of Flying With A Baby.
  • Dummy/Pacifier – if your baby uses one this can help in relieving the pressure in their ears. If not, a  feed from bottle or breast will have the same effect.
  • Smartphone downloaded with their favourite TV show or music/nursery rhymes and apps. Most airlines have a TV channel specifically for children, but it won’t necessarily show age appropriate shows the entire duration of your flight. Here are some ideas for some age appropriate apps
  • A baby sleeping bag. These are great to add to your travelling with baby checklist, as they help keep your baby used to the familiar and also more comfortable when in the bassinet, skycot, or even your lap.
  • An extra wrap or thin blanket and a couple of safety pins. This is handy if you are at a bassinet seat and the overhead monitor is projecting too much light on your sleeping baby, or if your baby is sleeping and the cabin lights are turned on for a meal service. If the bassinet seat is unavailable, you can then make a ‘den’ by using the seat in front of you and your seat, to secure the blanket over the top of the seat, again giving you some respite from the bright cabin lights.
What to pack - flying solo
Using the blanket to make a den on the plane
blanket covering a seat on a plane to sleep.
Blanket covering the plane seats so the girls can sleep
  • There is also a new Australian product out called CoziGo (formerly Fly Babee) which is a bassinet cover and a stroller UV cover too. We found it very useful on holiday and at home too – perfect to shield baby from those cabin lights!
CoziGo, Fly Babee, Etihad bassinet, airline bassinet seat
The CoziGo bassinet and stroller UV sleep cover
  • A product out by Sky Baby UK is a sky mattress which enables a young baby to sleep comfortably on your lap. Especially handy if you don’t have a bassinet seat, or if you prefer baby to sleep on you. It has a loop underneath, which is attached to the infant lap belt, to keep baby secured to you, and also means there is no need to disturb baby when the seat belt sign comes on for turbulence. The ‘wings’ fold over and keep baby secure and snug. It’s light, compact and brand new on to the market. Available  from Amazon and directly from SkyBaby who will deliver worldwide. Check out my review of the product too.
SkyBaby sleep mattress
  • Antibacterial wipes. Handy for wiping those tray tables or even parts of the bassinet. Airports and airplanes see thousands of people…
  • Charger – many airlines provide in seat charger sockets-even in economy. These include Etihad, Emirates, British Airways (check on line with your airline as it does depend on aircraft type.) More and more airlines are adding USB ports to their seat backs these days.
  • Battery power pack

Have I missed anything that has been essential for you in your hand luggage? Please do comment below. Now for your suitcase items and additional items allowed checklist …

Plane Travel With Baby – What Checked-in Baggage Am I Allowed? 
What to pack

I’ve found since the arrival of Miss A, my suitcase is no longer my own and taken up by all her and now her sister’s essentials. However, the arrival of baby means that you do have extra baggage allowances which can be put in the aircraft hold.  Check my airline list on ‘What are the best seats on a plane and info on baby bassinets’ to find out your individual airline requirement. These are the basics.

 You can take usually take 2 extra items:-

1. A collapsible pram/stroller/buggy. Think about using a stroller travel bag to keep all parts of the pram together, and to sneak in a few extra items for free (I’ve put nappies in before!)

2. A car seat. For more information on using a car seat on the airplane see here.

(3. And on some airlines a collapsible travel cot as well. Qantas is one of these, if it is an international flight.)
The allowances do vary so much from airline to airline, so do check or tweet me @flyingwithbaby  and I’ll be happy to help.

The Essential Baby Packing List For Travel With Babies & Toddlers

Hello Jolie packing cubes
Hello Jolie Packing cubes will help keep you organised.

Before you pack have you thought about packing cubes? 

Packing Cubes

Seriously, where have packing cubes been all my life? I had heard about them and then my husband bought some for himself. Needless to say, we have since bought more. It makes organising suitcase so much easier. We always split our clothes between 2 or 3 cases, in case one goes missing, so this helps keep us all organised. You can check and compare latest prices here. I really like these ones from Hello Jolie as they have labels which makes sorting SO much easier!

Baby items to pack in your suitcase – My baby travel checklist

Top Tip

Pack a few of your child’s items into your suitcase and vice versa that way should a suitcase go missing, all of you have some basic necessities…

  • Short sleeved vest and long sleeved vests
  • Sleep suits and baby sleeping bags
  • Trousers/tops/dresses/cardigans
  • Swimming costume & swim floats
  • Swimming nappies/diapers (Fab tip: You can wash and re-use the disposable ones e.g Huggies little swimmers, if there is no number 2- saves space in suitcase and money!)
  • Mini baby toiletries/hairbrush/dummies if you use.
  • Extra Medicines ( Always have essential medicine with you in your hand luggage though.) A few nappies/wipes etc for the first day or two.
  • SnoozeShade or CoziGo for your pram to help baby sleep and protect them from UV rays. I find this invaluable at home and abroad and they work much better than a blanket or muslin flung over the pram.
  • A couple of small toys/books/pictures or shapes printed out
  • Travel high chair (depending on where you are travelling to) Totseat, Polar Gear or a fabric one are good depending on your suitcase space.
  • Baby milk/food for a day or two of your stay, to save you hunting for it in the middle of the night or through a haze of jet-lag.
  • A clip on stroller fan. Really handy for hot countries and light weight too. The foam ‘blades’ mean it is safe too.
  • Ice block coolers to freeze and keep items cool on holiday day trips.
  • Travel car blinds/shades
  • Tin foil for blacking out hotel windows
  • Night light
  • Baby monitor
  • Mosquito net and insect repellant
  • More adaptor plugs
  • Hand wash detergent for clothes
  • Pop up UV beach tent which you can put in the shade while you sunbathe.
  • Small paddling pool – can put in the shade while you sunbathe or squish into your shower to make a portable baby bath in your hotel room!
Inflatable Play Nest – great for non crawlers on holiday or vacation

Download my printable baby travel essentials – Packing Checklist for International Travel with Baby

You may find the below tips for flying with a baby useful before you start packing too!

  • Most major international airlines will have a very limited supply of baby milk formula, baby jars and nappies/diapers on board, but as you can never guarantee what is available, it is best to pack your own. (N.B American airlines do not seem to provide any of the above). Remember to also allow for flight delays or unexpected stopovers...Babies will also drink more in-flight, just like adults as the cabin air is dehydrating.
  • You are allowed to take baby milk and food on board, if it is for your babies use for the duration of the flight, and it CAN be over 100ml. Baby food and milk are exempt from the 100 ml liquid rules. This includes; sterilised water, breast/powdered/ cartoned milk of all kinds, and baby food of all consistencies and packaging. It is, however, advisable to have the sterilised water already in a baby bottle if possible.
  • Boots the Chemist, at UK airports allow you to pre-order baby milk, so if you want to avoid testing at the airport, you can arrange to pick up once you’ve passed through security. See my post on the Boots pre-order service detailing how to do this and which airports you can do this from. (Remember, it doesn’t just have to be baby food or milk, it can be suntan lotion, make-up, toiletries etc)
  • It’s also worth asking the local airport Starbucks or restaurant to warm milk for you and some even provide milk for free, (at each branches discretion).
  • NB In January 2014 UK security procedure changed. Parents are no longer required to taste the baby milk at UK airport security, although the milk is likely to be subject to additional screening. Pack extra just in case it is opened and no longer sterile.

Skiing with Kids

If you are skiing with kids this additional family ski packing list should help you too!

Have I missed anything that should be on this travelling with a baby checklist? Please do comment below and help other parents too!

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Checklist for Traveling with Baby, I often get asked what to pack when traveling with a baby. Most of it has been trial and error; learning on the go what has been useful. Below you will find my specific packing tips for carry-on and checked in baggage. I've also included a printable baby packing list for you too, with space for you to add any unique items for your family. The essential guide for what to pack when going on holiday with a baby and older kids. Full of practical ideas, airline allowance info, packing tips plus a FREE printable checklist. #familytravel #packinglist #checklist #flyingwithbaby

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  1. thanks alot for ur tips but i had a qustion about turkish airlines i have a going to be 10 month old baby do they provide baby water or do i bring baby water with me? and are u aloud to care baby water if yes how much of the baby water can i care ?

  2. Hi Karrar.

    You can take baby water onto flights. However, it must be decanted into a baby bottle and not in for example a bottle of Evian. Airlines can heat it up for you, if required. You are allow to take a 'reasonable amount' for the journey. Airlines do not specify an actual amount as everybodies journey is different. Some people may finish their journey, whereas others are just in transit. Airlines can also provide you with water, either from a bottle or from tap – where they get water for tea/coffee for the passengers, but in my opinion, this 'tap' water is not as clean as either bottled or what you would bring. You can contact Turkish Airlines on +90 212 444 0 849 / +90 850 333 0 849 if you require.

    Happy flying!

  3. The idea of the blog is amazing! It will make the trips specially for new parents a lot easier… Thanks a lot! 🙂
    I might be flying to morocco very soon! So it will be through BA or RAM. Am I not allowed to take my travel system? As the baby is only 2 months! Can I take the car seat on bord?

  4. Hi Farfoureuse. Thank you so much. It keeps me a bit active from the baby brain and it's great to get feedback and know it helps people out.

    Technically, both airlines stipulate a fully collapsible stroller, so if your travel system fully collapses then yes definitely. BA let you take a stroller, plus the car seat, and if there is room in the cabin, they will try and stow your carseat in the cabin. They will likely tag your car seat just in case they do need to take it though. We took our pram on BA which is a Bugaboo Chamelon travel system when our girl was 3 months, and I stowed the main chassis and the pram bassinet part in a pram bag so it made one piece of luggage and, as there was space in the cabin, we were allowed to take the car seat inside the cabin.

    RAM, also say a 'folding stroller or basket' but no mention of a car seat- so it may be best to ask as there may be a charge for that.

    I would suggest finding a protective bag on ebay or such lik efor your travel system, as then you can put the main chassis and bassinet inside and know they will be protected from all the knocks that often occur. It will also mean that if you travel with other airlines in the future, that stipulate 'one collapsible stroller in one piece,) then you will meet their requirements AND know your pram is better protected. Hope that helps?

  5. Yes that helps a lot! I gave RAM a call they said I should give my buggy at the checking wich I didn't expect lol! And they don't take car seats on bord! I've got a quinny buzz so ill have a look at the protective bag as I find it really good idea! Its a shame BMI doesnt operate flights to casablanca anymore! i used to love my 30 kg allowance. now its only RAM who makes direct flights ti Casa! the prices are the same if not higher but the services are just too different! ill miss flying with BMI!!! Thanks a lot for your time 🙂

  6. A Stroller Warning!
    Check and check again before you fly! SOME airlines allow you to wheel the stroller right up to the aircraft door. You may think this would mean you can collect your stroller from the flight attendant when you disembark…but it's not always the case. Sometimes the stroller will be labelled up and end up on the 'oversized baggage' carousel/area when you arrive. Imagine this: we arrive back at Gatwick with a chubby 9 month old and loads of hand baggage, only to have to carry her MILES through the terminal, passport control and to Baggage Reclaim. It nearly killed me! My husband has a bad back and can't carry much at all.

  7. Hi Spinnaker2 and thank you for your comment. A useful reminder. Yes, I agree, only some airports/airlines can return the stroller to you at the aircraft door. I have highlighted this and more about strollers, in my post 'What to expect on board when flying with a baby'Some airlines/airports provide courtesy strollers whilst in transit or arrival, which proves very useful, details are in the courtesy stroller/pram post.

    Packing a baby carrier as hand luggage, can be a godsend, if you are unsure of what arrival facilities there are or if you cannot collect your stroller until the baggage belt.

    Good reminder that sometimes strollers can be found in oversized baggage area 🙂

  8. We'll be taking our LO on his first flight in a couple of weeks (short flight from Basel, Switzerland to London with BA). I was planning to take in my hand luggage baby bottles with water and powder in separate portions for each bottle. Is this acceptable or do we need to have the powder in its original packaging?


  9. I'm worried. I'm due to fly from Melbourne to London heathrow with Singapore airlines. I'm worried because I was planning on taking tetra packs of premade formula and if they ask me to taste them then I'll have to throw them away as they won't be sterile anymore. I was thinking about taking dry formula and making them up but bottled water isn't sterile. I'll also be traveling on my own and my daughter will only be 3 1/2 months arghhhh

  10. Dear Poppy, try not to worry!
    I have only been asked to taste water/milk at UK airports so far, so you may be asked to taste it on your return flight. You could just pack 1 extra tetra pack just in case this happens, or use cooled down boiled water and pour that into your sterilised bottles and just add the powder when needed. (I have done both options with no probs at all) You maybe asked to taste the water outbound from LHR but again, baby will be used to your antibodies/germs etc) Singapore are great with children and I have no doubt you'll be looked after very well, especially as travelling by yourself. 🙂

  11. This is an excellent website as I've been panicking about take my, will be 8 mth old to France in September, you've really out my mind at ease & lots of great tips which have helped, thank you very much
    Rachel & Ian travelling with Daniel who'll be 8 month at time if travel

  12. Hi Rachel,
    Thank you for the lovely comments about the site and glad to know it has reassured you. Any questions just ask or tweet me @flyingwithbaby and I'll try and help as best I can.

  13. This is a fantastic site. I told my partner I'm more clued up about what to bring my 6 month old daughter. The only concern I have is how can I keep her entertained on our 7 hour flight then another 4 hours after that. I'm scared my baby will be the one to scream throughout the whole flight. I'm flying with Emirates and I have never flown with the,. are they good?

  14. Hi Krisha, thank you for your kind comments.
    Emirates are a good airline for kids. They have a decent seat, entertainment, ( if you get a chance- loads of films, TV shows and games) Make sure you choose your seat online. ( You can do this as soon as you have booked) and grab a bassinet seat. The bassinet seats generally only take up to a 6 month old baby, but of course that all depends on weight and size as every baby is different. (See my bassinet guide to check if your little on will fit.) Even if they don't fit, it's nice to have that bit of extra space at the bulkhead. If you are on the A380 I believe the middle seats E/F have the armrest come up, which is very handy, but you may prefer aisle DE or FG seats to get up and walk baby around if need be. If baby cries, try not to worry. Most people just ignore it as they can watch their inflight movie. And it's easy to walk around the aircraft to calm them. Any questions just ask and I'll try to help. I'm also on twitter @flyingwithbaby

    When you transit in Dubai for your connecting flight, you'll have the complimentary strollers that Emirates provide. They are widely available in many spots, but for your arrival destination and walk to baggage reclaim, a baby carrier is VERY useful, so definitely bring one if you can.
    At 6 months, just little things like trips to the loo, playing with plastic cups, the seat belt and inflight entertainment handset will entertain. Also a few favourite toys will help too.
    Emirates have a baby pack with wipes, a small rattle etc and also have a limited supply of powdered milk and pureed food jars available. You can also request a Baby Meal. The crew will happily rinse bottles, warm milk up etc if needed. If in any doubt speak to the crew to help you, and ask for the senior flight stewardess or steward(SFS) if your needs are not met for any reason.

  15. Hi Carrie!

    When you travel with your Bugaboo, did you take the whole stroller (base + bassinet + carrying case) through security to the gate and then pack it up there? What was that experience like? Also, if we are bringing a carseat, do we need to wrap it in something? Is the carseat also picked up in baggage claim if it is gate checked? Thanks!!

  16. Hi jenni,

    Yes I've taken base/bassinet/case and when she was older the base/pushchair/case through security and to the gateThrough security. It was a breeze through security but make sure you leave nothing in pram like bags etc as you walk through. They patted around her in the pram. Definitely both practise dismantling pram and putting in bag several times, as it can be a bit stressful otherwise. Being at the airport can add to that pressure, especially if they just call you to board, so have a game plan for who is taking what on board.

  17. Re the car seat, we just took a large bag and took that to help,protect it.Some airlines do provide a sturdier plastic bag with a security seal too, which they'll give you at check-in.And yes you pick up the carseat at baggage reclaim, unless they have space for you to take into the cabin.

  18. Hi jenni,

    Yes I've taken base/bassinet/case and when she was older the base/pushchair/case through security and to the gateThrough security. It was a breeze through security but make sure you leave nothing in pram like bags etc as you walk through. They patted around her in the pram. Definitely both practise dismantling pram and putting in bag several times, as it can be a bit stressful otherwise. Being at the airport can add to that pressure, especially if they just call you to board, so have a game plan for who is taking what on board.

  19. Hi,thanks for a wonderfull site really helpfully. We flying to Australia in oct concerned about where to obtain S26 progress gold milk from and I have a double stroller will it be a problem and does Australia have complementary strollers available.
    How are the airlines with kids helpfully or not traveling with a 5 and 2 yrs old

    Thank you

  20. Hi Suraksha,
    You can the milk from Coles. S26 is fairly commonplace so you shouldn't have any difficulty. No problem taking a double stroller as checked in baggage. Many major airports that have Qantas in Australia, have the complimentary strollers. Please see my complimentary stroller post for more details.I can't say for sure whether the airlines will be very helpful but if you are with Gulf Air or Etihad, they have sky nannies to help. 😉 As always it does depend on the crew on the day, but they will certainly try and make your journey as easy and stress free as possible. 🙂

  21. Hi Carrie,

    Thank you sooo much for this wonderful site, its made the packing for our trip to Oz in a few weeks so much easier. We are flying with Emirates and lv just been on their website to check if we can take the pram + car seat for our 5 month old and check them both in. From looking on their website it seems you can only take one item rather than both, is that right or am l reading it wrong?


  22. Hi Sandy,

    I actually spoke to an Emiratea ground staff in London recently about this. She confirmed that you can take stroller+ car seat + hand luggage + baby bag for free. I also spoke to an IT person at EK and I think the site will be updated soon as it is not clear. Have a fab trip!

  23. Hi Carrie,

    Many thanks for a fabulous site…its put hubby and l at ease about flying with our baby for the first time. Just a quick question regarding the collapsible cot that Quantas allows as part of the checked in baggage…is this the same as a travel cot? i have tried searching on google and calling up the airline but not had a proper response.


  24. Hi Hazel,
    Thank you for your kind comments! Happy to help. Re the collapsible cot, yes I took it to also mean a travel cot. I'll tweet Qantas and confirm that for you but I can't see what else they can mean either;-)

  25. Thank you for your very informative and up-to-date website. A subject that affects a lot of people.

    We have a mammoth trip coming up in January 2014 to South Africa and then onto Australia and I'm having continual freaks outs about how its all going work out with the flying (let alone jet lag when we get there). We bought our ticket with Flight Centre so our baggage will be transferred for us, and because of the all round trip we are flying with quite a few airlines and have 6 separate flights. I'm not guaranteed a bassinet on any these which is quite worrying and have been told it depends on what other babies are on the flight. Cherry will be 10/11 months at the time of flying so not a priority I gather. So I have just bought a skybaby mattress as recommended on your site hoping she will fit into it – she is quite small for her age…we'll see. I'm now trying to work out what baggage I can take – we need both buggy and car seat for when we are away. Some of our flights are operated by one airline but flown by another – whose allowance should we go by? We are flying with BA, South African Airways, Qantus operated by South African Airways, Qantus operated by Emirates and Qantus and I think their allowances are not the same…nightmare. BA allow both car seat and buggy but would I be right in saying South African Airways only allow one? Seems crazy as both are essential with a little one. Oh goodness. Any advice would be very much appreciated. Thank you very much . Lucy

  26. Thanks Lucy , very kind of you.
    What a fab trip you have! Lucky you.
    Re the baggage, whichever airline is operating the flight is what the baggage allowance will be. As you already know, it varies a lot, with Emirates being the most generous.
    With the bassinet, it is still worth calling both the airline which is operating the flight and the other airline, to try and secure a bassinet or at least a request. I had to do that for a Qantas/BA code share and I rang both BA ad Qantas to secure a bassinet on the Qantas flight. I knew my seat number weeks in advance, thanks to this. But not all airlines will allow this, but worth a shot!
    South African only fit babies up to 6 months in their bassinet as do Emirates but it does also depend on babies size and weight and also length. With BA and Qantas, your little one will have plenty of room as their bassinets are a great size.
    It's worth seeing if your airlines are part of an alliance, like One World or Star Alliance, as they usual work to similar rules too. Hope this helps a little.

  27. Flaying with baby it is really big problem special when your baby is not well. My wife face this problem when we was went Italy to attend her sister marriage. I wish i read this before that travel. It was must helpful for us.

  28. I stumbled upon your blog and it's great! I am very nervous about traveling with my 2 month old by myself. I have booked a bassinet from Seattle to Dubai then I have two hour layover in Dubai airport until my flight to Pakistan.
    I was wondering what you think about me travelling with my graco travel system (car seat attached to stroller)? My baby is too small to put directly in stroller and she only likes to be in the car seat attached to the stroller.
    How will I manage going through security with stroller/seat? Will I have to collapse stroller or take baby out of car seat?
    Does Emirates allow me to take both car seat and stroller to gate? Their website says they only allow one item to the gate like either the car seat or the stroller.
    Will I get the stroller/car seat at dubai airport for my layover?
    I know I have many questions but as a first time mom I am really nervous about this. Thanks for any advice you can give me.

  29. Hi!
    Two month olds are very portable and fit into all bassinets, which help. And I'm sure the crew will also be cooing over your little one. Security procedures do vary from airport to airport and their countries regulations, so be prepared for the worst case scenario, which could be dismantling the travel system to put through xray. I have also had to do that by myself, and fellow passengers are very helpful. I have spoken to an Emirates ground staff for you, and she unfortunately can't speak for other airports policies, and she suggests calling the Emirates office in Seattle, or even better the Emirates office at the aiport. I have this number that I looked up for you 206) 433 5388 or (800) 544 1965 but I'm not sure if that is for Emirates or Seattle aiport. Either way, they will be able to point you in the right direction. I personally have seen many travel systems used. The TSA website for Seattle states the below.
    'Children 12 and under can leave their shoes on during screening.
    TSA will not ask travelers to do anything that will separate them from their child.
    Passengers cannot leave babies in an infant carrier and attempt to put it through the X-ray machine. Babies should be carried through a walk through metal detector by a parent or guardian.
    All carry-on baggage, including children's toys, bags and items, will be screened. Please let your child know that their blanket, favorite stuffed animal or toy will have to go through the X-ray machine and then will be returned to them.
    All child-related equipment that can fit through the X-ray machine should go through the X-ray machine. Examples include: strollers, umbrella-strollers, baby carriers, car and booster seats, backpacks, and baby slings.
    If possible, please collapse or fold strollers and any other child-related equipment while in the queue. Please put any items in the stroller pockets or baskets, in a carry-on bag or in the bin X-ray belt for inspection. Plastic bins are provided to deposit such items.
    If any equipment will not fit through the X-ray machine, security officers will visually and physically inspect it.
    Ask a security officer for help gathering bags and equipment, if needed'

    You won't get your stroller/carseat in transit at Dubai. They provide complimentary strollers but obviously these will be too small for you little one. I suggest, it may be a lot easier to have a sling or baby carrier ready to use for your layover, otherwise your arms will be achy..

    Hope this helps.

  30. Wow thank you for checking everything for me. I have never used a carrier before so I will look into that. I don't think I can use the Dubai airport stroller either because she"s too small for it. I will ask Emirates staff in Seattle to let me use mine anyways in Dubai and see what they say. Thank you so much. You and your blog are great!

  31. What a great website with great info, I am slightly (to put it lightly) stressed as will be flying UK to Australia with Emirates with my husband and 15mths twins later this month and just trying to figure out the buggy policy, we would like to take our double buggy and understand will have to check it in, but will I get to use it up till we board the plane? Will be hard work carting 2 toddlers around before the flight, would love your advice

  32. Hi , yes you can take your pram to the aircraft door on may have to collect your pram at baggage carousel on arrival though. However, it is always worth asking the crew ( the purser on Emirates) if they can send a message using your baggage

  33. Oh Great thats good! I didnt think about the arrival side of it so will see what they say. Thanks again for your help!!

  34. Transit in Dubai they have strollers at gate for free to use- you can ask crew to radio ahead to ask for a twin one? But don't expect at final destination.. You may get lucky with buggy brought to you but it depends on the arrival airport policy- not the airline.

  35. Hi Carrie!
    Thank you so much for writing this blog – not only does it provide great piece of advice when travelling with an infant but also brilliant reviews 🙂
    With some many alliances and code share, it is really difficult to understand the allowances, and more so on how to pre-book the bassinets. I will be travelling with my 4 months old son from Melbourne to Norway, and looking at booking tickets over the next few days. It will be peak season as we will be travelling in July, and with so many airline options to Europe – my only requirement is that a bassinet is guaranteed for my little one. SAS (star alliance member) has SQ operated flights from MEL-SIN SIN-CPH. Would I need to just buy the ticket and then contact Singapore to secure a bassinette? Because the final flight to Norway is operated by SAS, they have different baggage allowance rules to Singapore Airlines, so should we just stick to the departure airline? I really wish there was a standard across all airlines. Does Singapore airline prioritise young infants, or do they go by first in first serve basis? Many thanks in advance for your help 🙂

  36. Hi, a pleasure. Glad to hear it's helping.

    Ok in answer to your question. When it comes to alliances and codeshares, the baggage allowances, rules etc are all applicable on the actual airline operating the flight. So the SQ sectore MEL-SIN will be under SQ rules and the SQ-CPH rules will be under SAS.
    SQ are very good with children and on their site is says first come, first served. If their site does not give you the option to secure a bassinet when booking online, then call them at your local office in Melbourne on 131011 which is open Mon- Fri 08.45- 1700 . to reserve. Their email is
    Whereas SAS, says book bassinet as soon as possible and contact their local service centre to secure.

    Hope this helps and have a fab holiday.

  37. Hi Carrie,

    A million thanks for your help.
    Just called Singapore yesterday and reserved the bassinet. Too easy!

    Kind regards,

  38. Fantastic Advice!!!!
    Thanks so much for this, I'm planning to travel in a few months and I have only been away to family previously, so as a first time mum I decided to scour the internet for advice… Virgin Atlantic are being rubbish for not getting back to you. However looks like they were listening…. I was on their website
    Looks like you can take both car seat and pushchair now.

  39. Hi,
    We are planning to travel by virgin atlantic to Barbados this December. Little one will be 2 months old, then we will stay till she turns 7-8 months old. Thinking about checking in the car seat, can I buy a big Stokke prampack and stuff travel cot with car seat in the bag? and we will buy a bag to cover stroller too before the gate, is it possible to pack all in the bag (stroller, carry cot and pushchair)? and do you have any recommendations what bag can fit graco evo stroller and what bag can fit snugfit car seat? do we need extra padding in the bag?

    many thanks

  40. Fab tips! We are taking the kiddies on holidays to the UK soon so I am scrambling for as much advice as I can get. Wish us luck! 🙂 Josie

  41. Hello, I wanted to let you know that I have nominated you for the ‘One Lovely Blog’ award. Your blog is brilliant. You don’t need to do the entry if you do not want to, but I wanted to nominate you all the same.

  42. This blog is brilliant….. thanks alot
    I have to migrate to USA with one year twins via EETIHAD. AIRWAYS. I HAVE few worries,if you can answer…..
    1.Baby bags can be checked in??
    2.each baby bag should be 10 kg each?
    3.I have double collapsible stroller for twins, round about 7 kg in weight, can I take it in extra luggage free of cost as I have 2 separate bags for twins also.. or should I have to cancel one baby bag
    4.Can I take my purse and handicam and laptop separatetely other than my 2 carry-on bags total of 7 kg

    Waiting anxiously for your response..

  43. Hi there,
    Great website. My baby is going to be just three (no longer an infant!) when we travel to Port Elizabeth via JoBurg from London.
    We are flying with South African Airways.
    On the website it says children can get the same baggage allowance as adults. But it's not clear about the buggy or car seat we need to take… as she still needs this! Can I take buggy as 'hand luggage'? What about the car seat?
    Can you offer any advice?
    Thanks very much

  44. Hi Im flying with my 2 children ( under 2 yrs) quick question are nappies excluded from baggage allowance? I am going t.o Bangladesh with Emirates from Manchester airportand have to take lots of nappies abt 10.45kg total weight.. ( feeling extremely nervous)

  45. Hi, I'm afraid nappies are included in the allowance.
    (Everything is included in allowance, but prams and carseat are taken as an extra at no charge.)

    However, Emirates have a generous baggage allowance of 30kg for economy class compared to other airlines which is usually 23kg, so you will still have quite a lot of allowance left even with the nappies.

  46. Hi I am travelling from Manchester airport to Pakistan on PIA flight with my daughter she is just going to be turning 2 years old. It will the first time for her in a plane and I am extremely worried. Generally how do children her age react to flighing?

  47. Hi, most children quite enjoy the excitement and the novelty of new things to press and play with, especially on the seat. Even though they are young, you could read them a story with an airplane in it, or show the Peppa Pig TV episode where they go on holiday? Then they can see the general process of boarding the plane, putting the seatbelt on, take off, landing etc etc.

  48. Hi Carrie
    Firstly, thank you for your website – it's incredibly informative and helpful especially for a first time parent like myself who will be flying from Brussels back to Sydney with a 4 month old!
    We're flying to Sydney with etihad and I have a few questions regarding bringing expressed breastmilk on board for baby:
    – Is it possible to bring expressed breastmilk on board in hand luggage?
    – Will the airline crew store it in their fridge?
    – Also given that breast milk needs to be refridgerated and there'll be a few hours between leaving our house and boarding, is it also possible to bring our freezer bag with ice packs on board or do you know how others have dealt with this?
    Many thanks in advance for your help!

  49. Pleasure and glad it is helping!
    it is certainly possible to bring expressed milk on board.
    Some airlines will store it in their fridge, space permitting.( Airplanes have very small fridges and instead whole chilled areas where the meal carts are stored and maintained a a low temp.)
    if the airline can't store it or their regulations won't allow them too, bring a couple of sealable freezer bags with you and ask them for some ice once you are onboard. (you can also ask for more ice once past security at the airport from a cafe to last you until your board the plane.)
    some airports will not allow ice packs on board, and this depends on the airports regulations, not the airlines.

  50. Hi we're flying Emirates soon with our nearly 4 year old. She doesn't use a stroller at home but we're thinking it will be handy for the airport and for using when out and about incase she gets tired etc. Can we bring it with us or is she too old for us to bring it for free? Will we need to check it in? I can't see on the emirates website so not too sure. Thanks.

  51. Hi,

    Yes you can bring your stroller for free for any child that requires it. ( if you transit through Dubai they have complimentary strollers for use at the airport- see my post on complimentary strollers for more info – />
    If it is a small, umbrella stroller, Emirates crew will try and accommodate it on board, but there is no actual stroller storage space on board, so it all depends on how full the flight is etc. Don't expect it to be put in the cabin with you, and enjoy the bonus if it is. For more info read here … Point number 2 https:

  52. Hi Carrie,

    Thank you so much for all the wonderful information. We've used your advices in the past when our baby girl started traveling with us from six months on but they were pretty short flights. My question is about travel cots since she is a big baby and wasn't fitting in the Emirates bassinet then. She is going to be 15 months when we will make the longest trip as we are heading from Oman to the US. Aside from the usual travel cots, is there any recommendable cots that we can use just for the plane trip. I really can't carry her for the entire trip as I am traveling without my husband. We have an Inglesina travel cot but I don't think it will fit in the bulk seat. Please do advice or recommend other baby cots for planes!! Thanks again:)

  53. Hi, great article 🙂 We are travelling from Melbourne to Mexico via LAX next month and my 20 month old has a cows milk and soy allergy. She drinks rice milk which is only available in 1 litre tetra packs. As I am not 100% sure I can buy rice milk immediately upon arriving in Mexico (mainly due to our first destination there and arriving late at night) and also wanting to have some on the plane, would United Airlines accept one packet taken on board, and packing one in the suitcase in the hold – would it explode do you know? Otherwise should I put it into bottles for the cabin, in case they need me to taste it? Thanks so much! 🙂

  54. Hi I'm travelling to Pakistan with my 1year old. We have a stop over in Dubai for 22 hours. I know I can use their stroller at the airport but can I take it out to do some sight seeing?

  55. Hi Carrie,

    I had posted about a week ago but I cannot find it. Thanks for this site, it is so very helpful. I will be flying with my 9 month old (31 inches and 22 lbs) on Air France from Toronto to paris and Paris to Jhb. I wanted to know if you think that he will be ok in the bassinet since the height restriction is 27 inches. Also my mum is flying with us. How likely is it that they will seat her beside me on the flight or will that be reserved for another mum with baby? Thanks!

  56. Hi and thank you. the only airlines which have larger bassinets seem to be Virgin, BA and qantas.. the only alternative to not holding her the entire flight, if you are flying with Emirates , is to purchase a seat for her and use you car seat if it is airline approved.

    There is a product called FlyeBaby which is available on Amazon and cost US $49.95 and hooks onto the tray table in front of you and acts as hammock type product, however it is not FAA approved and Ive not seen one personally. I suspect that the tray table latch may not support the weight of a larger baby and of course, what happens when a passenger in front reclines their seat..

  57. you will be allowed to take the rice milk on board as hand luggage and in the hold. Just state at security its for your babies use due to allergies..It may also be reassuring for you, to take a doctors note for you r little one, explaining that she needs this due to her allergies..I'm unsure what the packaging looks like, so i couldn't say if it would explode or not, but I've taken ready made liquid formula and various other food items and never had a problem.

  58. Hi, and thank you! he may be a little squished but most infants bend their legs so worth a go! They will try and seat you all together but obviously if a mother infant is on the flight they would use the bassinet, so there is a small chance your Mum could be sat across the aisle to you or maybe directly behind you. But whatever the case, they will do their very best to have you as close together as possible. I obviously can't say for sure as no one knows how many infants are booked for the flight or will turn up on the day.

  59. Such a helpful blog. Traveling with baby needs more preparation and its vital to consider on what to bring. Having a child carrier is one really help. Piggyback Rider is standing child carrier for toddlers that is something different which allow parents to adventure farther and longer. It looks like it would be really easy to pack and bring along if you're traveling by plane.

  60. Hi,
    I planned to visit UK from Jakarta and will be transit at France.
    Is it allowed to take Quinny Buzz on Air France?
    When in transit, will the stroller given back to me or it will be on the last destination?
    Thank you

  61. Hi,
    Could you please help us with a query,
    We will be travelling from Glasgow to Kolkata with our 4month daughter in Emirates, with a stopover at Dubai.
    We are planning to buy baby's milk powder from Boots at the airport to save us the hassle of security check at the Glasgow airport.
    We wanted to know, if we will have to open the milk powder at the security check in Dubai.


  62. Also, since we are shifting base, I was planning to carry the bottle sterilizer, warmer etc.
    Are these items allowed in hand luggage. I am not too comfortable in putting it as checkin fearing damage.

  63. Hi Bikash,

    Have a lovely time, no you won't have to open the milk in Dubai as long as sealed etc in original packaging. You can also carry your steriliser, bottle warmer etc, as long as you meet emirates hand baggage/ carry on baggage requirements.

  64. I love your blog!!!!!!! It is soooo informative.
    I will be travelling to Istanbul via Qatar airways. I wanted to know whether I am allowed a nappy bag in addition to my hand luggage. Im nervous about having enough nappies on board. We will be transitting in doha overnight. Will my stroller be sent to the final destination point. I wish airlines could be more specific. Thanks

  65. Thank you for a fantastic website. Please can you recommend a good flight bag or any bag for that matter that is good for storing toys, snacks and other essential items mentioned above, that can be placed under the seat in front (for easy access) and has plenty of pockets for storage and is easy to use ie I don't have to rummage for ages – thanks

  66. Hi,

    You can definitely ask for your stroller to be sent to Doha but you would likely have to pick it up where luggage collection is for arrivals- meaning you would have to have a visa to leave the airport. The details are here and you'll need to organise in advance.!ut/p/a1/tZFNc4IwEIb_Cj14ZLIQ0HBEp6VY0ZnaTiGXTvhOiwEhYv33BsdDe1DHQ_eUTd7svvssoihEVLCeF0zyWrBqyOn401mRmUEIeKvFIwZ_7frTZfBkwBtGH4gimgjZyBJF5e67rjdc22exltRCZkKO4Hw5gi5re55k3Qi4SHnP0x2rtIqpsyi0hhXDi_rRHrSed0wlsmWi4_KUDm2ahKcoYkRFDmAZk4ylOY4tJ41tw8lte0LysaM8R8ozXAgXbo00vyVQDcw2mAWFssRkqXOR1yj8ZR2Ff6wrPf_abqmrSA1UfiQK_xPVaSdqhDE4phsQ6_11MSXgvzzb9tIzMXj2WXCFUaQgTi5CwBit79jI9WJz865izWZD8EGnEZGOr7OYwP7hCNSBY6k!/dl5/d5/L2dBISEvZ0FBIS9nQSEh/

    HOWEVER, an alternative is using the airport strollers provided by Qatar.
    In order to make your travel connections easier and more comfortable, Qatar Airways offers baby strollers at Doha International Airport. We provide disposable covers to ensure strollers cleanliness.

    This service is free-of-charge and can be requested as follows:

    Customers who are transiting or arriving at Doha International Airport: baby strollers can be found at the arrival hall, immediately following your disembarkation of the bus.
    Customers departing from Doha International Airport: strollers can be requested during check-in and brought to you prior to proceeding to immigration.
    Customers requesting to use their own baby strollers during transit at Doha International Airport: Delivery of your personal stroller at the aircraft’s door once you disembark is no longer available at Doha International Airport.

    Yes you can have a nappy bag as infants are allowed one piece of hand luggage. It mustn't exceed 10kg and no bigger

  67. Thank you for your wonderful blog! I am travelling with my 4mth old from London to Brisbane via Dubai (with Emirates). It is our first flight and I am leaving my husband at home so am slightly stressed about it!! On the way over I am having a week in Dubai and plan to preorder premade formula from Boots for the London-Dubai leg. However, do you know if there is a similar service from a Boots equivalent in both Dubai and Brisbane airports? I am hoping to avoid having to use powder formula on the flight so am concerned about both finding and having to carry enough ready-made formula for the 24 hour journey back to the UK. Thanks !

  68. Hi, sorry for delay but i was away and the internet was down. There is nothing like the pre order facility in Dubai or Brisbane. When I couldn't source the pre made stuff, i took pre boiled cooled water snd the powder already measured out, so all i had to do was mix it together. i also got my little one used to it room temperature beforehand , so i didn't have to worry about heating it up in time. Hope this helps. Also Karicare is parent company of aptimal, if you are using that formula, which is available in Oz. Aptimal is available in Dubai but is much more expensive. Approx £20 for a tub

  69. Hi Carrie, great site and thanks to share your experience with us. I am going to Azerbaijan from Italy with a stopover in Istanbul with my 9 months baby. My husband is in Baku so I will fly solo. I am a frequent flier but first time with a baby. I will fly with Turkish Airline and spend 6 hours in Istanbul Ataturk airport. I will take the travel stroller with me (Quinny, the one that turn very small once closed) and powder baby food as solids are more complicated during the journey. I hope to receive the stroller at the desembarkation otherwise I will be lost. Any special advice/opinion about Turkish Airline and Istanbul airport? Thanks a lot, Annamaria

  70. Hi Carrie – Very pleased I came across your blog! Myself and my partner have worked in the superyacht industry for 15 years. Three years back we have bought our own little sailboat that we are currently sailing around the world. We are happy to be expecting a little girl in September! The boat will be in Aus by then, however, I will fly back to Holland to give birth.

    I will be flying back with the wee girl (and maybe partner) to Aus as soon as she has been granted her own passport, which could be within 2 weeks of birth. A bit daunting as I am exposing her to the masses without her having had her first immunisation. However, all the other fears of flying with a baby that young have been massively reduced by browsing through your blog, really helpful. I have bought a coccoonababy mattress and hoped it would fit into the airlines bassinettes with its 40cm width, but I think it's pushing it a bit, looking at your chart.

    Have you ever had babies flying that young, hopefully they only sleep and eat, right 😉



  71. Hi Jill,
    Glad the blog is helping and how lovely to have such a well travelled family. I've certainly come across newborns on flights- generally most have been a little over 2 weeks old due to airline regulations and the time it takes to sort out birth certificates and passports etc. They certainly do just eat and sleep and are so portable. have a fun trip!

  72. Hi Carrie!
    Your blog is amazing and really answering some questions of mine and helping me to be a little less nervous about the flight I've just booked! However I've got a couple of questions I was hoping you can help me with.
    I've just booked flights to Perth from Heathrow, flying with etihad via Abu Dhabi flying for Christmas . We will be flying with my baby girl who will be 7 months old at the time. As she's on comfort milk we can't buy it in ready made cartons so will have to prepare powder pots and mix at use, however how would you suggest the best way to do this? Take our own preboiled water in bottles and ask the airline to repeat or use the water available to us, ie: cafes at the airport and water on the aircraft? Or can I take a litre thermos with me with boiled water?
    Also we have a Joolz pram. When it comes to flying Aella will be using the pushchair section and as this is larger than umbrella pushchairs, will I have to check it at check in and out it into the hold. Or can I take it up to the gate/ door with us, we won't be taking a car seat just the pushchair?
    Thank you!

  73. Hi Bethany,
    I used the powder pots and bottles for my eldest on a long haul. I basically did as you said and took about 5 bottles filled with pre boiled water and the powder already measured out and then put each bottle in a ziplock bag ( just in case of any spillages) I also labelled the bags with the time she was due a feed which really helped when I was exhausted! The airline will be happy to provide hot water etc for you on the flight to re fill your bottles.
    Re the pram, you can take it to the aircraft gate/door an then it will be put in hold. the choice is entirely up to you. have a fab trip!

  74. Hi, we're travelling Nz to UK next week and feeling quite nervous about the trip, mostly due to our awkward feeding arrangements… I express milk for my 7 month old and have cut this back to twice a day for our trip, so the baby is now formula fed too. So I wonder how I might pump discreetly? And if I should buy bottled water air-side at each airport to make up the formula? (We usually boil tap water for formula at home). Thanks KT 🙂

  75. Hi, hope i'm not to late in replying, but its been a busy few days. If you are concerned about pumping, i would definitely advise a window seat, where you have a little more privacy and can use a muslin or light blanket to cover you. You can use bottled water if you prefer, or you can ask the crew for water as they have both bottled water and boiling water. Hope that helps. Have a fabulous time there!

  76. Hi Carrie,

    I am due to fly to Florida with Thomson shortly and I cannot find adequate information regarding car seats and pushchairs.

    I will be travelling with a 6 yo, 3 yo and 1yo, so will be taking carseats and a booster seat for all three, plus I wanted to take my Bugaboo Bee and travel board for the 1yo and 3 yo. As far as i can see from the website and from agents I have spoken to, I am only allowed to take either a pushchair or carseat, but not both.

    Also, my 1yo will have the infant luggage allowance of 10kg. Is this hand luggage or hold allowance? Am I allowed to take my 5kg hand luggage for me plus a nappy bag for my 1yo and then still have the 10kg allowance also?

    Sorry, I know there are a lot of questions, but I have never travelled to Florida with Thomson, I have always done this with Virgin Atlantic before.

    Thanking you in advance

  77. Hi Michelle,

    No problem at all.
    Ok with Thomson you can take 1 stroller OR car seat per child. However, you also get 10kg hold luggage allowance for your infant.

    Your 6 yr old and 3 yr old will have the normal adult passenger allowance. (15kg) SO if your car seats are less than 10kg and the other 2 less than the 15 kg adult allowance ( I'm sure it won't matter which is which in terms of which car seat you say is whose) you can use that to get around it and take both.

    However, It does mean that their clothes etc will all have to fit with your luggage and your partners allowance though. 15kg.

    With regards to hand luggage, your infant doesn't get an allowance so you won't be able to take a nappy bag unless it's your only bag, as it is only passengers which properly occupy a seat who are allowed the 5kg . Hope this helps.

  78. Thanks Carrie, this has been a massive help. If I was to purchase more luggage allowance, would I be able to use this to count towards my pushchair/car seats?

    We have car hire included in our package holiday and I want all the children to be safe when we travel.

    Thanks again for your quick response.


  79. hi you site looks fab found it by mistake , we are a family group of 10 travling from uk to florida with a 1 year old flying with delta can we keep buggy with us to gate and do we get it back at jfk for connecting flight most of our group have never flown and over half need assitane so haveing buggy for conecting flight would save time and stress hope you can help

  80. Hi,

    Yes you can take stroller to gate and have it gate checked.

    You need to clear immigration and customs at JFK as you are transiting from an international flight, so you will have your stroller during transit, but will pick it up at baggage reclaim.

  81. thank you its very stressful trying to sort eveything out ive sent a link to my sister and she said your site is very useful , we have come upon a nother issue the baby has prescription milk will this be a proplem going through customs
    thank you

  82. thank you i will pass all this on to my sister as its her granchild we go in just over 5 weeks and im trying to get all the last minute stuff sorted and never flown before its a real eye opner on what needs checking out
    thank you x

  83. Hello
    I am looking to fly to Italy from the uk my baby who will be 10 weeks old i want to take my by travel system "chassis and carrycot " is going to be possible . I have not book the flights yet as the information on the websites is unclear

  84. This is a brilliant website! Thank you for your hard work.
    I am flying to Istanbul from the UK and then onto Beirut with my husband and daughter who will be 15 months old when we fly. She is a boisterous, strong toddler with a mind of her own. When we booked our seats we booked only two for us thinking she would sit on our lap. We've since thought perhaps we should pay for a seat – she sits up unaided. I called Turkish Airlines and they refuse to sell us a child's ticket and insist that she either goes on our lap or depending on availability, uses a bassinet (she is too heavy and too tall for one of those!). Are they correct in telling me I cannot buy a child seat ticket for her?

  85. The Turkish Airline rep you spoke to is wrong. You CAN purchase a seat for an infant. However, they either have to sit in a car seat for the flight or just for taxi take off and landing etc, sit on parents lap with an infant lap belt. Definitely ring again and ask to speak to a manager. Alternatively, you can use a CARES harness for infants over 1 year old in their own seat. These are airline approved and safety approved. Sorry for late reply- I was on holiday and phone was lost!

  86. Hello carrie ,
    U are doing great job . I ll be travelling with my 12 month old daughter for first time from ny To pakistan via PIA . I have several questions in my mind .
    1) my daughter is drinking similac powedered milk since her birth and i wish to continue the same during her visit . Will i be able to carry one container of 3 lb of powedered milk with me during air travel?
    2) will i be able to carry about 2 litres of boiled water for her milk bottles during the air travel ?
    3) will i be allowed to carry her diaper bag with me in addition to my own carry on luggage ?
    4) do i need prescription from her doctor to carry at least five containers of powedered milk in checking in luggage ?
    I really appreciate your help .

  87. Hi Annie and thank you!

    1) Yes you can carry the similac.

    2) yes you can carry the boiled water- have it in baby bottles ready though.

    3) yes you can take diaper bag on board , but as you are only allowed one piece of hand language that would be your only piece ( exception is if travelling from/to Canada)

    4) you don't need prescription to carry the milk in your main checked in luggage.

    Hope that helps.

  88. Hi. This is a great place to get top tips. THANKYOU!!! My query is regarding flying ncl to cdg onto mru. I have booked with air France but the long leg is with air Mauritius so am bit confused about who I should be dealing with for any queries. Also I am worried I will not be allowed to take a light travel pushchair on board with me and keep hearing horror stories about cdg. I can't work out the terminals and only have arond 90 minutes to make my connection. I can't sleep for worrying lol. I am travelling alone with my 17 month old son. Do you think I will manage if I end up without my pushchair? Thank you kindly. X

  89. Hi Keira,

    I've not heard of a baby walker being taken but if you use it as part of your hold luggage allowance instead of a suitcase etc and pack it up well, it shouldn't be a problem. Another option would to be hire a cheap baby walker or other baby toys when over there.

  90. Hi Carrie,

    Wonderful website!! Keep up the good work. After reading all the comments it felt like I've hit the jackpot full of valuable knowledge on what and how re. child's travel.

    Most of my concerns are already answered by going through the blog, however somethings are unclear of which please answer my below questions:

    (1) When the ground staff takes your pram/stroller during boarding due to limited space in the flight, where exactly do they keep the pram/stroller since its something that is not in a box or packed and can get damaged if its put with other unaccompanied baggages? I have a stroller (non branded and light weight) which has one or two pieces that can come out easily, like that piece of metal holder under the leg rest as a support, the leg rest tray itself can also come out if thrown on the ground.
    (2) My wife breastfeeds our baby (5 & 1/2 months), what would we require to carry during our travel apart from the nappy and wet wipe? Please advise.
    (3) During breastfeeding, will the flight staff provide some kind of cover so that the mother can feed the baby comfortably? Any advise.
    (4) Where do the used nappies get thrown away? and where does the mother change the nappy?

    Sorry its my first time travelling with my infant baby so my questions might seem silly. Would really appreciate your response.



  91. Hi Mukesh,

    Thanks for the feedback and please don't apologise, there are no silly questions!

    In answer to your questions –
    1) when the ground staff take the stroller at the gate, it will get put into the aircraft hold with the luggage. ( Generally, it goes in the separate compartment with crew luggage so comes out first. ) As you have bits of the pram that come out, I would recommend either using a stroller bag or very strong plastic trash bag to wrap around it as you fold it up to give to the ground staff. Stroller bags are available on Amazon or second hand on eBay etc. Some people use a luggage belt and wrap it around the stroller several times as a further alternative.
    2) in your hand luggage, I would pack what you normally do when you go out for the day at home. Ie bib, muslin, extra change of clothes, nappies, wipes, a nappy cream, any medicines, a couple of toys etc, a spare top for you and wife in case baby is sick on you.

    3) the staff won't have a cover for breastfeeding. Some airlines have blankets for passengers to use when sleeping etc but I used a large muslin cloth to cover myself, which I packed in my hand luggage. A window seat is usually the best for breastfeeding as then your wife will have an armrest to rest on and nobody will bump into her arm etc and she will probably feel a bit more comfortable if concerned about privacy etc.

    4) There are toilets on the plane which have changing tables. Not all of them do, but there are signs on the door to explain the ones that do .( often they also have the disabled sign on also) The changing tables are quite small and flat. If you click on my Reviews section and go to the Ruby and Ginger changing mat you will see a picture of the changing table on a plane. The dirty nappies can go in the bin in the toilet.

    Hope this all makes sense and have a great first flight!

  92. Yes, thank you so much, very helpful indeed!!

    Just one last question, in order to get the bassinet seat 100% confirmed, what would you suggest I do? Since I read a lot of reviews where by the bassinet seat is confirmed before travel but still don't get it when they arrive at the airport. I will be travelling either on Qatar Airways or Emirates from DEL to JNB.


  93. With Emirates you can choose your seat as soon as you have booked- so have a look at their seat map and seatguru website for your flight and aircraft types and choose which bassinet seat you would like and see which ones available etc. the only issue would generally be if there is a last minute aircraft change for whatever reason. With Qatar, I'm not sure if you can choose seat immediately but the bassinet is a request and only given on day of flight. Their website states "Qatar Airways flights and is subject to availability on the day of the flight. Please contact your local Qatar Airways office to request a bassinet seat in advance."

  94. Hi,

    I am flying Singapore to Edinburgh with Turkish Airlines, we have an 1 year old booked as lap infant. I've two questions I am hoping you can help with as Turkish airlines office are proving unhelpful…1. I will put my buggy in its travel bag and check with our luggage ( no issues) can I take car seat too? 2. what is their weight limit for bassinette, pretty sure my chunky bubba will be too big, was hoping they have the seat style like BA….any ideas?

  95. Hi I've just been enquiring about Turkish Airlines for myself and found finding the answer so frustrating. However, I finally had success via email.

    The bassinets are only suitable for a weight of 8kg and yes you can take car seat for free to.

  96. Hi Carrie,

    Thanks so much for your fantastic website, the info is so well-thought out and useful.
    Apologies if this has been addressed before: next week, I'm flying alone with my two-month old from Glasgow to Dubai with Emirates. I need to take her car seat on the chassis. Can I take this to the gate or will I have to check it? If I can take it to the gate, will it be returned to me as I get off the plane? If I have to check it, will it go to baggage reclaim with my suitcase? I'm not sure of the procedure and most of the information I've found seems to deal with umbrella strollers. The car seat is obviously a bit bulkier although the chassis is collapsible, of course.
    Many thanks in advance!

  97. Hi Mo,
    Thank you so much and I'm glad it is helping.
    In answer to your questions.
    Yes you can take chassis with car seat to gate. Or check in at check in. Totally up to you which you prefer.
    Either way, it will be returned to you at arrivals baggage hall in Dubai. There are complimentary strollers for use at every Emirates gate on arrival. Hope that helps.

  98. Hello Carrie,

    Thank you for the fabulous write-up; I stumbled across it by accident, and I have found it so useful. Could you please clarify couple of more things for me? I'm sorry if these have been asked before or seem repetitive. This is my first flight with a two-month old baby, and we are flying with Emirates. I have flown with them numerous times before but as a non-parent, and never really looked at their baby policies. I have a few questions to ask, if you could help clarify, please –

    1. I am exclusively pumping and feeding my baby, hence I will be carrying breast milk in bottles. I'm hoping to take one litre with me on the flight. Would I have to carry this in 10 bottles of 100 ml each? Or can I bring the milk in the standard bottle that I normally use to feed her? It's a glass bottle which can hold 250 ml. Also, will I be required to taste it at security?

    2. Will I be able to discreetly pump on the flight? If so, will the staff accommodate my request to store the pumped milk in the cooler on the flight?

    I am also carrying emergency formula bottles with me anyway, however they will be used as a last resort if all else fails or if the breast milk gets thrown away at security (God forbid!).

    3. I wasn't aware that I would require a bassinet until I read your blog. Is it absolutely necessary or can I manage the 7.5-hour flight without one? I carry my baby in a sling anyway, and I was under the impression that she would be in the sling all the time during the flight for convenience.

    Thanks in advance for your advice. It's really appreciated.


  99. My advice: Always try for a bassinet! We have done 2 long (24 hr) flights with our little guy, one at 3 months and one at 5 months. They were broken into 6 hr, 10 hr, and 3 hr flights, same both ways. We only had a bassinet on one of the 6 hour flights. It was wonderful. 7.5 hours is a LONG time to sit in a tiny airplane seat with a baby.

  100. Hi Ash,

    Sorry for delayed reply- ( I'm currently with the family on a long haul holiday catching up with family overseas)
    In answer to your questions.
    1) yes you can bring milk in standard bottle. Baby milk and food in whatever form is excluded from the 100ml rule.
    2) yes you can pump. A window seat offers a little more privacy for you. I've found a wrap etc helps cover pretty much everything. Be aware though if it is an electric pump, it may not work in destination if different voltages like UK/USA for example. Crew on Emirates will do upmost to store it for you but they only have a tiny cooler ( chiller ) in each galley. The carts are all in a chilled area with a dedicated cart space which is sealed off, and obviously the carts are full of meal trays which slot in. Just to be prepared, take some ziplock bags and you can always ask for ice cubes and keep refilling, if there is a lack of space. This is also handy for transporting the milk through once landing.
    3) yes bassinet always worth having, even if you don't use for baby! My youngest didn't use it on last sector but it was very handy for all the bits and bobs we had, and for putting a meal tray in when I couldn't eat at the time, as was holding the baby.

  101. Hi Carrie

    I am going to be flying from South Africa via Dubai to the UK with my 7 month old with Emirates airline. With regards formula milk, can I take an entire tub in my hand luggage or should I take out just enough and put in another container. Secondly can I take jars of baby food in my hand luggage. I stop in Dubai for only a few hours but would really like to be able to have my babies pushchair, how can I go about organising this? I fly in a weeks time do you think I would be able to book a bassinet now already? Thanks in advance

  102. Hi, yes you can take entire tub in your hand luggage, or just enough for your flight. Entirely up to you. You can also take baby food in jars, pouches, boxes and snacks etc in your hand luggage.
    Re the pram- you can certainly ask for it to be made available at the gate at Dubai, but you will need to make your wishes made very clear and have your luggage tag for it handy for you. The reason being is if it is sent to baggage reclaim, then you would have to go through passport control and immigration in the Dubai arrivals hall, rather than the transfer signs. You will need to make it clear that Dubai is not your final destination, and you are transitting. If in doubt, you can ask the Purser on board your flight to make sure there is a request for it to be delivered to gate- but she will need the tag number from the pram.
    Emirates have complimentary strollers at every gate which you can use, so that may be an option to consider instead? But definitely a baby carrier of some sort in your hand luggage can prove useful too.
    Re bassinet- you can choose seats at point of booking with Emirates so make sure you choose bassinet positions. You can look at aircraft seat maps on the Emirates site, and seat guru to check which ones have them. Also good idea to follow up on Twitter @emiratesupport or a phone call to see if request is possible or if they have already been allocated to other babies flying on the same plane.
    Hope this helps!

  103. – ( I think with a South African passport you wouldn't be able to go through immigration at Dubai to collect pram if it ended up by mistake at baggage reclaim, as you don't have a visa, so definitely, confirm at every possible point, check in, with the crew, in arrival etc that stroller/ pram will be sent to you at the gate in Dubai. )

  104. Oh my how great is this blog! So travelling alone with a 3mth old and 4 year old on the 14hr Brisbane to Dubai. Then 7hr to heathrow. Just wondering about comment that on flight hot water won't be good enough. I cant possibly carry enough sterilsed water for the 14hr then 7hr flight it will be so heavy that would be about 2ltrs decanted out into 10 btls! Any advice on how else to obtain that amount of water? Cheers.

  105. Oh my how great is this blog! So travelling alone with a 3mth old and 4 year old on the 14hr Brisbane to Dubai. Then 7hr to heathrow. Just wondering about comment that on flight hot water won't be good enough. I cant possibly carry enough sterilsed water for the 14hr then 7hr flight it will be so heavy that would be about 2ltrs decanted out into 10 btls! Any advice on how else to obtain that amount of water? Cheers.

  106. Hi Thanks Charlotte.

    The hot water on planes is perfectly drinkable etc. However if you are concerned, you could ask crew to boil some bottled water ( Emirates certainly have lots of 1.5l bottles) and ask them to boil it in the 'hot cup' – ( similar to a kettle in the galley.) Definitely no need to carry all that water on you. ?

  107. Hello Carrie,
    Very well done in this marvelous website!!

    Im Amrita and I will be travelling to London with a stopover at Dubai through Emirates Airline with my 1.5 year old baby. Here are few questions for you as I am very confused..

    1) I spoke to someone on Emrirates and they said they do not provide whole milk on the flight for babies.They only give limited amount of baby formula. Is that true??

    2) How much water and milk is allowed by security. How much quantity of liquid allowed per bottle?

    3) Does milk have to be packed in transparent bottles or can it be in flasks ?

    4) I have 200 ml of milk cartons can I Carry those? Emirates told me they are not allowed.

    5) Also if we book tickets in the bulkhead row will they allow my baby to sleep on the floor?

    6) Is carrying a car seat mandatory if you purchase a seat for your LO.? Can he sit on my lap during take off and landing?

    7) My LO is very hyper while sleeping and needs to be rocked and calmed down to fall asleep. Please suggest how can I put him to sleep. He takes around half an hour to fall asleep.

    Thank you so much in advance.

  108. Hi Amrita.
    I can certainly help you here and I've also recently flown with Emirates. It seems that as is often the case, the call centre staff no little about what actually happens or is available on board.
    1) They DO have whole milk on board, and the crew will happily give some to babies. But they only have a limited amount for passengers tea and coffee and breakfast etc in first and business class. They also have a small amount of baby formula.
    2) You can take as much water, milk liquid for a baby as you need through security. You can go over the 100ml as long as flying with a baby or young child. There is no limit to this . ( the 100ml rule is not an airline rule but a countries airport security rule, and EVERY airport worldwide allows extra for babies. )
    3) Now this varies between countries and airports. It is not clear cut with regards to using a flask or not. However, when flying through Dubai and the U.K, I've not had a problem with bringing hot water in a baby flask like tommee tippee. I have also had some in baby bottles and kept chilled using a ziplock bag and ice cubes which I replenish from the crew if there is no room to store it on the airplane chiller (fridge)
    4) yes you can bring as food or drink for baby is exempt from the 100ml rule.
    5)No- no baby, child or adult can sleep on the floor. It is not allowed for safety reasons including turbulence and ability to reach oxygen mask if needed.
    6) as long as baby is secured to you using infant lap belt for times when seatbelt sign is on, this is allowed on emirates. So no need for car seat. But fare charges will be a child fare.
    7) Please see my sleep post on this.

  109. Thanks again Carrie for your reply. l have 2 more questions for you.
    What is the difference between economic saver and economic flex when you book tickets?
    Do you know a good nanny service in central London?

  110. Hi
    Saver is cheapest but any changes etc are either chargeable or not allowed.
    Flexible means you pay more but are allowed certain changes which either cost less or are free if they meet certain conditions.
    I'm afraid I don't know of any nanny services.

  111. Hi,
    Thank you Carrie got that too..
    We are travelling to London with a stay over at the Dubai International hotel at the airport. Do we need a Dubai visa if we do not leave the airport?
    How much time before landing or while landing should I feed my LO milk in order to avoid ear pain?
    Thanks in advance.

  112. Hi Carrie,
    Firstly, fab blog – thank you!!! My husband,my LO (6 and a half months old) and myself are flying next week with Air France. We've requested a bassinett from PARIS- CAPE TOWN, and although it seems all organised (called up the airline and confirmed it), my baby boy weighs 9kg and so is just under the 10kg weight limit for a bassinett. My concern is, he looks heavier, how do I prove that he's under 10kg if they ask? Should I bring a doc note with to prove his weight? Just trying to think ahead and makes sure we try to avoid as many hiccups as possible. Thanks so much!

  113. Hi and thank you!
    Yes you could definitely do that or if you have similar to UK where you can go to see a Health Visitor who writes in the baby book given at birth to register with NHS, and fills in the height/weight chart and date for you. Have a lovely time. I love Cape Town!
    Don't forget the full birth cert for LO either as per the SA regs .

  114. Hi,

    I am travelling with my 21 month old and am wondering two things:

    1. Can I take an umbrella stroller with me on board?

    2. I have a KidCo peapod that is like a tent in which my baby can sleep. Since I cannot really use the bassinet, will I be allowed to place this peapod in the area in front of my seat?

    Many thanks!

  115. Hi,
    There is no specific space for strollers on board- but if the flight is not full, the crew will try and find a space for you. – ( the cupboards on board the plane are generally filled with aircraft and crew equipment but if there is a spare hatrack etc, then it is always worth asking the crew)

    There are also complimentary strollers for use at the Emirates terminal in Dubai.
    You would not be able to use the pop up tent/ bassinet or put your baby on the floor. No passengers are allowed to sleep on the floor for safety reasons which include turbulence and the ability to reach the oxygen mask should the need arise.

    It is again worth asking as you check in and the crew on board, whether the flight is full, and if there is any chance of allocating a spare seat next to you as your little one won't fit into the bassinet. EK are really strict on bassinet weight and length. Hope this helps.

  116. Hi carrie
    What a fantastic,fabulous website you create i got my lots of answers but still i have one more….
    I'm flying emirates in end of January 2016 in India with two kids 5years and 6 months old i have hold 3 hours in dubai i so my question is….
    Wil they allow me to take car seat and stroller with me in the plane for my 6months old ?
    Because i know they have minimum complimentry stroller in the airport so i can use mine whenever i need..and I don't want to send in the luggage if I don't have to and if i have to send in luggage what i have to preparing for packing for stroller and carseat
    With lots of thanks for your time Neha:)

  117. I'm flying with easy jet from Bristol to Portugal in feb with my 12 week old. Do i need to book a sky cot before hand and I would like to take a carseat and pushchair. I have a bugaboo chameleon which folds down to 2 pieces, the chassis and carry a little confused as airline said I can take 2 items.great carseat and pushchair i thought but I'm unsure if pushchair will b classed as 2 alone?? Can u help me out pls xx

  118. Hi

    Carriers like EasyJet don't have bassinets on board any flight, and also most airlines won't have for a short haul flight such as UK to Portugal. ( airlines such as Emirates do have for shorter flights though)

    With regards to pram and car seat- yes you can take both. I also have cameleon and a travel system is still considered one piece- even if it can be folded down into chassis and bassinet part. I definitely recommend a buggy bag though for the the cameleon.
    Have a lovely holiday!

  119. Hi Neha,

    Unfortunately I can't give you a definitive answer as generally all the Prams and strollers go in the hold of the aircraft. If the car seat is being used and a seat purchased for the baby, then obviously that will be allowed on. It all depends on whether there is space on the plane that day, and how many passengers. And of course whether the stroller would fit.

    The overhead lockers can fit a small umbrella style stroller but definitely not a travel system. There is no designated space to store a stroller on board a plane so it's really a bonus if the crew can store it for you. But plan that they can't. The same applies for the car seat….

  120. Hi Carrie this is such a great website! We are travelling from gatwick to Orlando in a few weeks with virgin.

    1. rather than taking lots of bottles of water and separately packed powder am I able to take a few bottles of Aptamil 200ml ready made milk? Am worried they might make me open it as can only use it for two hours after opening?
    2. We are flying back from Miami to Heathrow are the American security checks and regulations the same?
    3. Any tips on jet lag and babies?
    Thanks so much!

  121. Hi Tiffany and thank you!
    1. Yes you can take the ready made formula bottles such as Aptamil. The security have new ways of testing now which means you don't need to taste, but they MAY ask you to open one. I would pack one extra for both journeys or arrange to pick them up airside via Boots. You need to do this several days in advance of the the flight and details of how to do it are in my post here. 2. Yes regulations are the same- you are allowed over 100ml of baby food, milk etc.
    3. Yes – I've tips on jet lag for babies here . />
    Have a fab time!

  122. Hi, what are the regulations on taking a car seat and stroller on an Etihad flight? I am struggling to find information on their website about that. I know you can take a checked bag for an infant but are the car seat and stroller also allowed and do they have to be checked in? Thanks

  123. Hi yes a car seat and stroller are allowed. You can check them in at check in desk or get them tagged at check in desk and use the stroller to the gate and then the staff will put it in the hold from there. It's unlikely you would be allowed them in the cabin with you, but if it is a quiet flight and there is space and stroller is very compact, it's worth asking the crew if they can. Etihad do have complimentary strollers in Abu Dhabi if you are transiting through their hub too.

  124. hi does anyone know if you can bring the tin of unopened formula and jars of food on the place ? will custom let us bring it through ? flying from Melbourne to Ireland . so it will be a long journey and he loves his milk and is a fussy eater so the jars are good as i know what he likes and doesn't like . can anyone help me out please .

  125. Hi Carrie,

    Firstly, thank you for setting up such a great site. It is certainly helping me feel less anxious about my first flight with my little boy.

    We are flying to Sydney in 6 weeks with connecting flight in Dubai. My husband booked a stupidly short connection time of 1hr 20 mins which is certainly going to be a challenge with a baby but I assume I can ask Emirates staff to help us be off the flight first / assistance to get through to connection flight right?
    Also, I think I recall that we will have to go through security again in Dubai for the connection flight? Is that right and will security staff be the same as in London in regards to pots of powder formula/ready made formula bottles/food etc? Is there anything we can do to make the process as quick as possible?

    Last question – we have already booked bassinet seats for all flights but I need to figure out a way to darken the bassinet for my 6 mth baby to sleep (he gets stimulated and distracted very easily). I saw you link to the pop up cover but you can only get that in Oz (which I may well buy) but how would you go about making a make shift tent?
    Many thanks

  126. Hi Nikki,
    And thank you!

    Yes the crew can certainly try and help you get off a bit quicker but doubtful they would let you go before first and business class passengers..Just let the senior in charge of economy know or the Purser know and remind them at top of decent. You can check your seats on seat guru and if you are in first row of economy, that will be ideal. The only thing to bear in mind is, once the seat belt sign goes off, it's really tricky for the crew to 'fight' the tide of passengers standing up with all their bags, get to you and move you through them. If there are quite a few passengers with tight connecting flights, they may do a PA announcement, which does help with this. The problem is as Dubai is a hub, a lot of passengers will have connecting flights so they may all be in a bit of a rush too.

    So plan for worst case, which would mean a bit of a rush but definitely doable!

    There will be complimentary strollers at the gate when you disembark- so you could use one of those or have baby in a baby carrier as soon as landed and seat belt signs off. The Emirates flight will show on the screen which gate your next flight leaves from so you won't have to waste time finding that info out at the airport.

    You will go through transit security again, but it's unlikely they will take the milk etc out to test. They have the same rules so you can have over 100ml baby food/ liquid etc.

    To try and make it faster, top up baby before you leave so you don't have to do a feed whilst rushing to the gate, same with nappy change etc.

    I don't think you will have an issue as remember your bags also have to make it too, so they have to unload, check them, take to new aircraft etc too. They may even have a staff member on arrival waiting to escort you to your next flight, if it gets really tight.

    Re the bassinet- strong tape such as gaffer tape and a dark but lightweight blanket can do the trick. 🙂 basically attach one end to the bulk head with the tape, and let the rest drape over bassinet- best to do if you can get baby to sleep first, so they don't pull it.
    Have a fab trip and enjoy the sunshine. You'll be great, the flight always ends and then you'll have an amazing holiday.

  127. I've just came across this blog and Omg it is so helpful and informative! I will be travelling from Manchester to Alicante with jet 2 with my 11 month old. I haven't been abroad since I was 12 so this is the first time I actually have to organise everything so I have been googling every little thing however I can't find any information regarding declaring food. I only mean baby formula and baby jars so do these need declaring if in checked luggage? And if so when do you do this? Also does additional security screening on formula in hand luggage mean the process is longer? I would order some airside at boots but I'm worried I won't have enough time to collect it if it takes a long time through security etc.

    Also, do you know if buggies would be collected when you get off the plane or will they be sent to baggage reclaim (Alicante airport)?

    Does Jet2 allow the use of the FlyBaby?

    If I did order formula to collect would I be required to open some when I get to Alicante?

    Thank you for any help 🙂

  128. Hi Brianna,
    With declaring food that is customs and generally it is Australia and NZ that ask you to declare on arrival. So unless you are picked out for a random check but even then baby food and milk is allowed. . Although I point out at security that I have baby milk/ food. It doesn't take long to screen- a minute or two but always a good idea to leave extra time .
    when flying with little ones- nappy explosions etc!
    Jet 2 doesn't have baby bassinets so the Fly Babee won't be much use for the flight. The SkyBaby can be used as it doesn't impede and safety issues.
    With buggy collection it does vary everywhere and I don't know about Alicante specifically or Jet 2, so just in case a baby carrier in hand luggage helps for the walk. 🙂

  129. Hi… Your blog is brilliant great tips… I'm flying to Pakistan from Manchester, on pia early March.. I'm so stressed. I'll be going with my five year old, my four year old and my one year old, as well as hubby and mother in law. I'm nervous about my one year old as she doesn't have a seat how will she sleep? What will she Eat? She eats everything we do so will the airline provide for her too? Also I'll need to take milk for her for the journey.. She has whole milk so how much of it will I be able to take with me?

  130. Hi… Your blog is brilliant great tips… I'm flying to Pakistan from Manchester, on pia early March.. I'm so stressed. I'll be going with my five year old, my four year old and my one year old, as well as hubby and mother in law. I'm nervous about my one year old as she doesn't have a seat how will she sleep? What will she Eat? She eats everything we do so will the airline provide for her too? Also I'll need to take milk for her for the journey.. She has whole milk so how much of it will I be able to take with me?

  131. Hi, PIA provides baby meals for 1 year olds which are the standard purées and for children in own seat who are between 2-3, a toddler meal. It is frustrating but all airlines bar a couple do this and forget that 1 year olds eat what we do. I would advise taking lots of your own snacks and fruit etc and also taking a bit of food off all your trays for your youngest. I'm trying to find out the bassinet size on PIA you but if your youngest doesn't fit in it, then she will be on your lap to sleep. If the flight has some spare seats, you may get lucky so always worth asking the crew and check in staff. You can take as much baby milk and supplies as you need.
    I'll update if I find anymore info out. But please don't stress. You will be fine! Read my tips before you go and enjoy your holiday and family time. 🙂

  132. Hi, PIA provides baby meals for 1 year olds which are the standard purées and for children in own seat who are between 2-3, a toddler meal. It is frustrating but all airlines bar a couple do this and forget that 1 year olds eat what we do. I would advise taking lots of your own snacks and fruit etc and also taking a bit of food off all your trays for your youngest. I'm trying to find out the bassinet size on PIA you but if your youngest doesn't fit in it, then she will be on your lap to sleep. If the flight has some spare seats, you may get lucky so always worth asking the crew and check in staff. You can take as much baby milk and supplies as you need.
    I'll update if I find anymore info out. But please don't stress. You will be fine! Read my tips before you go and enjoy your holiday and family time. 🙂

  133. Hi there. What a fab blog. You make people's lives so much easier. I am flying to Phuket from Heathrow and have a connecting flight from Beijing (after a four hour wait). I am going to buy baby bits from the Heathrow boots before hand
    1: if I bought a big 900g tub of milk which will be opened, will they allow this on the connecting flight from Beijing?
    2: if I ordered 200ml pre made milk will I be expected to open them all before I catch my second flight?
    3: am I aloud to take a flask of boiling water through customs for both flights?
    4: I am taking a mini have luggage sized case with all my daughters food, toys etc in. Will I be able to take a changing bag too or only the mini suit case?
    Thank you so much xx

  134. Hi Katie, glad it helping!
    So in answer to your questions.
    1. Yes you can bring the tub of milk.
    2. You wouldn't be expected to open all of them but them may ask to test one. Keep your receipt to show it was purchased after security at LHR.
    3. The flask of water is fine through customs but various countries will not allow through security. I always try and if they ask me to empty it, I refill at a cafe once past security.
    4. It depends on your airline and if they allow carry on for an infant. Some do but allow just 1 bag for all bits including toys and food, and some don't, in which case you would have to put in all in your carry on bag.

    Have a lovely time in Phuket. Love it there!

  135. Hi Carrie

    Thanks for a fab blog. Just what I've been looking for!!

    I hope this question isn't repeated!

    I'm travelling from Heathrow to South Africa through South African Airways. My little one will be 3, as he is classed as a child, am I allowed to take a light weight buggy for him, or is this only for infants? (As I'm travelling on my own with my son, and we are from the Channel Islands, so will have the whole day at the airport, I feel like I might need it ). Also, if I am allowed a buggy am I able to take it right to the gate?



  136. Hi Carrie,
    My flight is from London to Dxb in Qantas airline on the 14TH April 2016 afternoon flight 2:30.We are 4 adults and and infant travelling in economy class. We have purchased an extra seat for my child. I cannot do web check in due to certain issues. Could you please tell me which seat are the best as my toddler does not sit in one place. Any idea as to how I can get the whole row to myself? I will be going to the airport 3 hours in advance for check in. I have seen seat maps on seat guru but they are very confusing.
    Thank you so much

  137. Hi Amrita,

    If you have purchased a seat for your infant – then the car seat must go in a seat which wouldn't impede anyone from evacuating in an emergency. This is generally the window seat, however the middle seat in the middle section can also be used.

    I think you must be on an Emirates operated flight from London Gatwick and not a Qantas flight- as no flights operated by Qantas leave at that time . ( Emirates and Qantas codeshare for flights to Australia.)

    If this is the case, then you are on the A380. The only 'bad' seats are the very last rows of each bulkhead as the recline is not so great.
    You would probably find it easier having a row of 3 eg ABC and the. One adult across the aisle in D or 3 in HJK and then the other adult across the aisle in G. These flights are generally pretty full but it's always worth asking if there is any way you could have a spare seat assigned, if the flight is not full.

  138. Dear Carrie,
    Thank you for your reply . Sorry forgot to tell you that we are not carrying a car seat and it is an Emirates flight code shared with Qantas.
    So what you meant is take any seats except the last rows ?
    Do you know if we can walk with the infant near the stairs behind to put him to sleep?

    Thank you
    You are doing a GREAT JOB!!

  139. Hi again and thank you. I'm so glad the site is helping you and many others

    Yes the back row in each section is not good for reclining. So avoid rows 65, 78, and 88.

    The bassinet seats usually go to babies who require them so you may not be offered them as you have bought own seat for your infant. However, if you do have the option then the DEFG seats are good for extra legroom and the E/F middle armrest lifts up. ( the other armrests don't move on the bulkhead / bassinet rows on the A380 on Emirates.) However, bear in mind that it is unlikely that you will be given these seats as it takes up 2 bassinet positions- so unless there are no other infants on the flight, it is a long shot.

    You can walk near the stairs but little one will not be able to climb them- ( there will be a rope blocking the stairs and the crew usually will tell you this.
    Hope this helps and have a wonderful time.

  140. Hello Carrie,
    This is Amrita just chatted with you yesterday.I will purchase the tickets for my London to Dxb flight on Qantas A380. Can you please tell me if my infant can sit with me on seat 71DEFG OR 80ABC which is behind the exit row.
    Also does the armrest moves in seats 71D and 80A?
    Thank you,

  141. Hello Carrie,
    This is Amrita just chatted with you yesterday.I will purchase the tickets for my London to Dxb flight on Qantas A380. Can you please tell me if my infant can sit with me on seat 71DEFG OR 80ABC which is behind the exit row.
    Also does the armrest moves in seats 71D and 80A?
    Thank you,

  142. Hi Amrita, it's hard for me to tell if you are on the v1 of the operating Emirates A380 or v2 of the A380. You will see this information as you book online.
    However you can sit in any seat except the emergency exit rows ABC HJK if the baby is on your lap or has own seat. So the rows behind emergency exits are fine. All normal seats armrests work. I just know that bassinet seats in middle row E-F also move but those between D-E and FG don't. I'm not sure about the bassinet seats armrest in ABC or HJK seats as I've not sat in those yet.hope this helps.

  143. HI, this is an amazing site, thanks for taking the time to put this together! I was wondering if my infant is allowed a suitcase ( we only paid a small fee and he will sit on my lap) or if I am only allowed a suitcase for myself and husband as we paid full price? We are flying Amercian Airlines in March 2016. Thanks for your help!

  144. Hi, thanks and you are welcome!

    It seems that it depends if your little one is ticketed or not. Here is the info I found, "
    The standard carry-on baggage and checked baggage allowance apply.

    Ticketed child, not occupying a seat

    One (1) bag at the first bag fee rate of the accompanying adult plus;M

    Approved safety seat for lap or ticketed child (may also be checked)
    Umbrella stroller for lap or ticketed child (see details for stroller acceptance)
    Diaper bag for lap or ticketed child,/
    Unticketed Child, not occupying a seat

    No baggage allowance. However, the following items are allowed over and above the carry-on allowance for the adult traveling with an infant:

    Approved safety seat for lap or ticketed child (may also be checked)
    Umbrella stroller for lap or ticketed child (see details for stroller acceptance)
    Diaper bag for lap or ticketed child."

  145. Hi! I'm hoping you can help as I cant seem to get a definitive answer from Qantas. My son/daughter in law are travelling from STL via LAX to BNE Australia on a Qantas ticket (AA STL-LAX) then QA LAX-BNE (but tickets are QF codes ex STL). As they have 2 children plus a 12month old and have a long layover in LAX they want to take their stroller. I believe they can gate check it in STL (so long as it is under 20lbs) and then collect in LAX, but can they then gate check with Qantas for their long haul flight? By that stage they don't mind if they collect at the baggage carousel in BNE, but not sure if you can gate check for an international flight. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Margot

  146. Hi Margot.

    Yes you can gate check a stroller internationally with Qantas. As long as AA and LAX allow the collection of the stroller from the STL to LAX transit route, then the stroller can be gate checked to the next destination.

  147. Hi fantastic work here. Appreciated a lot.

    Flying on emirates to dubai stop over for few hours then to destination.
    Noticed stroller is free to add on. Can we also take a travel cot free aswel?
    As we wont get our own stroller at dubai airport are the complementary ones easily availabe? Hope they are not hard to spot.
    Also we will be taking large amount of nappies. Will they be added with allowance?

  148. Hi, firstly it depends on your route and whether this is dictated by the piece or weight concept. If you are flying to / from anywhere on the Emirates network EXCLUDING North, central, and South America- then the weight concept applies. Meaning an infant can have their stroller 10kg of hold luggage. So if the travel cot is less than 10kg in weight it can be taken for free.
    If flying to/ from North, central and South America the piece concept applies. Meaning an infant can have their stroller plus one piece up to 23kg.
    "Customers with infants are allowed an additional bag up to 10kg (22lb) that may not exceed 55 x 38 x 20cm (22 x 15 x 8 inches) in size where the weight concept applies, or one piece of up to 23kg (50lb) and with total dimensions (length + width + height) not exceeding 115cm (45 inches) where the piece concept applies."

    The Emirates strollers are easily accessible in Dubai. Nappies are part of the allowance.

  149. Thanks for the informative reply Carrie. I should from been more clear. Flying from Uk to dubai. Anyhow you've answered it fully.
    Thanks again.

  150. I am travelling from UK to Oz in 2 days with 1 year old. Flying with Quantas/Emirates & I am taking a stroller, and wondered if I want to wrap it – to protect it – should I do this at the airport or before? or will they do it?
    Thank you

  151. Hi, if you are not using it at the airport, you can do it before. Some airports have the plastic wrapping machines. They don't usually do it for you but they may have a large plastic bag for you to put it in but as this can't be guaranteed, I would try and pack it yourself.

  152. Sooo helpful – thank you. Its always so difficult deciding what to take on holiday – you definitely don’t want to leave anything essential behind. Thanks!

  153. Hi, I am travelling with Scandinavian Airlines from UK to Sweden and would like to take a collapsible travel cot, about 9kg as infant’s only hold luggage. Her other items will come in my suitcase. Any tips on how to pack or wrap the travel cot? My partner says it can go as it is, I’m sure that’s wrong. Do we also need to specify it as special baggage? Thank you so much, your website is so helpful x

  154. Hi Carrie i’m travelling to Dubai from the UK (Manchester) )with my partner and our then 5 month old, this will be our first holiday abroad with her and i’m very apprehensive. After reading this very useful website that I so happened to stumble across (so very glad that I did) I booked a Bassinet seat 81D outbound and 54E inbound, i’m hoping these are good seats. I was hoping that you could confirm a few things for me, I probably have the answer already but as this is our first trip with her i’m after some reassurance. With regards to her milk that she will need for the flight, am i right in thinking that I can take her formula already pre measured out in a container in her hand luggage? Will this need to be tested by the airport? or would you recommend the pre made up Aptamil bottles and just heat them up using the tommee tippe flask? So we get to take our 2 x 30 kg along with a 10 kg for her as checked in baggage, however i’m a little unsure about what else I can take. We’d like to be able to take a pram (need to buy one as I don’t really want to take my bugaboo) and a car seat, can these be taken FOC. If so will these go on with the bags? And do you recommend any covers to protect these? Have you any other tips or advice that you could give me? Thank you Francesca x

    • Hi Francesca, oooh Dubai is lovely for families. Great that you have requested the bassinet seats already. You are certainly right in thinking that you can take her pre- measured formula for the flight. If it’s not liquid state it wont be tested but water would be. Its probably slightly easier taking powder as they may open one of the Aptamil bottles to test ( you wont need to taste but security will test by other means).
      Yes car seat and stroller can also be taken FOC on Emirates. They will go with the bags eventually, but if you wish you can take your stroller rot the gate and then it will go into the hold. They will give you a tag for it at check in when they take your bags. I’ve used a large plastic bag to keep my car seat cleaner but you can also buy bags on eBay etc too.

  155. Wow! What useful and comprehensive information. My kids are way past the baby and toddler stage and we didn’t fly with them when they were tiny, but I can imagine this post must be really reassuring to anxious parents. #FamilyTravelTips

  156. Very helpful post and loads of great tips here! A good refresher for me too as I get ready for our baby to arrive this summer – and we already have two trips (one long haul) lined up during her first three months :O Pinning this for later #FamilyTravelTips

  157. wow this is so thorough and really helpful, we haven’t managed to go abroad yet- not brave enough! but hopefully soon. thanks for sharing, this is really useful. #familytraveltips

  158. Love the tips and this mostly resembles what we take….except the pillow spray, I have never heard of it before but I must try it!

  159. Great post – I am going on holiday in couple of months and with 3 little ones I need all the help I can get. I am now off to read your post about buying baby milk at the airport! #myfamilytips

  160. Hi Carrie,

    Thanks for your amazing site! I’m wondering about home cooked food allowance on the flight. I’m sure I’ll come to the conclusion that it’s just more sensible to take packet baby food on the plane but I wonder what the rules are for home cooked food? Can you exceed 100mL? Or carry in a thermos which has >100ml capacity? Just don’t want to get there and have it all confiscated!

    Thanks for your help,


  161. Hello, thanks for the site – do you know if a Moses basket counts as free luggage when they say you can bring a portable cot for free? And if so how should it be transported if it doesn’t come with a bag? Finally, if not bringing a car seat, do most countries have taxis who provide car seats if requested? Thanks!

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