Carrie Bradley


Carrie Bradley is a passionate and experienced enthusiast of airline travel.

She has over 12 years flying experience as a flight attendant with both commercial and VIP corporate knowledge. Once back in the UK she worked as primary school teacher.

“I’m Carrie, and I’ve over 12 years flying experience as a long haul flight attendant. Since becoming  Mum to two little girls (born in 2011 and 2014) we’ve flown extensively as a family; predominately as we have close family in Australia and because we love to explore. Despite being very familiar with the aircraft and airport environment, and helping thousands of parents fly with their children, the first time I flew as a passenger with a baby, I was nervous.  I was worried about  her  crying and disturbing other passengers and many other things. However, we have covered many miles now, with many different airlines, and now it’s excitement, not fear when we take a 24 hour flight with young children. I hope my travelling experiences, knowledge and research make your travelling  and holiday experience worry free and easier too. The site covers all aspects of family flying and family holiday tips and reviews.”

Now, as a mummy of 2, she has added to these skills with many flights with little ones, including ultra long haul. She learnt many more tips for flying with a baby & toddler, and was often asked advice from friends. Fed up with not being able to find all the information in one place, she set out to help other parents avoid the same frustrations and established the ultimate guide to flying with young children  The site has naturally progressed with tips and information learnt from favourite holiday destinations.

Carrie was an expat in the UAE for many years, but moved back to the UK where she met her Australian husband. They have 2 young daughters and a black labrador to keep them on their toes.

Whenever she gets the chance, Carrie loves to jump on a plane (surprise, surprise) explore new places with her family, and visit her friends dotted across the globe. She enjoys a good book, a good wine and bizarrely loves the smell of airports.

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