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Baby Food On Planes

Ordering Baby And Child Airline Meals

Updated June 2018

If you are flying with a baby, toddler or older child and are wondering whether you can bring your own baby food on planes, then YES you can and it can be over the 100ml/3-1-1 liquid rule. More information is below. This article mainly focusses on ordering child and baby food known as child and baby meals on certain airlines.

What is a baby or child meal?

A baby, child airline meal, and if you are really lucky a toddler airline meal, are pre requestable meals which differ from the usual meal choice on the flight. Airlines do vary in their special food availability for younger guests. As a general rule, long haul flights with large airlines provide this service, with the Asian and Arabian Gulf airlines excelling. Thankfully, it is easy to order a baby or child meal. Baby meals, if available, can be requested for an infant between 0 and under 2. Baby meals are puréed food jars. Child meals are for children over 2, who are in their own  seat. These are often pasta, or chicken nugget type meals. If your child is under 2, and weaned, it is best to bring your own provisions, as there are only a handful of airlines who will provide a toddler or post weaning meal. Details of these can be found below. You can also pre- order baby supplies from Boots at UK airports, meaning you can pick up food pouches, milk, nappies, sunscreen lotion after UK security.

 How do I book a baby or child meal?

  • You can often request a special meal online or baby food on planes. Follow up with a phone call, or re-confirm when you check in. 
  • Make sure you order at least 24 hours prior to departure. As an ex flight attendant, I know that occasionally special meals don’t make it on to the plane. This could be a booking error; by the airline, travel agent,  or passenger. Please do not get upset with the crew on board as it is out of their hands. They are a request only, but every endeavour is usually made to rectify the issue. 
  • Some airlines like Virgin, Emirates etc, carry a limited supply of baby milk formula and baby food puree jars, but if it’s imperative you have a particular brand etc, definitely pack a small supply of your own.
  • A children’s meal is generally designed for children aged 2 and over but there are some exceptions. See below for airline specific information. As a rule, unless your airline specifies that they provide a post weaning meal, or toddler meal for children aged 1 and over; you cannot request a child meal for an infant under 2 who does not have their own seat.
  •  I always recommend packing plenty of your own snacks, fruit and other baby food on a flight, in case the meal service does not come at a time your child needs it, or the meal is not to their liking.


Further information

Here is a compilation of several large international airlines and what they currently supply on board. 

Malaysia and Emirates infant meal example

Air Canada  

Infants’ and children’s meals are available only on international flights and in business class within North America.

Air France 

Baby food made up of sweet and savoury organic pots and baby biscuits can be provided as the baby meal on request. You can also order child meals for up to 8 years old are provided on flights over 2.5 hours or more.

Air France child meals consist of:

Breakfast includes 2 mini-pastries, a yogurt drink (containing sugar and dairy) or fruit juice, a compote, milk, and cereal.
The hot meal (lunch or dinner) includes:
– a seasoned salad,
– a main course (usually chicken with pasta and grated cheese),
– sweet pastry,
– apple juice,
– cheese and crackers,
– a fruit compote and a dessert.

American Airlines

Do not provide baby food or child meals.


You can request a baby meal, toddler meal or child meal up until 24 hours before the flight. However, these meals are only provided for flights departing Incheon.

British Airways

Baby Meals cannot be pre-ordered but they have a limited stock of baby food and milk. British Airways Child Meals  2-12 yrs old) are available on all long haul flights and some short haul.


You can request Baby Meals and Child Meals. There is a limited amount of baby milk powder, spare bottles and pureed baby food available on all flights.

ordering baby child meals

Etihad child meal


You can request Baby Meals and Child Meals

You can request baby meals, post weaning meals for over 2 year olds and a child meals for children  aged between 2 and 5.

Eva Air

Eva Air offer baby, post weaning and child meals.  Baby Meal(BBML) is for babies between 6 months and 2 years old. Milk powder is not supplied. A Post-Weaning Meal (PWML) is for over 2 years old infant – This meal is soft and easy to chew. Child Meal (CHML) is for 2 years old – 5 years old.


Lufthansa provides meals for babies and infants –baby food, mini sausages and soups – are also available on board Lufthansa flights – while stocks last.

Child Meal examples are ‘tortoise muffin’, ‘Lu’s favourite lasagne’, or ‘chipolata mummies’.

Malaysia Airlines

ordering baby child meals

Malaysian Airlines child meal example

You can request both Baby Meals and Child Meals on Malaysia Airlines.


You can request baby, toddler and child meals. The toddler meal is for children between 2-3 year sold and the child meal for children aged 3 and over.

Singapore Airlines

Provide four different types of meal choices for infants and children. Their Child Meals are suitable for children between two and seven years old. Baby Meals concept of 3 jars of baby food and are suitable for infants less than a year old. They also provide a Post Weaning Meal option for children aged between one and two: with food  which is easy to bite, chew and digest. Lastly, they have a Child Meal for Infants which is also made up of food items that are easy to bite, chew and digest but the portions are more substantial in terms of quantity and choice, compared to Post Weaning Meals. Singapore Airlines also provide an exclusive inflight meal service, called Yummy!, which allows their young customers aged between 2 and 11 years travelling in Suites, First and Business class to select their main course before their flight.

Sri Lankan

They provide baby meals and also child meals. The child meals are available for two different aged groups between 1 – 6 and also 7- 12 years. They promote a varied and healthy diet with salt and sugars added in a natural form.

Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines provide baby meals on most flights. However, on domestic flights, baby food is only available on flights departing from Ankara and Istanbul. On international flights, you can select a meal for your infant up to 24 hours before the flight.  A Turkish Airlines child meals does not contain fish or meat with bones, dried fruit, nuts, seeds, spicy foods, dressings, and sauces, or boiled sweets. They may contains some or all of: grated carrot, cheese, crackers, finger food, fresh fruit, and fruit juice.


You can request baby, toddler and child meals on Qantas. They also provide  a limited range of baby food, milk, baby bottles, cereals and  rusks.


Provide a baby food jar & limited emergency baby bottles. A Qatar Airways child meal may be a non-vegetarian meal that is suitable for young travellers. It may contain: Pancakes, pasta, breaded chicken / fish fillets, chips, sweets, fruit.

Can I bring food on planes?

Yes you can. If it is in your hand luggage and it is for your baby on the flight, then it is NOT subject to the 100ml/3-1-1 liquid rule. This includes water, breast milk or powdered milk. If it is for you, unless medically approved then it IS subject to the liquid rules if it is in your hand luggage. Remember many food products must be declared in certain countries. Always look at the customs card and if in doubt, bin it or declare it. I’ve always declared baby powder formula, even opened and have been allowed it. Countries like Australia will not let you bring any fresh produce in. Please check the latest customs laws.


Ordering baby and child meals on different airlines - find out what the different airlines offer and how to order #familytravel #flyingwithkids

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  1. Thanks for this really useful post! We are flying with Singapore Airlines in Feb 2016 and there's no actual explanation anywhere on what the different baby meals are. Our daughter will be 10 months when we fly, so are going with the 'child meal for infants' as she likes her food, so want to ensure there is plenty! Thanks again – you've relieved some minor stressing 🙂

  2. Hi Carrie, great article. I’m flying on Emirates airlines next week with my toddler who is under 2yrs old. It’s a 7 hour flight and I’ve been told the only food options are purées and have refused to serve a child’s meal. Worse still they can’t guarantee there will be fridge space to store my food, and heating up food may be a problem if I don’t use the right container (but don’t specify what that is). After speaking with a customer service manager he suggested I could buy food in the airport like “a cheese sandwich or something”. Which is all very well at the start of the flight but what about the rest of it? I’m quite taken aback by how poorly a vulnerable little human is treated on a major airline. They won’t offer food, yet they are unlikely to be able to store mine or heat it. What do parents do???

    • Hi Nada, thank you and apologies for delay as I was on holiday with no wifi! yes- all airlines bar one or two have exactly the same policy. Most parents take their own. I used to take ziplock bags and fill with ice to keep chilled -it’s easy for the crew to refill. for re heating i used hot water or milk for something like breakfast cereal. That is also easy for the crew to heat. emirates also have microwaves in the galley so if you use a microwaveable container that will help for any hot food. I also used to supplement from my own tray too. i also packed old sausages, pasta etc and brought apples, banana, blueberries etc.

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