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JetBlue Flying With Kids Information

All the JetBlue flying with kids information in one place. Including:

  • Flying when pregnant
  • Flying with a newborn baby, and baby or toddler under two
  • Flying with older children
  • Kids’ baggage allowance
  • Car seat policy
  • Other child restraint device policies
  • Pushchair/stroller policy
  • Baby and child meals
  • Inflight entertainment for children
  • Other family services provided
Flying with kids information on JetBlue, JetBlue Flying With Kids
JetBlue Flying With Kids Information

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If you’re expecting to deliver within seven days, you’re not allowed to travel on JetBlue, unless you present documentation from your doctor, dated no more than seventy-two (72) hours prior to departure, that states: 

  • The doctor has examined you and found you be physically fit for air travel to and from the destinations requested on the date of the flight.
  • Your estimated date of delivery is after the date of your last flight.

Please note that codeshare and interline partners may have more restrictive policies.  For more flying when pregnant tips see here.

It may be worth bringing your own blanket and pillow, unless you wish to purchase one onboard as they are not available for free.


Infants between three and 14 days old must also have, in the form of a letter, their doctor’s approval to travel.


If your child is traveling internationally with only one parent (or another adult), you may need a minor travel consent form .

Lap infants and infants with their own seat.

A child can travel as a lap infant from 3 days old until the day they turn 2 years old. There’s no charge for lap infants (taxes may be due outside the U.S.) but you will be asked for proof of age, such as a birth certificate, passport or immunization record.

Customers traveling with a lap infant may add this information to their reservation when booking online at If you would like to add a lap infant to an existing reservation, please contact JetBlue.

All passengers, including lap infants, are required to have a valid passport for international travel. Customers will be required to present the infant’s passport to a JetBlue crew member prior to boarding any international flight.  

Customers traveling with lap infants and departing from an international destination (Exception: Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands) to the U.S. will be assessed an infant fee. Please note the infant fees vary based upon international point of origin. Should the customer be traveling roundtrip, the fee is only assessed when flying from the international city to the U.S. 

Important Information

  • Infants must be traveling with an adult customer at least 14 years or older.
  • The infant must sit on the adult’s lap during takeoff and landing. 
  • Lap infants may not be seated in emergency exit rows.  
  • In cases of flights that are extended over-water flights, due to the number of spare life vests, JetBlue may have to limit the number of lap infants on the flight.

Travelling with more than one infant

  • One lap infant per adult is allowed.  
  • Each row has a group of seats on either side of the aisle. Only one lap infant is allowed per group of seats due to the number of available oxygen masks.
    • Adults traveling with two lap infants could be seated in the same row as long as they are on opposite sides of the aisle.
    • The number of lap infants per row for A321 Mint® aircraft is not limited by the number of oxygen masks.  


Infants who become children while travelling

A child between the ages of three days old until their second birthday is considered a lap infant. There is no cost to add lap infants to a reservation. If the child has their second birthday between the outbound and return flight, a seat will need to be purchased for the return flight. 

Proof of age is required. Valid forms of proof are: 

  • Passport
  • Birth Certificate
    • Copies on domestic travel are accepted
  • Immunization Record


We will always do our best to seat children with an adult family member.  For the best seating options, we recommend booking early and selecting seat assignments at the time of booking or with a reservation crewmember (third party service fees may apply). If seats together are not available, please let our airport gate crewmembers know when you arrive at the airport. They will do their best to find a seating solution. We cannot guarantee that seats together will always be available.


Blue Basic fares do not allow a carry-on bag and do not include free advance seat selection, so if you’re traveling with kids and want to be sure to sit together, we recommend booking another fare. Blue, Blue Plus and Blue Extra all include free advance seat selection, as well as a carry-on bag.


You can bring:

  • One diaper bag
  • One stroller
  • One car seat

Lap infants do not qualify for any checked baggage allowance.

Checking a child safety seat will not count towards your checked baggage allowance and there is no fee assessed; however, playpens and other infant beds will count as a checked bag and must meet size and weight requirements. View information on FAA-approved infant/child safety seats 

If you’re traveling with a lap infant, you can bring aboard a diaper bag in addition to a permitted carry-on and personal item. As noted above, Blue Basic fares do not allow a carry-on.

Strollers and car seats do not count toward your carry-on or checked bag allowance. You may check them through when you arrive at the airport or gate-check them at the jetbridge. 

Breast pumps are considered an assistive device and do not count as a carry-on bag.  


A child may bring: 

  • Any bags included with the ticket purchase 
  • One stroller  
  • One car seat  

This courtesy is extended regardless of whether the customer is traveling with the infant/child or is meeting the infant/child at their destination. 

Please be aware that strollers are not covered for damage if checked. JetBlue assumes no liability for loss, damage or delay per the JetBlue Airways Contract of Carriage  Section 19. 


A car seat is not required for an infant or child in their own seat, as long as they can sit upright unassisted. You may use your FAA-approved safety seat on board, as long as you’ve purchased a seat for your child.

Safety seats or CRS should be placed in a window seat. It may be placed in a middle seat or aisle seat as long as the other seat(s) remain empty. 

Safety seats may not obstruct a customer’s pathway to the aisle.
-Safety seats may not be placed between two individuals.
-A safety seat may face backward if it is FAA approved and is properly secured by the parent/guardian.

Any safety seat used during the flight must remain secured to the aircraft seat at all times, even when unoccupied. 

Car seats airplane, child restraint devices CARES harness back
CARES harness (front) Photo courtesy of Tim Kelley AmSafe CARES harness

Other Child Restraint Device Policies

Infants and children may occupy a seat with or without a child restraint system (CRS). If the infant is not in a child restraint system, they must be able to sit upright. 

Use of booster seats, harness and vest restraints will not be allowed during the movement on surface (taxiing), take-off or landing, unless it is an FAA-approved device like the CARES FlySafe Harness. (affiliate link)

Seatbelts must fit low and tight across the waist of all customers, including children.
-If used with a CRS, the seatbelt must be affixed to the CRS so that it is secured tightly in the seat.
-In seats equipped with an airbag seatbelt, JetBlue-provided seatbelt extensions must be used in conjunction with the seatbelt to secure the CRS. For safety purposes, if the CRS is not able to be properly secured with the airbag seatbelt, the customer may be required to move to a seat with a standard seatbelt in order to use the CRS.

Aircraft Seat Dimensions

The following chart from the JetBlue site provides the width of the narrowest and widest passenger seats (in inches) in each class of service on each series of aircraft operated by JetBlue so you can see if you car seat will fit the seat.

JetBlue Aircraft Seat Dimensions


Strollers and car seats do not count toward your carry-on or checked bag allowance. You may check them through when you arrive at the airport or gate-check them at the jetbridge. 


Does JetBlue provide baby food?

No, please bring all your infant’s food and drink with you.

Can I sterilise my bottles on JetBlue?

The water in airplane bathrooms isn’t drinkable, so you won’t be able to wash anything that goes in the baby’s mouth there.

Does JetBlue provide child meals?

No but they provide snacks which can be purchased.

All snacks are nut-free—and with sweet and savory options.

On select flights, you can purchase peanut-free EatUp® snack boxes, cheese plates and fresh fare from the EatUp® Café menu.  On longer flights, you can purchase a selection of peanut-free EatUp® snack boxes, cheese plates and fresh fare from the EatUp® Café menu. 

Stay hydrated with free brand-name drinks, including bottled water and juices, and full cans of your favorite carbonated beverages. (And while they do serve cookies, they do not serve milk on board.) 

See food + drink choices 

Service update

To provide the best experience in the safest way possible, JetBlue streamlined our onboard service. Instead of the usual snack baskets and beverage service, they will be serving a limited selection of free snacks, drinks and items for purchase (beer, wine, EatUp boxes, pillows, blankets and earbuds) from carts in the aisle.


JetBlue has personal TVs with free DIRECTV®, movies and SiriusXM® at every seat, so kids can watch programming like Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network and Animal Planet within our coverage area, plus at least one family-friendly movie on all flights longer than two hours, or rock out to music from Kids’ Place Live and Radio Disney. 

See this month’s movies

JetBlue have power outlets at every seat on select aircraft, with more rolling out soon. Many of their terminals offer ‘juice bars’ and other spots to recharge your electronics.  


TrueBlue Loyalty Program

You and your kids can earn points toward award travel. To register a child age 13 or younger log in to your TrueBlue account and open the drop-down menu, select your name in the upper right corner, and choose Enroll a Child. With Points Pooling, families (and friends) combine their points to get to award travel faster. 

At least one lavatory on every JetBlue plane is equipped with a diaper-changing table, so there’s no need to attempt it at your seat. Please don’t change your baby at your seat!

Blue, Blue Plus and Blue Extra fares let you choose your seats in advance without an extra charge. Please note that Blue Basic fares are subject to a fee for seat selection more than 24 hours before your flight and may not be the best value for those traveling with kids. Please note that Blue Basic fares are subject to a fee for seat selection more than 24 hours before your flight (and also do not permit a carry-on bag) and may not be the best value for those traveling with kids.

When you purchase an Even More® Space seat you get up to 7” more legroom , early boarding and Even More® Speed,  expedited security lane (in select airports). Some Even More Space seats are located toward the front of the plane, which allows for faster and easier boarding and deplaning.  And, if you purchased a Blue Basic fare (which doesn’t allow a carry-on), by combining it with an Even More Space seat, you’ll get to bring a carry-on and take advantage of early boarding.


Pre-boarding is available for families with children under the age of 2.

JetBlue’s Terminal 5 

JetBlue’s Terminal 5 at New York City’s JFK includes the outdoor T5 rooftop, 2 unique play areas, Mamava lactation pods, lots of kid-friendly food options and more. Explore JetBlue’s T5 


Find out all the information about flying with kids on your airline. From car seats to strollers allowed in the airplane cabin, to lap infants to bassinets, luggage allowance, facilities on board and much much more.

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