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Carrie Bradley

Hello, I’m Carrie,  and I cover all aspects of flying with children and provide tips, reviews and inspiration for family holidays.

I have over 12 years flying experience as a long haul flight attendant. Since becoming  Mum to two little girls, now aged one and four, we’ve also flown extensively as a family; my husband is Australian so that includes some ultra long haul trips and holidays.. Despite being very familiar with the aircraft and airport environment, and helping thousands of parents fly with their children, the first time I flew as a passenger with my baby, I was nervous.  I was worried about  her  crying and disturbing other passengers and many other things. However, we have covered many miles now, with many different airlines, and now it’s excitement, not fear when we take even a 24 hour flight with our young children. I hope my travelling experiences, knowledge and research make your travelling experience and holidays worry free and easier too.  Do have a look at our holiday tips and holiday inspiration too!

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Flying With A Baby is a unique guide to flying with young children by an ex flight attendant and Mum of two well travelled tots. Based on experience and a lot of in depth research, this guide grows with you from baby's first flight until they are experienced travellers. Full of tips and information all in ONE place to make any family flight doable. Family travel made simpler.




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