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Emirates Airline Kids’ Facilities | Flying Emirates With Kids

Emirates are well known for being great with families. In general, the Middle-Eastern airlines are the ones which provide great facilities overall and are the most family-friendly.

From on-demand movies, cartoons, TV and games to complimentary beverages and meals in economy, it certainly makes flying with kids easier.

Business and First are something else, including showers in First on the A380 and every seat being a window seat on some aircraft!

So what can you expect inflight on an Emirates flight with kids? I’ve a detailed review of the whole flight experience here, but in this article I will cover all the facilities on board flights and ground services, which may help you decide what to pack for children or leave at home.

Emirates Airline Kids’ Facilities

Emirates Airline Kids' Facilities  Flying Emirates With Kids, Emirates IFE, TV

TV and Games on board Emirates.

Emirates have an inflight TV system called ICE: Information, Communication and  Entertainment. From cameras showing the view as if you were in flight deck, or the journey map, it helps keep you up to date with where you are.

Phones are available at every seat, and you can even phone seat to seat should you be separated or in a large group.

There is a dedicated family-friendly entertainment section for kids and pre-school kids with TV favourites, cartoons, stories and more.

For adults, you can watch major sporting events and breaking news coverage in real time on select aircraft.  There are over 3,500 channels to choose from overall!

Younger kids’ are provided with smaller purple headsets too.

Emirates Airline Kids' Facilities  Flying Emirates With Kids, Emirates IFE, TV

Flying Emirates With Kids

Emirates Airline Kids' Facilities  Flying Emirates With Kids, Emirates child meal

Kids’ Meals

For younger children, you can pre-request a child’s meal . For babies, there is an Emirates baby meal. An example is above. A baby meal will consist of jars of pureed baby food or pouch so do not rely on this if your baby is fully weaned. Emergency bottles of milk (in very limited supply) are available too.

Do always pack extra snacks for the flight too! Cabin crew will also help you with food and bottle warming.

Ordering baby child meals, emirates airline. airline meals
Emirates child meal

Inflight Kids’ Activity Travel Packs

The family-friendly kids’ activity packs on Emirates vary depending on the age of your child. Younger infants and toddlers receive a soft toy and a baby amenity kit. The baby amenity kit contains nappies/diapers, bibs and wipes and a small toy which can also attach to your stroller.

Older kids under 12, receive either a bum/belt bag, back pack or holdall bag with Fly With Me activities. The activities are a mixture of colouring and puzzles to complete with coloring pencils included. Kids blankets are available too with a pilot or crew doll.

Emirates Airline review, family friendly airline review emirates, emirates airline,

Crew will often pass through the cabin and take a polarid photo of the kids too- often in the iconic Emirates hat.

Emirates Airline Kids' Facilities  Flying Emirates With Kids, Emirates Airline bassinet

Airline Baby Bassinet Position

Emirates have several bassinet positions on board. As with all airlines, they have certain weight/age restrictions. To compare other airlines, please see this guide on bassinets. Babies legs must face towards the aisle and babies need to be removed if its turbulent.

Emirates Airline Kids' Facilities  Flying Emirates With Kids, bassinet position, bulkhead
Bulkhead position with bassinet fittings in place. These are DEFG seats.

Baby changing

Look for these signs on the door, which show where the baby changing tables are.

Emirates airport strollers

At Dubai Airport – look for the strollers

Emirates provide airport strollers (single and double strollers) for passengers to use in Terminal 3.

How do these inflight amenities compare with other airlines?

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Shirley-Ann Dickey

Wednesday 24th of November 2021

Will my nine year old get the kids pack?

Carrie Bradley

Monday 29th of November 2021

They should do if available on the day!


Thursday 22nd of August 2019

Hey, I was hoping to send my daughter with the UM services. Im an active Emirates customer and I never see UM while traveling. Could you tell me if the UM are traveling in business class? Or in front row?

Thursday 22nd of August 2019

Hi, UMs travel in the class they are booked in and are given a specified seat which will be confirmed at check in.


Thursday 28th of February 2019

i hope my 11 months old son will get one of these!!

Friday 22nd of February 2019

My 9 months old son will be going to Dubai 9th of March , we have to ask for the kids pack or they will be give it to us ?

Sunday 16th of December 2018

Hi Carrie. My son arrived last Friday and unfortunately he did not get anything at all from the kids pack from Emirates Airlines. I do understand that the packs are subject to availability. I am just disappointed.


Sunday 16th of December 2018

Oh no! I hope he gets them on his return flight!

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