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Essential Airplane Bassinet Seat Information With Over 60+ Airlines (2023)

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  • As an ex flight attendant and a parent, I’ve used various airline bassinets for my own babies and helped other parents with my old airline. This complete, updated 2023 guide will give you all the essential airplane bassinet seat information you need to know before requesting these special bassinet bulkhead seats with a baby bassinet – to help your baby sleep on a flight.
  • Included are photos of the bassinets from many different airlines as well as the individual requirements for each bassinet in terms of weight, age, length and any other requirements. e.g some airlines restrict bassinet use when a baby reaches 6 months, and some 18m-2 years. Most will fit a 12 month old, including my 95% percentile baby! I also list the pros and cons so you can decide what is the best option for you.

Bassinets for airplanes are sometimes referred to as skycots, baskets, cots or as an airplane baby bed. There are a limited number of these onboard, which makes these inflight beds for babies very popular with families flying with infants.

Turkish Airlines bassinet
Turkish Airlines Bassinet

This easy ‘how-to’ guide will help you determine whether an onboard airplane baby bed is an option for you depending on what airline provides, their requirements and whether your baby will fit.

As an ex flight attendant, I have plenty of experience in helping passengers travel with babies as well as using several different airlines bassinets for my own babies! Read on for my tips for this great facility for infants in flights – and how to avoid potential issues!

This guide also includes a quick reference table and insider information compiled by a former flight attendant, so you can easily compare information on over 60 airlines baby bassinet seat policies and see pictures of where airplane bassinet seats are located. You will find answers to questions such as:


  • What is a baby bassinet for airplane use?
  • What does a baby bassinet baby for an airplane look like? See photos of different types
  • Do all airlines provide bassinets on airplanes?
  • Which airlines provide airplane bassinets for infants? Over 60 airlines details below!
  • How big is a bassinet on a plane? Are airplane bassinet sizes different?
  • What is the weight limit of a baby bassinet?
  • Is there a flight bassinet age limit?
  • How to request a bassinet
  • Am I guaranteed an inflight bassinet?
  • Can I use a bassinet and a car seat?
  • Can my baby stay in the bassinet the whole flight?
  • Are there any downsides to having the bassinet?
  • Can you bring your own bassinet on a plane?
  • Includes: Bassinet comparison chart, photos AND 60 + AIRLINE BASSINET POLICIES
The Ultimate Airplane Bassinet Seat Information With Over 60+ Airlines, How to book, use and airline bassinet fees.
Bassinet baby beds on planes vary in look and weight/age capacity

What is an Airplane Bassinet?

First off, a little bit of airline terminology will help you understand what airline staff are talking about when you are requesting a certain seat:

Bassinet Seat meaning: An airplane bassinet seat, is a small bed for babies which is usually fixed to the airplane bulkhead wall (the wall behind the galley, or toilets or another cabin).

What is a bulkhead seat? A bulkhead seat is an airplane seat behind the partition wall aka bulkhead wall which separates the cabin seats from the galley, from another cabin class, the toilets.

The seat does not have another seat immediately in front of it which make them desirable for those wanting extra legroom. The tray table is usually located in the armrest and if available, the inflight TV is on the wall in front or stowed below the seat when not in use.

These bulkhead seats can house airplane bassinets on the walls and also offer slightly more room for wheelchair passengers. N.B Wheelchair passengers will always be given priority over infants when it comes to these seats.

Due to the extra legroom with these special plane bulkhead seats, they are also often desirable to other passengers without children.

Some airlines are now charging for these seats to capitalize on this. As always, the actual bassinet or baby bed is free, but the airline charges the for the physical seat position. (Thankfully, they are still in the minority with most airline giving families with infants priority – full details of who charges is on the chart below.)

In some premium cabins, these inflight bassinets for babies can be built into the seat compartment. The special airplane seats for infants or beds are used after take-off and before landing only when the flight is in cruising altitude. In most cases, babies must be removed if the seat belt sign is switched on for turbulence.

Business Class United Bassinet on a long haul flight

Bassinets can vary from airline to airline and even cabin class

Bassinets in airplanes can come in different styles with some reclining, a few having hoods to help baby in a darker, calm environment, but the majority are similar in style – rectangular with raised sides.

Some bassinets on airplanes have mesh parts and usually a portion of the top closes either by Velcro or a zip fastener. Others have restraint harnesses built in for extra safety on board.

Your airlines bassinet for planes may not be the same as another airlines and can even vary from cabin class and aircraft type.

How big is the bassinet on a plane?

Bassinet sizes vary from airline to airline due to varying requirements on the weight, length and age of baby to use the bassinet after take-off. It is therefore useful to know these bassinet weight limits and other requirements before you book your flight to see if you can use the airplane bassinet. We have you covered with over 60 airlines details!

What age can baby use bassinet on plane? Airline bassinets are generally for babies under the age of two. However, babies over 1 year old may not fit comfortably or meet the requirements by individual airlines, so do check the table below to see what options are available to your family. As a very rough guide, most will fit a 1 year old infant.

Do All Airlines Provide Bassinets In Flight?

Do all airplanes have baby bassinets? No, this depends on the airline, type of airplane and the route. The majority of long haul flights will have bassinets for babies to sleep in – some even for short haul flights!

However, if you are flying with a budget or low cost carrier, then even if it’s a long-haul flight, (eg TUI ) bassinets are not provided.

Each airline has different policies on the age or weight of the baby permitted in the bassinet and procedures on how to request an airplane baby bed. If you have a young baby, it is these kind of facilities for infants on flights which may make you choose one airline over another.

You will find details of over 60 airlines policies plus extra information to help you secure an airplane skycot for your baby below.

Do airlines charge for bassinet seats?

The majority do not charge. No airline actually charges for the use of the bassinet, but some charge for the actual airline seat itself due to the extra legroom available as they are located at the bulkhead wall. Some of these include Thai Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Lufthansa, Swiss and others. More details under each airline below.

Benefits of using an airplane bassinet

  • Baby has somewhere to sleep
  • Parents can eat without having to hold a baby
  • A bassinet seat location is often free for at least one parent.

Safety of airplane bassinets

Airplane bassinets are either built into the airplane or most commonly, affixed to the bulkhead wall. Some are secure the baby with a zip over section, whereas others offer harnesses. Only Virgin Atlantic and Qantas currently allow a baby to stay inside a bassinet when it is turbulent due to the harness.

What Does The Airline Bassinet Table Include?

The table below also depicts additional essential airline bassinet seat information including the airline bassinet weight limit restrictions and measurements, plus extra tips and information for over 60 airlines.

This also covers reservation policies and which airlines have priority policies – ie if there are a number of infants on board the flight – who is most likely to be given the seat for the inflight bassinet?

The table also details which airline charge for the bulkhead seat/airplane seat for baby.

All of this information is researched and updated regularly to help you make an informed decision before you book your flight. Be aware that airlines do have varying requirements and these can change.

Please always check with your airline before you book an airplane bassinet for baby.

If you know all about flight bassinets, are in a hurry and just want to quickly compare airline policies – head directly to the quick reference airline bassinet table below. If you have a few questions, read through these FAQ first to help. At the very end of this page are the full details of each airlines bassinet policy. (60+ of them!)

Pros and Cons of an Airline Baby Bassinet

How Do You Get a Bassinet on a Plane?

  • If you are flying with a lap baby and require one, you need to request an airplane bassinet seat, via your airline or booking agent. Requesting a bassinet can sometimes be done online, but often you will need to call. Requesting is often called ‘booking a bassinet,’ however, this does give the wrong impression, as bassinets are never fully guaranteed. e.g. because of a last minute airplane change, or another passenger has a greater need for that seat i.e. a wheelchair passenger – which is why technically, it is a request. The actual seat is a normal passenger seat, which can either have the bassinet fixed to the wall in front, or in premium cabins there is sometimes a special compartment built in which is the bassinet. Some airlines charge extra for these ‘special’ seats, including Turkish Airlines,  as there are at the bulkhead position – a desired place for extra legroom. I have detailed which ones in the comparison chart below.
  • If you are flying with a US or Canadian airline, you are only given the option of an airline baby bassinet at the boarding gate. It is very much on a first come, first served basis, so it is imperative you check in early and get to the gate as soon as possible to secure one.
  • Some airlines give preference to the youngest babies (eg Qantas) so you will not have your inflight bassinet confirmed until all infants have been checked in for the flight.
  • I recommend always double check and call the airline to check my request has been noted. I also use the airline seat map to check it is correct by using and the airline website – check the aircraft type and my seat number.
  • At check in or bag drop, I always again check the status of the bassinet and ask if there is any potential for a spare empty seat: great to put some essential items from your carry-on instead of the overhead locker.
  • After take-off, a crew member should immediately get the airline infant bassinet and install it for you once the seat belt sign has been switched off. If they forget, do ask!
  • Most airlines require you to remove your baby from the bassinet if it is bumpy or turbulent in-flight. A bassinet cannot be used for taxi, take-off or landing.
  • Plane bassinet weight limits must be adhered to. You may be asked the weight of your baby before they set it up for you.
  • Airlines can never guarantee ‘baby bassinet’ flights due to operational reasons like last minute changes of aircraft.

Can I use a bassinet and a car seat?

No, you cannot request a bassinet seat if you have purchased a seat to use a car seat or other CRD restraint for your baby. As the airplane baby cots positions are located on the bulkhead seats, you would be unable to use your car seat at these seats.

It is unlikely you will be offered the bulkhead on planes unless there are are no other infants onboard. Airlines will let you choose one option or the other, so that they can offer the convenience of the bassinets to another family if you are using your car seat.

Can My Baby Stay in an Airplane Bassinet for the Whole Flight?

Most airline staff will request you to remove your baby if it is turbulentQantas and Virgin Atlantic are an exception due to their bassinet design and restraint buckles. (Thank you both!)

Below is a picture of the Virgin Atlantic baby bassinet harness which allows baby to stay in the bassinet in flight, even if there is turbulence.

Virgin Atlantic bassinet, baby bassinet for airplane
The Virgin Bassinet in flight ready for use. It is a comfy airplane baby bed for younger babies.
airplane bassinet on Emirates B777-300 ER. How to book, use and airline bassinet fees.
Economy bassinet on Emirates B777-300 ER

What do airplane bassinets look like? Are they the same on every airline?

Most airlines have wall-mounted baby bassinets for airplanes (at a bulkhead position) but a couple have bassinets that go on the floor – (some made out of cardboard and others like plastic sleeping bags, although these are very rare to see these days.)

The British Airways bassinet has a version like the above photo for smaller babies and a fabric ‘car seat’ style which reclines for older babies which is also fitted to a folded down table as pictured below.

bassinet on airplane. British Airways reclining chair airplane bassinet - photo copyright Carrie Bradley
Bassinet on airplane -British Airways reclining bassinet – photo copyright Carrie Bradley/Flying With A Baby

In some business and first class cabins, (e.g. Virgin Australia) the bassinet on airplanes are built in and are different to the ones in the economy cabin. All detailed information including the sizes and age allowance is included in the table below.

For photos of different types of airline infant bassinets see my bassinet photo album on my Flying With A Baby Facebook Page. Please do follow for plenty of family travel tips!

I’m on a Codeshare Flight, Who do I Request the Airplane Bassinet With?

If you are on a codeshare flight, the airplane bassinet sizes, availability, and rules could be completely different from the airline you book your flight with!

The airline you are actually flying with, is the airline responsible for your request for a bassinet on a plane. I recommend looking at the airline bassinet seat chart below, before you book your flight and use it to help you choose your airline. 

How do I know where the Airplane Baby Bassinet Positions Are?

Airline websites usually have seatmaps for the aircraft type. Another useful resource is SeatGuru, where you can see not only the fixed bassinets positions, but where the lavatories, galley and exits are, as well as the exact seat number of the bassinet.

They often look like this and have small holes on the bulkhead bassinet seat positions. Tray tables are usually stowed in the armrest and TV’s below the seat.

Bassinet on airplane. Emirates airline bulkhead position, showing where the baby bassinets are placed. These are airplane bassinet seats
bulkhead bassinet position on Emirates B777-300 ER economy class. These are airplane bassinet seats. Note the armrest comes up between the middle seats.

Top Tips Before you Request or Use Your Airline Bassinet

  • Remember to lift your TV out before you or the crew put the flight bassinet up and baby into sleep, otherwise you may not be able to unlatch it properly and will be left with no inflight movie to watch…
  • Face your babies legs towards the aisle. A lot more airlines are now enforcing this rule. (I believe the reason is to see babies face to check they are ok as they walk past?)
  • Know the bassinet weight limit. Airplanes do vary even on the same airline.
  • For take off and landing, you will not be allowed any bags or items on the floor in front of you – so have any baby food or milk ready if you are weaning or bottle feeding during take off and landing.

Can I use something to cover the bassinet from the cabin lights?

Some people use a lightweight blanket and some tape to shield their little one from bright cabin lights in the airplane baby cot. Alternatively, there is a great product, Cozigo – which is not only an airplane bassinet sleep cover but a UV stroller cover too.

The CoziGo airplane bassinet cover (affiliate link) retails at AUS $99.95 and can be shipped worldwide or can be bought from (affiliate link) It’s currently not available on the USA or Australia Amazon sites. We are firm fans of this airline bassinet cover as it works brilliantly. It is quite expensive, but if you use it as a UV stroller sleep cover too, it is well worth it for babies airplane travel bed in the sky!

The CoziGo bassinet sleep cover will fit on the normal style of bassinets like below

Fly Babee, CoziGo bassinet cover review airline stroller cover, buggy cover UV50+
Cozigo airline bassinet and UV stroller cover

and will fit on the toddler style British Airways bassinet seat like this:

Cozigo on the toddler/older baby bassinet seat on British Airways.
Cozigo on the toddler/older baby bassinet seat on British Airways.

Do all airlines allow the CoziGo Bassinet Cover?

Most airlines do allow the foldable and portable CoziGo airplane bassinet cover, but check with your airline first. Airlines usually state on their website in the ‘travelling with children’ section or ‘comfort device’ section if they have policy.

If you are flying with Virgin Atlantic, it may be worth using the term “Bassinet Cover” if queried, as some airline policies do not mention specific permitted brands, whereas others take the stance if the particular brand is not approved on the airline website, it won’t be allowed.

If you are pretty sure your comfort device is permitted then my top tips are:

  1. Be patient and polite – as crew are not always used to seeing these type of products.

2. Politely ask them if they can check their manual when they have a moment (they always have it on them).

3. Advise them that it may come under comfort device, bassinet cover, bassinet canopy rather than the actual brand name of CoziGo.

4. It also worth taking a screenshot of the airlines website, in case the crew are not familiar with the comfort device and think it is restricted. Here are some examples of airlines which approve the CoziGo on their website:

virgin atlantic comfort aid rules
Virgin Atlantic approve the CoziGo bassinet cover canopy , but do not mention its brand name on the website. Their safety team however call it a ‘bassinet cover’, so crew may be more familiar with that term. See more details here
CoziGo permission BA
Find out more information about CoziGo on British Airways
Emirates cozigo
Emirates only allows CoziGo and specify it by name. More details here

My baby doesn’t fit into the bassinet seat – what now?

You may have been all set for requesting a bassinet for the plane, but now you have discovered your infant won’t fit or is over the baby bassinet weight limit- so what now? If you are travelling with another child and you have already booked your flight, you may prefer to sit in normal seats, where all the arm rests lift up.

This will allow little ones to stretch out an be more comfortable. My article on sleeping on a plane has some really useful tips and information here. If you are flying with a toddler, the sleep gadgets mentioned here may help your little one get some rest in a normal seat and these airplane beds for toddlers may help too.

Another alternative, is to purchase an additional seat for your baby. This usually costs from 75% to 100% of an adult fare and will mean you will either need to:

  • Use an approved car seat or child restraint device for the entire flight.

Some airlines may only let you purchase an additional seat if you use a car seat or approved restraint device the entire time – this policy should be on the airline website, but most will allow either of the above two options when an additional seat is purchased. If you purchase a seat, then the baggage allowance is the same as an adults.

Are there any downsides to having the plane bassinet bulkhead seat?

The most complained about issue for baby airplane travel and plane bassinets is regarding the arm rest. As shown in the image below, on the newer fleet for aircraft, on a row of 4, the very middle armrest will lift up only.

The other armrests do not lift up as they house the tray-table or technical parts for the TV within the armrest.

This can be an issue if you have another child seated next to you who can’t lift the armrest to lie down on you. (On a row of 3 by a bulkhead bassinet seat, NONE of the armrests move regardless if a newer or older aircraft.)

Unless there are no other babies from another family needing the bassinet, only two people from your booking reservation (plus baby) will be allocated this row.

This is to ensure that another family can use the bassinet. Other members of your booking will normally be seated close by; usually the seat immediately behind or in the adjacent row.

Emirates bassinet row showing where armrests can move up, How to book, use and airline bassinet fees.
The blue arrow shows the only armrest that moves up on newer aircraft. This applies to the bulkhead bassinet seat row of 4 seats only. The bulkhead seats by the windows all have rigid armrests. This example is of an Emirates new Boeing 777 bassinet seat.

Can I Bring My Own Bassinet on the Plane?

This is unlikely as they are not FAA (or equivalent) approved. The few airlines that may permit you to bring your own (small) bassinet to use on the plane would have to meet certain requirements. eg

  • It meets the hand luggage rules
  • It is not used during taxi, take-off, landing or whenever the seat belt sign is switched on.
  • It is not placed on the floor (due to oxygen masks tubes potentially not being able to reach.)
  • It does not encroach on another passenger’s comfort.
  • As a general rule, airlines eg Air New Zealand will want you to use their bassinet rather than bringing your own bassinet on flights. Planes have been specially modified to allow for this and ensure safety requirements are met.

I need more help!

For more helpful tips and information for flying with a baby and holidaying with kids, please have a look through the menu tabs above- where hopefully you can find out everything you needed to know!

If not- please do ask me via the contact page or give me a follow on Instagram and ask away as that will likely be the quickest response.

Alternatively, add a comment at the bottom of this post if you would like to know more about bassinets on planes.

Note: I do fully research and check this data with airlines, but I cannot be held responsible for any bookings based on this table and I do urge you to double check before confirming your ticket regarding airline bassinet sizes and policies.

Further Information on Flying with a Baby

Don’t forget:

  • Have you remembered any items you need to help your baby or toddler sleep on the plane?
  • Would you like a free printable (no sign up) packing checklist? If so see here.
  • Find out which airlines/airports provide courtesy airport strollers here.

Which Airlines have Bassinets for Infants? Quick Reference Table of 60+ Airlines & Their AIRPLANE BASSINET WEIGHT LIMITS

AirlineMax weight of babyMax length of babyMax Age of babyBassinet dimensionsFurther Info including extra charges if applicable
Aer Lingus10 kgs
(22 lbs)
N/AN/APre booking required. Available on international flights.
11 kgs
(26 lbs)
N/AUnder oneN/AAvailable on med and long haul flights.
Aero MexicoBaby to weigh no more than 24lbsThe adult will have to buy an AM Plus seat, to receive the crib service
Air Canada12 kgs
(25 lbs)
N/AN/AN/AOnly available in economy class. For babies unable to sit upright.
Availability only confirmed at flight departure.
Air France10 kgs
(22 lbs)
70cm/27”N/AN/AOnly available in economy/premium economy and business class long haul flights. Request by phone ASAP.
Air IndiaUnder 2 years71cm x 36cm x 19cmInfant must fit in bassinet
Air Mauritius11 kgs12 months
Air New Zealand11.8 kgs
N/A8 months – although they may be able to fit older babies.Only available on international flights. Can book and select seat with bassinet online. If infant is too big for a bassinet, a more suitably aged infant could be moved there and no refund will be given if seats are paid for as selected seats. Bassinets MAY be installed on B747, B777 and B767 with sheets, pillow and blanket. Look for bassinet icon to see if your flight will have them.
These bassinets are chargeable unless you wait to see if any are left at check-in.
Air Seychelles11 kgs
25 lbs
Up to 6 monthsRequest at time of reservation.
Air Transat
Alaska AirNo bassinet available
Alitalia11 kgs76cmN/AN/AOn some long haul flights only
Airlines American9 kgs
This has been reduced from 15.8kg!
Available on B777 and some B767 aircraft. Cannot be reserved in advance. Will be allocated at the gate.
ANA10 kgsOn international aircraft.
Asianaall aircraft except A350 under 14kg for economy. See other info for more details76 cm76.8cm x 29.8 x 15.8 cm
29.92″ x 11.73 x 6.22″
*Business Class
A380, A350, B777 : height of 71 cm or below + weight of less than 10 kg
B747, A330, B767, A321 : height of 76 cm or below + weight of less than 14 kg
Economy Class
A350 : height of 71 cm or below + weight of less than 14
All aircrafts(except A350) : height of 76 cm or below + weight of less than 14
Avianca11 kgs74 cmage 12 months or less74.93 x 33.99 x 22cm
29.5 X 13.38 X 8.82 inches
Airport may require confirmation of request on day of flight.
Documentation- Avianca recommend taking paediatricians certificate of weight and size of baby/
British Airways12.5kgs
(27.5 lbs)
N/A2 years if they meet weight requirementsN/ABA have carrycot style for young infants and reclining chair child seat style for up to 2 years old (max 12.5kgs) which is put in the same bassinet position. Can book online and choose seat at same time as booking flight online. Bassinets available on all long except on London City to JFK service.
Cathay Pacific & Cathay Dragon12 kgs
(26 lbs)
6 months – CX state that babies older than 6m may feel uncomfortable in the bassinet.Cathay also offer their own child seat restraint, when some some infant/child car seats cannot be used on some of their passenger seats. Child must be between 6m and 3 yrs old with a max height of 100m (40″) and a max wright of 20 kgs (44lbs)
China AirlinesN/AOn first come, first served basis
China Southern Airlines25lbs
70cmOnly available in Mingzhu Economy Class ( premium) or economy class and if the flight is over 3 hours. Must reserve at least 24 hours before the flight.
Condor8kg6 monthsUpon request and subject to availability, bassinets/baby carriers can be reserved in Business Class on longhaul flights (Zones 3, 4 and 5).
Czech Airlines11 kgs
75cm x 32 x 22Must be requested when you book your seat.
Delta20 lbs26″Bassinet seat given at boarding gate but can be requested by contacting reservations. Only 2 skycots per aircraft.
Easy JetNo bassinet available
El Al18 kgs9 months74 cm x 22.5 x 34 cmMust book in advance and remove infant if seat belt sign is on. baby must be able to lie flat.
Emirates11 kgs
(24.2 lbs)
N/AAge 2 limit although EK state “Whilst our bassinets are designed for babies up to two years old, we won’t be able to provide one if your baby doesn’t fit safely.”First class are 63.5 cm long and 28 cm wide (25 in x 11 in)
74.93 long x 33.03 cm wide x 16.51 cm deep (29.5 in x 13 in x 5 in) in Business Class and Economy Class.
Contact reservations to book. First class suites measurements are smaller 63.5 cm long and 28 cm wide. Must remove baby from bassinet when turbulent.
Baby MUST be able to lie flat in bassinet.
(24.2 lbs)
N/ACabin crew will confirm that your infant fits comfortably and safely in the bassinet before affixing it at your seat position.
EVA Air10, 14 or – 16 kgs
See further info as weight limit depends on aircraft type.
See further info as measurements vary depending on aircraft.B747 – weight 16 kg 81.9 cm x 39.4 cm wide.
14 kg 70.8CM Long x 29.8CM Wide
16 kg 81.9CM Long x 39.4CM Wide
14 kg 80.9CM Long x 32.8CM Wide
16 kg 81.9CM Long x 39.4CM Wide
16 kg 81.9CM Long x 39.4cm Wide
14k 70.8CM Long x 29.8CM Wide
10kg 60 cm Long x 30cm Wide
Royal Laurel Class Baby Bassinet install between 138CM ~ 141CM height on the B777
Finn Air11 kgs or 9kgs if on A330/A340Age limit is 6 months if on A330/A340Available on all wide-body aircrafts on long haul routes. Both in economy and business class depending on the aircraft type. They can hold babies of max 11 kg of weight. On Airbus 333 /343 (excl. LQA, F, G) at row 41 D,H the maximum weight of the infant is only 9 kg.
months. Seats are chargeable!
Frontier AirlinesNo bassinets available
Garuda Indonesia14 kg76.9 cm x 29.9 x 20 cmto book bassinet, request in the REMARKS box in the final review page after you have finished your booking. customer services will contact you and reconfirm.
Gulf Air10 kgs
(22 lbs)
26 “up to 7 months old
Hawaiian32″ x 14.5 x 7″Available on request on all Japan routes and Incheon ( Korea) Beijing ( China), Sydney, Brisbane ( Australia ) and Auckland ( New Zealand).
These are on international A330 flights and the accompanying adult must purchase a bassinet compatible “Extra Comfort Seat’ in row 14. See website for further info. Note for Sapporo – Japan this is a B767 aircraft and cannot be reserved in advance.
Iberia11 kgs8 monthsinternational flights.
A charge is applicable.
Iceland AirNo bassinets available
JAL10.5 kgs
77cm x 32.5 x 15 cmAvailable on international routes.
jetBlueNo bassinets available
KLM10 kgs
65 cmCan book online or by phone
Korean Air11 kgs
(24.24 lbs)
75 cmBaby seat and harness are also available on international flights to and from Incheon except for B737 aircraft, Japan- China routes. these are for infant passengers who have paid child fare for own seat.
Latam Airlines10 kgs (22lbs)under 71cmOne bassinet is available on the A330 and B767
Two bassinets are available on B777 and B787. There is a charge for the bassinet ranging from US$ 45 to $140 plus sales tax.
Lufthansa11 kgs (24lbs)67 cmCan book for long haul flights and a seat reservation fee may apply depending on type of ticket.
MalaysianUnder 275 cm x 34 x 22.4 cm
29.5″ x 13.38 x 8.82
Phone to book. only available in economy and business cabins.
Miat Mongolian
11 kgs (24lbs)75cm75 cm x 34 x 22.4cmYou can request at check in
Norwegian Air12kg/25lbs9 months17.8 x 36.8 x 81.3 cmOn Dreamliners B787 long haul flight only
Qantas11 kgsDomestic 6 months
Intl – up to 18 months
71 cm x 31 cm x 26 cmSheet, pillow and blanket are provided.
Bassinets are fitted to B747, B767, A380 and A330 aircraft. They cannot be booked online. Babies can remain in bassinets during turbulence due to design of bassinet.
Seat with Bassinet is available for a charge for customers travelling in international Economy and is complimentary for customers travelling internationally in First, Business or Premium Economy on flights operated by an A380 or A330 aircraft. 
Porter AirlinesNo bassinets available
Qatar11 kgs on all narrow bodies flight,B777,787 and some A330
On A340 and some other A330 the maximum weight is 15kg
76.8 cm x 29.8 x 15.8cm
30.76″ x 11.96 x 8″
Check with the airline first which aircraft type you are likely to be on (but be aware this can be subject to change for operational reasons.)Qatar website says ‘ During the infant booking, before payment, you will be informed whether bassinet positions are available. if bassinets are not available then you can either reselect your flights or continue with your booking, but your bassinet request will not be confirmed. In such cases you will have to travel with your infant on your lap.”
Ryan AirDo not provide bassinets
Singapore14 kgs
30.81 lbs
76.8 cm x 29.8 x 15.8 cmThis is their smallest bassinet -and you can book prior to making payment for your flight.
South African Airways10 kgs (22lbs)75cmBaby’s weight must not exceed 10kg .Infants not exceeding 6 months of age, 10kg and 75cm are eligible for a baby bassinet on a first come first served basis. We highly recommend eligible customers reserve a bassinet during or shortly after booking their flight
SouthwestNo bassinets available
Sri Lankan16kgUnder 12 months24 ” x 12 x 8 “
SunwingNo bassinets
Swiss AirUp to 8 monthsCharge $99 for each segment for each pax to sit next to parent at bassinet seat.
TAP Portugal11kgs
12 months75 cm x 34 cm x 22.4 cmAvailable on long-haul flights and in Executive Class of some medium-haul aircraft;
The baby should always be seen to fit comfortably inside the crib.
Thai Airways10 kgs6 monthsSeats with baby bassinet facility in economy class are now included as ‘Preferred Seats’. Bassinet service for infants can be requested at check-in only and will be charged as ‘preferred seat.’ Charges can range from $15 -$200 depending on where from and where you are flying too.
TUI No bassinets available.
Turkish Airlines8 kgs75cm x 34cmBassinet seat is charged $79 USD per person per leg.
United Airlines10 kgs
(22 lbs)
29″ x 11″ x 7″International on B747,B767, B777, B757-200 and B787. No bassinets on First class, Global business international flights.
Some aircraft have floor bassinets! ( I’ve heard this was the case many, many years ago on a few airlines, but no major airline in European, Asia, Australia ,NZ,or Middle East allows this citing safety reasons for turbulence and rapid decompression. In my opinion, these are not as safe as other wall mounted bassinets.
Virgin Atlantic11kgSee other info. Varies from 72.7 cm -76cm depending on cabin class.(economy / premium economy):
72.7cm l x 28.6cm
(28.6” x11.25” )
Upper class all:76 cm x 35cm x 24cm
(29.9” x 13.8” x 9.4”)
*baby can remain in bassinet when seat belt sign is on…
Boeing 787-9, Airbus A330 and Airbus A350
economy and premium max weight 11kg/24.25lbs and length of 76 cm/30”.
Upper class all aircraft max weight of 11 kg (24.25lb) and length of 76cm/29.9”
Virgin Australia18kgs/ 40lbs on international long haul (B787/B777)
11kg/24lbs A330 Aircraft
Intl long haul
74.8 x 36 x 22.5 cm
( 27.5” x 14.2 “x 8.85”
A330 Aircraft
75 x 34 x 22.4 cm
(29.5”x13.4”x 8.8”)
Bassinets are only available on domestic flights if operated by A330 aircraft. Request at time of booking through the Guest Contact Centre.
WestJet25lbs (9 kg)26 in. (66cm)9B, 9D, 9F, 9J and 25E on the 787-9. Baby must be unable to sit upright
Fly Babee, CoziGo bassinet cover review airline stroller cover, buggy cover UV50+
Cozigo airplane bassinet and UV stroller cover

How big is the bassinet on a plane? FULL Details of 60+ Airline Bassinet Policies

Which airlines provide baby bassinets? The below are quotes from each airlines website regarding their skycots or bassinets for planes.

Disclaimer: Note I do fully research and check this data with airlines, but I cannot be held responsible for any bookings based on this and I do urge you to double check before confirming your ticket.


aer lingus bassinet
Aer Lingus Bassinet


From the Aer Lingus site:

Max weight allowed 10 kgs (22 lbs)

“Baby bassinet seats are offered for transatlantic flights, however they’re subject to availability and require pre-booking.

Bassinet seats are not available on Boeing 757 aircraft

Aeroflot bassinet

Max weight 11 kgs (26 lbs) suitable for under one’s only

“At check-in, seats next to cot positions are first allocated to passengers who have made an advance booking. Before mounting a cot, our staff will check your infant’s weight and inform you about the rules for using the cot during the flight.

Infants carried in a cot must be placed with their legs towards the aisle. During take-off, landing and in turbulence the infant must not be left in the cot.”

Aero Mexico Bassinet

Aero Mexico provide cribs for infants weighing no more than 24 lbs. The adult will have to buy an AM Plus seat, to receive the crib service.

Air Canada bassinet

Max weight 12 kgs (25lb)

“If you’re travelling with a young (or small) infant in Economy Class, you may request an airplane bassinet in advance of travel by contacting Air Canada Reservations. However, we are unable to confirm availability until the time of your flight’s departure.

Plane Bassinets are assigned on a first come, first served basis, subject to availability at time of flight departure.

Bassinets may be provided on the following aircraft:

Boeing 787-9 (789)

Boeing 787-8 (788)

Boeing 777-300ER (77W)

Boeing 777-200LR (77L)

Airbus A330 (333)

Boeing 767-300ER (763)

For safety reasons:

Aircraft baby bassinets can be used only for infants weighing less than 12 kg (25 lb) who are unable to sit upright.

The cabin crew is responsible for installing the bassinet once the seat belt sign has been turned off.”

Air France - Economy bassinet
London to San Francisco, CA.
Air France – Economy bassinet
London to San Francisco, CA.

Air France bassinet

Max weight 10kg/22lbs. Must measure less than 70cm/27″

“You can request a bassinet on long-haul flights in the Business, Premium Economy and Economy cabins, subject to availability.

To check availability and submit your request for a baby bassinet, please contact us by phone as soon as possible after booking your flight, and at least 48 hours before your departure.”

Air India bassinet

Max age – must be under two and fit in these bassinet dimensions. 71cm x 36cm x 19cm

“The preferred seat select scheme is available on the website on select routes operated by Air India. The paid seat selection doesn’t include Bassinet seats for infants which are free of charge.”

Air Mauritius bassinet

Air Mauritius do provide a bassinet on planes. They are suitable for babies up to 12 months old and/or weighing up to 11 kg,

“Please note that our baby cots can accommodate infants up to 12 months old and/or weighing up to 11 kg, depending on whichever condition is more restrictive.

Two infants accompanied by one adult may travel only if one of the two infants is over 12 months and is able to sit in a car seat approved for use on an aircraft. If this case applies to you, you will need to inform us at the time you book your flight and pay the applicable fare for the seat occupied by the child.”

Air New Zealand bassinet

“On international flights our Boeing 777-200, 777-300, and 787-9 aircraft may offer seats with bassinets that are:

*Designed for infants up to 8 months old and 11.8kg (26lb)

*Made up with sheets, a pillow and blankets

*73.66cm (29in) long and 34.29cm (13.5in) wide

If you are needing a bassinet for baby on the airplane and you’re booking online, just select a seat with a bassinet icon from the bassinet row. Not all seats in this row have bassinets, so please select carefully. You’ll be asked to confirm the infant will meet the age and weight limits when they fly. If it turns out they don’t, you may be asked to move and will not receive a refund on any seat select fee.

If you are travelling with an infant aged between 8 and 15 months who does not weigh more than 11.8kg (26lb), we may be able to allocate you a bassinet seat when you check in.”

Air Seychelles

“Baby bassinets may be requested for infants up to 6 months of age and not weighing more than 11kg / 25 lbs. Bassinets are subject to availability. Requests should be made at the time of reservation.”

Air Transat

The bassinet is not available on small carriers and can be confirmed available onboard only, according to some conditions. There is a charge to sit at the bulkhead seat. The infant must be under 11kg (24 lbs), with a maximum size of 68cm. A child that can sit up alone cannot be in a bassinet for security reasons. The cradle size is 68 X 30 X 15 cm. A kit containing infant-care items for children, plus surprises will be given out on all their flights:
Headphones, Beach ball (aboard flights to the South), Activities booklet (aboard flights to Europe), Deck of cards (aboard flights from Europe and from the South).

Alaska Airlines

Alaska Air do not have inflight bassinets for infants.

Alitalia bassinet

“Some long-haul flights offer on-board bassinets, for children less than 76 cm long and weighing no more than (25lbs) 11 kg, which can be requested when booking. For operational reasons, this service might not be guaranteed on board, even if booked. In this case, the child must travel in the adult’s lap.”

B787 bassinet American Airlines
B787 bassinet American Airlines. Baby is 6 months old at 16 lbs and 9oz


From the American Airlines website:

“Airplane bassinets are available on a first come, first serve basis at the gate for travel only on 777-200, 767-300, 777-300 and 787 aircraft for infants under 2 years old and weighing less than 20 pounds (9 kg). 

Read more information on flying with a baby on American Airlines here.

ANA bassinet ANA Airlines Tokyo-Chicago. Baby 9 months old, 9kg, Boeing 777-300ER, Economy Class (1).jpg
ANA Airlines Tokyo-Chicago. Baby 9 months old, 9kg, Boeing 777-300ER, Economy Class


From the ANA website:

Bassinets with baby blankets are provided on all international aircraft for infants not occupying a seat. Please reserve by telephone 48 hours prior to departure.

The number and position of bassinet seats are limited.

Weight: maximum 10kg

Bassinets may differ depending on aircraft and are not available in First Class.

ANA provide a special blanket for passengers who have requested a baby bassinet. Planes which provide bassinets carry these special blankets, which, in addition to being gentle to the touch, the material used in this soft, light blanket strikes a great balance between heat retention, ventilation and absorbency to help your baby relax. Moreover, the blanket is made from the same type of fabric used in Uchino’s Marshmallow Puff Gauze, which comes recommended by the Japan Atopic Dermatitis Patients Association.


From the Asiana website:

*Business Class airplane baby bassinets measurements:

A380, A350, B777 : height of 71 cm or below + weight of less than 10 kg

B747, A330, B767, A321 : height of 76 cm or below + weight of less than 14 kg

* Economy Class

A350 : height of 71 cm or below + weight of less than 14

All aircrafts(except A350): height of 76 cm or below + weight of less than 14

The baby bassinet can only be used after making a reservation, and reservations may close early due to limited quantities. If the specifications are exceeded, the baby bassinet cannot be used in the cabin even if an advance reservation was made, and the infant must sit with their guardian.”

Avianca bassinet

“Flight bassinet Age Limit: 12 months old or less
Height: Less than 74 centimeters
Weight: Up to 11 kilograms

Your baby must meet the height and weight requirements when travelling so that he or she does not exceed the size of the cradle (29.5 X 13.38 X 8.82 inches or 74.93 X 33.99 X 22.40 cms), and your request is not denied for an baby airplane bassinet.

When making your reservation through the call center or at counters. There is a limited quota of airplane bassinet seats per aircraft. The service is available for all routes operated by the A330 or B787. The quota on each aircraft is three cradles.

Due to operational matters, the plane assigned for you trip may vary. In this event, we cannot guarantee the service of a baby basket in flight. Flights operated by Avianca Ecuador S.A. do not offer this service.”

BA bassinet reclining, british airways bassinet carrycot. The Ultimate Airplane Bassinet Seat Information With Over 60+ Airlines, How to book, use and airline bassinet fees.
British Airways reclining chair type bassinet


From the British Airways website:

“BA bassinet carrycots and child seats are for infants from birth up to 2 years old. You can reserve a carrycot/child seat position in advance on long haul flights only, as our short haul aircraft do not have carrycot/child seats.

Child seats and carrycots are supplied free of charge, but are subject to availability on-board the aircraft on the day. They will be given to the people sitting in the carrycot/child seat positions on a first-come, first-served basis.

Even if you’ve reserved this type of seat, we may have to move you on the day if there is a person with a greater need who requires it, such as a wheelchair user.

How to reserve carrycot/child seats

Please reserve a carrycot/child seat position in advance, using Manage My Booking. The carrycot seat positions or bulkhead bassinet seats are marked on the seat maps with a baby icon.

The carrycots supplied by us are:

*Suitable for babies who weigh no more than 12.5kgs (27.5lbs)

*Can only be used for an infant who is lying down

*Available on all long haul flights (except on the London City to JFK service)

*Not to be used during taxi, take-off, landing and turbulence (when the fasten seatbelt sign is on)

If you have reserved your seat at a carrycot position, you can ask the cabin crew for a child seat. The child seats supplied by us are:

*Suitable for older babies who weigh no more than 12.5kgs (27.5lbs)

 *Available on all long haul flights (except on the London City to JFK service)

 *Adjustable to a variety of reclined positions

 *Not to be used during taxi, take-off, landing and turbulence (when the fasten seatbelt sign is on)

Read more information on flying with a baby on British Airways here

Cathay Pacific & Cathay Dragon bassinet

  • “All our aircraft are equipped with special baby bassinets. A bassinet measures 76.20cm (30″) x 38.10cm (15″) x 20.32cm (8”) and can carry up to 12kgs
  • Please note, however, a baby older than 6 months may feel uncomfortable in a bassinet. On planes equipped with a bassinet, you will notice they have retractable hoods, like a stroller.
  • A request for a baby bassinet (BSCT) can be made at time of reservation if passenger is travelling with an infant.”

China Airlines – Information regarding the China Airlines bassinet in airplanes in the above chart was obtained directly from the airline and not from their website.

China Southern

  • “Baby bassinet service is available for infant age between 14 days and 12 months who is no more than 70 centimeters in body height and no more than 12 kilograms/25 pounds in body weight.
  • Request for Baby bassinet service must be made at least 24 hours before flight departure. (Please note that Daylight Savings are not considered by the system for this deadline.
  • Baby bassinet service is ONLY available in Premium Economy Class and Economy Class on flights over 3 hours and operated by A380/A330/B777/B787 aircrafts.
  • To ensure safety and service of the flight,there is a limit on the number of bassinet available on each flight. We ask for your understanding if your request is denied due to the limit had been reached.”

Condor Bassinets

Upon request and subject to availability, bassinets/baby carriers can be reserved in Business Class on longhaul flights (Zones 3, 4 and 5).

Please note that baby airplane bassinets/baby carriers are only suitable and intended for infants up to 6 months and/or max. 8 kg. 

Czech Airlines Airplane Baby Bassinet

“In a baby cot with load capacity of 11kg and sizes of 75 x 34 x 22cm (but only on Airbus A319/A330 Business Class and on Airbus A330 Economy Class). Please request the cot via our Contact Centre during your seat booking.”

Delta Bassinet.T he Ultimate Airplane Bassinet Seat Information With Over 60+ Airlines, How to book, use and airline bassinet fees.
Baby in bassinet (Delta Bassinet Image courtesy of Cartwheeling Down The Aisle.)
Delta airlines  bassinet Seattle to Amsterdam
Delta airlines bassinet Seattle to Amsterdam with the blanket and duct tape trick


From the Delta website:

“For some of our smallest passengers on some international flights, we offer onboard baby bassinets. They’re ideal for babies weighing up to 20 lbs (9kg) and up to 26 inches long.

Onboard bassinets, also known as SkyCots, are available free of charge for passengers in select seats on equipped aircraft for some international flights

SkyCots can be requested by contacting Reservations before arriving at the airport and then speaking with the gate agent at the boarding gate, but cannot be guaranteed due to a limit of two SkyCots per aircraft and weight restrictions

Please note that all infants must be held during takeoff, landing and whenever the seat belt light is on.”


easyJet do not provide a baby bassinet on airplanes.

El AL bassinet

“The bassinet can hold an infant whose weight does not exceed 18 kilograms and who can fit into the bassinet in a lying position (cot dimensions: length – 74 cm; height/depth – 22.5 cm; width – 34 cm).
For your child’s safety, please inform the flight crew of the infant’s current weight before the bassinet is installed.

The bassinet will be installed after takeoff and will be removed by the crew before landing.
Whenever the “Fasten Seatbelt” sign is illuminated, flight attendants will personally instruct you to remove the infant from the bassinet and hold him/her in your arms.

The flight crew will do whatever it can to assist you but cannot watch over the infant throughout the flight. Responsibility for the infant’s safety is that of the accompanying adult.
EL AL may refuse to provide a bassinet if the flight attendants believe it would be a safety hazard for the infant.”

Emirates Bassinet Seat on the B777. How to book, use and airline bassinet fees.
Emirates Bassinet Seat


From the Emirates website

“Our baby bassinets in airplanes are approximately 75 x 33 x 22(29.5 x 13 x 8.8 inches) in size and can hold babies weighing up to 11 (24.2). Whilst our bassinets are designed for babies up to two years old, we won’t be able to provide one if your baby doesn’t fit safely. Please note bassinets are limited in number and subject to availability.”

Etihad bassinet with CoziGo sleep cover
Etihad bassinet with CoziGo sleep cover attached over it.


From the Etihad website:

“If you’re travelling with an infant who will weigh less than 11kg on the day of travel, you can request a baby bassinet when you book your flight. Your infant must also fit comfortably in the bassinet. Our cabin crew will confirm that your infant safely fits in the bassinet before affixing it at your seat position.

Please request your bassinet when you book your flight, as we have a limited number available on each flight. We allocate bassinets on a first come, first served basis.

If you would like to add a bassinet request to an existing booking, go to Manage my Booking and update the ‘Special Requests’ for your Infant.

Please note: For safety reasons, you may only use Etihad bassinets during the flight when the seatbelt sign is switched off and when the cabin crew permit you to do so. Please follow the instructions from the cabin crew.”

 EVA BAssinet US to Vietnam. My son was 6.5 months old at that time. It was Boeing aircraft.
EVA Bassinet on US to Vietnam flight with 6.5 months baby on a Boeing aircraft.


From the Eva Air website:

“Baby bassinets are available aboard all EVA Air aircraft, but for safety reasons, height and weight limitations apply. Please advise us of your baby’s date of birth, height and weight when you make your reservation to travel. Each bassinet for airplane type is below:

70.8CM Long x 29.8CM Wide (only for Royal Laurel Class) 

77.8CM Long x 34.9CM Wide
14KG /16KG

70.8CM Long x 29.8CM Wide

76.8CM Long x 28.3CM Wide (only for 20W) 

77.8CM Long x 34.9CM Wide
14KG /16KG


77.8CM Long x 34.9CM Wide 

70.8CM Long x 29.8CM Wide
16KG /14KG

70.8CM Long x 29.8CM Wide

Finn Air bassinet

“Finnair has baby baskets on all intercontinental flights. Baby baskets are recommended for infants not older than 6 months. In order to use a baby basket, please reserve a seat suitable for cot/bassinet through Manage booking.

You can also reserve the seat through our Customer service or a travel agency. Seats are chargeable. Our cabin personnel will give you the baby basket and help you install it after you have boarded the plane.”

Frontier Airlines

Frontier airlines do not currently provide bassinets on flights.

Garuda Indonesia

A “baby bassinet is available on Garuda Indonesia selected aircraft and it’s free of charge. Passenger must request well in advance via Garuda Call Center. Due to limited numbers of baby bassinet available on each aircraft, baby bassinet service is based on first come first served.

Passenger will be informed by check-in staff regarding the limited numbers of bassinet. Maximum weight of infant that can be accommodated in one bassinet is 9 kg. (20lbs)”

Gulf Air bassinet

Infants up to 7 months old, weighing no more than 10 kg and not more than 26” in length can travel using the onboard bassinets* (carry-cots). Please request a bassinet when you book your ticket to ensure availability and to obtain advance confirmation.

Should the baby – irrespective of age and advance confirmation from the airline – exceed these set limits, our Cabin Crew will not allow the use of a bassinet as this is perceived as being unsafe and not in compliance with civil airline safety regulations.

Remember to pre-reserve a bassinet on all flights during your journey, not just the first sector.
*Please note that bassinets are not available in Falcon Gold cabin on our new Boeing Dreamliner 787″

Hawaiian Airlines bassinet

Inflight bassinets are available on most of Hawaiian Airlines international flights.

To use our bassinets, your child must be:

  1. Under the age of 2 years old and
  2. Cannot weigh more than 20 lbs (9 kgs).

The bassinet is 32” in length, 14.5” in width and 7” in height.

Reserve Your Bassinet on A330 Flights

You may reserve bassinets on our A330 international flights to/from the following cities:

  • Auckland, New Zealand (AKL)
  • Beijing, China (PEK)
  • Brisbane, Australia (BNE)
  • Incheon, Korea (ICN)
  • Haneda -Tokyo, Japan (HND)
  • Narita – Tokyo, Japan (NRT)
  • Osaka-Kansai, Japan (KIX)
  • Sydney, Australia (SYD)

To reserve a bassinet, the accompanying adult must purchase a bassinet-compatible Extra Comfort seat. Please follow the below instructions to complete your reservation:

  1. Call Hawaiian Airlines Reservations
  2. Request to reserve a bassinet for your international flight
  3. If available, the accompanying adult must purchase an Extra Comfort seat in Row 14 (14 AB, CD or EG, HJ)
    • If you prefer, you may purchase a bassinet-compatible Extra Comfort seat online and reserve the bassinet over the phone once you have a confirmed seat in Row 14
  4. Once your seat is purchased and bassinet is reserved, your reservation will be confirmed

If you’d prefer not to purchase an Extra Comfort seat, you may see an airport customer service agent at check-in (on the day of departure) for bassinet availability. If available, Hawaiian Airlines will accept up to two (2) requests per flight. Confirmed bassinets will be assigned during the boarding process. Priority will be given to the customer with the earliest check-in time.*

*Bassinets are not guaranteed if requested upon check-in.

Request a Bassinet on B767 Flights

Due to the configuration of the B767 aircraft, bassinet requests for the following cities cannot be reserved in advance.

  • Sapporo – Chitose, Japan (CTS)

Bassinets are not available on flights to/from Pago Pago, American Samoa (PPG) and Papeete, Tahiti (PPT).

To request a bassinet, please see an airport customer service agent at check-in (on the day of departure) for bassinet availability. If available, Hawaiian Airlines will accept up to two (2) requests per flight.

Confirmed bassinets will be assigned during the boarding process. Priority will be given to the customer with the earliest check-in time.*

*Bassinets are not guaranteed if requested upon check-in.


“For babies less than 8 months old. There are a certain number of cots for infants who weigh up to 11 kg on each Iberia aircraft on inter-continental flights. These cots, like the seats for the adults who accompany the infant, do not have to be booked online. 

Please book a cot through an Iberia Office in your country, where you can also get information about booking a seat for yourself in the designated cot area in advance. Depending on the cabin class, booking a seat will incur an additional cost.”

Iceland Air

Iceland Air do not currently provide in flight bassinets.

Japan airlines November 2021
787 and 777 Economy BKK-HND-ORD basically the same looking bassinets on both legs.
Pictured at 7month at 9kg for reference
Japan Airlines Bassinet
787 and 777 Economy BKK-HND-ORD basically the same looking bassinets on both legs.
Pictured at 7month at 9kg for reference

JAL bassinet

“Our bassinets are ideal for infants weighing up to 10.5kg (age 2).
Dimensions (length: 72 cms, width: 30cms, and depth: 15 cms). *Please note that bassinets are available in limited numbers and reservation may not always be possible.”


jetBlue is very family friendly, but they do not provide a baby bassinet in airplanes yet.

KLM airplane bassinet from Chicago to Amsterdam
KLM airplane bassinet from Chicago to Amsterdam

KLM bassinet

“For intercontinental KLM flights, on board carrycots can be reserved via My Trip or by contacting us. These are suitable for babies that are no longer than 65 cm and weigh no more than 10 kg on the day of the trip.

Although we’ll do our very best, we cannot always guarantee the availability of a carrycot when you board the aircraft.”

Korean Air bassinet

“Availability: International flights only (Economy Class and Prestige Class on some aircrafts)

Service conditions: Bassinet Maximum Weight – less than 11kg(24.25 lbs), Height – no longer than 75cm(2.46 ft)

Request deadline: 48 hours before departure.

Note: Even if the request was made in advance, an infant who is taller or heavier than the allowed limit will not be given a bassinet in flight.”

LATAM bassinet

“You may request this service if your infant weights no more than 10 kilos and is under 71 cm.

Please note that we have one bassinet ready on each of our Boeing 767 and 2 on our Boeing 777 and 787 aircrafts. We would like to remind you to request the bassinet 48 hours before your trip through our Contact Center, as the service is subject to availability on each flight.

Service Conditions

If you request this service you have to purchase the preferred seat for bassinet use. Companions that require to travel next to you will have to pay for their seats too.

If you travel with other passengers we will assign the seats in accordance with availability and the conditions of the fare paid.

The bassinet service is only available for flights operated by LATAM.”

Lufthansa bassinet

“These are perfectly suited to babies under 11 kg in weight and under 67 cm in length. The number of bassinets on board is limited. You can reserve a bassinet up to 52 hours before your flight departs. Please note that, depending on your booking class, a seat reservation fee for the seat with the bassinet may apply. “

Malaysian Airlines bassinet with the CoziGo Bassinet cover over.
Malaysian Airlines bassinet with the CoziGo Bassinet cover over.


From the Malaysian Airlines website:

“A number of bassinets are provided onboard, depending on the aircraft. Due to safety and storage reasons, passengers are not allowed to carry their own bassinets into the cabin.

Should you need one for your infant, reservations can be made at the time of your initial ticket purchase for a bassinet provided by Malaysia Airlines.

This service must be requested through the Reservations/Ticket Counter/Call Centre at least 24 hours before departure. Please call 1 300 88 3000 if you are within Malaysia or +603 7843 3000 if you are overseas.”

Read a review on Malaysian Airlines here

Miat Mongolian

“Max weight size 11 kg (24.25 lbs)75 х 34 х 22.4 cm (29.5 x 13.38 x 8.82 inch)

Babies who weigh no more than 11kg/24,25 lbs and not more than 75 cm/2.46 feet tall can travel using the onboard bassinet.” Airplanes havea limited amount of bassinet seats available.

Norwegian bassinet

There are are a limited amount of bassinets on board the Dreamliners (B787) and they are available on long haul flights only. The dimensions are: height 17.8cm x Depth 36.8 cm x Width 81.3cm. Maximum age is 9 months and maximum weight is 12 kg. Note: Norwegian are currently only offering short haul routes due to Covid-19 impacting travel.


Porter Airlines do not have bassinets or a bassinet seat for baby in flight. Airplanes which operate short-haul flights are not equipped with diaper-changing tables.

flying with a baby tips, Essential airline bassinet seat chart, qantas bassinet
Qantas Bassinet
QANTAS Dreamliner 777 Boeing Bassinet
QANTAS Dreamliner 777 Boeing Bassinet


From the Qantas website:

“As bassinets are limited, please ensure that you request this at the time of booking. Bassinets on Qantas flights are approximately 71cm long, 31cm wide, 26cm deep, and have a weight limitation of 11 kg (24lbs). If your infant is too large for a bassinet and is travelling on a parent’s ticket then they must be nursed.”

qatar airways bassinet, flying with a baby
Qatar airways bassinet on a flight to Doha.


From the Qatar Airways website:

“Qatar Airways provides bassinets for infants. Please contact your nearest Qatar Airways office to request bassinet seats.

Qatar airways bassinet size: Please note that the maximum body weight of the infant should not exceed 11 kgs (24 Lbs) and the age must not exceed 24 months. Additionally, the infant must fit within the confines of the baby bassinet.

*Qatar Airways bassinet seats are not available in the First Class cabin on-board the Airbus 380.  To check availability of a Bassinet position seat on a specific aircraft and within a particular cabin, please contact the nearest Qatar Airways office.”

Read more about flying with a baby on Qatar Airways here.


Ryan Air do not provide a bassinet for infants inflight or airplane baby cots.

kids asleep on flyaway mattress and plane pal on Singspore Airlines
Kids asleep on Flyaway mattress and Plane Pal on Singapore Airlines. Baby bassinet is seen too.
Singapore Airlines - London to Singapore A380 economy
Singapore Airlines – London to Singapore A380 economy


From Singapore Airlines website:

Only a limited number of bassinets are available on board and offered on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Each bassinet measures at 76.8cm (L) x 29.8cm (W) x 15.8cm (H), and can support a maximum weight of 14kg (30lbs).

Photo above is of the Singapore baby bassinet. Airplanes on Singapore Airlines have liftable armrests on the middle bassinet seats.


From the South African Airways website:

“Infants not exceeding 10kg and 75cm are eligible for a baby bassinet on a first come first served basis. We highly recommend eligible customers reserve a bassinet during or shortly after booking their flight.

At a bulkhead seat, a cabin crew member can help to position a baby bassinet after take-off, once the seat belt signs have been switched off. The crew member will be required to confirm the age, weight and length of the infant prior to bringing the bassinet, to ensure the safety of the infant.

A bassinet cannot be used during take-off and landing and can only be used during the flight when the seat belt signs are off. If the seat belt signs are illuminated, the infant must be removed from the bassinet.” Planes have a limited amount onboard.


From the Sri Lankan website:

“Depending on the type of aircraft operating the flight, there is a limited number of bassinets available on board. You can order a bassinet through our Global Contact Center or at your nearest ticket office.

Bassinets will be provided based on the below criteria: For the infants who are still not able to sit up unassisted. For infants who weigh above 16kg bassinets cannot be provided.

The infant should be able to fit into the bassinet. The legs should not be extending out of the bassinet. (Our bassinet size is approximately 24” X 12” X 8”).When in use, the Infant shall be secured using the bassinet restraints.

The bassinet shall not be fixed during taxi, take-off, and landing.

For safety reasons, they can only be used once the aircraft is airborne and seat belt signs have been switched off.

If the aircraft experiences turbulence and the seatbelt signs have been switched on, infants must be removed from the bassinet and secured on their adult’s lap using the infant seat belt.”


Sunwing does not provide a bassinet for baby in flight.


From the Swiss Air website:

“Baby bassinets are available in all flight classes on long haul flights and in Business Class on European flights. They are approved for babies of up to 8 months and weighing a maximum of 11 kg (24lbs). The number of cots is limited.”


From the TAP Portugal website:

You can ask us to provide a cot if you are travelling with a baby. This service is free only on TAP-operated flights.The following rules apply for the use of cots:

The baby must not weigh more than 11kg/24lbs and the baby must be no more than 12 months old;

The cot dimensions are 75cm / 29 in long by 34 cm / 13 in wide and 22.4 cm / 8.8 in high;

The baby must always fit comfortably inside the cot;

The cot can never be used during take-off/landing and during periods of turbulence;

There are designated seats on the aircraft for cots and their number is limited. Therefore, please inform us when booking of all the flights on which the infant needs a cot;

The number of seats available for cots varies from one type of aircraft to another and if there is availability. This information is immediate and it will be confirmed when you book;

Each adult may take only one baby.”

THAI Baby Bassinet

From the THAI website:

The bassinet for babies less than 6 months of age, weighing less than 10 kg and not exceeding 26″ (67 cm) in length.”

However, Thai Airways now charge for the bulkhead seats where the bassinets are located, even if you are travelling with an infant. Seats with baby bassinet facility in economy class are now included as ‘Preferred Seats’. Bassinet service for infants can be requested at check-in only and will be charged as ‘preferred seat.’ Charges can range from $15 -$200 depending on where from and where you are flying too.

Turkish Airlines bassinet
Baby bassinet seat Turkish airlines

Turkish Airlines Bassinet

The information in the above chart was direct from the airline customer services and is not currently available on their website. The maximum weight is 8 kg and 75cm x34cm are the measurements of this airlines bassinet.

United Airlines Bassinet
United Airlines Bassinet

United Airlines Bassinet

From the United Website Bassinet

A limited number of complimentary bassinets are available for use on international aircraft only. Bassinets are large enough to hold an infant weighing 22 pounds (10 kg) or less. They may not be used during taxi, takeoff or landing, or when the seatbelt sign is illuminated.

United Airlines Bassinets are 29 inches long by 11 inches wide (74 cm by 28 cm) and can hold an infant weighing 22 pounds (10 kg) or less.

Bassinets are available for customers traveling international segments in United Polaris® business class on select 757, 767, 777 and 787 aircraft and in United Economy® on 757, 767, 777 and 787 aircraft. Bassinets are not available for customers traveling in United Polaris first class, United First® or United Business® at this time.

Customers can request a bassinet by calling the United Customer Contact Center at 1-800-UNITED-1 (1-800-864-8331) within the United States or the appropriate Worldwide Contact Center. We will provide accompanying seat assignments for an adult traveling with an infant and up to one travel companion.

You can arrange these seat assignments with the United Customer Contact Center or with a United representative at the airport free of charge. Bassinet availability is limited, and these arrangements are not guaranteed, so we recommend requesting a bassinet early for your flight.”

Virgin bassinet with a 15month old inside.
Virgin bassinet with a 15month old inside.

Virgin Atlantic Bassinet

From the Virgin Atlantic Website

Economy and Premium sky cots are on Boeing 787-9, Airbus A330 and Airbus A350

Dimensions: 28.6cm wide x 72.7cm long (11.25” wide x 28.6” long)

Maximum weight of baby: 11kg (24.25lb)

Maximum height of baby: 760mm (30”)

UPPER CLASS SKY COTS are on Boeing 787-9, Airbus A330 and Airbus A350:

Dimensions: 35cm wide x 24cm deep x 76cm long (13.8” wide x 9.4” deep x 29.9” long)

Maximum weight of baby: (24.25lb)

Maximum height of baby: 750mm (29.5”)

From the Virgin Australia website

Bassinets are available onboard all our international long haul flights and on domestic flights operated by A330 aircraft, subject to availability. Our bassinets are designed for use by one infant at a time and size and weight restrictions listed below apply.

Bassinets are limited, so please request a bassinet for your infant at the time of booking. Pre-allocation of bassinets is on a first come, first served basis. Please contact our Guest Contact Centre to request a bassinet”.

Airbus A330 Maximum weight of baby 11 kg (24.25lb)

Dimensions 35cmwide x 24cm deep x 67 long (13.8″ wide x 9.4″deep x 29.9″ long. Maximum width of baby 34cm(13in), Maximum length 70cm (27in)

B787/B777 Maximum weight of baby 18kg (40lb) 

Maximum width of baby 36cm (14in), Maximum length 70cm (27in)

Westjet Dreamliner B787 bassinet coach
11 lb 3 month old
Westjet Dreamliner B787 bassinet in coach with a
11lb 3 month old

WestJet Airplane Bassinets

From the WestJet website

WestJet provide bassinets on B787 dreamliners only. If you’re traveling with a lap-held infant, you can request one bassinet when you book your flight. Check availability of seats 9B, 9D, 9F, 9J and 25E on the 787-9. To guarantee a bassinet, come to any WestJet counter at the airport.

The infant must only be a maximum of 25lb (9kg), a maximum of 26 in (66cm), and unable to sit upright.

  • Things to know:
  • Bassinets are offered on the 787 Dreamliner in the Economy cabin
  • Bassinets are placed in the bulkhead row, where there is no under-seat storage
  • The bassinet must not be used to store items or as a change table. No animals or carry on items are permitted in the bassinet at any time.
  • The infant seat belt (safety net) must be fastened whenever the infant is in the bassinet
  • The infant cannot be left unattended in the bassinet. Flights have a limited amount of bassinet seats.
  • The infant must be lap held any time the seat belt sign is illuminated
  • Only a cabin crew member is permitted to attach or remove the bassinet from the wall mount
airplane bassinet, airline bassinet chart, skycot,
Essential Airline Bassinet Seat Information & Comparison Table 2021

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