Virgin Atlantic Economy Review


Virgin Atlantic B747 Flight from London to USA

Virgin Atlantic generally have a great reputation. Find out how we found them on a recent flight and what facilities they have onboard.

Virgin Atlantic economy review B747Virgin Atlantic economy seats

Virgin now have economy delight and economy classic as options. They are both exactly the same seat pitch and width (as is economy light) but leg room varies. Economy delight seats are emergency exits and non bassinet seats but they may be immediately next to a bassinet.

We sat in a normal classic seat 32A and 32C – the spare seat trick worked so we ended up having a little more space on our 10 hour flight.

Virgin Atlantic economy reviewThe seat has a blanket, pillow and headset on it. There is no longer a little amenity pack with toothbrush, eyeshades etc. The headrest is leather and moves up and down but the ‘wings’ do not move.

The TV screen has a USB port to charge your devices. You can also plug in your iPod and listen to your own music or movies.

Virgin Atlantic economy review

Virgin Economy service

Virgin Atlantic economy review Virgin Atlantic economy review afternoon tea









The rest of the service was very efficient and regular. The crew were excellent and attentive. Some of the best I’ve encountered recently! Regarding meals  we had:

  • Drinks and pretzels 
  • Hot towels 
  • Main meal 
  • Tea/ coffee 
  • Ice cream
  • About an hour later drinks cart again 
  • Hot pasty (vegetarian option was available. -Pasty wasn’t listed on the menu) with water/juice
  • Afternoon tea – sandwich, biscuit, crisps, a mint and drinks
  • Love hearts  – a min packet of sweets before landing.

virgin atlantic economy review TV, movies

Virgin Atlantic inflight entertainment.

Although there is a good choice of TV, games and movies I felt the inflight entertainment (IFE) was frustrating to use. On the B747 I was on, there was no  quick search button and no handset. The touch screen sensitivity was very hit or miss. My best tip to minimise your frustration is to save any possibilities as favourites as you go- to save going backwards and forwards. The same applies for games. Playing  games which involved speed without a handset was almost impossible. I would have liked to have seen a quick access button to the kids inflight entertainment too. Instead you need to go to each category and then select ‘genre’ and then ‘family’.  If you have a younger child, you may prefer to being your own inflight entertainment- purely for ease of use!

Virgin Baby Bassinets

The Virgin Atlantic bassinets usually come with straps meaning you don’t need to remove your baby if there is turbulence. However, currently on the B747 this is not available and you must remove them. The maximum weight on a B747 is 9kg and 11kg if on another aircraft type. The bassinet sizes do vary slightly depending on the aircraft. Full details on airline bassinets are here. On the Boeing 747 the bassinet positions are 30D (x 1bassinet) 53D and G and 40D and G. The armrest between E/F on the bulkhead/bassinet comes up.

Virgin Atlantic Baby Meal

Although I didn’t get to see the baby meal available on our flight from London to the USA, I had a chat with the crew. Outbound flights from the UK have Ella’s Kitchen organic pouches as baby meals, but from outstations this can’t be guaranteed as it depends on what that country has. Just a point to note, Virgin no longer carries a baby box onboard with emergency baby supplies ie nappies, SMA baby milk etc.

Flight Prices

Obviously prices vary. For the latest prices and low fare offers on Virgin see here or compare prices with other airlines below.


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