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Flying With Twins Or A Baby And Toddler? Some Extra Information.

 Flying With Twins Or A Baby And Toddler? Some Extra Information.

Flying with a baby can be daunting, but perhaps flying with twins or triplets more so. Here is some more information, which will help you be more prepared.

1) If you are flying with two infants or more  than 1 child under 2, and they don’t have their own seat, you cannot travel alone.

You will need another adult or see if the airline provides an escort, which will be at a cost. No airline will allow you to carry two babies on your lap.

Airline/Country policies vary but in the UK, the CAA states that babies 6 months or under, must be seated on the lap for take-off and landing and turbulence, therefore using car-seats and paying for a seat each for twins is not an option at this age. However, British Airways states on their website that,

” if you’re travelling with two infants and at least one is aged between 6 and 23 months, you can buy one infant ticket and one child fare, as long as the second infant is sitting in an approved car seat.” So if you have quadruplets, then as long as 2 adults travel, and 2 of the babies are seated in a carseat and the other two on each adults lap, then you are good to go.

Whereas in the USA, airline dependant, you can travel with twin babies under 6 months as long as one is in a carseat, in a purchased seat.

Even some time for a selfie on a flight.
Even some time for a selfie on a flight.

2) Some airlines may not allow you to sit together if you and your partner and twins are travelling.

This is because on most airplanes, there is only 1 extra oxygen mask per row. The bassinet seat positions have as many oxygen masks extra as there are bassinets. So if you don’t get your bassinet request, be prepared to be seated separately.


3) Some airlines like Emirates, have twin strollers available at transit stops etc.

Alternatively, invest in a decent double travel stroller if you plan to fly regularly.

Do your research before you purchase your ticket, and see what facilities airlines have and what their policies are and factor that in when you purchase your tickets. Remember Gulf Air and Etihad Airlines have a fully trained Sky Nanny as part of their service and she’s free!

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Tips for flying with twins- extra information to prepare you for booking the flight, choosing your airline and knowing what to expect. Flying with twins needs a little more preparation as airlines policies on use of car seats and bassinets vary, so a bit of research before you travel can really help.

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Carrie Bradley

Tuesday 28th of January 2020

Hi Lass, Brussels Airlines cabin baggage allowance is 55 x 40 x 23 cm and the baby zen is 52 x 44 x18cm so ever so slightly too big - but could still be worth a try as its smaller on two sides. This post on flying solo may help you too


Sunday 19th of January 2020

Hi Carrie,

Any advice and helpful tips travelling with my 21/2 son and 7month baby alone on a 13hr Brussels flight. Tips on best seat to book and do you think booking a bassinet is helpful. And also I have a BABYZEN yoyo Stroller. Will it be allowed on the Brussels airlines ? I have a 3hr stop over in Brussels.

Mariam Namutebi

Thursday 21st of November 2019

Hello,please I need your advise am traveling with twins 1year old and am expecting another set 5months pregnant will I be allowed to travel with them one will have a seat and I will have to carry one on my lap .i am traveling with Brussels airlines

Carrie Bradley

Sunday 24th of November 2019

Hello, yes you will need to purchase a seat for one child and use a car seat and the other can be a lap baby if you are flying by yourself.

Chrisoula Contoyannis

Saturday 4th of February 2017

Hi, I plan on flying to USA from London with my 17 month old twins. Do you recommend a day or night flight? We have flights that need using with BA and haven't paid for additional seats but have a bassinet seat. We are dreading the flight and tempted to not go but will be losing a lot of money. Thanks in advance for any advice


Sunday 5th of February 2017

Hi- I would opt for a night flight as they will sleep for some of it. When mine have been a bit older, I've settled in my arms and then put in the bassinet.

Carrie Bradley

Wednesday 11th of November 2015

Your 1 year old should fit the bassinet with Singapore or Lufthansa. We are currently in Australia and flew with both Emirates and Malaysian and their bassinet length is shorter than both Lufthansa and Singapore. My little girl was not quite one year old on the outbound sector and fitted in. Lufthansa is quite a few cm's longer at 83cm whereas the others are around 75/76cm.

I would choose the airline which offers the shortest route and also offers night flights so you can get them settled at the beginning of the flight, before any transit stops.. Singapore is a great transit airport though and Bangkok is pretty good too. You may not get the chance to properly sleep but your two little ones will, meaning you have less entertaining to do and an opportunity to close your eyes.Singapore are very family friendly and Lufthansa may need a bit of prompting! Definitely ask fairly early on if you can have your food a little after feeding yours, as balancing their trays and yours with little hands trying to reach out, can prove a bit tricky. Also ask if there are spare seats and if there is any chance they could keep one free for you. The extra space really helps, even if it's just somewhere to put a discarded meal tray. I don't think you need to pay for an extra seat when you can have bassinet etc.

Another option, which is probably my favourite, is to consider staying at Singapore or Bangkok airport transit hotel for the night on the way through? Means you can stretch, sleep and shower and feel a bit more relaxed as breaking the journey up. Also see my posts on the different airline facilities and compare as Singapore have great kid meal options and Lufthansa have good snacks etc..

Hope this helps a little.