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SkyBaby Travel Mattress Review

SkyBaby Travel Mattress Review


The SkyBaby Mattress is a new, innovative product created by British company Not Rocket Science. It is essentially a supportive mattress which enables you to comfortably hold baby when travelling, and is especially useful if you are unable to get a bassinet seat. Even so, it still gives support whilst feeding, and can save your arms from aching as you can rest baby comfortably on your lap. If you do have a bassinet, it is easy to transfer baby directly into the bassinet without having to remove SkyBaby. We received a free one to trial, ( as always all opinions are mine and also Kate’s in this instance.) but our travel plans changed and in the meantime she outgrew it. However, my lovely friend Kate and her beautiful 4 month old daughter Eleanor stepped in for us.


SkyBaby Review. The SkyBaby mattress is ideal for young babies travelling on a plane- espeically when no bassinet is available. It is a comfortable mattress to give baby a comfortable place to sleep, whilst ensuring your arms don't get as tired as the weight is more evenly spread out. it is also easier to move baby from person to person without disturbing them.Dimensions:-(courtesy of Skybaby website)

  • Light weight :-0.3 kgs
  • It’s 56cm long, roughly the width of the average airline seat. For older babies, it’s no problem if their legs dangle over the edge – SkyBaby can work as a pillow and a cushion for the back. 
  • 560mm (L) x 290mm (W) with wings closed around baby. 560mm x 740mm (wings open, wings are flexible).
  • Available to buy directly from SkyBaby  who will send worldwide, and  from Amazon at £29.98 /$34.99 SkyBaby travel mattress for Air Travel

Here’s what Kate Knight had to say…

“We took our four month old on her first flight from Luton to Jersey using the Sky Baby. The Sky Baby is very light and easy to carry in its little bag. We clipped Eleanor into the baby seatbelt in the usual fashion, the airline stewardess showed us, then used the Sky baby for Eleanor to lie on my lap. She was really comfy in it. The structure of the head section was great for protecting her against the hard armrest. I fed her during take off and landing. The planes to Jersey are tiny and there was quite a bit of turbulence so it was really handy to have a something to clip Eleanor into and hold on to, although we didn’t thread the seat belt through the bottom section of the Sky Baby, as it was a bit too fiddly. She seemed fine lying on top on my lap. I will definitely take the Sky Baby again when we fly to Pisa this month.”

Update We used the SkyBaby for our flight to Greece with my newest arrival. ( In photo below) There were no bassinets as it was a fairly short flight of just over 2.5 hours, but it was over her nap time. Thankfully she soon dozed off!


Sky baby

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Sunday 13th of August 2017

I'm interested if you or anyone else have tried the jet kids 'bed' for kids on a long haul flight yet? Pondering whether to buy one for flying to nz from London this year, but over £125...


Monday 14th of August 2017

Hi I haven't yet but am hoping to for flight in October. I've heard good things but double check with airlines- as some airlines won't allow their ( or similar products) use.


Tuesday 10th of March 2015

If we fly an airline that doesn't have the infant lap belts, is there an alternative way to tie the infant to you?