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Inflatable Airplane Child Mattress Review: Flyaway vs Plane Pal Travel Bed

We’ve tried both the Flyaway and Plane Pal on several flights in the hope of avoiding the nightmare of sleepless children on long-haul flights!

The first few flights were London to Sydney via Singapore, with Singapore Airlines with 3 young children.

If you are not sure which one to buy, we include what our kids thought of both, key features, differences and price.

Plane Pal and Flyaway travel bed to help kids sleep on a flight next to each other on economy airplane seat
Our gadgets to help kids sleep on a flight! Planepal and Flyaway (Image :Carrie Bradley/Flying With a Baby)

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First up, a crucial bit of advice. Some airlines prohibit the use of inflatable mattresses, seeing them as a safety hazard that could block seat rows in the event of an evacuation.

The airlines that do permit them are quite prescriptive about where they are used: the window seat of outboard rows, and the middle berths of a four-seat central cluster.

Check your airline’s website’s Travelling With Children section for their rules: We have also detailed the airlines which officially allow and say so on their website below.

You might also feel the need to get the approval of your neighbouring passenger, especially if it’s a mum whose bassinet might be hanging above the mattress. They might fear some wandering child feet will kick the bassinet and disturb the baby they’ve fought desperately to get to sleep.

Flyaway vs Plane Pal Travel Bed
For the bulkhead bassinet position, the Plane Pal can be turned the other way as shown here (Image: Carrie Bradley/Flying With a Baby)

Overview and Quick Comparison of both

Plane Pal

  • Price: US$ 129
  • Age: From age 2-8
  • Dimensions: 57cm x 44cm x 37cm/ 22 x 17 x14in
  • Weighs: 0.9 kg
  • Max load: up to 90 kg.
  • Inflation time: Inflation takes around 2 – 3 minutes
  • Can be wiped clean
  • Shipped internationally
  • Seat in front can recline as normal
  • Comes with a hand pump.
  • Quick deflation
  • Wider on the top. Can be turned lengthways to fit in larger bulkhead spaces or upside down to fit in smaller legroom spaces.
  • Fits in the footwell space between your seat and seat in front.


  • Price: US$ 159
  • Age: From aged 2 until 7
  • Dimensions: 80cm x 50cm / 31.5in x 19.5in 
  • Weighs: 1.3 kg / 2.8 lbs
  • Load: up to 50kg/110lbs
  • Max height: 130cm/4 ft,3 “
  • Inflation time: takes around 90 secs – 2 minutes
  • Can be wiped clean
  • Shipped internationally
  • Seat in front can recline as normal
  • Comes with a hand pump but electric pump can also be used. We have tried this small one
  • Quick deflation
  • Lies flat on top of the plane seat with L design so can still easily access lifejacket.
  • It adjusts to fit all economy, premium economy and bulk-head seats)can fit Business too.

Plane Pal Review

Imagine an inflatable foot rest made of smooth black vinyl, and you have the Plane Pal. It’s simple to use: blow it up and position in your child’s foot space.

The inventors have designed in flexibility by allowing you to use it in three ways: lengthways in line with the seat, widthways across the seat base, or upside down.

That’s because the Plane Pal is T-shaped and wider at the top than the bottom, so if you’re struggling to squeeze it in behind the seat in front, just flip it on its head. This is a good option for the bulkhead seats.

It takes just over two minutes to inflate using a hand pump, which comes in the Plane Pal carry case along with the mattress.

I actually found it easier to ditch the pump, and blow into the mouthpiece. It took some time but I found it easier and quieter than using the pump.

Valves on Plane Pal (Image:Carrie Bradley/Flying With a Baby)

There are two air chambers to fill, through two valves housed concentrically.

Lift the clear stopper on the smaller valve and it works one-way, which ensures no air escapes if you stop pumping. Or blowing – if you have lungs like Andrea Bocelli and fear disturbing your airplane neighbours with a whistling pump: you might feel a bit self-conscious inflating either of these mattresses – I was a little as mentioned earlier.

The bigger outer valve is designed to let the air out: open both these valves and apply pressure, and the Plane Pal deflates in 20 secs.

Make sure it’s fully inflated and firm, and Plane Pal allows kids to stretch out to sleep. But it’s not irreproachable.

Plane Pal’s inflated height may not be level with the seat base, leaving a ridge which may bother some children. My kids slept on both but found the Flyaway more comfortable due to this.

More of an issue for us was that, even lengthways, Plane Pal didn’t fill the ample space between the seat base and the bulkhead seat, which means it got dislodged by a child moving in their sleep. So long as you’re not sitting in the front row of a cabin section, you shouldn’t face this problem.  

Plane pal pump on the left and blue Flyaway pump on the right
Plane pal pump on the left and blue Flyaway pump on the right (Image: Carrie Bradley/Flying With a Baby)

In summary, Plane Pal’s simplicity is a virtue, but also it’s undoing.

It’s a pretty cost-effective solution, and if it wedges snugly into place in your child’s foot space, it’ll do a decent job. But both my kids were drawn to the costlier but more bed-like mattress that is Flyaway.

flyaway bed Flyaway vs Plane Pal Travel Bed
Flyaway kids travel bed on an economy bulkhead seat (Image: Carrie Bradley/Flying With a Baby)

Flyaway Kids Travel Bed Review

Flyaway website and further Flyaway review

  • Price: £127/$159
  • Dimensions: 50cm wide x 60-80cm long x 52cm high
  • Load: up to 50kg
  • Age range: 2-7 years   

The Flyaway is an L-shaped mattress, where the uppermost section rests on top of the aeroplane seat, supported by a ‘leg’ which braces against the floor and keeps the bed level. Made of grey vinyl, it’s a very slick piece of product design.

flyaway kids bed
Flyaway travel bed in an economy seat with seats in front and behind. (Image credit: Flyaway Designs)

It takes about 100 seconds to inflate with the smaller blue had pump, given there’s less volume to blow up than in the Plane Pal. Although, we have since found this amazing tiny electric pump which works, if you want to save a bit more space.

Again there are two inflation valves which operate one-way to prevent any air escaping while you blow it up, and a third escape red valve which releases air pressure if you over inflate.

But there appears to be a slight design compromise: one of the valves is in the pillow area, which could cause discomfort for a child resting their head on the plastic cap. However, an airline or carry-on pillow will fix that issue.

flyaway kids bed
Flyaway travel bed in an economy seat with seats in front and behind. (Image credit: Flyaway Designs)

The Flyaway’s key advantage; with the mattress resting on top of the plane seat’s base, any child lying on it benefits from one seamless, 80cm flat ‘bed’.

It even has a couple of token side bolsters, though whether they’d have the heft to stop a kid rolling off sideways is questionable. They would however, stop any crayons rolling off during play time.

It’s more fiddly to deflate than the Plane Pal, because each valve has a membrane you have to dislodge with your finger as you compress the mattress.

If you’ve got taller kids, the Plane Pal can make for a longer mattress because it adds up to 75cm to the seat base’s length.

But my four- and six-year-old, both preferred the comfort and robustness of the flat, one-piece Flyaway mattress. Staying exactly in place helps keep children slumbering – which is what every parent wants on a long-haul flight.

If considering buying the Flyaway, use our special offer to get 10 US$ off the Flyaway direct from their website – they ship internationally and can deduct the equivalent of your currency. Code is below just click it to go to their website. They ship internationally. And the details for the amazing – tiny electric pump again.

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kids asleep on flyaway mattress and plane pal. Which is the best travel bed? Flyaway vs Plane Pal Travel Bed
Three sleeping kids on a long haul flight. Flyaway, PlanePal and Singapore Airlines bassinet (Image :Carrie Bradley/Flying With a Baby)

Do Airlines Allow Airplane Toddler Beds & Inflatable Footrests?

Quick answer? Some do and some don’t. Below details the airlines which officially allow or prohibit them and state this on their website. Just click on the links to view the airlines entire policy.

Airlines who officially do NOT allow most sleep travel gadgets/airplane beds for toddlers and say so on their website are:

 Airlines which OFFICIALLY APPROVE some sleep devices for children (as long as certain guidelines are met) and say so on their website:

However, note that the final decision will always rest with the crew.

American Airlines policy on inflatable legrests.
American Airlines policy on inflatable legrests- they allow most types.

Other airlines do not say their official position on their websites so it’s worth trying but you could be told no by the crew.

Have you tried any kids’ travel gear? What items do you recommend and why?

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Thursday 20th of June 2024

hi! you mentioned it also works with an electric pump -- do you have one you can recommend? thanks!


Thursday 20th of June 2024

Hi, yes, this one does it super quickly. Just make sure its fully charged. it can also suck air if you want to use vacuum packed bags too! It's a bit noisy but the plane noise drowns a lot of it out, or you can quickly pump the flyaway up in the plane restrooms or galley if you are concerned. The pump is so much smaller so I thought the trade off was worth it.


Sunday 6th of February 2022

Does anyone know where to buy this in the UK please?

Carrie Bradley

Monday 7th of February 2022

Hi, yes, it's direct from the website ( link in article above) for all orders. Use the code in the review article for a discount too!


Thursday 27th of August 2020

Flyaway Kids Bed is definately the winner! I can’t say enough about how this one product changed our travel experience! Our tall 3.5 year old loved having his “special bed,” his own space, the ability to sit or lay, an area to race his toy cars without dropping them ... it was a lifesaver! I even forgot to carry the pump on one of our 14 hour flights and could easily blow it up myself (thank goodness). But honestly, even if you’re on a shorter flight this is a great way to keep nap times going and not have to plan around them so much. I packed it in my carry on bag and will never fly without it again - it’s that good.


Tuesday 11th of February 2020

Hi, I love the FlyAway concept, do you think we could use it for our ten month old too? Or why should it be limited to 2+? Thank you!

Carrie Bradley

Wednesday 12th of February 2020

Hi, it's great isn't it!? I'm not sure re under 2 years. Might be worth asking the owner if there is a specific safety reason.

Emma lovell

Tuesday 15th of October 2019

A couple of CoziGo’s would have completed this picture ?

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