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CoziGo Bassinet Cover Review (formerly known as Fly Babee)

Updated May 2018

As an ex flight attendant and Mum, I was very keen on trying out the CoziGo Sleep Easy cover as soon as I had heard about it. ( Formerly known as Fly Babee) Any product that helps my baby sleep, especially on the ultra long haul flight from UK to Australia, instantly grabs my attention!

Fly Babee bassinet cover review
Unfortunately, British Airways wouldn’t let me use it at my first attempt ( update British Airways have now approved the CoziGo – November 2017), but Emma Lovell- the Director of CoziGo, is in the process of speaking to all airlines and it is fully approved by Qantas engineering, so I believe it’s just a matter of time before this small hiccup is sorted. However, I finally got to trial it on an Malaysian Airlines and Emirates flight, all the way from the UK to Australia with my 11 month old and the way back with my 1 year old.

My first impressions, were that it was small, light and compact. It comes in a handy zipped pouch which has a Velco strap which can attach to your bag or stroller. (I just put it inside the zipped part of my carry on). There is an outer zipped plastic cover too. Although I had opened it initially to try out on the pram, (oh yes it doubles as a stroller sleep cover too!) I was very excited at the prospect of it being for a bassinet and how it worked in the smaller confines of an aircraft.

Using the CoziGo on the plane.

CoziGo bassinet cover review, Fly babee

Sleeping baby!

It was easy to open, and it didn’t spring out and jar my husband in the eye, which  is always a bonus, as I can be clumsy. However, be aware that it is a pop out mechanism, so do make sure you have the space around you. It was so incredibly easy to attach to the bassinet, with the two clips on either side and then the elasticated edges to tuck over the sides.  There are lots of peep holes to check on baby, but still keep them shielded from the light.


Now, for the most important bit and the bit you really want to know.. Did the CoziGo work?

Yes! It did on all our flights. Our first sector was a night flight, departing at 22.30 on a Malaysian Airline A380. After the seatbelt sign was switched off and the bassinet put up, it was gone 11pm and consequently one very tired, cranky baby. The cabin lights were bright as the service was about to begin, (no mood lighting on this flight) so I set up the CoziGo as soon as I was able and popped M in. After a little bit of soothing, she was fast asleep – for 9 hours! Apart from having to remove her once from the bassinet -due to turbulence, she thankfully just resettled and went back to sleep.
Considering the service did take quite a while and furthermore, it seemed that someone forgot to turn the lights off, I was very glad of the CoziGo, as otherwise it would have been gone 2am until the cabin was dark and M was getting to the point of complete overtiredness.

She woke up according to UK time, so had her breakfast, played for a little bit and then napped again in the bassinet with the CoziGo another couple of hours just before landing. Great result!

We had no issues with using it from the crew, their only stipulations were the baby had to be facing them in the aisle and removed if the seat belt sign was on. ( Note Qantas and Virgin allow you to keep babies in bassinets during any turbulence, as their restraints are slightly different.)

We also used the CoziGo on our day flight to Melbourne with Emirates on a B777 with no issues, as she napped beautifully, and also on our return night flights with no issue at all.

Using the CoziGo as a sunshield on a stroller.

Fly Babee bassinet cover review as stroller cover

Using the CoziGo as a stroller cover

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The CoziGo has a very practical design, meaning there is lots of space inside the stroller, which is very handy if little ones wriggle or kick a lot in their sleep. The long side zips and peepholes mean you can have it very well ventilated if baby is awake and you have the option to just zip them shut when there is sunny, hot weather or baby is napping. It blocks out 90% of light is UV 50+ and is fully breathable. I alternate between using this and another product, depending on where I am and how long I’m out for, purely because I do like being able to leave a sunshield/ sleep shade on the pram for some occasions.


Brilliant product that really works. A little pricey if you are planning to just use it a bassinet cover and are not a frequent flyer, but worth every penny if you use it as your daily pram cover and fly long haul often with your baby. Friends always ask to borrow mine!

CoziGo (affiliate link) retails at AUS $99.95 and can be shipped worldwide or can be bought from (affilate link) It’s currently not available on the USA or Australia Amazon sites.



Flying With A Baby was sent a CoziGo to trial and review.  As always, all my opinions are truthful and I would never endorse a product I don’t genuinely love and continue to use.


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