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Kids’ Travel Pillow | Seat to Sleep Review

Review: This product was sent to FWAB in order to review. All opinions are the author’s own. The Seat to Sleep® Travel Nest is a lightweight inflatable travel cushion, which adapts adult plane seats into a comfy, safe space for children ages 3-10. We were given two to review on our recent long haul flight with our kids on Virgin Atlantic to Orlando, Florida. and we have a discount code below too.

Seat to Sleep Review travel pillow

Trying to get kids to sleep on a plane is often a big concern for parents: attempting to get them comfy in a seat that reclines a tiny bit is a challenge. Those cold, hard metal bits of the seatbelt and armrest can get in the way.

Whilst babies often have the option of an airline bassinet or sky cot, kids over two need to be in their own airline seat.

Although some airlines do permit travel gear to help kids get a good night sleep in economy or coach, (such as the inflatable travel cushions like PlanePal and Flyaway or the BedBox by Stokke), equally, a number of airlines do not permit these comfort devices – including Emirates and British Airways. This is where the Seat to Sleep Travel Nest comes into play as an airplane bed for toddlers 3 and over.

The Seat to Sleep is inflatable and larger than than the traditional airplane neck or inflatable cushion design you normally see – but it is still very compact when not in use. It also does not go on the floor of the plane, attach to any seat parts, and is no different size wise than you bringing your pillow from your bed.

Seat to Seat review showing how to get comfy on the plane

The Seat to Sleep Travel Nest is a children’s sleep-aid product that is also practical to travel with, comfortable and easy to use and importantly compact enough for the kids to carry with the carry pouch and clip.

Seat to Sleep Review showing how compact the travel cushion is
We love how compact the Seat to Sleep is.

How to use the Seat to Sleep Travel Nest

The Seat to Sleep® Travel Nest is designed to adapt adult plane seats into a comfy, safe space for children by supporting the head and neck, as well as padding hard arm rests.

The Seat to Sleep is simply inflated to about 70%-80% of its capability. This is so the cushion can mould around your child and they can get more comfortable.

We briefly used it during the day flight for getting comfy whilst watching in flight movies, but it was even more useful on the night flight when the kids were exhausted.

Seat to Sleep Review
Seat To Sleep Review: The Seat to Sleep ® Travel Nest is a lightweight, compact, inflatable travel cushion, which adapts plane seats into a comfy, sleeping space for children.

Tip for extra comfort.

We found a good tip was adding a pillow case over the Sleep to Seat which helped reduce any sweatiness. Although the sleep cushion is easy to clean, adding a pillow case from home made her much more comfortable. I haven’t got a picture of this as the cabin was dark when I added it after she was a bit restless.

Key details about the Sleep to Sleep Travel Cushion for Kids

Lightweight and compactSoft and luxurious fabric
Suitable for ages 3-10Fits all waist seat belts
Soft and malleableEnvironmentally friendly (non PVC)
Quick inflate and deflatePromotes easy sleep
Wipe clean surfaceConvenient travel pouch with bag clip​

Where can I buy the Seat to Sleep?

Currently the Seat to Sleep is available to buy on the Seat to Sleep website for £39.00  (around US$50). UK delivery is charged from £4.99 per order and shipped worldwide for £9.99.

Seat to Sleep Discount Code: Flying with a baby readers can add the code FLYINGWITHABABY to receive 10% off at checkout.

Our Verdict:

We loved how light and portable the Seat to Sleep is; it fixes to your bag and isn’t bulky to carry. Most importantly, it made the airplane seat much more comfortable for the kids, especially on a long haul night flight, so everyone slept better.

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Thursday 24th of November 2022

Hi how did you inflate the pillow?

Carrie Bradley

Thursday 24th of November 2022

It just take a few breathes. No need for a pump.

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