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Best Beaches In Kefalonia For Families

The Greek island of Kefalonia is just a three-and-a-half-hour flight from the UK, making it a fantastic holiday destination for families with young children. 

What’s more is that Kefalonia is known for its incredible wine, magnificent underground caves, and it’s quaint fishing villages, but what really steals the show are the island’s breathtaking beaches that have soft white sand and crystal clear water in that impeccable postcard-worthy turquoise shade. 

Best Beaches In Kefalonia For Families

If you’re planning a holiday to Kefalonia with toddlers and older kids, you’ll be absolutely spoilt for choice with the number of beaches the island has to offer, most with little tavernas and restaurants close by. And as I know how daunting holiday planning can be, especially with little ones in tow, I’ve put together 12 of Kefalonia’s best beaches for families that are all kid-friendly, accessible, and beautiful in their own way.

So, be sure to grab your sunhat, suncream, and swimming costume because once you lay your eyes on these beaches, you won’t want to leave. 

kefalonia with kids Alaties beach
Alaties beach
Kefalonia beach with toddler, Greece
Alaties beach
Alaties beach

Best Beaches In Kefalonia For Families in Alphabetical Order

Alaties beach

This first beach is very small, shallow and quiet, with a beautiful spot to eat lunch or enjoy a few drinks a few short steps away in the friendly Alati taverna serving delicious Mediterranean food. The beach has small pebbles but is shallow enough for little ones – and almost feels like a rock pool. It is a very small beach but often you can be the only ones there.

Antisamos Beach

The second of my best beaches In Kefalonia for families is Antisamos Beach on the island’s east coast. Nestled between thick green hills and showcasing fine white sand and turquoise clear water, Antisamos has become a popular snorkelling, swimming, and water sports destination drawing in families with both young and slightly older kids. 

While the big kids are enjoying the water and searching for marine life close to shore, the little ones of the family can sit in the shade on the beaches sunloungers, build sandcastles with a bucket and spade, and enjoy snacks from the local beach bar that is just a short walk from the sand. 

Atheras Beach

Atheras may be a small beach, but its beauty, serenity, and safe waters makes it worth a visit, especially if you’re staying in northwest Kefalonia. 

If you do decide to head to Atheras, then I highly recommend taking your own beach umbrella as there aren’t any available to rent, and once you reach the windless quiet cove, I guarantee you won’t want to leave. 

Avithos Beach

On Kefalonia’s southern shore lies the beach of Avithos, which boasts magnificent golden sand, an impressive mountainous backdrop, and like most other beaches in Kefalonia, crystal-clear shallow waters. 

What makes Avithos Beach a great beach for families, however, are the amenities close to shore, including a selection of tavernas where you can grab a bite to eat, hydrate, and take a break from the scorching Greek sun. 

Emplisi Beach

Families staying in northern Kefalonia have to visit Emplisi beach, as the water may be some of the clearest that Kefalonia has to offer. 

Beaches in Kefalonia are often surrounded by pine and cypress trees, and that is no exception for Emplisi. What’s great about these trees is not only do they add an extra layer of beauty to the beach, but they also act as shade spots which is ideal for families with little ones.

One thing I will mention, though, is that the beach is somewhat pebbly, so if you do decide to head to Emplisi, be sure to pack some beach shoes. 

Kaminia Beach

Kaminia Beach is one of Kefalonia’s longest beaches, and with golden sand, calm waters, and the opportunity to see a rare loggerhead turtle during the summer months, it really is a fantastic beach to visit for families with young children. 

At Kaminia, you’ll find a row of sunbeds equipped with umbrellas, a snack bar where you can purchase food and drinks, and a coastal walking trail that will surely drain the last of your kid’s energy. 

Lourdas Beach

From umbrellas and sunbeds to restaurants and a mini market, Lourdas Beach really has everything you need for a family day out on the coast. 

Of course, like most other stretches of Kefalonian coastline, Lourdas boasts fine white sand and clear, calm water, but it does range significantly in depths, so you’ll need to keep a close eye on your kids while they’re paddling in the shallows.

Makris Gialos Beach

Makris Gialos Beach is one of the closest beaches to Kefalonia’s capital, Argostoli, and even though it is in close proximity to the bustling capital, you’ll feel like you’re a world away thanks to the azure water and the soft golden sand. 

If you’re after a beach that has significantly more amenities than others on Kefalonia, then Makris Gialos is the one for you. 

Kefalonia with kids,  myrtos beach things to do in Kefalonia

Myrtos Beach

Myrtos Beach is quite possibly Kefalonia’s most visited and most popular beach, and once you see the breathtakingly deep blue water combined with the beach’s white pebbly sand and surrounding towering cliffs, you’ll truly understand why. 

For the most part, Myrtos is largely untouched, but you will find a small snack bar where you can purchase drinks and food. I do also recommend packing an umbrella, beach shoes, and some form of water floaties for young children, as the water does become deep very quickly.

Petani Beach

One of the most impressive beaches in Kefalonia is Petani Beach, and its Blue Flag Status will happily back that claim up.

Stretching for 850 meters, Petani has some of the clearest waters throughout the entire island, which range from deep blue and cobalt to light blue and emerald. While your kids splash around in the inviting water, you can sit back and relax on one of the many sunbeds before taking the whole family to a nearby tavern for lunch and an afternoon drink.

Platis Gialos Beach

If you’re staying near Kefalonia’s capital and you’ve already visited Makris Gialos Beach, then you should also check out Platis Gialos, which is located right next door. 

Like its neighbouring beach, Platis Gialos has white sand and crystalline water, along with rolling green hills and surrounding vegetation that makes you almost forget that you’re in one of the island’s most busiest towns. 

Skala Beach

Skala is another of Kefalonia’s biggest beaches, and although it does get crowded, especially in the summer months, you can still find some solitude for your family to relax in. 

Once you’ve finished up splashing about in the water, snorkelling over Skala’s impressive seabed, and building sandcastles on the sand, you can head into the nearby village, where you’ll find all the amenities you’d need to end your day at the beach perfectly. 

Xi Beach

The final must-visit beach in Kefalonia is Xi Beach, and many people will agree that Xi is uniquely interesting. The sand at Xi has a reddish tint thanks to its clay content, making it truly stand out next to the crystal blue waters that Greece is well-known for. 

Beach umbrellas, sunbeds, and water sports opportunities are all available at Xi and be sure to rub that incredible sand all over your body as Kefalonians have done for centuries. They say it has medicinal and healing properties, but that’s for you to find out.

Best Beaches In Kefalonia For Families: FAQs

  • Which part of Kefalonia has best beaches? Whilst Myrtos is the most famous of Kefalonia’s beaches, whichever part of the island you choose to go to will provide beautiful coastline.
  • Is Kefalonia suitable for children? Absolutely! As well as it’s stunning beaches, Kefalonia boasts history, myths, places of geological interest and plenty of fascinating archeological sites. There really is something for everyone, whatever their age.
  • What is the best time to visit Kefalonia? Most people visit from April to October. In the height of summer, expect temperatures in the thirties so if you prefer it a little cooler, go for spring or Autumn when it’s in the twenties.

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