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Fun Nature Walk Activities With Kids and Free Printables

Nature walks are a great way to get kids outdoors and connect with the natural world. They can also be a lot of fun with so many different activities that kids can do on a nature walk.

In this article, we will discuss 20 different nature walk activities that kids will love. Included are some nature walk ideas for nature scavenger hunts that you can print off, with some brilliant nature themed activity books too.

Make arrow signposts nature walk activities
Make arrow signposts for a nature trail scavenger hunt

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20 Nature Walk Activities for Kids

  • I Spy: This is a classic nature walk activity that is perfect for all ages. Simply give your kids a list of things to find on the walk, such as different types of trees, flowers, or animals.
  • Nature Scavenger Hunt: This is a more challenging version of I Spy. Create a list of items for your kids to find, and give them points for each item they find on this nature trail scavenger hunt. See our free printable below.
  • Leaf Rubbings: This is a fun way to create art from nature. Simply collect some leaves, place them on a piece of paper, and rub over them with a crayon or pencil.
  • Bird Watching: If you have binoculars, bring them along on your nature walk so that your kids can learn about the different birds that live in your area. For toddlers taking a a magnifying glass on a walk can make things more interesting.
  • Animal Tracks: If you see any animal tracks on your walk, take a closer look and see if you can identify the animal that made them.
  • Make a Nature Collage: Collect different natural materials, such as leaves, flowers, sticks, and rocks, and glue them onto a piece of paper to create a nature collage.
Build a den, nature walk activities
Build a den
  • Build a Fort: If you are in a wooded area, find some fallen branches and leaves and build a fort.
  • Have a Pinecone Toss: Gather some pinecones and see who can toss them the farthest.
  • Do Some Yoga: Find a quiet spot on your walk and do some yoga poses. See Cosmic Yoga on you tube for some idea!
  • Listen to the Sounds of Nature: Take a few minutes to sit quietly and listen to the sounds of nature. what can you hear?
  • Make a Nature Journal: Bring a journal along on your walk and write down or draw what you see.
  • Identify Plants: If you know how to identify plants, bring a field guide along on your walk and see if you can identify any of the plants that you see.
  • Have a Bug Hunt: If you have a magnifying glass, bring it along on your walk and see if you can find any bugs.
  • Make a Sundial: Find a sunny spot on your walk and make a sundial. See how it moves if you stop here for lunch.
  • Play Hide-and-Seek: If you are in a large area, play hide-and-seek with your kids.
  • Have a Picnic: Pack a lunch and enjoy a picnic lunch in the woods.
  • Stargaze: If you are walking at night, look up at the stars and see if you can identify any constellations. There are some great mobile apps to help!
  • Fly a Kite: If you have a kite, bring it along on your walk and fly it in the open space.
  • Pond dip: If you are expecting a pond or stream with stepping stones, bring a compact fishing net and pond dip or build a dam with rocks and sticks.

What to bring on your Nature Walk

We recommend bringing:

Printable Scavenger hunt ideas

Nature Walk Printable

Nature Walk Printable
Click image to print.


  • A tree with peeling bark
  • A flower with five petals
  • A plant with thorns
  • A plant that grows in water
  • A plant that changes color in the fall


  • A bird that sings
  • A bug with six legs
  • A mammal that lives in trees
  • A reptile that lays eggs
  • A fish that can breathe air


  • A rock with a hole in it
  • A piece of driftwood
  • A bird’s nest
  • A spider web
  • A footprint

Bonus items

  • A mushroom
  • A lightning bug
  • A rainbow
  • A shooting star
  • A dewdrop

Spring Scavenger Hunt printable

spring checklist themed treasure hunt for kids
Click image to print this Spring nature walk for toddlers

How to play:

  • Print out the scavenger hunt sheet or write the items on a piece of paper.
  • Go for a walk in nature and find the items on the list.
  • Check off each item as you find it.
  • The first person to find all of the items wins!


  • Be sure to look closely at everything around you. You might be surprised at what you find!
  • If you’re stuck on an item, ask an adult or another person for help.
  • Have fun! Scavenger hunts are a great way to explore nature and learn about the world around you.

Winter nature scavenger hunt sheet:


  • A bare tree
  • A snow-covered pine tree
  • A frozen pond
  • A patch of snowdrops
  • A holly bush


  • A squirrel
  • A rabbit
  • A fox
  • A hare


  • A birdhouse
  • A sled
  • A snowman
  • A snowball
  • A frozen icicle

Bonus items

  • A snowflake
  • A footprint in the snow
  • A frozen puddle
  • A pinecone
  • A frosty window

Winter Scavenger Hunt Printable

Winter Scavenger Hunt Printable
Click image to print winter nature activities
make your own perfume nature walk is just one of these great activities
Make your own perfume from a nature walk is just one of these great book activities from the 101 Things to do on a Walk Lonely Planet book

Brilliant Activity Books for Walks

Lonely Planet 101 Things to do on a Walk

This book is jam-packed with a range of fun activities to do on a walk.

I-SPY Woods – Kids will have fun collecting points outdoors with more than 140 things to find. From fungi to flowers, birds to badgers, they’ll learn all about nature along the way. And once they’ve scored 1000 points, super-spotters can claim their official i-SPY certificate and badge.

Lonely Planet 101 Things to do on a Walk

I-Spy Garden Birds – Kids will have fun collecting points with more than 140 bird-related things to find. From robins to blackbirds, seagulls to finches, they’ll learn all about birds on their doorstep.

I-Spy in the Countryside – Packed with puzzles, photos and things to spot in the countryside for hours of entertainment.

I-Spy on a Walk – From plants and animals to buildings and transport, they’ll learn all about their surroundings, whether they’re on a walk in the town, countryside, in the mountains or by the sea.

More scavenger hunt ideas

If you like these scanvenger hunt ideas, check out are other scavenger hunts for kids; perfect for Easter and birthdays too!

nature walk with child

Tips for Making Your Nature Walk a Success

  • Choose a location that is appropriate for the age and abilities of your kids.
  • Check parking and facilities before you set off.
  • Be prepared for changes in weather.
  • Bring plenty of water and snacks.
  • Wear comfortable shoes and clothing.
  • Be respectful of the environment.
  • Let your kids explore and have fun.
nature walk view


Nature walks are a great way to get kids outdoors and connect with the natural world. They can also be a lot of fun, and there are many different activities that kids can do on a nature walk.

We hope that this article has given you some ideas for nature walk activities that you can do with your kids. So get out there and enjoy the nature!

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