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Best Restaurants In Corfu For Families

Looking for the best restaurants in Corfu for families? Well, you’ve come to the right place. It’s no secret that heading off on holiday takes a lot of planning, especially when you have kids in tow. And although you’ve probably already figured out the activities you’ll be doing in Corfu, and which Corfiot beaches you want to tick off your bucket list, something you may not have decided on the restaurants you’ll eat at. If you are browsing this whilst in Corfu, do note a couple of these restaurants will need reservations in advance.

Best Restaurants In Corfu For Families

If you’re heading over to Corfu or Greece, you’ll find most restaurants are family friendly with children welcomed with warm smiles!

In this article, we’ve added some of our favourite restaurants in Corfu for families, several near beaches so the kids can play after. So, if you’re getting ready to jet off (not jealous at all), keep on reading, as your planning just got a whole lot easier!

Corfu with a view!
Corfu with a view!
Petrino restaurant in Kassiopi Corfu overlooks the harbour.
Petrino in Kassiopi overlooks the harbour.

Best Restaurants In Corfu For Families

Petrino Kassiopi

A popular local restaurant in the beautiful coastal town of Kassiopi. Ask for a table upstairs to enjoy the view! Traditional Greek food is served but there is also spaghetti on the menu for kids.

Address: Kassiopi Harbour Kassiopi, Kassiopi 490 81, Greece

Boukari Beach Restaurant, Boukari

Boukari Beach Restaurant is a beautiful little fish restaurant right on the beach that gives you amazing views of the open water and, more importantly, a place for the kids to run around and play. Although Boukari’s most famous dishes are seafood dishes, their menu also includes hamburgers and simple pasta dishes like bolognese and Napoli that they can make in smaller portion sizes for your little ones. 

Address: Boukari, Corfu 49100

George & Elena’s Taverna, Messonghi

George & Elena’s Taverna is one of the most popular family-friendly restaurants in the beach resort of Messonghi, and as the owners are so attentive and good with kids, I highly recommend stopping by and grabbing a bite to eat come dinner time. For the most part, the menu at George & Elena’s largely consists of delicious Mediterranean and Greek food.

Address: Messonghi, Corfu 490 80

La Riviera Barbati Taverna, Barbati Beach

If you plan on spending the day at one of the best family-friendly beaches in Corfu, Barbati Beach, then you’ll want to head to La Riviera Barbati Taverna for lunch or dinner. The La Riviera restaurant overlooks Barbati Beach, and thanks to its large shaded garden, your kids can get rid of the rest of their stored-up energy running around and playing with other children.

While dining at La Riviera, the adults can enjoy various seafood, meat, and pasta dishes, while the kids have the options of safe choices like pizzas, nuggets, and burgers.

Address: Μπαρμπάτι 490 83

Mondo’s Bar & Grill, Agios Georgios

Mondo’s Bar and Grill in Agios Georgios (not to be confused with the popular Agios Georgios beach in northern Corfu) is a beachside restaurant with uninterrupted views of the Ionian Sea. The menu features a selection of traditional Greek food, as well as some of the most incredible burgers on the island, so it’s definitely worth a try if you’re in the area. 

If you can, I recommend heading there for sunset, especially on Saturday nights, as the restaurant also has a Greek dancing show which is excellent entertainment that should keep the little ones quiet and occupied. For a while, at least. 

Address: Ag. Georgios 490 80

Nikos Family Restaurant, Roda

In the town of Roda along Corfu’s northern coast is the Nikos Family Restaurant, which on Thursdays, is one of the best and entertaining restaurants in Corfu. On Thursdays outside Nikos, people, including restaurant guests, can partake in the traditional Greek plate smashing as well Greek dancing, which will both likely be a highlight of your kid’s trip and something they’ll talk about weeks after the holiday is over.

With seafood, pastas, and pizzas on the menu, Nikos has been a favourite for families for years, and I’m sure yours will agree. 

Address: Κephypa, Roda 490 81

Roda Park Restaurant, Roda

Another family-friendly restaurant in Roda is the Roda Park Restaurant which boasts lovely outdoor terrace seating. On Wednesdays, the restaurant also has traditional Greek plate smashing, along with fire lighting and Greek dancing. While dining at Roda Park, like many other restaurants in Corfu, you’ll have the choice of a huge selection of traditional Greek dishes and kid-approved dishes like pizza and pasta. 

Address: Roda 490 81

Sebastian’s Taverna, Agios Gordios

Sebastian’s Taverna, which is roughly a 5-minute walk from the beachfront, is a beautiful Greek restaurant with an outdoor terrace seating area. The traditional Greek food that comes out of the kitchen is almost as colourful and pretty as the flowers that decorate the terrace area, so you’re guaranteed to have a tasty and enjoyable meal that the entire family will love.

You’ll find that Sebastian’s doesn’t have a dedicated kids’ menu, however, they do half portion the adult sizes, so no food goes to waste. This is one of the best restaurants in Corfu for families whose kids want to try the traditional cuisine.

Address: Ag. Gordios 490 84

Stavros Traditional Grill House, Temploni

If your kids aren’t overly fussy and they’re willing to try Greek barbeque food, then you’ll want to head to Stavros Traditional Grill House in Temploni. With a nice view of the nearby mountains, meat that melts in your mouth, and ice cream for dessert, your whole family will be happy, full, and content after eating at Stavros. 

Address: Epar.Od. Paleokastritsas-Peleka, Temploni 491 00

Squirrel Restaurant, Ipsos

The family-run business, Squirrel Restaurant in Ipsos, has an appealing menu of burgers, steak, and seafood, but the reason why most people visit, is for dessert. If you aren’t usually a dessert family, you’ll want to make sure that you leave room as Squirrel Restaurant has a some tasty cheesecakes, chocolate cake, doughnuts, and ice cream that will suppress any sweet tooth. 

Address: Επαρ.Οδ. Πυργίου-Κορακιάνα, Kerkira 490 83

The 50/50 Greek Taverna, Sidari

The 50/50 Greek Taverna is another family-friendly restaurant in Corfu with kid-approved dishes of pasta and burgers as well as traditional Greek selections for the adults. After you’ve finished with your meal, you can take a short stroll down to the Paralia Sidari beach and enjoy the sound of the waves lapping up on the shore while the kids run around using up the last of their energy before bedtime. 

Address: Epar.Od. Skriperou-Peroulades, Sidari 490 81

The Best, Gouvia

I mean, it says it in their name! This is definitely one of the best restaurants in Corfu for families. The Best is a great family restaurant in Gouvia that has large portions of all their dishes, including burgers, traditional Souvlakis, and kebabs. While waiting for the food to arrive, kids are kept happy and entertained with games, which is something I truly appreciate in any restaurant. 

Address: Γουβιά 491 00

The Rose Tree, Kavos

Out of all the restaurants on this list, The Rose Tree is the only restaurant with a kids’ play area, albeit small and slightly old, but that’s nothing your kid’s imagination won’t fix. Aside from the traditional Greek food at The Rose Tree, your little ones will also have the option of pizzas, pastas, and burgers, but of course, they’ll always leave room for dessert. 

Address: Ασπροκαβος, Kerkira 490 80

The Three Brothers, Astrakeri

Finally, The Three Brothers restaurant in Astrakeri is the perfect place to introduce your littles to seafood, especially as they have an outdoor terrace that overlooks the ocean. If they aren’t feeling brave enough, however, then The Three Brothers also has pasta dishes, burgers, and french fries, so rest assured, there will be at least something on the menu that they will eat. 

Address: Αστρακερή 490 81

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