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Best Restaurants In Crete For Families

Looking for the best restaurants in Crete for families? Well, you’ve come to the right place. It’s no secret that heading off on holiday takes a lot of planning, especially when you have kids in tow.  If you are browsing this whilst in Crete, do note a couple of these restaurants will need reservations in advance if visiting in peak season.

If you’re heading over to Crete or Greece, you’ll find most restaurants are family friendly with children welcomed with warm smiles!

In this article, we’ve added some of our favourite restaurants in Crete for families. Regardless of whether you have picky eaters or not, the restaurants you choose to eat at can really make or break your day, which is why I’ve put together this article of some of the best restaurants in Crete for families. So you know that wherever you are on the island, there is an establishment nearby that will cater for your families needs.

Best Restaurants in Chania, Crete

Chania is a popular tourist destination located on Crete’s Northwest Coast, and as many first-time holidaymakers tend to visit here, I thought it was important to include a few restaurant options that you can try throughout your stay. 


Although Chrisostomos doesn’t have a beautiful ocean view, it is the winner of numerous awards, which makes it a must-visit restaurant if you’re staying in the region of Chania. Like many restaurants throughout Crete, Chrisostomos serves us traditional and authentic Greek food, along with grilled meats, cheeses, and a selection of dishes of the day. 

I highly recommend making a booking if you’re planning on eating at Chrisostomos because it fills up fast, and you won’t want to miss out! 

Address: Δευκαλίωνος, Ikarou και, Chania 731 32

Taverna Dimitris and Sakis

The Taverna Dimitris and Sakis restaurant is about a 10-minute drive from central Chania, but its Greek and other Mediterranean dishes are bursting with flavour that sees guests coming back time and time again. 

As little ones can often be fussy, you’ll be pleased to know that Dimitris and Sakis has a selection of pizzas that your tots will surely love and to make their time at the restaurant even better, there is a play area where they can run, climb, and use up the last of their stored away energy.

Address: Taverna Dimitris and Sakis, Kidonos, Daratsos 731 00

Hansel and Gretels

It’s hard to walk past this place and not stop for ice-cream – with brightly covered cones, lots of flavours. They also serve doughnuts, chimney cakes, ice cream and sweets – all with a witch zooming past – it’s a bit of showstopper for kids and Instagrammers alike.

Hansel and Gretel ice cream in chania, Crete, Greece
Chocolate and Strawberry Ice Cream Hansel and Gretel ice cream in chania, Crete, Greece

Zepos Restaurant

For incredible food and impeccable views of the Venetian harbour and Chania’s 158-year-old lighthouse, you’ll want to head to Zepos Restaurant. Zepos has a great selection of dishes that they make with fresh local produce, so you’ll really be spoilt for choice while trying to decide which dish sounds best. 

From hearty salads and homey pastas to traditional Greek cuisine and perfectly cooked meats, there’ll be something on the Zepos menu that everyone in your family will enjoy.

Address: Kountourioti 42, Chania 731 00

Best Restaurants in Heraklion, Crete

Families staying in Heraklion have access to a few different restaurants with play areas and open spaces for the little ones to enjoy. Below are some of my favourites! 

Amalia’s Kitchen

Amalia’s Kitchen is a family-run restaurant just a short walk from the Venetian Port in Heraklion, and if your little ones just aren’t brave enough to try traditional Greek food, then the choice of burgers, steaks, and fajitas will be a more familiar choice that could see you coming back numerous times throughout your holiday. 

Address: Arkoleon 3, Iraklio 712 02

Lotos Taverna

Situated right on the Paralia Ammoudara beach, just a 13-minute drive out of central Heraklion, is the Lotos Taverna restaurant. Not only is the Lotos Taverna fantastic for families due to its close proximity to the beach, but it also has a kids’ play area making it a haven for families with little ones who need to be kept occupied while waiting for their food. 

If you have the choice, head to the Lotos Taverna for sunset, as you’ll have front-row seats to one of nature’s greatest shows.

Address: Leof. Andrea Papandreou 92, Gazi 714 14

Pasiphae Restaurant

Pasiphae Restaurant is a favourite amongst families for its tasty traditional Greek and Minoan cuisine and its play area equipped with beautiful gardens that will entertain your kids for hours on end. 

If you’re visiting Crete’s largest Bronze Age archaeological site of, Knossos, be sure to stop in at Pasiphae. The staff will even let you park your car there if you’re heading down to the city beforehand. 

Address: Leof. Knosou 329, Iraklio 715 00

Ta Kalytera

Another pleasant family-friendly restaurant located right on Heraklion’s coast (this time on the Παραλία Ξεροπόταμος beach, however) is the Ta Kalytera restaurant that is known for its outstanding seafood dishes. 

Your kids can run and play on the sand at Ta Kalytera while mum and dad sit back and relax on the restaurant’s patio because, after all, that’s what holidays are for, right? 

Address: Arkadias 33, Xeropotamos 713 03

The Home Ethnic Bistro Bar

A fun-coloured restaurant in Heraklion’s city centre is The Home Ethnic Bistro Bar which is equipped with a playground and a selection of different dishes that can be difficult to find in other Cretan restaurants. 

While dining at The Home Ethnic Bistro Bar, you’ll have the choice of burgers, pasta dishes, Mexican-inspired food and Mediterranean options meaning you should find something that’ll please the entire family’s taste buds. 

Address: Perdikari 1, Iraklio 712 02

Best Restaurants in Rethymnon, Crete

Rethymnon is one of the best places to stay in Crete with little ones, and the restaurants in the area only elevate the attraction for families even further. 

Agrimia Restaurant

If you have little ones that hate sitting still while waiting for their food to be delivered, then you’ll want to visit the Agrimia Restaurant, not far from the city’s centre. At the back of the restaurant, your little ones can play and sit with other kids in the dedicated kid’s playroom while you enjoy adult conversations, knowing your kids are safe and within arm’s reach. 

Agrimia mainly serves traditional Greek and Mediterranean dishes, however, there is also a separate kids’ menu to accommodate the little ones. 

Address: 23, T. Petichaki Square, Rethymno 741 00

Castelo Rethymno

Perfect for foodies in beautiful surroundings and friendly and welcoming to families. Parking at the port parking lot is easiest and then it’s a 5 minute walk through the old town alleys.

Address: Rethymno 27, Arabatzoglou str, Rethymnon, Crete 74100 Greece

Castle Rethmyno restaurant, Rethmyno Greece

Marem Restaurant

Marem Restaurant is another eating spot in Rethymnon that serves excellent food for both adults and children and accommodates little ones with a large playground that is connected to the restaurant. 

Address: Rethimno 741 00


Now, Othonas doesn’t have a play area, but it does have a kid’s menu to make up for it with favourites like chicken nuggets, bolognese, and pizza. The adult menu is also diverse and tasty, so you’re guaranteed an excellent meal while staying in Rethymnon. 

Top tip: If you’re worried your kids will get bored while sitting at the table, take a pack of cards or UNO and play some card games while you wait!

Address: Mavrokordatou Alexanrou 27, Rethymno 741 00

Taverna Biofarm Armos

Taverna Biofarm Armos is about a 25-minute drive out of Rethymnon, but the views and activities for kids are well worth the drive. The restaurant, which is situated in the old Venetian village of Maroulas, is surrounded by miles and miles of countryside and boasts a large outdoor terrace, a vegetable patch that the kids can explore, and resident goats that your little ones can feed.

Address: Village1 Οδός Παπαμαρουλιανος, Maroulas 741 00

Taverna Zisis

The final kid-friendly restaurant in Rethymnon is the Taverna Zisis which has an outdoor play area for the kids and a large menu serving various Greek dishes. There is also a huge amount of seating at the restaurant, so your kid’s chances of making friends while visiting the Taverna Zisis is very high! 

Address: Leof. Machis Kritis 63, Rethymno 741 00

Best Restaurants in Other Areas of Crete

And to finish up, there are two final restaurants I wanted to mention on Crete’s eastern side near the town of Hersonissos.

Maria’s Golden Beach

If you’re staying in the Region of Stalis, then you need to try Maria’s Golden Beach restaurant. The staff at Maria’s absolutely adore kids, and your little ones will receive colouring, pencils, and a kids’ menu upon entering. 

Be sure to leave room for ice cream, as kids get one free after their meal!

Address: Agiou Ioanni 169, Stalida 700 07

Med Cafe & Restaurant

To end it all, the final restaurant on my best restaurants in Crete list is the Med Cafe and Restaurant in Hersonissos. The Med Cafe and Restaurant has incredible views of the water and the nearby rocks, so I recommend booking a table by the water beforehand, as not only do you get the best views, but keeping an eye out for crabs and fish will also keep the kids entertained.

Address: 25 Martiou 94, Hersonissos, Crete 70014

Hersonissos, crete, Hersonissos, Crete With Kids
All htese attractions are near to the family friendly Med Café and Restaurant in Hersonissos, Crete

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