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10 Of The Best Camping Stoves For Families

Switch up your camp cooking with these family-friendly stoves!! Check out the top 10 camping stoves that will totally help with your outdoor meals. No more smores-only-camping-trips. It’s time for sizzling breakfasts and delicious dinners right under the stars! I’ve done the digging to find the best stoves for you to add to your camping supplies collection.

10 Of The Best Camping Stoves For Families

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Best Camping Stoves For Families

Campingaz Party Grill 400 CV

Campingaz Party Grill 400 CV

The Campingaz camp stove is incredibly easy to set up. You can be ready to cook in just a few minutes – its a perfect cooking utensils when you are camping with hungry kids! It comes with:

  • A heat distributer
  • Pan support
  • A dual sided non stick cooking plate ( one smooth, the other ridged)
  • A grid
  • Lid which doubles as a wok
  • 3 legs 
  • A storage/carry bag
Camping Stove with Grill and bacon

We liked:

  • Compact and easy to carry – whether you are planning a hearty meal on the best hiking trails in Lake Tahoe or camping at home, it is lightweight and easy to use.
  • Versatile with different cooking plates, wok, grill or stove options
  • Easy to set up and attach the canister.
  • Food doesn’t fall off the edges
  • Easy to clean any fat drips due to the water lining

I did find igniting the grill a bit tricky the first time, but I soon developed the knack for it. The only other slight issue is that moisture can collect and run down the inside of the lid, so have a tea-towel on your work surface to stop this. See our full review of the Campingaz here.

Most importantly the food cooked evenly and tasted great – I think it always tastes better outdoors too! Its definitely a camping gear worth buying.

Fire Maple “Fixed Star 1”

First on the list is one of the simplest, most compact, yet most effective camping stoves on the internet. Meet the “Fixed Star 1” by Fire Maple, a pioneer brand in outdoor cookware.

The camping stove system comes in jet black and other creative designs. It has a burner that fits most fuel canisters, a bowl, and an insulated cooking pot.

Designed to ensure maximum safety, no slips, and high-speed cooking, this is the cooking utensils you need if you’re looking to save some space in your rucksack.


  1. An integrated cooking pot eliminates the need for extra dishes.
  2. Neoprene insulation and stainless steel handles for safe handling.
  3. Boils 1L of water in just over three minutes.
  4. Compact and easy to carry anywhere.


  1. Although rare, a few customers have reported concerns about the igniter malfunctioning after a few uses on this camping equipment.

Coghlan’s Stove

Wondering how compact these stoves can come? Check out the Coghlan’s Stove — it folds flat hence it makes to the my list of favourite camping accessories! Plus, it works with canned fuel and solidified alcohol.

This little foldable stove is budget-friendly, convenient, and made of tough alloy steel, so it can handle heavier pots. Coghlan’s is a trusted name for outdoor gear, camping supplies, and emergency kits, so you can enjoy your outdoor cooking without stressing about quality.


  1. The stove has a flat-top surface to accommodate pots of various sizes and shapes for reheating or cooking.
  2. It features protective walls on the sides and a front door that shields the flame from gusty winds.
  3. Compact and easily storable, the Coghlan’s Stove can fit into your drawer or camper’s glove box.
  4. The burner is compatible with any easily accessible and inexpensive fuel sources.


  1. Although the individual components boast strong and reliable build quality, the overall stove system lacks sturdiness due to its lightweight construction.

AOTU Portable Camping Stove

Ever wished for a stove that fits in your pocket on a backpacking camp? Look no further!

The AOTU Portable Camping Stove is a tiny powerhouse. It’s one of the perfect camping essentials if space is a concern but you still want high heat or a gentle simmer. This little champ can do both! If you’re a camper who just needs a stove for your morning coffee or some quick heating and boiling, this one’s for you.


  1. The burner base is crafted with aluminum honeycomb aluminum, guaranteeing durability even at high temperatures. 
  2. The burner’s body is made of refined aluminum alloy, so no worries about rust even in damp conditions!
  3. This lightweight stove comes in a tiny plastic box that easily fits in your palm, making it ultra-portable for your backpacking adventures with no campfire struggles .


  1. Some customers encountered problems igniting the stove as the gas failed to enter the burner.

Chef Master 90019 Portable Butane Stove

If you’re looking for a camping stove that’s safe and easy to use, the Chef Master 90019 Portable Butane Stove has got you covered! This stove is all about safety with a bunch of neat features.

All this, and it is neither too big nor too bulky either. It’s got a powerful burner that runs on butane. Just pop in the canister, and you’re good to start cooking!


  1. No matches or lighter? No sweat! This stove uses Piezo Electric Ignition, so you’re covered without needing extra camping gear.
  2. You can easily manage the heat with the built-in dial, giving you full control over the flame intensity.
  3. For added safety, it features a Pressure-Sensing Shut-off. If the canister pressure rises too much, it cuts off the flow to prevent any accidents.
  4. Plus, it comes with a hard-shell case, making it super portable and easy to store.


  1. The stove works only on the brand’s butane canisters, so purchasing this stove means you’ll have to be stocked with the Chef Master butane canisters.

VESTA Self-Powered Camping Heater & Stove

The VESTA Self-Powered Camping Heater & Stove does more than just your average camping stove. This investment doubles as a cooking stove and a room heater as well!

That’s right, this camping stove is so powerful, that it can also be used for indoor heating as well. Plus, the apparatus comes with canned heat as well, avoiding the need for an external fuel supply or electricity. Its a good to have camping equipment that will work for you both at home and outdoor adventures.


  1. Don’t let the additional features fool you; this heater/stove remains compact, weighing only 7.6 pounds, making it easy to pack in the car before your trip!
  2. Each canned heat lasts up to 6 hours, and you can use multiple cans simultaneously to prepare meals for the whole family.
  3. For discreet camping hacks, this stove has no visible flame, ensuring a low profile when you’re out in the wild.
  4. Its standout feature is its dual functionality as both an indoor heater and a cooking stove.


  1. While most parts of the equipment are heat-proof, there might be a few spots that are not, making it important to exercise caution, especially if kids are nearby. 

Proctor Silex Electric Stove

For folks into eco-friendly choices, the Proctor Silex Electric Stove is a solid pick. It comes in two versions: a single or double burner, both in sleek white, blending with stainless steel.

This stove is all about simplicity. Just plug it in and you’re good to go! It’s easy to clean, and has a heat regulator for extra control—pretty much everything you’d want in a stove!


  1. The 5.5-inch heating coil provides space for accommodating larger pots and pans, ensuring convenient cooking.
  1. It works well with different types of cookware, so you don’t need any special equipment.
  1. If you’re not a camper, this stove is also perfect for adding extra cooking space at home, making it a fantastic addition to your kitchen toolkit.


  1. Minor issues have been reported regarding the consistency of the heating coil, where temperatures are said to rise and drop frequently.


Next up on the list of camping stoves is another electric stove in elegant matte black. Not a fan of black? It comes in a silver variant as well!

The electric stove by Imusa is designed to be sleek, slim, and simple. This one looks good, whether on your countertops or out in the wild, while still getting the job done in easy steps.


  1. The stove features a helpful regulatory knob that includes clear labels. This is particularly useful since the flame isn’t visible, making it harder to gauge the heat level.
  1. Its rubber feet at the base prevent slipping on flat surfaces, ensuring stability during use.
  1. Customers appreciate the stove’s speedy heating coil, so be cautious not to let it overheat!


  1. The build quality is not best suited for rough handling or continuous outdoor usage.

Gas One GS-3400P

The GS-3400P by Gas One brings higher output, a compact build, and the ability to use different fuel types. Gas One’s known for making outdoor cookware that’s top-notch and super convenient.

This stove is all about safety with easy-to-use features. It’s a budget-friendly camping essentials option if you want a camping stove that’s a step up from the usual.


  1. The GS-3400P works with both propane and butane, which means you can use either a 16.4 oz propane tank or an 8 oz butane canister.
  1. While nothing quite beats the ambiance of gathering around a campfire, this stove lights up super fast and heats things up quickly making it a great alternative.
  1. No old rubber hoses. This one’s got an upgraded adapter system that’s leak-proof and really sturdy.
  1. For safety, if pressure gets too high, it automatically shuts off the gas and pops out the cartridge.


  1. The burner’s durability has been a concern for some buyers, with a few reporting damage after repeated use.

Techwood Hot Plate Portable Electric Stove

Techwood Hot Plate is an eco-friendly cooking option with an impressive 1500W heat output! Ideal for indoor and outdoor use, this reliable camping equipment ensures minimal environmental impact while offering versatile cooking solutions.


  1. The Techwood Hot Plate boasts a sleek black design that adds elegance to your camping setup.
  1. This versatile stove is compatible with various materials like aluminum, steel, ceramic, and glass.
  2. For added safety and easy handling, the stove is equipped with stainless steel handles securely riveted to the sides.


  1. The electric stove is not the largest, so it might not be able to accommodate larger pots and pans for cooking.

COOKAMP Single Burner Angle Iron Stove

We’re concluding our list with a no-frills camping stove, featuring a classic design. The COOKAMP Single Burner Stove keeps it simple and straightforward.

With its angled iron frame, basic hose, and simple regulator, this stove is perfect for those who prefer the traditional cooking approach.


  1. The straightforward design eliminates any confusion or setup hassle. Just connect your gas tanks, turn the knob, and light it up.
  1. Crafted with durable alloy steel and cast iron, this stove guarantees reliable build quality without any delicate or extra moving parts.
  1. Its compact size saves considerable space, ensuring convenience wherever you decide to use it.


  1. The stove doesn’t come with any additional features that you might find in most other camping stoves.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which stove is best for camping?

The best camping stoves are the ones that pack up easily, are easy to handle, and take a lot of hassle off your shoulders. From ones that ensure efficient heating, to others that make sure safety is of prime importance, you’re sure to find one that satisfies all your needs from our curated list of the best camping stoves.

  1. Which gas is best for camping?

For those of you choosing to camp in the winter, propane is the ideal choice, thanks to the highest vapor pressure and low boiling points. Otherwise, you can choose almost any kind, depending on your storage capacity. You can find stoves for every kind of fuel in our exhaustive list.

  1. Are camping gas stoves safe?

Most modern-day camping gas stoves ensure the highest safety, with proper hoses, adapters, and build quality. These camping accessories have additional features such as sensors that cut off gas flow and eject cartridges in case of high pressure.

You can find these and other safer stoves in our comprehensive list of outdoor stoves.

  1. What is the easiest stove to clean?

While gas stoves are more common amongst most users, the easiest stoves to clean are definitely the flat-top electric stoves. With an easy wipe, these stoves can be cleaned much easier than other stoves that have coils, burners, and knobs.

If you’re looking for convenient cleaning and environmentally friendly stove options, you’ll find them in the list above!

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