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Ideas to Help Prevent Kids Travel Sickness

Kids that suffer from travel sickness have various options to help, like tablets, patches and bands but which actually work? We asked parents to suggest their best ideas to help prevent kids travel sickness and what worked for them.

Travel sickness often happens during car journeys but some children will feel ill on any mode of transport.

Car sickness with kids is a type of motion sickness in children when the inner ears senses movement but the eyes can’t usually see the movement which creates the sick feeling. Old wives tales like placing newspaper under the seat may help as a placebo but it is not scientifically proved to work – although plenty of parents say it has!

Ideas to Help Prevent Kids Travel Sickness

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Ideas to Help Prevent Kids Travel Sickness

  • Keep the car cool or use the ventilation on an airplane.
  • Where layers of clothes to keep cool if feeling unwell.
  • Open the car window to increase ventilation.
  • Avoid reading or watching iPads and tablet screens
  • Downloaded an audio book through headphones instead.
  • Avoid big meals before setting out on your journey
  • Give your child a small, non fatty and sugary snack e.g. toast or dry crackers first with water to drink. Bring water for the journey.
  • Consider sitting your child in the front seat if they are over 12. (Check car seat instructions and airbag safety first!)
  • Plan a few stops if traveling by car to get some fresh air.

Products and Remedies for Car Sickness in Children- Recommended by Parents

  • Seaband Nausea Relief – Natural relief of nausea through acupressure which are reusable and washable.
  • Kwells Kids – If you are based in the UK, these were the most recommended product to help with travel sickness in children. They are for kids aged 4 and above.
  • Stugeron tablets – Again from the UK these are for adults and children over 5, with Cinnarizine 15mg as the axtive ingredient.
  • Kids Dramamine – (dimenhydrinate tablets) Available in the USA and other places. This is chewable and for children ages 2-12 so ideal for travel sickness in toddlers.
  • Queasy drops – Do supervise younger children in case there are any signs of choking as they are suckable drops like hardboiled sweets/candy.

And if they still get travel sick…

  • Use a car seat liner and pack a spare for travel sickness in babies and older children.
  • Always pack wipes
  • Pack a spare change of clothes
  • Bring a towel

What has helped you with motion sickness in kids?

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