Car Seats Abroad : Tips & Information On Taking A Car Seat On Holiday

Car Seats Abroad: Tips & Information On Taking A Car Seat On Holiday

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Taking car seats abroad is often a point of discussion for not only considering their use on airplanes – but also deciding whether to take on holiday. There are several things to consider when doing so – this guide will help you decide whether you can take your car seat or if it may be more convenient to hire one. (For specific information on using your car seat on an airplane, please see here)

Car Seats Abroad: Tips & Information On Taking A Car Seat On Holiday

Can I take my car seat for free?

If you are travelling by air, most airlines will allow you to bring your car seats for free and it will not count as going towards your baggage allowance. (However, unless you have an infant and have purchased a seat, you cannot use the car seat on the airplane.) Your car seat will go into the hold of the airplane and often will be checked in at the oversize counter. You may want to consider having it wrapped or put into a padded bag to help protect it.

Can I only take my car seat if I have an infant?

You can take your car seat for any child that requires one. If you intend to use it on the plane- it must fit and meet the airlines requirements.

Is my car seat suitable for use overseas?

This very much depends on  the car seat law within the country you are in, your car seat and  your hire car.

Many newer car seats are now ISOFIX or ISOFIT (also known as LATCH and UAS)- to increase safety. Some ISOFIX models are not suitable for use with the normal 3 point harness seat belt method. They MUST only be secured to the ISOFIX/ISOFIT points in the car.

You will need to check with the hire car company if your hire car has ISOFIX points if you are intending to take this type of car seat.

Some car seat models can work dual purpose and can also be used in cars that don’t have ISOFIX points, as they have retractable attachments. They can attach by using the normal 3 point seat belt.

If your car seat doesn’t have ISOFIX then it will work with a 3 point seat belt. Always check the child seat legalities of the country you are travelling to first.

If you have an ISOFIX base and a car seat that slots into it- you will again to check with your manufacturer if the car seat can be attached to the hire car using the 3 point harness only, or if you need to take the base with you.

Car Seat Law in different countries

  • Countries like Australia, also have a tether strap attached to Australian made car seats which attach to a tether point on the car (for additional security). It is a legal requirement that the tether strap be used – so a UK, EU, USA car seat would not be suitable for use over there.


  • USA car seats are not suitable for use in the UK  as they cannot release with one clip (they have an additional chest clip)


  • UK car seats are not suitable for use in the USA

Below are some useful links to help you.


What are the pros of taking my own car seat?

Your child will be familiar with it plus you will know how to install it. You will know that it hasn’t been in an accident and how safe it is. Often the standard of car seats overseas is not as high and just meet basic regulations. Some countries do not legally require car seats to be used at all! If you decide to buy a travel one, first look at the level of safety. The Which? Guides online provide a useful starting point. Also check if it is legally allowed in the country you are travelling too as mentioned above.

What are the negatives of taking my own car seat?

They are bulky to transport and lug around.

Do I need a car seat in a taxi?

This is a personal preference – whilst legally you don’t require a car seat for a taxi in SOME countries/states, it can be unpractical having to carry one around with you wherever you go. You may want to consider a travel booster for these times.

Check with your tour operator if the coach can fit a car seat. Official London Black Cabs in the UK now have 1 child seat belt which is adjustable in the centre of their cabs.

Many now have the Mifold travel Car seat which adjusts the seatbelt to fit a child. The Mifold Grab And Go is a very light and compact travel car seat which works by adjusting the size of a normal seatbelt to make it fit a child.

It’s for children aged 4 and up and easily fits into a tote bag. It’s available to buy internationally and convenient for when you can’t use your normal booster seat.

However, international versions have slight differences so the UK version cannot be used in the USA and vice versa.  No version can be used in Australia. 

For more information on the Mifold and to see how it works click  here.



Car Seats Abroad: Tips & Information On Taking A Car Seat On Holiday

I want to hire a car seat at my destination. What should I ask?

Ask if they can send you a picture or make and model of the car seat. Ask if you need to fit it or if they have a designated car seat fitter. We have experienced after a long, night flight, no one would assist in helping us fit the car seat due to insurance and liability reasons.

Car Seats Abroad: Tips & Information On Taking A Car Seat On Holiday


Other options for using a car seat on holiday

Look into buying a car seat and having it delivered to your hotel, villa etc. If you have any family and friends at your destination you could always have it delivered to them too. There are many parents groups online and of course eBay or even Amazon. Official advice is not to buy a secondhand one in case it has been in an accident, so if you purchase one, check it over thoroughly before use.


What companies do you recommend for the best car seats abroad?



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  1. Oh wow, this is super useful Carrie! Interestingly one of our car seats has that strap thing as well as being dual purpose, I’ve always wondered why!

  2. Very useful info! We’ve taken a car seat with us a few times before but usually rely on hire car companies…working out how to fix them to the seat can be a bit of a challenge!

  3. It is such a minefield, isn’t it – I always took our Group 0 car seat as it made life easier (and got a special protective bag!) but once she was in to Group 1, it was just way too heavy and bulky so had to rely on car hire companies which are never brilliant, rarely guaranteed and usually ends in me trying to fit it with jetlag and a cross small person… Glad those days are now behind us and we can finally use a booster seat! Interesting to know the different regulations about Australia particularly. I got caught out in Miami as you have to have your own car seat for taxis there, as otherwise both you and the driver can get fined… #familytraveltips

  4. This is such a brilliant post. I have never considered taking my own car seat abroad (I don’t know why!) I always thought I would sort it when I arrived on holiday (that is me – totally last minute!) thanks for hosting xx

  5. This information is very helpful. Making the decision about bringing your own car seat vs. renting one is tough and I appreciate the additional insight you provide. #familytraveltips

  6. This is so useful – we are travelling to Spain in the Summer and need to think about taking hiring car seats. I actually had no idea that you could take your own with you. #familytraveltips

  7. This is interesting, we have never taken a car seat on a plane, but always hire seats wherever we go. I didn’t realise that they would be free to put in the hold. We have ordered a booster seat and car seat for our boys when we go to Spain this year. I always assumed they would fit the seats, they did when we hired a car in Italy, but good to know that might not be the case. Thanks! x

  8. Great tips. We our taking our own this year on our trips. We have in the past rented and each time has been a stressful situation. Including one car company giving us a stage 1-2-3 seat meant for 9 months plus to our 16 week old son even though we had booked the correct seat for him. So now we will see this year if it is any less stressful! #familytraveltips

  9. Useful advice! We have taken our seats for our last 2 trips after having a bad experience a few years ago. Will never hire them again! It’s defo worth the effort of lugging them around cost-wise and from a peace of mind perspective.

  10. With everything we need to remember to pack for everyone I can imagine this important piece being forgotten. Thank you for sharing your tips. #familytraveltips

  11. Great post. Car seats abroad puts me off taking young children. Taking your own seems a hassle and you risk damaging it but equally hiring one, how do you know it’s not been in a crash? That it’s up to UK safety standards? #familytraveltips

  12. Hi, I am moving to Australia with my children and was planning on taking our car seats with us. We have the Britax advansafix which are isofix and seatbelt installed (isofix can retract) and have the top tether strap so from what I’ve read as they have all these things we could use then in Australia??

  13. I’m going to Florida in August with my 15month old. I’ve been advised by the booking agent to take our own, works out silly money hiring! However our usual seat is a very heavy isize isofix model. Im thinking I will order a cheap and lighter group 1 seat and that way If it gets damaged it’s now big deal. 🤔 any thoughts?

    • Hello- are you in the UK? If so legally a UK car seat is not allowed in the USA ( although they are generally better than the USA ones, so it makes no sense but technically they are not allowed. So should you be in an accident, it may harm your claim.
      Obviously loads of people bring their own (me included before I knew) but it is something to consider and weigh up.
      We are heading out to Florida in a Few months and are buying some online from walmart and leaving them at the hotel. We are getting them deliver directly to the hotel and it’s much cheaper than hiring from the car hire company – plus we know they haven’t been used before. This might be another option to consider too?

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