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7 of the Best Lightweight Double Strollers For Travel 2023

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If you are flying with twins or two little ones, a compact double stroller is probably on your essential list and if you like to explore frequently you may be wondering “What is the lightest weight double stroller for travel?”

Not only are lightweight strollers easier to lift in and out of cars, but they are also easier to manage when lifting on and off airport baggage belts, train carriages and buses making them a practical choice of travel stroller. Airplane wise, double strollers are unlikely to fit in the overhead stowage bins, but will be permitted to go in the hold.

7 of the Best Lightweight Double Strollers For Travel

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What are the Best Lightweight Double Strollers for Travel in 2023?

This guide will take you through the lightest travel strollers currently available and compare all the features they have so you can make an informed choice over which lightweight double stroller for travel is best for your family’s needs.

Things to Consider When Buying a Double Travel Stroller

Here are some of the most important things to think about when looking for the best twin travel stroller.

1. Size and Weight

The main differences between a regular double stroller and a travel double stroller are the size and weight. The best double strollers for travel are considerably lighter and usually smaller than their heavier counterparts. Compact double strollers will make it a lot easier to pass through doorways and negotiate small spaces such as local transport.

A lightweight double stroller may have less features and comfort but that is the tradeoff for the other practical features. The best traveling double strollers for long days out are those that are lightweight and small enough to lug around and store, yet feature extras such as recline, independent sun canopies and decent storage underneath. Something a double umbrella stroller is unlikely to offer.

I found for me after the weight, the recline and sun canopy were the most important features for deciding on the best double stroller for traveling.

2. Your Travel Needs

What sort of travel will you be doing can impact the type of double pushchair you need. Can it manage cobblestones in Europe? Will it be used for short distances and to help transport your bags or will you need it for long day trips and naps during the day?

Do you travel by plane regularly -is it the best travel double stroller for flying and for the airport? Who is it for – will you need a double stroller for slightly older kids if heading out to Disney World or one that is suitable for a younger baby – if so does it need an additional insert?

Double strollers are also allowed as hold luggage (for free), in addition to your normal baggage allowance. But be aware that with American Airlines you will not be able to gate check it if it weighs over 20lbs.

3.  Recline And Other Features

As mentioned above, several double lightweight strollers offer a recline function and a fairly decent sun canopy, but you may need to compromise on the storage basket. For instance, you could forego a large storage basket for a comfortable backpack.

Often you can buy accessories like cup holders, bag clips/ stroller purse clip hooks, or a double stroller organiser to make the stroller more convenient. (I found mine invaluable, especially if the storage basket was small). Decide which features are an absolute must for you, and ones you could compromise on.

4. Ease of Folding

If you are flying or travelling solo, then an easy folding function is a must when you are looking for the best compact double stroller.  Some of the best foldable strollers for travel can quickly and easily be folded up using just one hand.

5. Cost

There are some all singing/all dancing travel strollers out there – but these do come with a higher price tag.

Check if companies offer price match – often if you cut the middle man out you can find a better deal too. Also look into second hand strollers, or perhaps borrow a friends?

6. Type of double stroller

Do you prefer a lightweight double tandem or side-by-side buggy or stroller? Is it for twins or a baby and toddler, do you need it to recline fully for a newborn?


  • Want to know what the narrowest double stroller is? Take a peek at the Joovy Caboose tandem double stroller with a width  53.98cm/21.25″, closely followed by the City Tour 2 Double at 26.1″

What is the best double stroller for travel?

Below are 7 of the lightest and most reliable double strollers we have found. After the table is a more in-depth review of each double stroller.

Name ImageWeight of StrollerWeight Limit and width of stroller (unfolded)Canopy
Zoe TwinZoe xl2 double travel stroller19lbs24lbs per seat
Operate independently UV50+
Mountain Buggy Nano Duo  Mountain Buggy Nano Duo Buggy double stroller20lbs/9kg 33lbs/15kg per seat 73cm/28.7″ SPF 50. Canopies move independently
Baby Jogger City Tour 2 Double Baby Jogger City Tour 2 Double Stroller23.2lbs/10.5kg 33lbs per seat 26.1″ UV 50+ Canopies move independently with extension panels and peek-a-boo windows
Joovy Caboose Ultralight  Joovy Caboose Too Ultralight double stroller23.5kgs 45lbs per seat/20.4kg 21.25″/54cmThe large canopy provides ample coverage, and the new rear canopy extension covers the rear rider when seated
Joovy Kooperjoovy kooper doble stroller 28 lbs31.69 x 30.31 x 41.34 inches
Large canopies offer a UPF 50+ protection.
Baby Jogger City Mini Double31.8 lbs 50lbs per seat 76.5 x 77.5 x 32 cmUV 50+ Canopies move independently

Best Lightweight Double Strollers For Travel

FAQ’s About Traveling With A Double Stroller

  • Q: Can you gate check a double stroller?
  • A: Yes, you can. You will usually be given a luggage tag at check in and then hand your stroller to staff at the gate or on the airbridge, just before you board your flight.
  • Q: Do you need a bag to check a stroller?
  • A: Whilst you don’t a bag to check a stroller, it is a good idea to use one to help keep all the bits securely together and help keep the stroller dry and clean. A padded stroller bag, is the best for added protection and yes you can buy a double stroller gate check bag. For more information on the best gate check stroller bags see here.
  • Q: Can you take a double stroller through airport security?
  • A: Most of the above travel double strollers are pretty narrow, and would fit through most airport security machines. If it won’t fit, then security personnel will need to conduct a personal check, using hand-held electromagnetic wands and sometimes swabs.


Above we mentioned how it is hard to find the perfect baby travel stroller which meets your every need when out and about. If you do find yourself deliberating between a couple of choices, remember, often accessories can be added, like stroller hooks (my favorite!) or a stroller organizer etc. More ideas and details are below.

stroller hook
stroller hooks are SO useful and easy to pack

Stroller hooksStrollers hooks are brilliant for purchases, diaper/nappy bags and for adding to strollers that have no basket or other limited storage capacity.

Universal Stroller OrganizerUniversal organizers for travel strollers are perfect for keeping everything in one place. Organizers can hold drinks, snacks, phone, tissues and allsorts!

Cup Holders for Travel StrollersUniversal stroller cup holders which fit most travel strollers can be easily bought for added convenience.

Stroller Travel Bags – Stroller travel bags are a great way to help protect your stroller when traveling, particularly if flying. Padded stroller bags offer better protection but are more expensive, but even a polyester gate check bag can help keep straps and buckles together and the stroller clean. Stuffing a few diapers/nappies in discreetly can help protect it too. Some cabin sized strollers already come with their own bag and carrying strap making it easier to stow in the overhead lockers on the plane.

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I've searched high and low looking for a review just like this but includes comparison of the FOLDED sizes. It would be amazing if it could also include a photo of each stroller on this listed folded, next to each other, for comparison. Can you make that happen??? I'm shocked that this comparison doesn't exist. I want to know which one will fit best in my tiny rental car for trips!!

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Hello, I will add that to my list! Great idea!