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Which Airports/Airlines Provide Courtesy Strollers?

Does the airport have strollers? If your travel stroller is gate checked or has been checked in straight away, or perhaps you have a connecting flight and will be in transit at another airport for a bit; then knowing which airlines or airports provide courtesy airport strollers can be very helpful when flying with a baby or toddler. (Especially if you don’t have your baby carrier with you).

This guide lists the airports/airlines that do provide courtesy strollers.

Emirates airport strollers

Do Airports Provide Strollers?

Some airports do provide prams or strollers for everyone to use, regardless of the airline you are travelling with. In other cases, it is the airline which provides them for primarily their passengers only – so you may only see them in certain terminals.

Below you will find out where you can pick up your airport stroller to borrow and any extra relevant information. The majority are free, but I’ve also included a short list below where there is a charge for using an airport stroller.

If you know of anymore please let me know so I can update this list. (You may also be interested in the facilities airports have for kids).

Airline Strollers


Narita, Kansa, Chubu Centrair Intl and Kamatsu.


Flying with twins
Emirates offer single and double strollers in Terminal 3 of Dubai Airport

At Dubai Airport only, at every Emirates gate (Terminal 3) The Emirates Airline website says “We also offer a complimentary baby stroller service at Dubai International Airport (on arrival and transit only) for all of our passengers. Twin baby strollers are also available.”


Etihad airport stroller Abu Dhabi family travel
Etihad offer orange strollers at Abu Dhabi airport in Terminal 3

At Zayed International Airport only (Terminal 3) The Etihad airport strollers are easy to spot as they are bright orange.


Narita, Kansai, Chubu Centrair Intl and Kamatsu.


See ‘Australia’ below.

Qatar Airways strollers at Doha Airport, Qatar
Qatar offer strollers at Doha airport


At Doha airport only. Strollers are located after disembarking from the bus, in the arrivals hall. Qatar provide disposable covers and the service is free. as well to ensure the strollers’ cleanliness.

Customers departing from Hamad International Airport: Strollers can be requested during check-in and brought to you prior to proceeding to immigration.

Customers requesting to use their own baby strollers during transit at Hamad International Airport: Delivery of your personal stroller at the aircraft’s door once you disembark is no longer available at Hamad International Airport, however you may request for a baby stroller once you arrive at the arrival hall.

Airport Strollers

Arlanda (Stockholm)

Arlanda Stockholm airport

Free airport strollers are available for use on arrival. 


Strollers in Adelaide domestic terminal near Virgin Australia desks

Qantas website states that, “To make your time on the ground easier, most mainline Australian ports have strollers available for you to use once you have checked-in your own personal stroller.

Staff will be on hand at the boarding gate ready to collect the stroller and to further assist you with pre-boarding the aircraft. When I emailed the Canberra, Cairns and Sydney airports, they confirmed that Qantas do provide them.

Airport strollers are also available in Sydney at the Qantas terminal and in Melbourne. However, I couldn’t find any on my most recent trip at the domestic terminals in Melbourne. I flew both Qantas and Tiger Air. 

Adelaide had them available as you entered the domestic T3 terminal. I also noticed Virgin Australia had them located by the check in desks.

Birmingham (UK)

Airport pushchairs are available on arrival for a £1 coin deposit, which is refundable at the pushchair return point located within the baggage hall.

Copenhagen (Denmark)

airport strollers
Copenhagen airport strollers

Free airport strollers are available  to use from the transit area. The storage area is located immediately after security check in the international departures hall and the pushchair can be used right up to the gate.

Moreover, as their pushchairs can typically be found all over the airport, passengers are welcome to use any unused pushchairs found in a different area.

Dublin (Ireland)

Available in Terminal 1 after security screening. Main collection area as soon as you start your journey to the gates and various stroller drop off points by the boarding gates.

Frankfurt (Germany)

Buggy rental services during your stay at Frankfurt Airport are available. You can hire and return buggies for a fee at the baggage storage area in Terminal 1, Area B, Level 1 (Arrivals).

Kansai (Japan)

The Kansai Airport site states that, “You can borrow wheelchairs and strollers from each floor’s Information Counter (excluding the counter in the International Departure Area) and from the Information Center in the north part of the 2nd floor.”

Stroller at London Luton Airport

London Luton Airport

One child child over the age of 6 months and under 25 kilograms in weight can be seated in the pushchair. You return the pushchair to one of the designated bays located in the baggage reclaim hall adjacent to belt 2 and belt 5.

Madrid Airport – Spain

madrid trolley
Strollers in Madrid. This is the type for younger babies.

Complimentary strollers are available at several spots around the main airport. They have two types, trollies similar to shopping carts, with space for a younger baby up to 6 months, or the umbrella pushchair type. 

madrid stroller
Madrid airport strollers for older kids.

 Mumbai – India

Complimentary airport baby strollers are available from Domestic terminal T2 and post security check at Level-3 Domestic and Level- 4 international. ‘This facility can be availed on submitting your photo ID at the information desk. After your use of the strollers you can get in touch with the Zone ‘C’ officer on 8879992373 or contact the Information desk to return the stroller in lieu of your ID card.”

Muscat International AirportOman

Offer free prams at departure and transit.

Nagoya –  Chubu Centrair Intl (Japan)

Airport strollers at Nagoya -  Chubu Centrair Intl Airport (Japan)
Airport strollers at Nagoya –  Chubu Centrair Intl Airport (Japan)

There are two types of airport baby strollers available, one for toddlers age one – three, and one for infants and babies age one month – two years. There is a limited availability of these.

When you arrive at the airport, you can check with your airline company to rent a stroller at the Check-In Counter. For more information, check with your airline.

Narita (Japan)

The Narita Airport website states, “Free wheelchair and baby stroller rentals are available at each information counter inside the terminals (no reservations necessary). Please return it to the nearest information counter after use. Wheelchairs and strollers may be used by departing passengers before and arriving passengers after passport control. Please contact your airline for use in the boarding gate area.”

New Delhi (India)

Available in Terminal 1D of Indira Gandhi International Airport.

Paris- Charles de Gaulle (France)

Available from Terminal 2E
Located immediately after the security checkpoint, two self-service pushchair stations are free of use to take to the boarding gate. They are blue with a pole sticking out for you spot them.

Paris- Orly (France)

Terminal South – Hall A
The pushchair station is located immediately after the security checkpoint opening onto hall A, downstairs to the left of the escalator. It only operates during the school holidays.


Changi Airport provides prams on a first-come, first-served basis. These are available from the Information and Customer Service Counters.

South Korea

Complimentary strollers can be found on the ground floor.

Airports that charge for rental of strollers.

Frankfurt (Germany)

In the Arrivals hall in Terminal 1 Arrival hall B , Level 1, Strollers are available for a charge of 6 euros a day from the Left Luggage service.

Hong Kong

The airport site says, “Hong Kong airport offers baby strollers for rental. The service can be booked through your travel agent, airline, airline’s handling agent or through Worldwide Flight Services, which operates a 24-hour hotline (+852 2261 2727).” However, trolleys with a small ‘bassinet’ for young babies (like the ones in supermarket trollies) are available at the airport customer service desk.

Cabin sized strollers

For cabin sized strollers that fit within most airlines cabin baggage allowance, see here. These will save you having to hold a tired baby or toddler at customs or passport control!

Bookmark for later?

Guide to courtesy airport strollers. A guide to help you plan your holiday and what sort of stroller you will need to bring with you. Several airport provide free ones to use in transit and for departures and/or arrival, which definitely helps flying with young children a little bit easier.
Etihad stroller


Q. Does Southwest provide strollers at the airports?

A. Southwest Airlines do not provide strollers at the airport.

Q. Are there courtesy strollers at SFO San Francisco airport?

A: No, there are no courtesy strollers at any U.S.A airport

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Monday 21st of November 2022

Is there a free stroller at Taipei International airport?


Saturday 13th of November 2021

Hola, me gustaría saber si en el Aeropuerto de Amsterdam schiphol hay carritos de bebé disponible,? Tienen informacion al Respecto? Muchas gracias!!

Carrie Bradley

Sunday 14th of November 2021

Hi Veronica, Apologies i had to use google translate -but from my undertstanding Amsterdam Schipol do not provide airport strollers

Belinda Moris

Monday 27th of April 2020

Just a note to add Muscat International Airport offering free prams at departure and transit.

Stephen Byrne

Friday 20th of July 2018

Stockholm Arlanda also provides complimentary strollers in Terminal 5.

Carol mulligan-John

Wednesday 14th of March 2018

Great site, the ones in Birmingham aren't reclinable are they !? Just wondering as travelling with a 4 month old so want her to be horizontal. They look like trolleys, need blankets etc


Thursday 22nd of March 2018

Hi - I don't recall them reclining.