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Best Baby Carrier For Travel Reviews & Comparison Chart


Having a baby carrier in your hand luggage is essential. They are invaluable for boarding the aircraft or disembarking the aircraft and keeping you hands free for all of the other baby gear. They are complete life savers if you have a long walk to baggage claim, and your travel stroller needs to be collected there.

Baby carriers come in all shapes and sizes and baby carriers for toddlers are also available for up to around 4 years old.  Styles of baby carrier include:

  • Front Facing Baby Carrier
  • Baby Back Carrier
  • Baby Wrap
  • Hip Baby Carriers
  • Baby Sling

Best Baby Carrier For Travel Comparison Chart

Ergobaby 360Manduca StandardLILLEbaby All seasons ergonomic carrierBaby Tula Free to Grow CarrierBaby Bjorn One
Child Weight LimitsMin 5.5kg to 15kg
(12.13 lbs to 33.1 lbs)
From 7lb if newborn insert is purchased
Min 3.5 kg to 20 kg
(7.7lbs to 44 lbs).
Min 3.17kg to 20.4kg
(7lbs to 45lbs)
Min 3.17kg to 20kg
(7lbs to 44lbs)
Min 3.6kg to 15kgs
(8lbs to 33lbs)
Front Carry
Front Facing OutXX
Back Carry
Hip CarryXX
Hood✓ plus a head rest.X - has a head rest✓ plus a head restX Can be bought separately Baby Bjorn Cover With Hood


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Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier One

This versatile carrier can be used in 4 ergonomic front and back carrying positions. These include newborn, baby facing-in, baby facing-out and back carrying.  I bought this because not only do I have a dog to walk, but also to support my back as I’ve had back surgery in the past. The extra lumbar support and padded shoulder straps have proved invaluable. – I’ve managed to carry both of my daughter’s up to the maximum weight allowance. For travelling, it can squish up very nicely into a regular sized carry on bag. (Also in my carry on bag, I’ve had a spare change of clothes for me, 2 spare changes for her, extra muslins, extra nappies, bag of toys, a book for me (wishful thinking), two books for her and usually my sunglasses case.) So hopefully that gives you an idea of how compact it can be. 
The carrier has also been very handy for either boarding or disembarking the aircraft and keeping hands free.

As all airports/airlines vary with their policies of stroller delivery on arrival, (sometimes at aircraft door or baggage carousel or oversize luggage), this carrier proved to be invaluable, especially when I have flown alone with little Miss A.

For more information and latest prices, see here.

LILLEbaby All Seasons Carrier.

This is a contender for the best baby carrier for travel as it is suitable for all seasons. For warmer climes there is mesh panel to help with air flow. For colder or windy days there is a hood and adjustable neck support. For your comfort, there is additional lumber support and large padded straps. It can be used in all positions, including hip and is suitable from birth to toddler. (Up to 45lbs)
For more information and prices see here

Review by Leonor Gonzo

What I really like about it, is that it is so comfortable for the baby and the mum! Perfect for the 3 long haul flights to Australia that we have flown. It keeps baby in the correct position with the legs bent around the parent to support the lower back. It’s very versatile and can be worn a number of ways; facing forwards,on the back and on the hip and is suitable from day one if you buy the infant insert. Otherwise it is suitable from 12.1lbs. I also liked the fact it had various supports, which you can adjust to make it comfortable for your baby. A further advantage is the hood. This model does not have pockets but the original Ergo does.


  • Comfortable
  • Versatile
  • Supports baby well


  • It’s a little tough to do up the top strap behind your back, as it’s right in the middle of the shoulder blades and high up! I often get others to help me for that.. However, it is easy to adjust once the baby is in and the higher the baby is the better for your back/shoulders.

For more information and latest prices, see here.



Baby Tula Free To Grow carrier

The baby Tula is lightweight and flexible with complete adjustments to suit your measurements. The mesh and cool fabric make it ideal for warmer climates. The padded areas also make it comfortable to wear. This baby carrier is suitable from birth up to 44lbs and also for toddler wearing. This travel baby carrier also has small pocket for small items. For sleeping, feeding or sun protection, each baby carrier includes a coordinating removable hood.


For more information and latest prices, see here.

Manduca Original

Popular in Europe (but also available in the USA), the Manduca ergonomic baby carrier offers flexible carrying positions. These include forward facing, back and hip. This soft structured carrier is suitable from birth to approximately 4 year old and can hold up to 20kg. The carrier is made from organic cotton and has an adjustable head and neck rest.


For more information and prices, see here.





Scootababy Hip Carrier

Review by Charlotte Fletcher

Photo courtesy of Scootababy

For bigger babies a hip carrier has been really useful. Most airports have allowed us to keep our buggy with us until we get to the gate, but there have been several instances where we’ve had to check it in and missed out on the first-come-first-served airport buggies. Obviously the babybjorn (or equivalent) is great for wee ones (not least because the airport buggies often aren’t suitable for very young infants) but our hip carrier was a godsend for our chunky 12 month old. It also weighs very little and is less bulky than the babybjorn. It can carry a child between 12 lbs and 37 lbs (5.5 kg–17 kg)


  • Light and compact so easily stashes in hand luggage.
  • Brilliant for pre-walkers who’ve outgrown the babybjorn
  • Distributes baby’s weight around your waist, hips and shoulders; leaves both hands free for holding onto other children!
  • Can be used as a front, back or hip carrier.


  • It’s not a miracle worker so a heavy child will still be difficult to carry for any substantial length of time.
  • Initially took a bit of jiggling around to work out how to get the straps optimally positioned.


Which baby carrier for travel do you recommend?


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