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Airplane Beds for Toddlers: A Guide to the Sleep Devices Which Can Be Used on Flights

Getting your child to have a decent sleep on a long haul flight, is the dream of many parents, including my own!

There are now a myriad of products on the market offering an inflight sleep solution; some with either an airplane seat extender which extends a mattress from the footwell to the seat; inflates into the footwell to fill in the gap or acts as a larger comfy but portable pillow.

All of them can potentially be used for young kids or as airplane beds for toddlers, depending on individual airline rules. My children have used or tried to use them on several airlines.

We take a look at all the options, review the pros and cons of airplane beds for kids and what airlines allow these sleep devices on planes. We contacted many airlines safety departments via their press office directly to get the correct answer when the answer wasn’t clearly available on their website.

Plane Pal and Flyaway travel bed to help kids sleep on a flight
Gadgets to help kids sleep on a flight! Could these be the perfect economy toddler beds for the plane?

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Everything you need to know about Airplane Beds for Toddlers • Child Airplane Seat Extenders • Sleep Devices & Inflatable Leg-Rests

We’ve tried and tested most, researched and updated which airlines do & don’t allow them and found out all you need to know before making a purchase. Airlines do not provide these!

Inflight sleep products like these, have become a natural part of our cabin baggage, shared out to friends to try too, and have a degree of influence over which airlines we now choose to fly to some destinations.

kids asleep on flyaway mattress and plane pal
Kids asleep on Flyaway mattress and Plane Pal on Singapore Airlines and the airline bassinet

These inflight comfort devices or seat extenders, (also known as “inflatable foot rests”, “inflatable travel mattresses”, “convertible in-flight beds” or “bed boxes” ), are an ingenious way of converting an economy seat into a comfortable flat bed for kids and cheaper than an upgrade!

They take little time to set up, are relatively light and don’t take up much space: all attractive qualities for parents traveling with kids. Applies to travel strollers for toddlers too!

What Airplane Beds for Toddlers Are Available and Which are the Best?

Jetkids bed box by stokke, sleep device for kids and toddlers on a plane.- airplane beds for toddlers
Jetkids by Stokke AKA BedBox

The three main contenders for the best airplane beds for toddlers (and the ones which are currently most likely to be approved by airlines are):

Jetkids BedBox by Stokke

This is the only one I haven’t tried but I have friends who have. It not only converts an economy seats into an inflight bed, but also acts as ride on suitcase with some extra storage space inside. (It also houses the mattress.) With the straps you can pull a 3 year old along around the airport or offer them somewhere clean to sit whilst in a queue.

On board, you simply take out the mattress, stand the suitcase up and et voila the bed is made!

Pros: it doubles up as a ride on and is very easy to set up.

Jetkids stokke bedbox is also a ride on as well as a sleep device for kids on a plane
Jetkids Stokke Bedbox can be ridden on at the airport

Cons: Not a lot of storage space and bulky if your kids doesn’t want to ride on it!

Planepal Flyaway vs Plane Pal Travel Bed to help kids sleep on a flight- airplane beds for toddlers
PlanePal inflatable seat extender/sleep device


Dimensions: 75cm wide x 37cm long x 44cm high

Age range: 2-8 years  

Amazon UK price: Check here

The PlanePal airplane beds for toddler and young children is an inflatable foot rest made of smooth black vinyl which is simple to use: blow it up and position in your child’s foot space.

The inventors have designed in flexibility by allowing you to use it in three ways: lengthways in line with the seat ideal if you have the extra space at the bulkhead bassinet position), widthways across the seat base, or upside down. That’s because the Plane Pal is T-shaped and wider at the top than the bottom, so if you’re struggling to squeeze it in behind the seat in front, just flip it on its head.

It takes just over two minutes to inflate using a hand pump, which comes in the Plane Pal carry case along with the mattress.

Pros: Packs up small, easy to set up.

Cons: Can be a bit fiddly with the pump. For a full PlanePal review on Singapore Airlines see here

flyaway bed Flyaway vs Plane Pal Travel Bed to help kids sleep on a flight - airplane beds for toddlers
Flyaway sleep device/seat extender to help kids sleep on a flight


This product has been made with the IATA (International Air Transport Association) guidelines in mind. For those airlines which specify only certain brands of seat extenders can be used, in my opinion, I think this one will be added to their lists.

Dimensions: 50cm wide x 60-80cm long x 52cm high

Load: up to 50kg

Age range: 2-7 years   

It takes about 100 seconds to inflate, given there’s less volume to blow up than in the Plane Pal. Again there are two inflation valves which operate one-way to prevent any air escaping while you blow it up, and a third escape red valve which releases air pressure if you over inflate. 

Read my full FlyAway review here. Get 10 US$ off the Flyaway direct from their website – they ship internationally and can deduct the equivalent of your currency.. Code is below just click it to go to their website.

Virgin Atlantic clearly details what comfort devices or toddler beds they do or don't allow on board their flights.
Virgin Atlantic clearly details what comfort devices or toddler beds they do or don’t allow on board their flights.

Do Airlines Allow Airplane Toddler Beds & Inflatable Footrests?

Quick answer? Some do and some don’t. Below details the airlines which officially allow or prohibit them and state this on their website. Just click on the links to view their entire policy.

Airlines who officially do NOT allow most sleep travel gadgets/airplane beds for toddlers and say so on their website are:

 Airlines which OFFICIALLY APPROVE some sleep devices for children (as long as certain guidelines are met) and say so on their website:

However, note that the final decision will always rest with the crew.

American Airlines policy on inflatable legrests.
American Airlines policy on inflatable legrests- they allow most types.

toddler sleep on plane, travel sleep gadgets for kids, singapore airline rules
Image copyright: Singapore Airlines. This shows where your toddler travel bed can be placed

Choose Your Seats wisely Before using

All airlines that permit the use of the BedBox, PlanePal, FlyAway et al, do have certain requirements about their use, and where they can be used. For example, they must not be used on an aisle seat. Other rules include: (but are not limited too)


  • Inflatable inflight beds may only be used at the window seats or the middle seat between the aisles.
  • The childs head must be toward the back of their own seat.
  • Your child must also be able to fasten the seatbelt under his or her arm when using the inflight bed.
  •  If your child is under two years of age, he or she must be removed from the convertible inflight bed, and secured with an infant seatbelt whenever the seatbelt sign is switched on.
  • The item must not interfere with the comfort of another passenger
  • It must not be attached to any part of the aircraft.

For a run through of alternatives to the detailed airplane beds above, see below.

Best Airplane Beds For Toddlers

Budget Alternatives to the Original ideas Above.

Some airlines are very specific on what types of airplane bed, infaltable leg rest, pillow sleep device fo rkids etc are approved to bring on board. If your airline allows generic brands then the options below might be worth considering.

My airline won’t allow a Toddler Airplane Bed. What other child sleep devices options are there?

Although there are gadgets like Fly Legs Up and the Flyebaby hammock, there are even fewer airlines which permit their use. This is because they directly apply weight to the tray table or seat which hasn’t been built or tested for that. I do not recommend purchasing these.

It can also cause damage to the seat and tray table. Below are a couple of products which seem to be permitted on most airlines as they are effectively a larger version of a travel pillow. There may, however be restrictions on their use; for example on take off and during landing.

Travel Snug

The Travel Snug encompasses a child with a fleecy material. It pads out the seat a bit more and makes the arm rests a comfortable place to rest a weary head. It’s a bit bulky to carry, although it does have straps to make it easier, but it is very comfy as an airplane bed for toddlers. Read my full review for further details here.

Seat to Sleep Review travel pillow
Seat To Sleep travel cushion

Seat To Sleep

The Seat to Sleep is a very portable travel pillow. It packs up small and it is inflatable. Read my full review for further details here.

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