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Travel Snug Review

I’ve flown many times with my now then 1 and 4 year old and have always been exasperated by the small pillow in economy, which always falls through the armrest and ends up in the aisle at least ten times. I was given the opportunity to trial a Travel Snug which solves this issue and more.

The Travel Snug is basically a fleecy padded seat cover which lays over the bottom of the seat and also provides comfortable support around the back and sides too.

It also comes with a fleecy blanket; both come in a variety of colours and patterns. As an added bonus it can act a bit of a booster seat- handy for little ones who can’t quite reach the tray table.

For young children – it is an ideal solution for trying to get comfy on a hard airplane seat, with bulky metal seat buckles and armrests making it harder to get snug. I can imagine it would also be useful for long coach rides.

Travel snug great for airline family travel.

I only trialled one for my eldest who was 4 at the time, because my youngest sat on my lap for the flight, but I certainly wished we had it for our recent trip to Australia and Malaysia.

It arrives neatly packaged up with a convenient strap to carry it. It is a bit bulky and you do need to be aware of your airlines policy on cabin baggage if you are considering taking a carry on as part of your childs baggage allowance.

Some airlines allow a small carry on bag plus a coat, pillow etc, others are much stricter.

Travel snug review, Tips For Flying With A Toddler
Using the Travel Snug on our Thai Airways flight.

Once on board, the Travel Snug is easy to unstrap and fit into the airplane seat. The seat belt passes through the loops at the side, which help keep it in place.

You can secure it further with a loop between the legs but we didn’t need to do this. Both our flights were very early departures, meaning on the outbound sector a 0330 wake up, so the Travel Snug was put to good use immediately.

My normally fairly fidgety then 4-year-old, soon settled down and after take-off had a nap. The return sector was much the same, except more awake time. I asked her what she thought of the Travel Snug and she replied,” I like it Mummy, it’s very cuddly.” Praise indeed from the chief tester! (For more flying with toddler tips see here.)

Travel Snug, travel, family travel, airline,
My husbands way of packing the Travel Snug!

On arrival back into the UK, I gave it to my husband to roll back up and carry. As I glanced behind me, I could see he had given up and carried it instead! I had managed to roll it back on the previous sector, but certainly not as neatly as when it originally arrived.

 But rest assured,  the Travel Snug does come with instructions on how to fold it back up.


We are already planning a long haul trip- perhaps in June, and I will definitely pack the Travel Snug. The only negative points are its bulkiness and that it can take a couple of practise goes to wrap it up again; but because of what it is, that really can’t be avoided.  

My eldest was very comfy in it and, as mentioned earlier, it solves the problem of the airplane pillow continually falling through the gap in the armrest. For a long-haul flight or a night flight, I would highly recommend.

The Travel Snug is available to buy direct and prices range from £65.99 to £75.99. There are also variations of the Travel Snug which are suitable if you are using the CARES safety harness. Shipping times are 2-3 working days for UK delivery, and 7-10 working days for overseas orders.

travel snug, family travel

Flying With A Baby was sent a Travel Snug to trial and review. As always, all my opinions are truthful and I would never endorse a product I don’t genuinely love and continue to use.

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If you need to ensure your little one travels in comfort, try the Travel Snug - we reviewed it here!

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