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Baby and toddler milk abroad | which milk is full fat

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Baby and Toddler Milk Abroad | Which milk is full fat, whole, semi-skimmed?

This guide will help you decode the different types of milk abroad, which are likely to have different colour lids or cartons from back home. Alternatively, there may be a percentage written on instead of a different colour.

Whether you are looking for full fat or whole milk for your baby or toddler, or semi skimmed milk for your cuppa or low fat for other reasons, this post will help you. Additionally, there are notes on the language which may enable you to also decipher which type of milk you need.

I have inter-dispersed terms but whole milk and full fat milk are the same thing and usually about 3% fat. Semi skimmed is typically around 2%.

There is also an easy to read table below for quick reference.

milk bottle and glass

Although fresh milk is usually and obviously found in the chilled section in supermarket, do be aware that in some places UHT milk or long life milk can be placed in there too.

In some countries you will find UHT milk (which has been heated for longer and can last for longer) more prevalent than fresh milk.

For babies who are still drinking formula milk, this guide will help you discover what brands are similar to your back home.


Whole/full fat = blue

Low fat = light blue/red


3% = Whole milk

2% = semi-skimmed, 1% = skimmed

Note: Do not pick up Aryan (айран) a mix of milk, yogurt and salt by mistake!


Whole/Full fat = red

Semi Skimmed = pink or blue

Low Fat/skimmed = blue or green


Whole/Full fat = 3.2%

Semi Skimmed = 1.8/1.9%


Whole/Full Fat = Red

Semi Skimmed = Blue

Low fat/skimmed = Green

Notes: Lait entier (red) =full fat, Lait demi ecreme (blue)= semi, Lait ecreme (green) skimmed


Whole/Full Fat = Green/dark blue/3.5%

Low Fat/Skimmed = 1% milk 

Notes: H-Milch or Haltbare means long life. UHT is more common and Traditionelle HergestelltMilch-like the UK can be very hard to come by. Look for the %


Whole/Full fat = Blue

Semi Skimmed = Green

Low Fat/skimmed = Red/pink


Whole/Full Fat = Blue

Low Fat/skimmed = pink

Notes: Latte interno = full fat


Notes: Not known but full fat  is available. Haleeb mean milk


Notes: Verse melk is Dutch for fresh milk

Volle Melk = whole milk

Halfvolle melk = semi skimmed

Magere melk =skimmed


What colour is full fat milk in Portugal?

Whole/Full Fat = Green

Semi Skimmed = Blue

Low Fat/skimmed = Pink

Notes: Full fat (leite) half-fat (meio gordo) The Vigor brand goes by these colours


What colour is full fat milk in Spain?

Whole/Full fat = Blue

Semi Skimmed = Green

Low Fat = Red

Notes: Look for the coloured writing on the carton. Semi skimmed is semi destinada. UHT is very common but you can buy fresh in most larger supermarkets.


Whole/Full fat = Green

Low Fat = Blue

UAE (Dubai)

Whole/Full fat = Red

Low Fat = light blue


Whole/ Full fat = Blue

Semi Skimmed = Green

Low Fat = Red


Whole/ Full fat = Red

Semi Skimmed = Blue 2%

Low Fat = Yellow or Purple

Baby and Toddler Milk Abroad Table

Baby and toddler milk abroad table
Baby and toddler milk abroad table

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