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Updated December 2018

Luckily, many major airlines on long haul flights have a dedicated children’s channel and sometimes games channels on board, but these are not always age appropriate for your child or available throughout the flight. For some airline, you may need to download their airline app before you travel in order to access any of their inflight entertainment.

Even some large scheduled airlines do not provide any in-flight entertainment system for short-haul flights, so it is best to be prepared and bring your own back up. Below you’ll find some recommended best apps for your techno savvy baby/toddler.

Google Play is a good alternative if you are using an android tablet or phone. I’ve also a post on age appropriate travel toys– to help entertain on board the flight or want to avoid screen time.

Best Apps For Age 6 months+

• Fisher Price do some free ones, including the ‘laugh and learn’ collection, with shape, music games etc. There are currently only a few Fisher Price games for android devices ( some animated nursery rhyme books), but if you use Apple there are several free great ones on their App store which are fun and educational.
• If you are in the UK, then BBC iplayer is very handy. Just download your favourite Cbeebies show for free before you go! You have 30 days to watch them once downloaded, but if you start to watch them, then you have 2 days. If you are not in the UK, I believe that if you download some VPN software, then you can have access.

• Of course many children’s shows and apps are available on iTunes. Mine has loved ‘Baby Jake’ for a while now, as well as the universal favourites, ‘In the Night Garden’ and ‘Peppa Pig’ and ‘Ben and Holly’s Magic Kingdom’
• Baby View Pocket 0-18  (iOS £1.49) Great for young babies, similar to the black and white sensory books, but moving.

Best Apps For Age 18 months +

Here are a few favourites, to add to the above, tried and tested by myself and fellow mums. Please feel free to suggest in the comments below apps and games that work for you, and please mention the age of your child and whether it is an apple or android app ( or both), so I can add to this growing list. The below are available on both Apple and android devices for free and the rest categorised for you.

iOS and Android Apps

Candy crush, Color drops, Peekaboo Barn, ABC Toddler, Race Penguin, Mouse Maze, Duplo, Duck Duck Moose  apps, piano band, pizza maker.  Even though a young toddler may not understand the concept, they are still often entertained by the characters and animation.

Toca Boca- Kitchen

Tiny Farm

Tiny Airport

Sago Mini

iOS system  only Apps

Bizzy Bear on the Farm (£2.49)
A little gem full of pictures and animation as you read and explore the farm. Ideally for 2-4 year olds – iPhone/iPad by Nosy Crew

Mr Potato Head (£3.99)
The classic game .

My First 101 Words (£1.49)
This educational app helps to teach first words, with video clips which help to engage your little one- iPhone / iPad by

Toca Boca Band

Toca Boca House


Android only 

Peppa Pig videos ( free)
Series 1-4 for free!
nexus 7 by Fox Media Company

Fun For Toddlers ( Free)
Fun for toddlers is an fun sounds and puzzle game
Each puzzle have 7 items that make funny sounds over 80 different sounds
play it as a puzzle game or like a sound game.
by Weedo.

Farm 123 (£1.99)
“Kids will love learning to count as they help Farmer Jo around the farm in this magical pop-up book and game. They’ll have hours of fun playing with cheeky farm animals: chasing them, putting them in the pen, and giving them a good wash…..iLounge Kids App of the Year 2012”
By Story Toys jnr

Best Apps For 2- 4 year olds 

Lego Duplo series  – (free)
I especially like the train and ice-cream app, both a toddlers dream.
Toca Life:City (£2.49)
Kids visit different locations around the city and interact with everything.

My Town – (free) this is just brilliant and immersive where kids can explore different lands and environments, including the farm, under the sea, the airport, the dentist and so many more.

Remember lots of shows are on Netflix too and available to download before you go.


Have I missed any apps that have worked for you? Please do comment below so I can add them.


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  1. We have not let our infant have any screen time yet but with a 14 hour flight from the states to China we plan to let her watch some shows and maybe play with some apps. Are there headphones designed for babies that we can use? I don't want to bother people around us with kids music and sound effects from games but I worry about having headphones on an infant and the level of noise right at their ears. Any advice or ideas?

  2. Hi- I've not seen any for babies- but I haven't looked specifically for them. The couple next to us had a 8 m old baby watching a show or two and they didn't use headphones, and it didn't disturb us. Hope that helps a little.

  3. Aleisha I'm not sure about babies per se, but many places such as Kmart sell reasonably priced childrens headphones which are volume limited to a 'safe' decibel range so it can't accidentally be turned up too loud. We used these previously with our then 16mo son & just ensured we also used a low volume setting on the device.
    I will be getting another set before we fly Aus to Eur in June with our now 3yo and his 20mo sister!

    PS Carrie I love this blog, so so helpful. We are regular travellers with a few tips/tricks ourselves these days but you are nailing it here – every little concern I would have and more is here in fine detail, it's very comforting 🙂

  4. I have bought Em’s for kids audio headphones they are noise cancelling headphones so block out the engine noise and have the child safe reduced volume of 85 decibels. Most headphones at this volume are hard to hear over the engine noise but because they are noise cancelling its not a problem and can be used from 12 months upwards.

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