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Baby Milk & Baby Food Brands Found Around The World

It can be frustrating when your little one is very happy with a particular milk or food brand and then you are travelling but are unsure of what that country has.

Hopefully, the information below will help you decide whether you prefer to stock up and pack your preferred baby brand or use a similar one overseas.

Several brands have the same manufacturer but go under different names, which I’ve highlighted. Another option is use a company that will deliver your brand for you, saving you packing space in your suitcase. For details on these services, please read here.  You can also pre order from Boots The Chemist if you pre-order in advance from UK airports.

If you have an older baby or toddler, and are travelling abroad, then this guide to full fat or whole milk abroad will help you too.

Regarding baby food and milk available overseas, its worth noting that several are made by the same manufacturer but are marketed under a different name.
·      Aptamil, Nutricia Karicare, Karicare Infant, Milupa, Almiron, are all very similar .
·      Mellin, Cow and Gate,
·      Wyeth and SMA

Sterilising When Travelling.

Sterilising when travelling may be a concern you have, but thankfully it has been made easier over the years. I’ve written a detailed post on this covering sterilising when on an airplane, at a hotel and on the go. as well as travelling with formula tips here.

Useful baby milk and food travel products

  • A travel flask. Thankfully, the majority if not all airlines will warm a baby bottle for you. But I found it incredibly useful to either take hot water with me on a flight  or ask for hot water at the beginning of the flight so I could heat up baby milk or baby food exactly when I needed it. The Tommee Tip Bottle and Food Warmer is a flask with a screw on cover container which can be used to put a bottle or a food pouch in to warm up. Very handy!
  • A cool bag
  • Ziploc bags. Such a multitude of uses, but in this instance very handy for keeping items cool. Many airports will not allow cool packs/icepacks through security. If not, then fill a ziplock with ice for travel and refill at an airport cafe and ask the flight attendants on board your flight. You can easily empty out at security and refill.
  • Disposable bibs can be handy when on the go – especially if you don’t have access to a washing machine. Alternatively, pack a silicone bib which can be wiped clean.

Baby Milk & Baby Food Brands Found Around The World

(Remember if travelling to Australia make sure you declare any baby food or milk items. Be prepared for open packets to be taken from you by quarantine).

Milk Brands available :- Heinz, S-26, NAN, Perfectly Healthy, Nutricia Karicare Aptamil,  Holle, Maxigenes, Novalac.(S-26 in ready made cartons is available from Woolworths)

Food brands available:-  Ella’s Kitchen ( From Coles), Yum Mum, Bellamy’s Organic, Heinz, Rafferty’s Garden, Organic Bub’s, Farex, Nestle Cerelac

Examples of these brands are as follows :-

Heinz nurture Toddler and nurture gold
Heinz Nurture Gold Starter
Heinz Nurture Gold Follow-On
S-26 Gold Infant
S-26 Gold Toddler 3
S-26 Newborn Gold
S-26 Progress Gold
S-26 Gold AR Thickened Premium
S-26 Gold Alpha Pro
S-26 Soy Gold
S-26 Gold premgro
S-26 Gold Progress 2 Premium

NAN Pro Toddler 3 premium milk
NAN Pro Gold 1
NAN Pro Gold 2
NAN Pro Gold 3
NAN Pro Gold B
NAN 1 HA Gold
NAN HA 2 Gold + Bifidus
NAN HA 2 Gold Premium with Probiotics

Perfectly Healthy- Toddler Milk

Nutricia Karicare Feed Thickener
Nutricia Karicare Toddler 3
Nutricia karicare Pepti Junior
Karicare Aptamil Feed Thickener
Karicare Aptamil 2
Karicare Follow-On Formula 2 from 6 months
Karicare AR Thickened Starter
Karicare Aptamil Gold Plus 4 junior
Karicare Soy Infant Formula
Karicare infant Formula
Karicare Aptamil Gold Plus 3 Toddler
Karicare Aptamil Gold Plus Follow on
Karicare Aptamil Gold Plus 2 Premium Infant
Nutricia Karicare de Lact Lactose Free Formula
Nutricia Karicare Soy Infant Formula
Nutricia Karicare Anti-Reflux Infant
Karicare Aptamil Gold Plus 2 formula 6-12 months
Karicare Aptamil Gold Plus 1 from birth 0-6 months
Karicare Aptamil Gold Plus Junior 4 ( from 2 years)
Karicare Aptamil Gold Plus Toddler
Karicare Aptamil Gold Plus Infant
Karicare Aptamil Gold Junior
Karicare Aptamil Gold 1
Karicare Aptamil Gold 3
Karicare Formula
Karicare Infant Starter no 1
Karicare Aptamil HA Gold Plus Infant

Holle Organic Infant Goat milk Follow-On
Holle Organic Infant Formula No 1

Maxigenes Gold Follow On
Maxigenes Gold Starter

Novalac Stage 1 Gold
Novalac Stage 2 Gold

Milk Brands readily available:- Arla, Nestle, Hipp, Semper.

Food brands readily available:- Semper, Nestle, Hipp, Arla

Milk Brands available:- Milupa ( same makers of Aptamil in UK) if you want hungry baby milk, look for epaisse written on the carton. Picot, Erielac, Guigoz. Gallia, Bledilait, Hipp Organic, Enfamil.

Food Brands available:- Bledina, Carrefour Bebe, Good Gout (!) Baby Bio, Nature Nes by Nestle, Hipp, Holle Bio

Milk Brands readily available:- Aptamil, Hipp Organic, Cow and Gate, Humana, SMA, Milupa , Nestle beba

Food brands readily available:- Bebivita Baby Food, Milupa Baby Food, Nestle Alete, Holle, Hipp organic,

Milk Brands readily available:- Aptamil, Mellin ( same as Cow and Gate), Nestle Nidina, Miltina, Nipiol, Bebevita.

Food brands readily available:- Hipp, Mellin, Milupa, Nestle, Nipiol, Plasmon.

Milk Brands readily available:- Meiji, Morinaga, Wakodo. Morinaga’s products are marketed for infants up to 12 months old, Meiji’s for those up to 36 months and Wakodo’s for babies up to 9 months.

Food brands readily available:- Meiji, Kewpie (try Isetan and Carrefour for more brands).

Milk Brands readily available:- Nestle NAN, Similac, Bellamy’s, Frisco, Hipp

Food brands available:- Healthy Times Organic, Nestle Gerber

South Africa
Milk Brands readily available:-   Nestle NAN, NAN sensitive Lactogen, Isomil ( a soya based formula), S26-Gold,and other variations of S26 Nestle Lactogen, Nido

Food brands readily available:- Cerelac, Olli, NurtureMe, Purity,
(Local Woolworth’s brand ‘Woolies Babes’ is very tasty. My little one LOVED it.) Also the Organix brand was acquired in 2011 for distribution in SA, so hopefully should be on shelves although I didn’t see it in Sept 2012.

Milk Brands available:- Almiron ( same makers as Aptamil (Milupa/Nutricia ), Hero, Nestle

baby food in Spain
Baby food in Spain

Food Brands available:- Hipp, Nestle and Hero.

Milk Brands readily available:-Wyeth 26 ( same makers as SMA),Nestle NAN, Enfamil, Similac, Gain Advance, as well as lactose-free formulas from the same. . Soya milk is also widely available for babies with cow’s milk allergies.

Food brands readily available:-Heinz, Nestle Cerelac, Danone, Peachy. Please let me know of any more.

UAE- Dubai etc
Milk Brands readily available:- Aptamil, Promil, Progress, NAN, Hipp Organic, SMA gold ( from Choithrams), Wyeth, sometimes Cow and Gate. and some limited ready made milks for travelling. The UK brands are often double the price of the UK.

Food brands readily available:- Hipp Organic, Gerber, Ella’s Kitchen, Heinz. However, the range is often limited as not as extensive as in the UK. Also a lot more expensive than the UK.

Milk Brands  readily available:-  Aptamil, Cow and Gate, SMA, Hipp.

Aptamil- first milk 1, hungry milk 2, follow on milk 3, growing up milk 1 plus.
SMA- first milk, 2 follow on, 3 Toddler milk, extra hungry infant. Lactose free
Cow and Gate- first milk,2 hungrier babies, 3 follow on
Hipp-organic,  Combiotic first milk,  organic hungry milk 2, combiotic follow on 3 ,follow on, growing up milk.

Food brands readily available:-  Hipp, Ella’s Kitchen, Heinz, Plum, Annabel Karmel, Organix, , Cow and Gate, ( specialist Ulula)

Milk Brands readily available:-  Enfamil, Nutramigen, Similac, Parent’s Choice, Gerber ( owned by Nestle),

Food brands readily available:- Ella’s Kitchen from Walmart, Earth’s Best Organic, NuturMe, Beech Nut, Nestle Gerber, Parent’s Choice.

Please let me know if there any others to add and/or corrections.

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Baby milk and food brand found around the world. A guide to see if your favourite product is available in the country you travel to.

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  1. I am hoping someone can advise me of a substitute infant milk powder Morinaga Chil …. that I can purchase in Australia. My granddaughter is on this formula and I would like to find similar when she is visiting Australia for 3 months.

    Thank you

  2. We live in the UK and are visiting New Zealand in April – can you please advise if Aptamil is available in this country or under a different name?

  3. I am in NZ and there is an Aptimal product made by company Karicare that you can use instead of the UK Aptimal. The company advised me that they were very similar.

  4. Hi, I'm from Hungary, and my twins are having Nestlé Beba formula, do not drink any other taste. 🙂 We are planning a trip to the US (NY) and I'm wondering, wether I can purchase the same formula (no probs if the name is differend /just let me know/, but we need the very same taste. 🙂 ) Do anybody has this information, or experience? I would really appritiate it! Thanks in adavnce! Nóra

  5. I am travelling to Bolivia in south America and my baby currently takes SMA comfort, could anybody tell me if there is an equivalent? I know it is a very long shot! thanks

  6. Milk Brands readily available:-Wyeth 26 ( same makers as SMA),Nestle NAN, Enfamil, Similac, Gain Advance, as well as lactose-free formulas from the same. . Soya milk is also widely available for babies with cow's milk allergies.

  7. Hi Carrie, thanks for the post above. it's really helpful!
    Just wanted to confirm regarding Nestle NAN, both NAN Products (NAN H.A & NAN Probiotics) are available in Thailand, right? Please kindly advise on this since my baby is on NAN Pro 1 and we're leaving to Chiang Mai for 2 weeks in December. Thanks a lot 🙂

  8. Hi everybody,
    is there someone there who can tell me if a babypowder milk called Nidina (in Italy) is the same product as NAN (in Iceland) both from the producer Nestlé?
    Thanks in advance and Happy Hollidays!!!

  9. I'm currently in chile and wanted to comment that despite the internet saying hey have it I have had NO luck finding enfamil in chile. So I ended up purchasing nan pro.
    Argentina has NAN, nutrilon which is the same as aptamil (guessing on the same packaging) sancor premium bebe which is the same as enfamil (both by mead Johnson) and nestle nido

  10. Hi there, I'm travelling to New Zealand from Canada in a few weeks and am wondering which baby formula is similar to the new "Similac – partially broken down protein with Omega 3 & Omega 6"?

  11. Hi, I am travelling from UK to Iceland then Canada with 6month old (outward journey) and 7month old on return journey, she will just have started weaning, any hints or tips? She is on aptamil hungry baby formula, does anyone know the equivalents in Iceland and Canada


  12. Hi, this site is amazing and has been very helpful! Well done!
    We are travelling back to the UK from Adelaide South Australia in 2 weeks with our 6 month old. We are flying emirates. The airline told me I am not allowed to bring sterilised water already in bottles as they will supply water. I had planned to bring already filled bottles of sterilised water and then add formula to them as we need during the flight. I was also told that the powder comes under the 100ml rule. I'm now really worried about how I'm going to work feeding her. I want to know that the water is sterilised and be able to take the amount of formula I need. Are you able to clarify for me? Thank you

  13. Dear Kim,

    Worry not! You have been given the wrong advice. YOU are allowed to take sterilised water, formula etc and it IS allowed to be over 100ml. I have verified this again with Emirates ( in case there was a late change I wasn't aware of) However, it is the country where the airport is, which sets these rules. If you look on this site by the Australian Govt, you will see it verifies this. Maybe print this out to show anyone at the airport if you have someone else who is not aware of the rules.
    ( EK also says baby milk etc us exempt from 100ml rule on this link )

    So worry not, and enjoy your holiday. 😉

  14. Dear Kim,

    Worry not! You have been given the wrong advice. YOU are allowed to take sterilised water, formula etc and it IS allowed to be over 100ml. I have verified this again with Emirates ( in case there was a late change I wasn't aware of) However, it is the country where the airport is, which sets these rules. If you look on this site by the Australian Govt, you will see it verifies this. Maybe print this out to show anyone at the airport if you have someone else who is not aware of the rules.
    ( EK also says baby milk etc us exempt from 100ml rule on this link )

    So worry not, and enjoy your holiday. 😉

  15. Can anyone please advise what NAN HA Gold 2 is called in USA? Travelling from Sydney Australia to Honolulu later in the month.

  16. I'm flying with easyjet soon and on their website they say its ok to fly with baby formula for the flight. Someone told me I have to take sealed tins but is this true or can I measure out the formula in advance into a more portable container?

  17. My child is having a very serious constipation problem!!! Too worry on his health status. Mums, do you have any formula to recomem to prevent cosntipation 

  18. Ashley, there are a lot of traditional remedies are not really working. Last time I had tried one of the traditional remedies for my daughter suggested by my father, but ended up I brought her to hospital. The doctor said that it is really dangerous as those remedies are not proven. However, you should look for those proven and proper remedies.

  19. I think u can try Mamil la, try switching ur milk formula and see the difference in 7 days time. U'll be surprised! This is bcos Mamil has prebiotics and also no sugar which is good for children constipation prevention. Also Mamil has highest DHA level in the market. Hope it helps!

  20. Hi, is anyone aware of a UK alternative to Enfamil A+ stage 1 or a formula that your baby has taken to from UK when previously on Enfamil? Traveling to UK soon and my little one has taken a dislike to the aptamil I was trying as it is available at home!

    Thanks in advance for any help. Fab website.

  21. Hello, I am Dutch and live in Switzerland and I use Nutrition 5 or Aptamil 18+ for my little girl. We are travelling to Florida in two weeks and I was wondering what brand to buy there which belongs to the Nutricia Group. Could you please help me with this. Thank you very much

  22. I live in spain and by baby drinks hero milk, ended up stopping in the uk longer than expected is there another baby milk similar to this i can get here in the uk

  23. hi we are in des moines IA and cannot find wyeth progress gold stage 3. we tried a different brand but my 17 mos old baby doesnt like it i gues he is used to his formula, do they carry it here in the states ? they said we can give him whole milk instead? thanks

  24. Hello all,

    Could someone please advise–I use Enfamil in the US but my family and I are in Aistralia for a few weeks. What is the closest formula to Enfamil in Australia?? I was thinking Aptamil but just wanted to get some feedback. Any advice would be appreciated! My little one is 11 mo.

    Thank you!

  25. Hi,
    Im travelling to Ireland from Australia in a few weeks and hoping someone can tell me if there is a similar brand to Heinz Nurture Gold we can use for our little boy? Great site!!

  26. Hi Carrie, thanks for this list! Just wanted to check if Enfamil Gentlease and Nan Pro 2 are available in Copenhagen? We are moving there, so wondering what to do – buy some from Singapore or buy there. Thanks!

  27. Hi Carrie
    I live in NZ and flying to UK in December. I currently use Heinz Nurture for my three month old. This formula is not available in UK. Do you know which other brand is similar?otherwise will take tins with me!

  28. We are in U.S. and will be traveling through Germany, Czech Republic, France, and Spain soon. Baby drinks Elecare Jr Vanilla or Neocate Jr Vanilla (both are hypoallergenic elemental formulas). I read that Germany has Hipp Organic HA Combiotik. Is it readily available in stores or would I expect to order it in a pharmacy? Is there anything else that is HA elemental that I can easily buy in a store? What about Czech Republic, France and Spain? It seems like every country has radically different names/types of formulas! Thanks in advance for any insight!!

  29. Hi every one, please help me, I can't find any none allergic food for my baby in Iran, she has sever milk , wheat, soy … allergy!

  30. Hello, in Czech Republic you can buy Hipp Organic Combiotik in all of the pharmacies, you dont have to order. Also we have a brand Nutricia which has HA milks available

  31. Hi am living in canada going to visit Saudi Arabia. Am using enfamil for my baby. I wonder does they carry same milk? In Riyadh saudi Arabia …???

  32. Hi there! Great post 🙂 Flying from NZ to UK next week, daughter is on S26 – which is Wyeth – and not available over there. Having a read through of the above is suggesting SMA is probably best alternative, would you agree? Cheers!

  33. Hi,

    I have been living in Switzerland and have been giving my 7 month old Nestle Beba pro 2 along with breastmilk. I will be travelling to India soon and would be there for 3 months. Nestle has Nan Pro 1, 2, 3 in India and I was wondering if it is the same as Nestle Beba? Would really appreciate a clarification on the same.


  34. Hi I am off to the USA with my 10 months old daughter who is on Aptamil. Does anybody know if there is an equivalent in the US? I am only going 4 days and my worry is on the return? Not sure I will be able to go through security with Formula milk?

  35. My daughter will be visiting us in South Africa from Australia. Her baby girl is on Heinz Nurture formula but I don’t seem to find it in SA what will be the similar formula she can use?

  36. Hi my family and I will be relocating from Brisbane to Thailand in late Jan. I have a 6 month old baby and would like to take with me 6 months worth of formula. Does anyone know the custom rules around this? In total it’ll be about 26 formula cans. The formula is called novolac reflux and I’m not sure if it’s sold in Thailand. Any advice would be appreciated.

  37. Does anybody know if there is an equivalent to SMA First Milk in Canada? We’re going from the UK to Toronto/Niagara for a couple of weeks. Thanks.

  38. Im relocating to Germany from South Africa for 2years so i would like to know if i find S26 promil formula for my 8months old?

  39. Hello,

    We are traveling to Hungary with the baby, and he is having Holle. Is Holle readily available in Budapest? If not, is there an option of online delivery? I can order online to the hotel address if there are some reliable web-sites.

    Thanks in advance!

  40. hi does athens or santorini carry Hipp HA2? Does cyprus carry HIPP HA 2? If not am i able to order online and shipped to hotel. thanks.

  41. Hi there I’m from New Zealand and going to London for a few weeks was wondering if karicare Goat is available there or goes under another name? Thanks

  42. Hi, Just wanted to add that french Gallia is the same as Aptamil/Almeiron/etc but no formula is sold under the brand Milupa.
    We are in Bali right now and the equivalent formula sorta exists but is flavored with either honey or vanilla!!! Just contacted the brand here and they find it perfectly normal!! Oh well, I guest he will try a different brand then 🙂

    Oh and moms: There is absolutely no need to use sterilized water! In most of the western world tap water is perfectly fine and elsewhere use bottled water. You baby has an immune system to build, donc set him up for problems later on in life, ok?

  43. Hi i am moving to stockholm, Can someone help me with the available alternatives to similac there? What are the vegetarian packaged baby food options available there like, Ellas kitchen?

  44. Hi Carrie, I am travelling to Australia from Ireland, Just wondering if you would know an equivalent baby formula to the SMA extra hungry? Thanks.

  45. Please help me if you know am going to Brazil Sao paulo for one month do they have nan optipro 2 there so I don’t need to take it with me all the way from Dubai

  46. hi i’m living in italy and will be flying to the philippines. my son’s milk is HUMANA 2, is there a similar one in the philippines too? thanks!

  47. Hi, I am from Singapore. Just wanted to highlight that there are way more Brands of infant milk formulas READILY available in any supermarket then what was stated and food too! Way way more!
    way more organic food choices for the little ones.

  48. Hi dear lllyssia we all knows that there is different brands but still we can’t give new milk to our kids the might don’t like it or it’s not good to them

  49. Hi . I live in Australia and my babies drink only KariCare. We are going to Albania and Italy in Europe. Anyone knows where to find Karicare close to this places? They do not have this brand at all. What might be the substitute of karicare in Italy ? Please helpppp

  50. Hi! Does anyone know if Novalac Novarice is available in the USA? From their webiste, they don’t seem to have a presence there – the nearest is Novalac Mexico. My baby is allergic to dairy, and unfortunately cannot drink Nutramigen either.

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