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Top Family Friendly Airlines

The quick reference table below shows the Best Family Friendly Airlines – in terms of the extra facilities and amenities they provide over other airlines.  To be one of the top family airlines included in this guide, things like a generous infant baggage allowance, bassinets, kids TV channels and some sort of kids activity pack come as standard; but other offerings such as sky nannies, complimentary strollers, soap making or special toddler or post weaning meals will make you a contender for the best airline for families.

Best Family Friendly Airlines

Which are the Best Airlines to Fly for families? baby on a plane with toys and activities
Which are the best airlines for kids?

Is there such a thing as a family friendly airline?

I often get asked, ‘what is the best airline for babies?‘ Or ‘what are the best kid friendly airlines?‘ and the answer very much depend on what age your child is, and what is most important to you at the time. (To find out the full details of what your airline provides on board for kids, click on this link.)

Airlines are becoming increasingly aware of how important family friendly airlines are to parents. Often, it can be the deciding factor, especially if flying long-haul.

Obviously, every family has different priorities which make the flight experience better for them, and these priorities often depend on the age of their child travelling. But in general, everyone likes a helpful airline; with resources onboard to entertain children, some sleep options and decent baggage allowances. If they allow child airplane seat extenders or an inflatable airplane bed for kids, then even better!

So what features are needed to be considered the best airline to travel with kids?

Many of these airlines offer 10kg for infants checked in allowance on top of the free stroller/car seat allowance but others go even further and allow 23kg or more!

Furthermore, good meals options, extra comforts and kids’ activity packs and toys all provide welcome relief for some of the stresses parents have about flying with young children.  

Some airlines go the extra mile and provide extra in-flight entertainment, including soap making, cookie making, balloon art and magic tricks! So yes, I do think there are several contenders for the best family friendly airline.

For detailed information on exactly what individual airlines provide on board, including entertainment, activity pack contents, sky nannies, kids’ lounges, cookie making and SO much more – read this post  on Baby & Child Amenities Available On -Board Your Flight

With this in mind, here are the best of those; my top family-friendly airlines for various ages including details on the best airline to fly internationally with baby.

(Note that with regard to the meals, all these airlines provide child and baby meals on request,  but I’ve included those that go the extra mile and include toddler meals too. Also note, Auckland based Air New Zealand provide a sky couch for an extra fee which is great for families who want to prioritise sleep.

Air New Zealand Sky couch B777 -photo courtesy of Air NZ
Air New Zealand Sky couch bed B777 -photo courtesy of Air NZ

You may have noticed that no US based airlines feature on the chart, but I would like to mention Jet Blue. They offer unlimited free snacks and drinks and kid TV channels too. They also allow a diaper bag as carry on.

Best Family Friendly Airlines Compared

Top Family Friendly Airlines Compared by Carrie Bradley

Qantas state there is no carry-on allowance for infants but food and nappies etc required during the flight may be carried in addition to adults cabin allowance

Extra services e.g magic shows, soap making, chalk art, cookie making only from outbound Korea flights. Services vary depending on date and destination. Baby, toddler, child food only from Incheon

** Hello Kitty operated flights only. Routes include Taipei to Paris, Houston, Singapore, Tokyo, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Seoul, Bali

Does your favourite family friendly airline make this list? What makes it family friendly? Please do comment below.

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best airlines for families
Which airlines are the best for families?

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