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Air New Zealand Flying With Kids Information

All the Air New Zealand flying with kids information in one place. Including:

  • Flying when pregnant
  • Flying with a newborn baby, and baby or toddler under two
  • Flying with older children
  • Kids’ baggage allowance
  • Car seat policy
  • Other child restraint device policies
  • Pushchair/stroller policy
  • Bassinet policy
  • Are Sleep devices and child ride-ons/leg rests permitted?
  • Baby and child meals
  • Inflight entertainment for children
  • Other family services provided
Flying With Kids Information Air New Zealand

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When and how long you can fly, will depend on how far through your pregnancy term you are.

  • For a single baby with an uncomplicated pregnancy and clearance from your doctor or midwife:
    • You can board flights over four hours, up to the end of the 36th week
    • You can board flights under four hours, up to the end of the 40th week
  • For multiple pregnancies, such as twins, with an uncomplicated pregnancy and clearance from your doctor or midwife:
    • You can board flights over four hours, up to the end of the 32nd week
    • You can board flights under four hours, up to the end of the 36th week

If you want to travel for medical treatment, you can apply for clearance. See conditions requiring medical clearance.

If you are beyond your 28th week, we recommend you carry a letter from your doctor or midwife saying they believe you are fit for travel, confirming your pregnancy dates and that there are no complications.

Medical clearance

Clearance from our medical team is required if you have:

  • A complicated pregnancy, such as placenta previa or bleeding
  • A multiple pregnancy, such as twins or triplets
  • A history of premature labour
  • Begun the early stages of labour

To apply for medical clearance, see conditions requiring medical clearance.


Travelling with a placenta

New parents often ask Air NZ about bringing a placenta on their flight. There are a few simple rules to follow.

If you’re flying overseas, or if your placenta is frozen or medically preserved, contact the Cargo team. There are special conditions they must follow, and they can help.

Otherwise, seal your placenta in a leak-proof container, and pack it in your checked-in baggage. You can’t bring your placenta on board in your carry-on baggage.


When you fly within New Zealand, infants travel for free. While you need to book their flight, they won’t receive a ticket or receipt as they don’t pay a fare or occupy a seat.

When you’re flying internationally, infant fares are 10% of the adult fare.

Lap infants and infants with their own seat.

  • On all flights, infants sit on their adult’s lap and not a seat. 
  • A carer over 15 years old must accompany the infant, except for flights to and from Canada where the adult must be 16 years or older.
  • If you’re travelling with an infant you’re unable to be seated within the exit row.
  • Infants can’t be booked in their own Business Premier seat for safety reasons. You can book to share a Business Premier, Economy or Premium Economy seat with your infant and a bassinet, or book yourselves each your own seats in Economy or Premium Economy.

Travelling with more than one infant

You can only have one infant sitting on your knee. If you have more than one infant, you’ll need to purchase a child fare and seat one of the infants in an approved car seat.


Children older than two years will have their own seat onboard the flight. They need to travel with someone who is at least years 15 old, or book as an unaccompanied minor.

Children’s fares are:

  • Same as an adult fare within NZ, Tasman or the Pacific
  • 75% of the adult fare on long-haul international flights
  • Same as adult fares when travelling in Business Premier™


Children 12 years and older pay adult fares.


You can include two items from this list for every infant and child in your group, as part of your baggage allowance:

  • Pram, stroller or buggy
  • Car seat
  • Bassinet or port-a-cot

This is in addition to their normal baggage allowance:

  • Child fares have the same baggage allowance as an adult fare
  • Infant fares include a carry-on bag but no checked-in baggage.
FAA approved car seats, stickers showing airline approved car seats
Airline approved car-seat label examples


You’re welcome to bring a car seat for a child with a paid seat. Your car seat must:

  • Be in a safe working condition
  • Be able to seat your child with their arms and thighs within its frame
  • Fit between your seat’s armrests, and allow the seat in front to recline
  • Show a certification label approving it for use on aircraft

These are some of the main certification symbols:

Safety logos

For safety, your car seat can’t block access to the aisle. Be sure to use Seat Select to choose an appropriate seat for your child:

  • A window seat
  • One of the middle seats of a centre row
  • The window end of an Economy Skycouch. Please remove and stow the car seat if you want to raise the seat footrest or lie down.

Car seats are not permitted in the Business Premier cabin.

Your flight attendant will help fit your car seat to the seat.

Other Child Restraint Device Policies

CARES Harness

A CARES Harness gives your child torso support. You’re welcome to bring one to provide extra protection for your child.

Your CARES Harness must be in a safe working condition, and be the right size for your child. It also needs to be FAA approved, and show a certification label. An AMsafe CARES harness can only be used for children meeting the FAA weight requirements of between 22 and 44 pounds. (This is usually around 1-4 years old)

Your flight attendant will help you fit your CARES Harness to the seat.

You can’t use a CARES Harness in an exit row seat, or in Business Premier.

Front Packs and Infant Slings

For taxi, take-off and landing, seat your baby on your lap with an infant seat belt. You’re welcome to put your baby into a front pack or sling only AFTER take-off.

If the seat belt sign illuminates, you must fasten an infant belt around your infant and the sling or front pack.

MERU TravelChair

This postural support chair is for children aged 3-11 with a physical disability.

There are some restrictions for the MERU TravelChair. Talk to us as early as you can before travel so we can prepare for your flight. Email us at or call us on +64 9 255 7757.

You can use a MERU TravelChair on most seats, except for Business Premier lie-flat seats.

Prohibited equipment

For safety reasons we prohibit non-aviation certified products on Air New Zealand aircraft. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Car booster seats
  • Inflatable comfort accessories e.g. Fly-Tot and Plane Pal
  • Jetkids Bedbox bag
  • LegsUp leg hammocks
  • Knee defenders


You can take a stroller and a car seat on your flight for no extra charge. They don’t count as part of your baggage allowance. You can even take a pram or stroller if your fares do not include checked baggage.

You can bring a single stroller all the way on to the aircraft if:

  • It’s completely collapsible and fits in the overhead locker
  • You’re flying internationally
  • You’re flying domestic on 777-300, 777-200, 787-9 and A320 aircraft

If the flight is full, we may ask you to check-in your stroller at the gate.

Prams, three-wheeled buggies and large strollers don’t fit in the overhead locker. Please check these in on all flights.


Does Air New Zealand supply a bassinet/carrycot?

Yes, Bassinet seats are available on many of Air New Zealand flights.

How do I reserve a bassinet/carrycot on Air New Zealand?

You can book a bassinet seat in Seat Select. Choose a seat with the bassinet icon.

What happens if I don’t reserve a bassinet/carrycot seat?

You might not be able to get one as availability is limited.

What is the size/weight limit for Air New Zealand‘s bassinets/carrycots?

The bassinet is 73.66cm long and 34.29cm wide (29 inches x 13.5 inches). They are designed for infants up to 8 months old and 11.8kg (26lb).


Flying Skycouch™ with children

Air New Zealand have an award-winning Skycouch which gives everyone the space to relax and spread out on your couch in the sky.

It’s perfect for travelling with kids and safe for even our youngest travellers. They offer a Skycouch infant harness, belt or pod. Whether your little one is on a seat, your lap or lying down, they can be safely buckled at any time.

Skycouch infant harness and belt

To secure your infant in their own seat, they wear a harness which is then fastened by a belt to the window seat. You can adjust the belt for a snug fit to keep you child safe.

Secure baby on an adult’s lap by looping the adult’s seat belt through the back of the Infant Harness.

The harness comes in three sizes:

Small< 5kgs< 65cm
Medium5 – 10kgs65 – 85cms
Large10 – 18kgs85 – 110cms

Infant pod

The infant pod lets babies sleep comfortably and securely with you on a Skycouch. There are a limited number of infant pods on each flight.

Your baby will need to fit within the infant pod. Its dimensions are:

  • 700mm long
  • 320mm wide at the top and 220mm wide at the foot
  • 150mm deep

Both the harness and belt, and pod are free for Skycouch customers.

Find out more about booking a Skycouch.

Prohibited equipment

For safety reasons we prohibit non-aviation certified products on Air New Zealand aircraft. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Car booster seats
  • Inflatable comfort accessories e.g. Fly-Tot and Plane Pal
  • Jetkids Bedbox bag
  • LegsUp leg hammocks
  • Knee defenders


Does Air New Zealand provide baby food?

If your flight has a meal service, you can ask for an infant meal on long haul flights. You can request an infant meal when you book your flight. You can also add an infant meal on the Air NZ mobile app or online.

Does Air New Zealand provide child meals?

Children’s meals are available on all long haul international flights and Pacific and Tasman flights (when your ticket includes a meal). To order, select the children’s meal option when you book. If you’ve already booked, you can request a children’s meal on the Air NZ mobile app or online.


Kids’ activities packs

Sometimes you just need to pull out something new to keep the kids busy. When you book an international flight and order a children’s meal, they include a fun kid’s pack.

Inflight entertainment

Select the “Kids” button on our inflight entertainment screens. It gives your kids access to age-appropriate movies, TV shows, music and games.


Travelling in a different cabin to your children

When flying Air New Zealand, you can travel in one cabin class and leave your children in another.

  • Children must all be at least five years old
  • You will need to pay the full adult fare for their seat
  • You must collect and care for your children at the end of the flight, and during any stopovers

Some airlines don’t allow your children to fly in a different cabin. If you’re connecting to a codeshare or partner flight, please check with them for their rules.


Find out all the information about flying with kids on your airline. From car seats to strollers allowed in the airplane cabin, to lap infants to bassinets, luggage allowance, facilities on board and much much more.

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