Ordering baby supplies from Boots at the airport

How To Order Baby Milk And Baby Supplies From Boots At UK Airports

Anything that helps make flying with a baby easier, or passing through security a breeze is a good idea in my book! Many parents have been asking how to pre-order baby milk and other supplies or treats from Boots in airports, and how this service works. Here is the step by step procedure. Below you will also find further information on the UK airports offering this service and examples of what you can order.


What Can I Order?

  • You can order almost anything from the Boots website! This includes  all your baby essentials and suntan lotion etc for collection after all security checorder baby milk and food from Bootskpoints. It must meet baggage and security requirements though. (See ‘How Much Can I Order” for more information on this.)
  • This will hopefully save you some time in the security queue as you will have less liquids to be checked and perhaps save a little room in your suitcase too. Win, win!


How much can I order?

  • Be aware that if you will be in transit at some point of your journey, you may be checked for liquids over 100ml again.  With baby food and milk you will be fine but if you ordered a large suntan lotion bottle, you may have to give that up.
  • With baby milk, you can pre-order up to 2 tubs or 56 ready-to-drink cartons of baby milk.
  •  You are allowed ONE standard airport shopping bag on to your flight in addition to your hand luggage. e.g You can have hand luggage + 1 Boots bag or hand luggage + a standard bag from another airport store.



Please note: Orders cannot be made by telephone.

Ordering Instructions

  1. Visit Boots here and add any supplies needed into your normal online shopping basket. You can order baby milk, food, nappies, bottles, suntan lotion, makeup –  basically anything they sell. The only exception is anything sharp as these will be confiscated by security and no refund will be given.
  2.  When checking out, please select delivery to store.  Delivery is free on orders over £20.
  3. The system will ask you to search for a store, please choose your airport. Check carefully that you have selected the correct store as some airports have Landside Stores before security, as well as Airside stores (after security) and several terminals. A listing of the airports which have Boots is below. To avoid queues, choose the airside stores.
  4. You will need to pay for your order in full by credit, debit or Paypal. Your order will then be delivered to your store within 5 to 6 working days. Please enter your mobile number online as you will receive a text message when it arrives in store.
  5.  Boots will hold orders for 28 days after delivery date in their airport stores. Please leave at least 15 minutes to collect your order in store as they are held in a secure area outside of the store.




Boots stores in UK airports (and Ireland) which provide this service.

  • Aberdeen – Call this number  +44 (0)1224 722537 if you have any special requirements.
  • Belfast City – This branch has closed and is now a Superdrug.
  • Birmingham International – Airside  (If you are flying Flybe or Ryanair select the South Departure store, please select this store if you are flying with Flybe or Ryanair. Birmingham Airport Airside is the North Departure Boots store, please select this for any other airline.)
  • East Midland Airport – Castle Donington  Only has a Boots in Arrivals.
  • Dublin – At Boots Dublin Airport, place your order by 12pm, three days before you fly and pick it up from the airside store after 12pm.
  • Edinburgh  This branch has now closed and has been replaced by Superdrug. They carry baby items but do not offer delivery and collection to store.
  • Glasgow. At Boots Glasgow Airport orders must be placed a minimum of 7 days before flying. For any small quantity orders, you can also phone the store on 0141 889 5222 and request products to be put aside for you. Please note that the selection will be more limited as the store has a smaller range compared with online.
  • Liverpool –  At Boots Liverpool Airport, order at least 48 hours before your flight to ensure your items are delivered on time.
  • London City –  Boots London City Airport is after security.
  • London Gatwick – At Boots Gatwick Airport, once through security, both stores have a pharmacy. So does the South Terminal arrivals store.
  • London Heathrow – At Boots Heathrow Airport, you can have travel vaccinations and malaria prevention treatments in Terminal 3 and 5 (before security) There are numerous stores before, after security, and some in arrivals too.
  • London Luton – At Boots Luton Airport there is no  Dispensing Chemist or Pharmacy Counter Services available.
  • London Stansted. There are two Boots Stansted Airport. One is airside and the other in arrivals.
  • Manchester – Repeat prescriptions can be collected from the branch in Terminal 3 after security.
  • Newcastle – At Boots Newcastle Airport you can pre-order 5 days in advance.

6. For more ideas on how to save space in your suitcase, what to pack and a printable packing checklist. Visit here.

Save Space In Your Hand Luggage By Pre-Ordering



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    • hi Robin, thanks so much for letting me know this. It really helps me keep all the information current. I will amend the info now. Again, thank you for taking the time to let me know! I’ll verify with Superdrug re milk and update that too.

    • Hi Katie- no as long as you don’t go over your hand baggage allowance. Also be aware if you are in transit in another country after the flight from UK, you will be subject to taking the milk through security. The general rule is you are allowed as much as needed for the journey -but everyone’s journey and connection times are different.

  1. Thanks for the information. As far as I can tell (by attempting to make a purchase online at Boots), they only have a Boots store in Terminal 1 of Manchester airport. I am needing to travel domestically first, then internationally. I suppose I will have to risk reserving formula at my layover location.
    To get me through Manchester I will have to bring my own milk. Their security website says anything you bring will be subject to a ‘taste test’ by yourself. Has anyone else experienced this? Do they only make you test one bottle?

    • Hi, thats actually very out of date info. The UK changed the regs in January 2014 so you no longer have to taste milk. It can be subject to other testing by security though, so be prepared if its pre made up formula.

  2. Hi,
    Can I just check that I can order baby food to be collected that will be enough to cover 10 days away, so for example, in excess of 30 pouches?

    Kind Regards


  3. I’m struggling to work out how I’m going to take my 7/8 month old abroad. How will it work with her formula feeds? Do I pack it in case and take it that way for the week? Can you buy it over there? How will it work at airport on plane?

  4. Hi, we’re flying on Sunday and we had trouble selecting a Sunday for collection. Basically they don’t do a deliver on a Sunday but if you select a day of week before then, then it will be there for you to collect on the Sunday.

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