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Flying With A Baby | Qatar Airways

If you are flying with a baby on Qatar, then here is all the information you need to know about the airline – in one convenient place. This guide covers airplane bassinets, baggage allowances, baby food, car seats, child restraint devices, strollers, toys, entertainment and more. For general flying with a baby tips see here.

flying with a baby qatar airways plane

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Qatar Airways is a popular airline for families and is often recommended to parents because of their family friendly amenities, including:

  • Strollers available for use at Doha Airport whilst in transit
  • Generous infant and child baggage allowance (details below)
  • Requestable baby and child meals (details below)
  • Kids’ activity packs on all routes.
  • Bassinets are available on request.

What age can an infant fly on Qatar Airways?

An infant must be 8 days old to fly on Qatar. However, infants less than 8 days old may be accepted to travel under the following circumstances:
a. When travel is required on Medical Grounds provided Qatar Airways Medical Centre approval is obtained using a MEDIF.

b. When the mother is required to travel on compassionate grounds provided a Certificate is obtained from a Qualified Pediatrician indicating the infant is fit to travel and necessary travel documents for the infant is available.

Fo more information on flying with a newborn see here  or for specific tips on flying with a 3 month old baby see here.

What is the Qatar Airways baggage allowance for infants?

The Qatar Airways infant baggage allowance varies depending on your route. Details are as follows:

Flights to and from Argentina, Brazil, Canada and the United States
One piece, not to exceed 23kg (50lb) or a maximum dimension of 115cm (45in)

All other routes
10kg (22lb) not to exceed a maximum dimension of 115cm (45in)
One stroller, collapsible carrycot, or pushchair per infant is accepted without charge.

Please note that Infants are NOT entitled to any hand baggage allowance. Their items need to be carried by the accompanying adult within their hand luggage.

Child fare baggage allowance
Children and infants travelling on a child fare are eligible for the same baggage allowance as adults.

What is Qatar Airways stroller policy? 

You can bring a stroller additionally to your baggage allowance.

Can I bring a stroller on Qatar Airways?

Yes, you can free of charge.

Can I bring a stroller and car seat free of charge as checked baggage?

If your car seat does not exceed a max dimension of 115cm then it can be brought for free as per the guidelines above.

Qatar Airways strollers at Doha Airport, Qatar
Qatar Airways strollers at Doha Airport, Qatar

Does Qatar Airways have complimentary strollers at Hamad International Airport, Doha?

Qatar Airways offers baby strollers at Hamad International Airport. They provide disposable covers as well. 

This service is free of charge. 

  • Customers who are transiting or arriving at Hamad International Airport can find baby strollers/ buggies  at the arrival hall, immediately following your disembarkation of the bus.
  • Customers departing from Hamad International Airport: strollers can be requested during check-in and brought to you prior to proceeding to immigration.

For other airports and airlines which provide complimentary strollers see here

Can I use a car seat on Qatar Airways?

Car seats may be used for infants and children aged between 6 months and 36 months only. A seat must be purchased at a child fare and be airline approved.

Do I need to purchase an aircraft seat in order to request a Child Restraint Device (CRD) from the airline or to use my personal car seat?

There is a child restraint device available on Qatar Airways. You need to pay the appropriate child fare for the extra seat in case you need to use CRD or car seat for your infant.

What is a Child Restraint Device?

It is a special airline chair for children over 6 months of age which must be requested and a seat must be bought. Please read this detailed post on CRD

What does a Qatar Airways bassinet look like?

qatar airways bassinet, flying with a baby
Qatar Airways bassinet. photo subject to copyright.

How to book a Qatar Airways bassinet seat

Airline bassinets are by request only. This is the case with every airline. If you have booked your ticket on, you can select your seat from the booking confirmation page upon completion of your booking. 

You can also set your seat preference through “Manage Booking” on Enter your last name and booking reference number to retrieve your booking, then select “modify seat selection” to choose your preferred seat. Another option is to contact your local Qatar Airways office to request a bassinet seat.

What is the Qatar bassinet weight limit? 

The maximum weight of the infant should not exceed 11kgs (24 Lbs) and the age must not exceed 24 months. Additionally, the infant must fit within the confines of the baby bassinet. Find out more airline bassinet weight restrictions here.

Where are the Qatar Airways baby bassinets located?

If you click on the Qatar Airways fleet information and scroll down to the fleet map table, then click on View map to see the seat layout. Bassinets are in the bulkhead positions which separate a cabin or cabin/ galley area. Bassinets are not available in the First Class cabin on-board the Airbus 380.  To check availability of a bassinet position seat on a specific aircraft and within a particular cabin, please contact your nearest Qatar Airways office.

Qatar Airways twitter respose to if BedBox is allowed

Are sleep devices like Plane Pal, Bed Box, FlyAway allowed on board Qatar Flights?

Although the website doesn’t specify either way, numerous posts on Facebook and Twitter say they are NOTallowed when queried about it.

Qatar Airways Child Meal 

Like most long haul airlines, Qatar Airways provides child meals to kids over the age of two. These must be pre-requested at least 24 hours in advance. 

The plastic meal box contains a main meal,  a fruit juice and fun treats. The meal packs currently feature some of the characters from Hasbro.  Main meals are typically pasta, chicken etc.

Qatar Airways infant food 

Qatar Airways provides a baby meal for infants. This is pureed food in jars. This generally needs to pre requested at least 24 hours before your flight.  However, parents travelling with infants will have access to Qatar’s special kit, which includes diapers, baby food jars, a bottle and soft toys. Be aware contents can be limited so it is always best to bring your own.

If you have a weaned child under two, travelling as a lap baby, you will need to bring food for them. In an emergency a very limited amount of baby formula is carried on board, but please do bring your own.

Does Qatar Airways have a Kids’ club?

Qatar Airways have recently revamped their Oryx Kids’ Club – which includes toys, activity packs and meals boxes for all their routes, not just long haul. Babies are offered a soft plush toy and book. For more travel toys ideas see here.

Qatar airways is child friendly. Airport play area at Doha International airport, Qatar
Play Area at Doha Airport, Qatar

I’m in transit at Doha Airport. What can I do?

  • If you are in transit and have a few hours to spare, you can even enjoy family time together at the indoor swimming pool, located in the Oryx Airport Hotel.
  • There are several children’s play areas throughout the airport. They have child sleeping pods with sofas, bean bags and TV’s playing cartoons.

To see the latest prices directly from Qatar Airways:

To compare flights with Skyscanner :

Qatar Airways Review

For more details and personal experience on flying with a baby on Qatar Airways review see here.

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Tuesday 11th of October 2022


I am travelling from US to India, with transit in Doha for 12 hours. I am travelling alone with an infant, 7 months. My questions are :-

Q1 - Re. the stroller that is provided in Qatar --> is it suitable for a small baby? Normally, we place baby in the car seat and the car seat is fitted on top of the personal stroller. So, I am wondering if there are different styles of strollers for different age groups. Please advice.

Q2 - Is it possible to book the stroller in advance and have the stroller ready at the door of the aircraft (similar to wheelchair) ?

Q3 - Is it possible to request our personal stroller + car seat at the transit?


Friday 29th of July 2022

Hi, I have just called Qatar for this information, but I still feel I am unclear! Am I able to bring a pram as hand luggage for my infant? If so, what dimensions does it need to fit within?

Thanks for your help,


Carrie Bradley

Friday 29th of July 2022

SO infants are not given any hand luggage allowance, so a travel stroller as a cabin piece would have to be in place of an adults allowance. This is One piece, not to exceed 7 kg and 50x37x25 cm Flights to and from Brazil allows one piece, not to exceed 10kg (22lb)

In addition to your hand baggage allowance, you can also carry personal items such as one ladies handbag or one small briefcase, one coat, cape or blanket, one umbrella, one pair of crutches or walking stick, one small camera or binoculars, limited reading material, an infant’s carrying basket, and duty free items purchased on the day of your flight. Laptops and laptop bags have to fit within your hand baggage allowance.

Renesa sharmin

Thursday 28th of November 2019

Hi, i will traveling in next week sweden to bangladesh with a 6 months girl. We are using belt carrier for her. My ques is How much weight may i carry with my diaper bag ? Plz reply as early as you can Thank you.

Friday 20th of January 2023

@Renesa sharmin, 7Kg Just called qatar

Sunday 17th of November 2019

i will be travelling to pakistan from australia it is way too long flight almost 24 hr with one transit and my baby is 19 month old i am worried about his food like he eats properly can i bring some food for him and some fruits and juices thanks.

Pranab Dewan

Wednesday 13th of November 2019

Hi We are going to travel with an infant by Qatar Airways in the next week. My questions are 1) By having 10 kg allowance, can we carry whatever infant will need like water, liquid, milk 2)How many luggage bags are allowed for the infant as we'd like to take a nappy changing bag along with the carry bag? Thank you for your response.

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