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Everything You Need to Know About the Turkish Airlines Bassinet

Here you will find everything you need to know about the Turkish Airlines bassinet policy, including the bassinet size and age/weight restrictions, what the bassinets look like in economy and how to request a bassinet seat on Turkish Airlines and more.

Before we delve into that, it is incredibly difficult to find this information out as it does not appear on their website and when asking the company directly about the bassinet – I was told the dimensions of a carrier 40cm x 40cm – I’m presuming they meant some car seat dimensions after I was left rather puzzled as to how a baby could lie flat in 40x 40cm. Their website only states this,

“If our passengers with a baby prefer to travel with a bag-type baby carrier (carrycot), the 70×30 cm carrier will accepted as cabin baggage during check-in.

The bag-type baby carrier can be used when the seatbelt safety sign is off. Bag-type baby carriers exceeding the maximum dimensions will not be admitted to the cabin. Emergency exit seats are not given to our passengers with a baby.

Car-seat style baby carriers can be used for infants below age two. If our passengers with a baby prefer to travel with a baby car-seat style carrier, 40×40 cm carrier can be used by purchasing an additional seat.

The carrier is required to have its own connection belt; it shall be fastened securely with seatbelt and prevented to lean forward. The carrier is required to be fastened securely before take off and to be maintained in this way until landing.

The additional seat to be purchased for infants is issued as discounted child ticket, and there will be no additional charges for the baby carrier. Emergency exit seats are not given to our passengers with a baby. “

UPDATE: After several days, I finally managed to get an answer! The onboard Turkish Airlines bassinet sizes are 75cm x 34cm. Further details below!

Turkish Airlines bassinet
Turkish Airlines bassinet

Where are the Turkish Airlines bassinet seats?

There are two in the bulkhead position on a B737-900 in both economy and business class. It is unclear on other airplane types exactly where they are and how many but they will always be located at a bulkhead position. This is the information I have found so far:

Boeing 787-9: Business class seat 1A and 1K.

What is the Turkish Airlines bassinet size?

The dimensions are 75cm x34cm and the weight limit is 8kg.

How do I request a Turkish Airlines bassinet?

This is not clear at all on their website. I would advise contacting them directly via phone or twitter and have your booking reference ready.

I’m on a codeshare flight, who should I request the bassinet with? 

This should always be done through the airline operated the flight. e.g the actual airline you will physically be flying with. 

Is there a charge for requesting the bassinet seat?

YES, sadly members of the same booking will be asked to pay $120 per sector/per person for all to sit together by the bassinet bulkhead seats.

This rate may vary depending on the route taken. The airline states the charge is not actually for the bassinet itself, but for the extra legroom seat where a bassinet position *may* be.

As there are no airplane maps on the Turkish Airlines website to consult, I would advise asking if it is not clear on your booking reference, the aircraft type you are on eg B737-900, Dreamliner (B787) and then asking if the seat you are being offered is a bassinet position.

Can I use a car seat and a bassinet?

No, you will not be able to use a car seat and a bassinet. The bassinet is only an option for lap babies and not babies that have their own seat.

For further information on airline baby bassinets, please see the highlighted link and for a Turkish Airline review with kids see here.

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