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American Airlines Bassinet: All You Need to Know Guide

Here you will find everything you need to know about the American Airlines bassinet policy, including the bassinet size and age/weight restrictions, how to request a bassinet seat on American and more. For more information on what American Airlines provides for children see here.


Where are the American Airlines bassinet seats?

These are located at the bulkhead positions – meaning the partition between a cabin, galley or toilet section of an aircraft.  A bulkhead seat offers slightly more legroom, so is a desirable seat.

However, on some seats the armrest is solid and immovable (this is where the tray table is stowed) which can be a bit uncomfortable if your baby is lying on you.

All baggage at a bulkhead position MUST be stowed away for taxi, take-off and landing.

They’re ideal for babies weighing up to 20 lbs. (9kg)

Bassinets are available for travel only on 777-200, 777-300 and 787 aircraft in economy only. Bassinets are not available in First / Business cabins.

What is the American Airlines bassinet weight limit?

The baby bassinets on American are suitable for babies weighing up to 20lbs (9kgs) and they must be younger than 2 years old.

To compare with other airlines bassinet measurements, see here.

What does the American Airlines baby bassinet look like?

Please see the image below of the American Airlines bassinet. The CoziGo Bassinet cover, fits the bassinet if you want to make it easier for baby to sleep, as it shields from the bright cabin lights!

American Airlines bassinet American-Air-from-Philly-to-Zurich.-cant-remember-aircraft-model-😕-baby-is-6-months-old-at-16-lbs-and-9oz.-Economy-with-the-6in-extra-leg-space-bassinet-1
American Airlines bassinet American from Philly to Zurich. Baby is 6 months old and weighed 16-lbs and-9oz

How do I request an American Airlines Infant Bassinet?

Bassinets can be requested by arriving at your gate first as they offer a first come, first served basis. Your travel agent may put in a request in your booking but ultimately this is overruled by whoever checks in at the gate first.

The American Airlines baby bassinets are available on some international flights only. It is very much on a first come, first served basis, so it is imperative you check in early and get to the gate as soon as possible to secure one.

I always double check and call the airline to check my request has been noted. I also use the airline seat map to check it is correct by using and the airline website – check the aircraft type and my seat number.

  • After take- off, a crew member should immediately get the bassinet and install it for you once the seat belt sign has been switched off. If they forget, do ask!
  • Most airlines require you to remove your baby from the bassinet if it bumpy or turbulent in-flight. A bassinet cannot be used for taxi, take-off or landing.
  • Plane bassinet weight limits must be adhered to. You may be asked the weight of your baby before they set it up for you.
  • You will not be able to stow any luggage by your feet for taxi, take of and landing as you need to keep this area clear for key phases of the flight. Once the seatbelt sign is off, you will be allowed to remove any bags from the overhead bins.
American Airlines Bassinet

I’m on a codeshare flight, who should I request the bassinet with? 

This should always be done through the airline operated the flight. e.g the actual airline you will physically be flying with. 

Is there a charge for requesting the bassinet seat?

No. Bassinet seats on American may be requested, free of charge, by adults travelling with infants. Bassinets are available on a first come, first serve basis at the gate, so do check in early. 

For further information on airline baby bassinets, please see the highlighted links.

Can I use a car seat and a bassinet?

No, you will not be able to use a car seat and a bassinet. The bassinet is only an option for lap babies and not babies that have their own seat.

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