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Here you will find everything you need to know about the British Airways bassinet seats policy, including the bassinet size and age/weight restrictions, how to request a bassinet seat on BA, photos of the different types of bassinet seat and more. We have used both types several times on flights with our two kids.

British Airways provides lots for children including a generous luggage allowance, kids’ meals, and childrens TV shows and movies on select routes and, for babies, offer the most onboard flexibility for helping a baby to sleep on a plane.

More information about these two different airplane bassinet seats on BA below

Does British Airways supply a bassinet/carrycot?

Yes, they do! It is on request like all airlines. BA provide both bassinets and reclinable child seats free of charge.

You can reserve a bassinet/child seat position for infants (under 2 years) on long haul flights only (excluding flights from London City Airport to JFK). To compare other airplane bassinet measurements, this chart details over 60!

Child seats and carrycots are supplied free of charge, but are subject to availability on-board the aircraft on the day.

They will be given to the people sitting in the carrycot/child seat positions on a first-come, first-served basis.

Even if you’ve chosen this type of seat, you may have to move on the day if there is a person with a greater need who requires it, such as a wheelchair user.

Where are the British Airways bassinet seats?

These are located at the bulkhead positions – meaning the partition between a cabin, galley or toilet section of an aircraft.  A bulkhead seat offers slightly more legroom, so is a desirable seat.

However, on some seats the armrest is solid and immovable (this is where the tray table is stowed) which can be a bit uncomfortable if your baby is lying on you.

On newer aircraft the central row of 4 seats the middle seats E/F the armrest will come up in economy only.

All baggage at a bulkhead position MUST be stowed away for taxi, take-off and landing.

What is the British Airways bassinet weight limit?

Max weight of baby permitted8kg (17.5lb), for the carry cot style and 12.5kgs (27.5lbs) for the child seats

Further information about the British Airways bassinet:

  • Available in advance on long haul flights only.
  • Child seats and carrycots are supplied free of charge, but are subject to availability on-board the aircraft on the day.
  • You may have to moved on the day IF there is a person with a greater need who requires it, such as a wheelchair user.
  • The carrycots supplied by BA are:
  • The max weight of 8kg (17.5lb) is applicable for the carry cot style.
  • Can only be used for an infant who is lying down
  • Available on all long haul flights (except on the London City to JFK service)
  • The child seats supplied by BA for larger babies are:
  • The max weight of 12.5kgs (27.5lbs) is applicable for the reclining child seat style of bassinet.
  •  Available on all long haul flights (except on the London City to JFK service)
  •  Adjustable to a variety of reclined positions
  • For infants under 6 months, the seat should always be used in the reclined position. For infants over 6 months, either position can be used.

To compare with other airlines bassinet measurements, see here. and see our experience of flying with British Airways with a baby.

What does the British Airways baby bassinet look like?

There are two styles, the British Airways carrycot and the British Airways child seat. Here are British Airways bassinet seat pictures of both styles. They are the same in all cabin classes:

  1. British Airways carrycot
BA bassinet cot style, british airways bassinet, british airways bassinet seat picture
British Airways carrycot style bassinet for younger babies weighing 8kg (17.5lb) or under. (Image: Carrie Bradley/Flying With A Baby)

2. British Airways child bassinet seat which reclines.

BA bassinet reclining, british airways bassinet carrycot british airways bassinet seat picture
British Airways bassinet or child seat – a reclining chair type for older babies (Image: Carrie Bradley/Flying With A Baby)

How do I request a BA Bassinet?

Reservations must be made in advance via ‘Manage My Booking’ on the British Airways website. The seats are marked on the seat maps with a baby icon.

These seats are allocated subject to availability, and on a first come, first served basis. One rare beneficial feature is that if you are travelling with an infant on British Airways you can choose seats for everyone in your booking immediately and for free. You do not need to wait 24 hours before check in.

I always double check and call the airline to check my request has been noted. I also use the airline seat map to check it is correct by using and the airline website – check the aircraft type and my seat number.

  • After take-off, a crew member should immediately get the bassinet and install it for you once the seat belt sign has been switched off. If they forget, do ask!
  • Most airlines require you to remove your baby from the bassinet if it bumpy or turbulent in-flight. A bassinet cannot be used for taxi, take-off or landing.
  • Plane bassinet weight limits must be adhered to. You may be asked the weight of your baby before they set it up for you.

When can I choose my seat on British Airways?

When you travel with an infant (under 2) who won’t be travelling in a seat of their own, you can reserve a seat for yourself and everyone in your booking, free of charge, as soon as you’ve made your booking (except for bookings of over 9 people).

Subject to availability, one person in your booking and the infant will be able to reserve a carrycot/seat position. 

The remainder of your party will be able to select other seats for free. 

However, bear in mind you may not all be sitting together as the bassinet position and others in your booking will not be able to choose another bassinet/carrycot position as it may be needed for another family or wheelchair user.  Therefore, you will either be adjacent or the row behind.

I’m on a codeshare flight, who should I request the bassinet with? 

This should always be done through the airline operated the flight. e.g the actual airline you will physically be flying with. 

Is there a charge for requesting the bassinet seat?

No. Bassinet seats on BA may be requested, free of charge, by adults travelling with infants.

For further information on airline baby bassinets, please see the highlighted links.

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Fly Babee, CoziGo bassinet cover review airline stroller cover, buggy cover UV50+
CoziGo bassinet cover works a treat to help babies sleep and is permitted for use on British Airways. (Image: Carrie Bradley/Flying With A Baby)

The CoziGo (affiliate link) retails at £72.99  / ($83.99 US) easily fits over airplane bassinets. It blocks light, movement and stimulation helping baby to sleep without constant distraction.

It can also be used on strollers too as it protects from UV rays. We used it everytime we flew with a baby and regularly recommend it to friends flying long haul with an infant.

It can be shipped worldwide and shipping is FREE to Australia, USA, UK, Canada etc from their site

All other seat comfort devices are not permitted for use in the cabin on British Airways. Devices not allowed include, but are not restricted to, seat extenders for children, hammocks for lap held infants, inflatable footrests and devices that attach to the seat to restrict movement or for leg support.

Can I use a car seat and a bassinet?

No, you will not be able to use a car seat and a bassinet. The bassinet is only an option for lap babies and not babies that have their own seat.

Interested in seeing other airlines bassinets?

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