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Thai Airways Economy Review | Thai Airways With Kids

Thai Airways Economy Review | Thai Airways With Kids

Thai Airways A380-800 long haul review

Thai offer some great fares from the UK to Thailand – which was a major factor in deciding who to travel with. I had flown with Thai on short haul flights several times as a deadheading crew member but this was the first time flying with kids. I had heard great things about their cabin service, so I was keen to try a different airline when flying long haul with a toddler and primary school age kids. Here is our Thai Airways Economy Review for the the A380

This long haul flight on Thai was a night flight from London Heathrow direct to Bangkok. At Bangkok we had a connecting domestic short haul flight to Krabi – so basically a pretty long day of flying with a two and five year old, but all perfectly manageable.

Thai Airways with kids, Thai Airways review- long haul
Ready for take-off on the Thai Airways A380

Boarding was very efficient and it was great to see another spacious A380. The configuration was a standard 3-4-3. On the outbound sector we had the DEFG seats and back in to Heathrow we had the ABC and then across the aisle D seat.

Economy Class travellers on international flights and long distance domestic flights are provided with a pillow and blanket. Eye shades and ear plugs are also available on request. A headset is available too.

According to the Thai website, there are a range of toys, games and books are available on international and domestic flights. for kids. These have been selected based on age under 3 years, 3 to 6 years and 7 to 21 years of age.  We were given a blow up Thai aircraft for both girls on one sector, but nothing on the other 3 sectors – so this provision seems very hit or miss, or perhaps it is on request only?

We attempted to use a Plane Pal on the flight but were told that this and other sleep devices were not currently allowed on Thai.

Child meals on Thai Airways

We pre requested child meals for the flight, even though flights departed late at night and the kids’ had already eaten before-hand. They always enjoy eating on the plane and it is one of the things they look forward to the most.

Thai airways child meal chicken nuggets and chips
Thai Airways child meal on the LHR- Bangkok route
Child meal breakfast on Thai Airways
Adults breakfast on Thai Airways

On recent day flights, I have heard that Thai Airways have been giving out a metal lunchbox full of snacks like the picture below.

Kids’ snack box on Thai Airways

Inflight Entertainment on Thai Airways

Thai Airways provides a wide variety of Tv channels, movies and games for kids. From cartoons like Lion Guard and Mickey Mouse to Marvel films. The screen is touch screen but the handset can also be used.

WiFi is available on Thai at a charge. Charges are from $4.99 for 10MB

Short haul flights on Thai Airways

Our short haul flight from Bangkok to Krabi was on a A330-300 with a 2-4- 2 seat configuration. The seat had a USB port touch screen and handset. Like long haul, WiFi is chargeable.

Touch screen drawing fun on the A330 short haul flight on Thai Airways

Meals were given out but there was no choice and I couldn’t request child meals or vegetarian meals – so do bring your own snacks. It was a salad with ham and cheese strips on top.

meal short haul thai airways

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Danielle Corby

Monday 8th of November 2021

Hello. Thanks for the post. I just wanted to ask what the comfy pink cushions your girls were sitting on in the first on flight photo please? They look comfy!! We are flying to Phuket in a few days day (paperwork being approved permitted… eek). Thanks!

Danielle Corby

Saturday 13th of November 2021

@Carrie Bradley, thanks so much!!!!

Carrie Bradley

Wednesday 10th of November 2021

Hello, they are called Travel Snugs :-)

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