The Ultimate Resource Guide To Flying With A Toddler

This ultimate resource guide to flying with a toddler is jam packed full of information and resources to answer every question you may have for travelling by plane with a toddler. 

All the information has been compiled by an ex flight attendant who has flown over 60 flights with her two tots, including ultra long haul flight of over 24 hours!  

For the ultimate resource guide to flying with a baby see here.

Ultimate Resource Guide To Flying With A Toddler

Although flying with a baby has it's own challenges, flying with a toddler is a whole different ball game. Once little ones start crawling and walking, they need a little more to keep them occupied during a flight. This resource guide has plenty of tips and information to help you through this stage!


Tips For Flying With A Toddler

if you are in a hurry, this post details my very best flying with a toddler tips which includes meals, sleep, the best seats, toys and so much more.

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Airplane Activities For Toddlers

Keep boredom at bay with this range of toys and activities, many of which are educational too.

These airplane activities for toddlers are quick and easy to do, with many household items you already have lying around at home.

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Best Toddler Travel Toys 2019

These toddler travel toys have all been tested on short and long haul flights, and have our seal of approval to keep little ones busy whilst on the go!

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Tips To Help Your Toddler Sleep On Plane

Getting a toddler to sleep on a plane is bit harder without an airline bassinet, but there are some great tips, including the 'spare seat trick' and other travel sleep devices which can help too!

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Tips To Minimise Jet Lag For Toddlers

Jet lag is tough, and kids usually manage better than us adults, but there are some specific things you can do to help your toddler adjust.

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Flying With Twins Or A Baby And Toddler? Some Extra Information.

Flying with more than one child can mean a litle bit more preparation is needed.

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What Are The Best Seats On A Plane For Kids? + Info On Baby Bassinets

If you have an older child, a bassinet won't be possible, but there is the 'spare seat trick' and some other sleep devices which may help your toddler feel more comfortable.

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Car Seats & Child Restraint Devices (CRD) On An Airplane

If you are purchasing a seat for your older baby or toddler, then you have a few options baout which restraint devices you can use.

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FAA Approved Car Seats & Airline Approved Car Seats

If you are flying on some airlines, you can use car seats for children over the age of two. BUT rules do vary, depending on which country the airline is based. This guide will help you work out what car seat you can take with you.

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Toddler Food On Planes |Ordering Baby And Child Airline Meals

It is always best to pack your own food for your under two year old. However, there are a couple of airlines which allow you to prequest a toddler meal at least 24 hours before your flight.

This guide to what food is provided by your airline, will help you decide what food you should pack.

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Breastfeeding On A Plane Tips | 8 Breastfeeding Tips For Plane Travel

if you are breastfeeding your toddler, these tips will help you be prepared and hopefully be more comfortable too.

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Tips For Flying With Breast Milk

Rules vary if you need to carry breastmilk. Depending on whether you are flying with your toddler or not.

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How To Sterilise Bottles Whilst Travelling Abroad

if you have a long haul flight, it may not be possible to carry several bottles or dummies/pacifiers with you, so you may need to sterlise as you go. These sterilizing tips for travel will help.

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Best Stroller For Travel | What are their Pros & Cons For Flying?

if you have a transit stop, unless you need to clear customs with your luggage, you will not see your stroller til the final destination. In which case, a compact travel stroller which fits as hand luggage may prove a useful bit of kit!

This guide goes through several options of travel strollers, which will best fit your needs.

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Which Airports/Airlines Provide Courtesy Strollers?

Did you know some airlines and airports provide courtesy strollers? These are particularly if you are in transit and have a tired toddler to get to the next gate.

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American Airlines Stroller Policy

Most airlines allow you to gate check strollers, but there are a few exceptions, depending on the size and weight. here is American Airlines Stroller policy.

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Top Family Friendly Airlines

There are some family friendly airline and there are some incredible family friendly airlines! FInd out which airlines go the extra mile for family travellers.

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Flying Alone With a Toddler | Solo Parent Air Travel Tips

if you are flying solo with a toddler, this post will help you prepare.

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Best Apps For Babies & Toddlers

There are some great aeducational and fun apps to help keep your toddler busy on a plane.

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How To Order Baby Milk And Baby Supplies From Boots At UK Airports

if you are flying out of the UK, and want to save time at security, pre-order online your baby and toddler milk, suntan lotion, swim nappies, make-up and other holiday bits. Here's how to do it!

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Travel Gear Reviews + Kids Travel Accessories

Whether yoy are looking for travel gear to help the kids sleep, like the travel pillows and mattresses or travel highchairs and travel strollers - this guide lists and compares all our readers favourites.

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This ultimate resource guide to flying with a toddler is jam-packed with flying with a toddler tips and resources to answer every question you may have for travelling by plane with a toddler. #flyingtips #familytravel

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