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Airline Reviews For Families

Here you’ll find a collection of family friendly airlines and reviews on their facilities for kids. Whether you are flying with a baby, toddler or an older child, these airline reviews will let you know what is onboard and what service you can expect on your flight. For a round up of the airlines which provide more than the usual child, baby meals, kids’ activity packs etc  see my top family friendly airlines here.

Most of the airline reviews below are from a family travel and an economy class perspective, but when I have been upgraded or have used points to upgrade to premium economy or business class, the reviews are not only from a family perspective but from a business or solo traveler view point too. Wherever appropriate, lounge reviews are reviewed too.

  1. Which airlines have the best customer reviews?
  2. How do I find reliable airline reviews?
  3. What are the top-rated airlines for international travel?
  4. Are there any budget airlines with good reviews?
  5. Which airlines offer the most comfortable seats for families ?
  6. Which airlines allow sleep devices for toddlers and kids?
  7. Are there any specific airlines that consistently receive positive feedback for their in-flight entertainment options?

Air Asia/ Air Asia X

Air Asia/ Air Asia X. A review of economy on the budget airline.

American Airlines

Information on flying with a baby on American Airlines. If you are flying with a baby on American Airlines, then here is all the information you need to know about the airline – in one convenient place. This guide covers airplane bassinets, baggage allowances, baby food, car seats, child restraint devices, strollers, toys, entertainment and more. For non airline specific  flying with a baby tips see here.

British Airways Review

British Airways Review: This review covers numerous examples of British Airways flights; from what to expect in economy class on both short haul flights and flying long haul in World Traveller (aka long haul economy).

We have flown with BA several times at various stages with kids, so this review also covers flying long haul on British Airways with an 11 week old, a 12 month old and flying with a toddler. The two variations of the British Airways bassinet are covered, so if you are on British Airways and travelling with a baby you may find this part useful.

Premium Economy – World Traveller Plus on British Airways

BA World Traveller Plus Review: For a review of BA’s brand new premium economy on the B77-300 which was rolled out in 2018, please see this review on flying long haul with kids with British Airways. The reviews offers plenty of insight if you are flying without kids too. Discover information on the new seat design and the service in World Traveller Plus.

British Airways Club Class/Business Class Review B777

British Airways Club Class/Business Class Review B777. This airline review covers the facilities, business class seats and service on BA’s business class. As we opted for different food choices, the menu variety is shown, as well as the BA amenity kit bag. The business class lounge at London Gatwick airport is also mentioned, including the small kids’ zone.

British Airways Club Class Review – B747.

British Airways B747 Business Class (Club Class) Review 2019.A recent work trip to Chicago enabled me to research some of the family friendly airport facilities British Airways has at London Heathrow Airport in Terminal 5 and at the same time review the British Airways B747 business class product.

British Airways – Flying With A Baby FAQ’s

Here you will find all your FAQ’s about flying with a baby on British Airways. This guide covers airplane bassinets, baggage allowances, baby food, car seats, child restraint devices, strollers, toys, entertainment and more.

Delta One V Virgin Atlantic Upper Class Review 

Delta One V Virgin Atlantic Upper Class Review  Once in a while, you may feel like treating yourself, or perhaps have worked hard saving up your air miles, or like my husband, you have to fly a lot for work and one of the perks is having your company stump up the bill for a business class flight. Yes, he certainly gets a lot more premium flights than me!

He recently flew from London Heathrow with Delta to Detroit and then returned on Virgin Atlantic via Atlanta. Both have a hybrid First/business service rather than the more traditional First and Business cabins and that can make a more premium flight experience more accessible. From his perspective, both airlines provided a great service. But if you’re going Stateside on a family holiday and have the fortunate opportunity to upgrade the flight, who should you choose?

Etihad V Emirates Economy Class

Etihad V Emirates Economy Class:The two UAE owned airlines are renowned for their onboard facilities especially the legroom, recline and in-flight entertainment (IFE). With innovative premium cabins most can only dream of travelling in; including   private suites and even a butler service on Etihad’s Residence class – they are leading the way for premium and business travel.  With both airlines flying similar routes with hubs in the UAE; Emirates in Dubai and Etihad in Abu Dhabi, there is only a short distance between the 2 cities, allowing passengers to choose the airline which best fits their price and schedule. However, if it’s all very similar, who do you choose? Is there really much difference in terms of their economy product?

Emirates Economy Class B777 long haul

Emirates Economy Class B777 long haul: Emirates has grown in leaps and bounds, which means it has likely come up as a travel option for your family holiday or vacation.  This review covers all aspects of family travel, from the Emirates bassinet to the Emirates kids’ meal and not forgetting the all important in- flight TV, movies and games system known as ICE.

Emirates Airlines Kids’ Facilities 

Emirates Airlines Kids’ Facilities: So what can you expect on an Emirates flight with kids? Emirates are well known for being great with families. In general, the Middle- Eastern airlines are the ones which provide great facilities overall. From on-demand movies, TV and games to complimentary beverages and meals in economy , it certainly makes flying with kids easier. Business and First are something else, including showers and every seat being a window seat on some aircraft! This review concentrates on all the facilities for kids, whichever class you are travelling in.

Malaysia Airlines Review – long haul.

Malaysia airlines economy class review: This review takes a look at whether Malaysia Airlines is a safe airline to travel on and the onboard service on the flight. Expect to find details of the Malaysia Airlines bassinet, the child meals and the inflight service from the crew. Discover the reasons why I would most definitely fly with them again.

Norwegian Airlines Review

Norwegian economy class – short haul: Norwegian is fast becoming the go to low-cost carrier and has an impressive fleet of B737, B787’s and a new fleet of B737 MAX8 which means they can go on even further long distance routes. Some of Norwegian’s newest routes include 12 further transatlantic routes from the East Coast of the US to Ireland, NI, Scotland. Norway – Singapore  started in Autumn (2017). With routes to popular holiday places such a Greece, Italy, Spain Canary Islands they offer competitive rates.

I recently flew with them from London Gatwick Airport to Stockholm Arlanda Airport on the older B737-800.

Norwegian economy class – long haul. Find out about their inflight entertainment and what is provided on board.

Qatar Airways Review

Qatar Airways Economy Class Review: Qatar Airways is consistently recommended as one of the best airlines for families. With airport strollers available during transit, helpful crew, a modern fleet, this high reputation of the Qatar Airways experience looks set to continue. This review contains both a short haul and long haul flight with kids.

Flying With A Baby on Qatar Airways? This post is full of information on all the facilities Qatar provides; including baggage allowance, car seat information, Oryx Kids club, child meals, entertainment and more. Here you will hopefully find any answers to questions you have about Qatar Airways and flying with a baby.

Qantas Review 

Qantas Economy Review: This review is a combination of Qantas short haul domestic flights with kids and Qantas long haul flights with a baby. Discover what makes the Qantas bassinet stand out from many others and what facilities they have on board for older kids.

Turkish Airlines Review

Turkish Airlines Economy Class Review:As the Skytrax winner of the Best European Airline, Turkish Airlines is a popular choice with a lot to offer. However, information can be be a little hard to find about this airline, especially the bassinet weight allowance and the facilities they have for kids. This guest review covers a readers experience travelling with a baby and a 5 year old from London to South Africa.

United Airlines Review

United Airlines Review: I’ve previously stayed clear from American based airlines, mainly because when mine were under 2, the possible scrum for a bassinet at the boarding gate concerned me – as with other airlines you can request in advance and with some choose your seat for free. However, with no need for a bassinet anymore, we decided to try United on our first family trip to Orlando. Find out how we found flying both long haul with United and short haul domestic flights with United.

Thai Airways Economy Review – A380 and A330

A look into what Thai Airways provides on both long haul and short haul flights.

Virgin Atlantic Economy Review

I’ve flown with Virgin Atlantic a couple of times, but not recently, so this October 2018 Virgin Atlantic economy class review highlights the latest facilities. We were on a B747 outbound and B787 Dreamliner in the return. I found some aspects of the IFE (TV) on the B747 frustrating, which may prompt you to load up your own movies, TV, especially for kids.

B747 Virgin Economy Review.

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