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How To Fly With A Baby

I often get asked my top tips on how to fly with a baby. Whereas other posts of mine cover ALL the tips from booking to arrival, and information on particular stages you may be at, these tips are for those of you that have arrived on this page, not had a chance to look around the site but have booked your flight with an infant and then gone ok now what? 

First of all, please let me reassure you, this is the easiest time! If you are flying with a toddler, then it gets a bit trickier as they are lot more mobile, and require a lot more entertainment.

How to Fly With A Baby – Step by Step

  • Always bring a baby carrier, it is invaluable at airports, on board and for transit stops.
  • Bring your own food and drink for your baby. Some airlines on some flights allow pre requesting (at least 24 hours in advance) for a baby meal which is pureed baby food only. It is allowed to be over the 3-1-1 or 100ml liquid rule.
  • Bring your own diapers/nappies, and spare ones for delays too. Some airlines may have a couple of emergency items, but the majority don’t.
  • Use a packing checklist to help keep you organised and to remember al the essentials.
  • Dress yourself in layers as well as your baby. Cabin temperatures can vary, and if you have a sleeping baby on top of you, you will want to make things as easier as possible by wearing layers which are easy to add or remove.
  • Wear a backpack when traveling with baby. It is much easier when you can keep your hands free.
  • Flying with a lap baby? The crew may hand you a lap belt or an extension seat belt depending on where your airline is based. US and Canadian airlines won’t provide you with one, but UK, Australian and most other airlines will. Read more about airline child restraint devices here. If it is provided, it is a legal requirement to use it.
  • Use the restrooms on the plane to change your baby. Most have changing tables, although they are small. Use anti-bac wipes to wipe down any surfaces.
  • All airlines should support a mum breastfeeding.  If you are a bit self-conscious, here are my tips in detail.
  • If you need milk heated up – do ask in plenty of time.
  • Babies on planes usually likely to drink more than they usually do as the cabin air is quite dehydrating. If you need to sterilise bottles on board, this post provides more information.
  • The bassinet should be set up for you after take-off, once the seatbelt sign is off. Most airlines will ask you to remove your baby if it is turbulent.
  • Relax, you’ve got this! Remember, all other passengers were kids once, and the majority would have been through this stage with their own families too. If you do have any tricky experiences, this problem solving info will help you get through flying with baby.

Flying With A Baby Tips from 0 - 12 months old

Traveling with a baby can provide different challenges depending how old they are. This helpful list guides you through flying with a baby - whether your infant is a newborn or a 12 month old.

Each stage considers what items you may prefer to bring with you, and what travel gear is most useful to help you and baby get comfortable, eat and of course sleep!

  • Other items covered are:
  1. ID and other documents
  2. Airline rules for flying with a baby
  3. Liquid and food allowance and what airlines provide.
  4. Sleep tips and gear
  5. Travel toys for younger and older babies
  6. Car seat and bassinet information
  7. Packing tips
  8. Sterilizing information
  9. Breastfeeding on board
  10. More travel tips for flying with baby.

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