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Best Car Seat Travel Bag for Flying

I have personally seen what can happen to bags and how travel strollers, pushchairs etc can be thrown around carelessly by some airport baggage handlers. My father used to see it all the time as an aircraft engineer too.

This guide will help with tips on how you can protect your car seat when flying and give you suggestions for the best car seat travel bag for flying.

Best Car Seat Travel Bag for Flying, baby in a car seat

What is The Best Car Seat Travel Bag for Flying?

Do you need a bag to check a car seat?

No, you don’t need a bag to check a car seat (and many car seats are transported from A to B quite safely), however, you may want one. As mentioned above some baggage handlers can be quite rough, even with items that have a ‘fragile’ or ‘handle with care’.

Whilst your car seat is likely covered by your travel insurance, it can take time organising a replacement which could restrict your movements and plans. (Tip: Take a photo of your car seat or stroller before your travel so you can show insurance companies the condition pre any damage.)

Using a car seat bag can mean you can store some extra items to help pad it out, like diapers/nappies, a cuddly toy etc. (This way, you get a little bit of extra baggage, but shhhh, keep that quiet!)

Important stuff to know before you pack your car seat

If you are flying with a baby or a toddler, and plan on using your car seat abroad, first please do check if it meets that countries rules and regulations. e.g UK and EU car seats are approved for use in the UK and Europe only. Read more about car seat laws around the world here.

Most UK car seats are NOT legally approved for use in the USA, Canada and Australia  AND vice versa. More details about this are in the link above. Hiring or buying at your destination might be the best option.

(If you are intending on using your FAA or aviation approved car seat on the flight, then you will need to purchase a seat for your infant.)

However, if you are all set to go, and you have decided to take your own car seat with you and either check it in immediately or gate check, my best advice is DO invest in a car seat travel bag and a stroller travel bag.

Does a car seat count as a checked bag?

No, a car seat does not normally count as checked bag when you are flying with an infant. A car seat can usually be brought on board in addition to your normal baggage along with a stroller or pushchair on the majority of airlines at no extra charge.

Most airlines allow both of these items, whereas some budget airlines will only allow one, although this is rare.  For more details on what airlines allow infants for cabin and hold baggage see this useful infographic in this post on cabin sized strollers.

Can you gate check a car seat?

Absolutely, but if you are not using your car seat, you may as well check it in with the rest of your luggage to save lugging it around. Alternatively, a car seat gate check bag can be used to help protect it.

What does gate check mean?

Gate check means when an item is taken from you at the gate, rather the check-in counter and then put into the hold of the aircraft. Gate checking is particularly useful for strollers being used at the airport, but if you are using a car seat as part of your travel system at the airport, you may want to gate check your car seat.

In terms of the meaning in relation to a bag, a gate check car seat bag is just another name for a car seat travel bag, and likely got the name due to people gate checking strollers in a bag.

Where do I collect my gate check items from?

This can vary, some airports will have all gate checked items on the same baggage belt as the rest of your suitcases. Others will put the items on the ‘Oversize Baggage’ labelled carousel. 

Why padded infant car seat travel bags are better

If you can find one, I recommend padded car seat bags for air travel, over just a normal bag. Although you could pad a jumbo laundry or storage bag with nappies/diapers like mentioned above, it would be tricky to cover the entire car seat.  A non-padded car seat bag only really helps keep a car seat clean, but offers little protection.

A padded car seat travel bag will offer better protection from over zealous bag handlers. However, even if your car seat looks in great condition after the flight, please do look underneath the car seat cover to check if the polyesterine shock absorbing material is in tact, with no cracks before using.

It is always worth asking around friends if they have one you can borrow, as it is not an item you will use frequently. Some airlines can provide you with a strong plastic bag which can be used as a car seat airline bag or for other items. However, again they don’t really protect items, but do help keep them clean.

If you are looking for the best infant car seat travel bags, here are a few to look out for to buy or to see if you can find secondhand. 

J.L. Childress Ultimate Backpack Padded Car Seat Travel Bag

The J.L. Childress Ultimate Backpack Padded Car Seat Travel Bag is a backpack style gate check stroller bag. It offers thick padding to encase your seat whilst being transported to the aircraft hold. 

It’s made from heavy-duty fabric, has padded handles too.  It does fit most car seats, but check this guide first if you own a USA bought car seat. For latest prices and further information and reviews  see here.

Hello Jolie Padded Car Seat Bag with Wheels

The Hello Jolie car seat bag is the only one I have found which is fully padded and has 4 wheels to transport it easily. It is made of approximately 1cm thick padding with a strong nylon cover.

This car seat bag also comes with an internal strap to stop the car seat from moving around too much. It has a convenient and easy access opening plus plenty of room to fit other lightweight items in. A more detailed review is here. For more information and to check latest prices see here.

 ZOHZO Car Seat Travel Bag

The ZOHZO is another padded backpack style car seat gate check travel bag. It’s similar to the Childress car seat check bag, but it has small plastic protective feet for a bit of added protection. It is also water resistant and similarly priced. For latest prices, more information and more reviews see here.

Luvdbaby Premium Car Seat Bag

The Luvdbaby Premium Car Seat Bag  is a denim padded travel bag, which is large enough to fit most car seats in and ideal for when you little one grows out of a smaller car seat into a bigger one. As it is denim, it is a little easier to spot on the baggage belt at arrivals. For more information and latest prices see see here. 

If you have a Britax car seat, then Britax do have their own brand of car seat bag. It is not padded but it is one of the few car seat travel bags with wheels.

Alternative ideas to help protect your car seat.

If you want to try and pad your car seat yourself and look for cheaper versions, then there are plenty of alternative non padded car seat bags available. You could also ask the airline if they have a durable plastic bag that you could use, although this won’t really protect it from knocks and bumps but will help to keep it clean.

Most airports offer baggage wrapping for a charge, or you could purchase some bubble wrap and use this method instead – just make sure you have enough for the way back!

If you have found a good gate check bag for car seats please let me know in the comments to help other readers too.

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