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Family Friendly Airline Review: Air Asia

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Family Friendly Airline Review: Air Asia and Air Asia X

A family friendly airline review by A full-time travel baby and her parents.

We were flying with Air Asia from Thailand (Phuket) to Australia (Perth) via Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur), as well as from Australia (Perth) to Indonesia (Bali). Our baby was 7 and 8 months old at that time.The short flights were without a bassinet and we just had our baby on our lap. The baby belt needed to be used during takeoff and landing. The long flight was more convenient as we had a baby bassinet. As this flight was very early in the morning, our baby was sleeping in it. During all flights our baby was unstressed. If it got bored on our lap, we were just carrying it around.

The staff was VERY baby friendly. Most employees are Asians and Asians are the most baby friendly people we met. The flight attendants were entertaining and holding our baby. That made our flights so relaxed.

Family Friendly Airline Review: Air Asia Baby bassinets

Although AirAsia A320 aircrafts (usually short flights) don’t have any bassinets, you can get them on AirAsia X aircrafts (usually long flights). In order to do that, you must first book your flight with one of the following seats:

Business class: 1A, 1G, 1H
Premium seat: 16F, 17A, 34F

If you want to book the premium seats and check-in luggage, the “Value Pack” is the cheapest option.
You don’t need to book the actual bassinets, just the seats where they can be fitted.. They will be provided by the flight attendants when you are on board.
Those bassinets are allowed for babies with a max. weight of 11kg. (For other airlines bassinet requirements see this airline bassinet guide.)

If you are traveling with toddlers or kids those seats are also very convenient, as you have lots of space in front of you to play around.


You can check-in online in advance but you still might to wait in the baggage drop-off line if you have checked-in luggage.


When you book the flight you may also book your meal in advance. I personally find it more convenient to decide on the flight. Especially, as prices Don’t vary much. Kids friendly menus are also provided.


AirAsia X offers an entertainment system with movies, games etc. It costs 49 RM (pre-book) or 60 RM on board. As we were rotating the “baby duty” one person could watch movies at a time.


All 3 flights were very pleasant, we got great value for money, great service and helpful staff.


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Family Friendly Airline Review: Air Asia

How family-friendly is Air Asia when it comes to flying with babies and young children? Find out more in this review #familytravel #airlinereviews


Family Friendly Airline Review: Air Asia Air Asia review. How family friendly is Air Asia X? Information on the booking process, food and entertainment and bassinet seats

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Sunday 6th of June 2021

I just want to ask cos me and my son will be flying with Air Asia this middle month from Malaysia to Philippines .. My son is 20month old so he is still an infant.. Will Air Asia exempt him for not using face mask? Im training him everyday to use a face mask but he really don't want to use it.. That's why I'm so worried 😔

Plutonium Sox

Sunday 5th of February 2017

This is useful to know, I'd always look to find an airline that was actively child / baby friendly as I know people have struggled with being separated from their children on flights etc. Nat.x


Tuesday 7th of February 2017

Thanks Nat, yes me too. A family friendly airline is so important.

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