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Best Travel Bags For Moms 2022

Best Travel Bags For Moms 2022

I’ve gone through a few travel bags, baby changing bags and carry on’s at various stages of flying with a baby, flying with a toddler and now flying with a 3 year old and 6 year old.

Here is my round up up of the best travel bags for Mums; including the best carry on bag for moms for the various stages of travelling or flying with kids.

Best Baby Changing Bag/Diaper Bag for Travel

There is such a huge variety of travel baby changing bags, but I really like the look of the OFUN diaper/nappy bag backpack. It comes in four colours; grey (pictured below) black, navy and orange and has rave reviews. It also has 14 pockets to help keep you organised. It has handy removable stroller straps so you don’t have to keep it on your back, however having a backpack feature is so handy if you are travelling light. The insulated pockets will hold 3 bottles and it is machine washable too!

For more information and latest prices see here.

However, if you are travelling further afield and need to consolidate all your cabin baggage into one due to airline rules on cabin baggage, then a larger bag might be needed. Although its not a back pack, I loved my Il Tutto bag (an Australian company )- it’s such a stunning red changing bag with insulated pockets, changing mat, handy clear plastic bag etc.

 best travel bags for moms

It went to Cape Town and Australia with us and fitted in numerous feeding bits as well as changes of clothes, nappies and a few items for me. It did slip off my shoulder a little bit, but the straps on the bag made it perfect for attaching to my pram/stroller/airport trolley. It’s long lasting, well made with leather and lots of compartments. It is pricey at around £200  but it was a special gift from my husband. I love that it doesn’t look like a changing bag. The straps did fall off my shoulders a bit, but I loved it!

 best travel bags for moms

Best Tote Bags For Moms – Mia Tui Jennie bag

I”ve recently came across the Mia Tui Jennie travel bag and was given one to trial and provide honest feedback on. Hand on heart, I LOVE it and I know you will too. I used it recently on a press trip to Tuscany  when I was travelling kiddie free. I opted for the Jennie rather than the identical looking but slightly smaller Mini Jen due to me anticipating I will need a good size bag to pile a lot of kids rubbish important stones, twigs and shells.

However, for this trip I needed a travel bag which could fit my laptop in, chargers, power pack a bottle of water, a notepad, cardigan in and some travel documents. This all fitted in easily. As it would in many other bags – but the beauty of this travel tote bag and why i think its the best travel tote for women is becasue of it very neat storage system. Never have I been so organised! A clear plastic bag to fit the 100ml max bottles in, an elastic tag to attach my keys too, a pen holder, compartments for my passport and insulated bottle holders.

 best travel bags for moms

Also included is a shoulder strap turning the Jennie into a great shoulder bag for travel. There is still more too! A small bag is included which can be used as clutch or a smaller shoulder bag should you need it. Last but not least, the Jennie bag and Mini Jen have a pocket on the back that fits over the handle of your suitcase. Have a quick look at the video below to see what I mean.

Since returning from Tuscany, I have used the bag daily because it does fit everything I need for the kids too. Having the option to use it as shoulder bag has proved very handy whilst walking the dog and occasionally having to carry my 3 year old.

The Mini Jen is almost exactly the same, but slightly smaller and with only 1 insulated pocket for bottles. This photo shows the difference in sizing. Mine is the Jennie in tan and Cathy’s is the stunning green Mini Jen, whilst Daisy’s is the Mini in Silver which you can just see. Made in ultra soft faux-leather, with a bright water-proof interior it’s also a vegan travel bag. I love it and will be taking it with us everywhere we go.


Jennie W40cm, D15cm, H30cm

Mini Jen  W35cm, D14cm, H29cm

Price £55.00

 best travel bags for moms, osprey backpack
Best Back Pack For Hand Luggage

I don’t think there is such a thing a bad back pack or rucksack for hand luggage. For me, its all about the organisation and comfort. For our family holiday to Orlando, and our family holiday to Krabi and Koh Jum, Thailand I used a back pack for ease. Knowing, we were travelling around a bit meant keeping my hands free was a priority.

We bought the Osprey Celeste, which has so many compartments (many zipped), 2 bottles holders and various clips, which made it very organised. The padded straps made it comfortable to lug around and I found it very sturdy. ( I put SO much in it!). Its size fits within US and European airline limits for a personal carry-on item.

For more information about the Osprey Celeste back pack and latest prices see here.

Have you a travel bag for mums or a best travel bag for women recommendation? Please do let me know why it’s great for travel.

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Best Travel Bags For travel bags for moms. I've gone through a few travel bags, baby changing bags & carry on's at various stages of flying with a baby, flying with a toddler and now flying with a 3 year old & 6 year old. Here is my round up up of the best travel bags for Mums for the various stages of travelling or flying with kids. includes the Best Travel Tote For Women & Best Back Pack For Hand Luggage #travelbag #traveltote #travelgear #besttravelbag #miatui #osprey #diaperbag

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Thursday 9th of January 2020

What would be the best style of bag to bring as a carry on? Travelling solo with a baby from Canada to Australia and wondering what would be the best style of bag to bring and easily access everything we might need for entertaining/feeding/changing etc. My husband thinks the rolling, clamshell styler opening bag won’t be practical for getting at what I need. Thanks

Carrie Bradley

Tuesday 28th of January 2020

I think a backpack if travelling solo, to help keep your arms free.

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