Liverpool Airport Family Travel Guide

Liverpool Airport Family Travel Guide

I sometimes find it very hard to be inspired about where to go on our next family holiday. Even though I have plenty of places on our bucket list, some I’m saving for when the children are slightly older, like Disney, horse-riding trails and cruises etc. I think being an ex flight attendant makes it harder as I have been so fortunate to visit lots of places that my husband hasn’t been to.

However, when looking for inspiration, it’s sometimes the airports rather than the airlines or travel brochures and blogs that can inspire you. I don’t mean glancing up at the departures board, (although that can help too!)  but some airports websites can provide some inspiration for your next getaway. Another perk being, regional hubs are sometimes a little cheaper to fly out of and hopefully a little less busy, meaning more time in duty free! (See my post on how to find cheap flights for further information.)A lot of the budget or lower cost airlines fly out of regional airports too. Now we have moved from the outskirts of London, a couple more airports have opened themselves up to us, which will mean avoiding the M25 – surely a good thing?

A great example is Liverpool Airport. Liverpool John Lennon Airport (JLA) has over 60 destinations covered by EasyJet, Ryan Air, Wizz Air, Thomson and Aer Lingus, meaning a huge proportion of Europe is readily accessible.

Liverpool Airport destinations- majorca

Pollensa, Majorca

One of these destinations is Majorca. Last year, we flew to Majorca for the second time as family, but for the first time as a family of four. We also flew with my friend who has a flying phobia and her husband and toddler too. From Liverpool Airport, Palma, Majorca is only a 2.5 hour direct  flight away with either EasyJet, Ryan Air or Thomson. The mini destination guides on the JLA airport website provide useful information including time zones, currency, weather etc.  Majorca is best enjoyed between May and September where the temperatures can reach a high of 26 degrees. The guides also supply an overview of the type of holiday you can have – so you can make sure all needs are met whether you are a beach type or culture vulture or both!

Caves of Drach, MajorcaI noted the recommendation for the Caves of Drach in Porto Cristo. We all enjoyed our trip there, including the girls. The Caves of Drach are magical caves with stalactites and stalagmites which wind further down to lakes and finally to a dimly lit arena. Once everyone is seated, these boats appear from the darkness with a small orchestra and play a concert. It even transfixed a 3 and 4 year old, who also enjoyed the mini boat trip in the caves afterward! This was the perfect activity for a rainy day.

A further nice touch on the website are the “Don’t Miss’ sections which include recommendations for local restaurants and other places to visit. A major plus point in functionality is the time-saving bonus – once you have decided on your destination, you can search for the best deal and flights available on the same web page, as the site uses Skyscanner travel search engine for locating flights. Job done!

Airports helping reduce the stress of family travel

Flying with little ones can obviously raise the stress levels, and it is great to see that some airports are raising the bar when it comes to family travel. Family only security lines are becoming more commonplace and several larger airports even have soft play areas. Liverpool Airport may not have a soft play area but it has recently introduced Fast Track Family Parking –  A service which is only available if you pre-book. It features a dedicated entrance and exit route away from the main airport traffic and has wider spaces perfect for getting to child car seats. Located just a minute’s walk from the terminal building, booking the Fast Track Family also gets you 4 FREE Fast Track tickets (2 adult and 2 child), enabling you to save time at Security and get through to the Departure Lounge and relax more quickly. The airport also has a picnic area near gates 3-10 and many of the restaurants provide children’s menus.

So next time you are looking for some family holiday inspiration and some good deals, take a look at your surrounding regional airports – you may find some great inspiration and facilities to help you plan and navigate your way through the airport.


This post is in collaboration with Liverpool John Lennon Airport.






  1. Oh I definitely agree – sometimes the smaller airports are just easier to navigate and less overwhelming when you have a baby. My two closest are Heathrow and Gatwick (followed by Luton) so it’s rare I use somewhere else in the UK, but it’s a refreshing change when I do not to have a million gates and several million other people wandering around!

    • Thanks Cathy. I used to be LHR and then we moved and LTN was our closest. Now we are a little out of the way but options have opened up. I do enjoy the shopping at LHR and LGW though

  2. I love the idea of fast track parking for families. A lot of airports in Asia have fast track queues for families at immigration and it makes such a difference when you have tired whinging children!

  3. I have travelled regularly out of Liverpool airport with a small child and lots of baggage! The car park is a doddle and so close to the terminal. At the time I was also carrying medicated baby milk, security were amazingly considerate and even assisted me with my bags. It’s a small friendly airport but very efficient and well organised. I would much rather fly from here than any other Uk airport.

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