Baby Milk & Food

Q. Is there a limit on how much baby food and/or milk I can take?

A. You can take as much as you need for the flight. Airlines do not specify an exact amount as every passenger’s journey is different and may or may not have transit journeys and public transport after.

Q. Can I take more than 100ml of milk/water?
A. Yes you can, as baby food and milk is exempt from the 100ml liquid rule.

If you are flying from a UK airport, you can pre-order supplies in advance from Boots online. You collect airside, once past security. Here’s how to do it.

Q. Can I take my travel system?
A. Yes you can. All prams /strollers are allowed . However, some airlines such as American Airlines will not let you gate check a large (over 20kgs) travel system, but they will take it at check -in.

Q Will my small umbrella stroller be allowed inside the cabin with me?
A. If there is space, most airline will try and accommodate this, but don’t take it as a given, as if it is a full flight, there will be less hatrack space.

Q Are Trunki’s allowed as hand baggage/carry on on Thomson/Monarch/EasyJet?
A. Yes they are.


Q. What documents are needed for a child to travel?
A. If you are flying internationally a passport is needed.

If you are flying domestically, ID is generally required . However, if you are flying domestically within the USA, then an infant will just need to show a boarding card at security. It’s always worth taking a copy of their birth certificate or passport for peace of mind..

Travellers to and from South Africa may require further documentation, regardless if a citizen there or not. If both parents are travelling a passport for the child is required AND their FULL birth certificate. IF just one parent is travelling, then additional paperwork is needed showing that the other parent/guardian agrees. Contact your local South African embassy for details. This process is due to be simplified as it has caught many a parent out.