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Flying With Baby | FAQ’s to Flying With An Infant

Flying With Baby | FAQ’s to Flying With An Infant


Flying with baby can be daunting but hopefully the detailed information on Flying With A Baby can help you with all the specific detailed information you need. Here you will find all the most frequently asked questions with links to other useful posts which will go into even more detail.



Stroller/ Pushchair questions

  • What kind of stroller can I take on a plane?
  • You can take any type of stroller with you IF you are intending for your pram to go in the baggage hold. If your stroller is compact and light which fits within your airline cabin baggage allowance, then you can bring that as cabin baggage and put it in the overhead locker. Here are some of the lightest and compact travel strollers.


  • Do strollers count as checked baggage?
  • No. You can bring a stroller as a free, additional piece to your normal allowance. Your baby must be travelling with you.


  • Can I bring a stroller and car seat on plane?
  • Yes you can bring both for free, in addition to your normal baggage allowance. If you have purchased a seat for you infant, then you can use your car seat on the plane.
  • Do airlines charge for strollers?
  • No airlines do not charge you for bringing a stroller as hold luggage. The baby must be travelling with you.



  • Will my small umbrella stroller be allowed inside the cabin with me?
  • If there is space, most airline will try and accommodate this, but don’t take it as a given, as if it is a full flight, there will be less hatrack space.


  • Are Trunki’s allowed as hand baggage/carry on on Thomson & EasyJet?
  • Yes they are.


  • How do I protect my stroller when flying?
  • You can buy padded bags to help protect your stroller. You can also use this bag to store a few diapers/nappies in to help pad your stroller. This also helps save space in your suitcase!

Car seat questions

  • Can I bring a carseat on a plane?
  • You can bring a car seat for free in addition to your normal baggage allowance. This will be placed in the aircraft hold.


  • Is it better to gate check a car seat?
  • It depends if you are using it or not. If you are baby wearing, then check it in immediately to save you the hassle of carrying it around. Fo more informations about car seats, see here.

Baby food and milk questions


Is there a limit on how much baby food and/or milk I can take?

  •  You can take as much as you need for the flight. Airlines do not specify an exact amount as every passenger’s journey is different and may or may not have transit journeys and public transport after. You may wish to pre – request a baby meal from your airline if your baby is weaning.


  • Can I take more than 100ml of milk/water?
    Yes you can, as baby food and milk is exempt from the 100ml liquid rule.
  • If you are flying from a UK airport, you can pre-order supplies in advance from Boots online. You collect airside, once past security. Here’s how to do it.


  • Can you bring breastmilk on plane?
  • Yes you can. For information see here.


Baggage questions (for strollers and car sear, see above)

  • Do diaper bags count as a carry on?
  • Nappy/diaper or changing bags are not counted as carry on for SOME airlines.


Costs for flying with an infant

  • Do babies travel free on planes?
  • Babies travel for free on American/Canadian based airlines if it’s a domestic flight and if they are a lap baby. All other airlines charge for domestic flights. This can range from 10% of an adult fare or a set fee. International flights with an infant are always chargeable.


  • Do infants fly for free on international flights?
  • No.

Security questions

  • Can I wear my baby through airport security?
  • At USA airports yes, UK airports the response varies. If it has any metal fixtures then you must always remove the baby carrier and place it through the x-ray machine. This policy varies for other countries.


  • Can I take baby milk through airport security?
  • Yes, you can. it can be over 100ml or over the 3-1-1 rule.


  • What documents are needed for a child to travel?
  • If you are flying internationally a passport is needed.

If you are flying domestically, ID is generally required . However, if you are flying domestically within the USA, then an infant will just need to show a boarding card at security. It’s always worth taking a copy of their birth certificate or passport for peace of mind..

Travellers to and from South Africa may require further documentation, regardless if a citizen there or not. If both parents are travelling a passport for the child is required AND their FULL birth certificate. IF just one parent is travelling, then additional paperwork is needed showing that the other parent/guardian agrees. Contact your local South African embassy for details. This process is due to be simplified as it has caught many a parent out. For more information on different countries policies see here.

  • Do you need ID for a baby to fly?
  • This depends on where you are flying from and to. Domestically, in the USA and Canada, no. If you are flying internationally then yes. Otherwise, in most countries you will always need a passport or birth certificate if flying domestically. Always check your government website if you are unsure.


  • Do you need a birth certificate when traveling with an infant?
  • Currently, you do if you are flying to/from South Africa. it’s always best to check the countries entry requirements. If you are flying domestically in the USA/Canada, whilst you technically don’t need ID, it’s always worth taking with you if your child is flying as a lap baby but is close to two.


Age questions

  • How soon can a baby fly after being born?
  • As a general rule, babies must be over 14 days old. This can vary. For more information see this post on flying with a newborn.


  • How old can a child be to sit on your lap on an airplane?
  • A child must be under two years of age to sit on your lap. Some airlines may charge you for a seat on the return journey if your child turns two before their return flight.


  • Can I take baby wipes on a plane?
  • Yes you can – in both your cabin and hold luggage.


  • Can I bring medicine for my baby?
  • Yes, you can. If it is over 100ml and in your hand luggage/carry-on, you will need a doctor’s letter to accompany it.
  • For a concise packing list for baby see here.


Sleep questions

  • How do I get my baby to sleep on a plane?
  • Bring something familiar with you and request an airplane bassinet – it’s like a small cot for babies. There is lots of information on airline bassinets here. They are mostly available on larger airlines and long haul flights. It is useful to bring a large muslin cloth or light blanket. or even a CoziGo, to help make a darker area for baby to rest – especially if the cabin lights are on.


  • Can baby be in a carrier on the plane?
  • Yes, they can except for taxi, take-off and landing or when otherwise instructed by the cabin crew.


Heath questions

  • How do I stop my baby from crying on a plane?
  • Just like home, go through all the possible reasons why they may be crying; hungry, tired, dirty nappy/diaper etc. You can walk around and try and comfort them if the seatbelt sign is off.


  • How do I protect my babies ears when flying?
  • Babies can find it hard to clear their ears with the change in air pressure, so by feeding, or sucking or crying this can help relieve any discomfort. It’s not generally advised to put cotton wool in their ears.

How do you fly with a baby?

This post on flying with a baby is a great place to start. It covers all you need to know about rules and regulations, tips to make the flight easier etc. If you are unsure what to expect when flying with baby, this post will help you too.








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