Family Friendly Airline Review - Malaysian Airlines, family travel

Family Friendly Airline Review – Malaysia Airlines

Family friendly airline review by Carrie Bradley – including information gathered from flights between  London Heathrow to Kuala Lumpur and return.

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CoziGo bassinet cover

Our flight with Malaysia MH001 left quite late at night at 21.45 on a lovely A380. We had put our two little ones to bed earlier and woke them just before the taxi arrived, so they had a little energy to master security and the boarding process. Boarding was speedy and efficient and we were quickly shown to our bassinet seats. I was given 46D with my 11 month old and my eldest daughter 46E, whilst my husband was just across the aisle on the C seat. His wasn’t a bassinet position but he had a spare seat next to him which proved very handy during the flight. A couple next to me also had a baby so it was only fair that they had use of a bassinet too – besides only an aisle separated us. We settled in for our long flight.

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The crew were very prompt in explaining the bassinet procedure; how they would bring the bassinet after take-off, that if the seat belt sign was on the baby had to be removed etc. They also handed me a nappy, a bag for rubbish, and some baby food, plus an activity book for both girls ( unfortunately it was too old for them). The seats were comfortable and the in-flight entertainment was modern and up to date. The child meals were popular with my 4 year old, especially the sweet things- I did manage to hide some the chocolate away though. (Yes- I ate it!)

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Malaysian Airlines Child Meal

During the flight

As the flight was night flight, the service began straight away. Unfortunately, they did leave the lights on for quite a while after the service and duty free cart had been through. By this stage my youngest was incredibly tired. I put up my CoziGo bassinet cover over the bassinet, and she was asleep instantly. She slept the remainder of the journey and woke up just as breakfast was being served, so perfectly timed.

The crew were very helpful providing milk throughout the journey for both of my girls. it was UHT milk, but they gave it happily. We had brought some  of toys and also our Kindle, so my 4 year old was happily entertained until she fell asleep. The beauty of night flights both ways, meant there wasn’t any need for much of any of this. The flight also had a good selection of children’s films and TV- should we have needed it.

The return flight MH002 was also a late departure.  We had seats 46 G and H and 47 H this time, but the flight was half empty, so my husband and I took turns in ‘duty’ time. One of us stayed at our allocated seats by the bassinet, whilst the other had an entire row of seat. I actually watched a movie and slept for about 4 hours straight. Bliss! Again the crew were superb. Totally attentive to parents needs and very understanding – malaysian airlines, A380, family travel, economyconsidering that my 11 month old had just decided that a long flight was the time to learn how to crawl!


I was very impressed with Malaysia Airlines and wouldn’t hesitate to use them again for a long haul flight. Their crew were kind and professional and really looked after all the parents.




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Malaysian Airlines Review, Family Friendly Airline Review - Malaysian Airlines, family travel


  1. This brings such relief to me, as I’m flying with Malaysia airlines in August this year. My husband can’t sit next to me as I’ve booked the bassinet seat. Fingers crossed there is no other babies next to me. My girl is a light sleeper.

  2. Im so glad ive seen this review il be flying with M.A by the end of the month alone with my 11month old baby… im looking forward to have a nice experience on his first flight too

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