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Holiday Essentials: 5 Holiday Essentials For Kids With Sensitive Skin

Holiday Essentials: 5 Holiday Essentials For Kids With Sensitive Skin

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Both my daughters (aged 2 and 5) have eczema and sensitive skin. Unfortunately, it became more pronounced when they turned two, so nowadays whenever we go on holiday, there are a few holiday essentials that I include to avoid irritating their sensitive skin.

Jungle Formula Kids, sensitive skin,

Jungle Formula Kids

Jungle Formula Kids have two products specifically for children for non-tropical destinations, a lotion and Slap-it Band. Jungle Formula sent us some of these products to trial on our recent trip to Hersonissos, Crete .  Mosquitos can be prevalent to the area, and as I get bitten very easily, it was possible the girls would be too. The lotion is dermatologically tested and both alcohol and DEET free. (IE3535 is the active ingredient). It is suitable for children aged over 12 months.

Jungle Formula Kids, sensitive skin

My girls also trialed the Kids Slap-it band, a brightly coloured, easy to use band which uses Geraniol. This lasts up to 2 weeks based on 8 hours usage a day. It’s waterproof, usable from 3 years and allows for protection without the active ingredients coming into contact with the skin – a great solution for wriggly kids! Mine used the Slap-it band on their wrists and ankles. They understood that it would stop them from getting bitten, so they were more than happy to wear it.

There were mozzies about, and of course the one time I forgot to use the spray, I got bitten all around my ankles!  However, the girls went bite free for the whole trip! Knowing that our girls were protected definitely eased any concerns about being in mosquito prevalent places. The Slap-it bands made it so easy!

We are planning on a trip to Thailand late in the year, and will add the Jungle Strength Maximum spray to our bag. The maximum spray contains DEET and is recommended for tropical countries. Due to the DEET content, this spray is suitable for children aged 3 years onwards. It is also reassuring to know it is endorsed by the Hospital for Tropical Diseases.

Jungle Formula Kids Lotion has an RRP for £5.99 and the Slap-it anit- mosquito bands are £9.99. They are available from Boots, ( you can pre-order and pick up airside at the airport)  from most UK airports and Amazon currently has the bands for £6.05 and the lotion for £4.90

Jungle Formula Kids, sensitive skin,

Oilatum Junior Bath

As much as I adore the small cute miniature hotel toiletry bottles – the contents often can’t be used on my girls, so I always decant some Oilatum into a small bottle for holidays. It soothes, hydrates and helps protect their dry skin. You can buy from most supermarkets and pharmacies in the UK

Sensitive baby wipes

Baby wipes are just so useful and occasionally it can be hard to find sensitive wipes or guess which ones are the sensitive ones in a non- English speaking country, so a couple of packs of these are always with us.

sensitive skin

Green People Children’s Organic Sun Cream

We have to quite picky with sun tan lotion as it can often aggravate their skin. This one deliberately has an SPF of 30 to encourage people to reapply frequently. It works a treat and helps to calm their eczema too. I sometimes find this in Waitrose in the UK, but I have also ordered via Amazon. For other recommended products for the best sunscreen for babies with eczema, you may like to look at these.


Our doctor recommends this for particularly bad episodes, and bad nights of scratching. As our youngest hasn’t had chickenpox either, it’s good to have packed- just in case! This can be bought over the counter at pharmacies for children over 1.

This post is in collaboration with Jungle Formula  but as always, words and opinions are my own.

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Jungle Formula Kids, sensitive skin

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Tamara Webster

Tuesday 13th of June 2017

Thanks for the tips! Am going to look for the kids JF as going to Greece in August. The only thing I see you pictured but didn’t mention is a good hat. I cannot speak more highly of the Kids Play Hat by Sunday Afternoons. I bought this for my two year old when we were living in Nevada. It lasted him 4 tough years and gave me 4 years of not fretting about sun burn to his head, neck, ears, cheeks and nose! Plus it was superb at helping keep glare out of his eyes. I sought out one for his little sister when she came along. Amazing hat

Plutonium Sox

Tuesday 13th of June 2017

Oh gosh, I'm the same as you about getting bitten, they eat me alive and I react quite badly to it. We are huge fans of JF here too. Nat.x

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