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Current Airport Liquid Restrictions For The UK, EU and USA

Updated to reflect most recent changes by UK Gov: Some airports across the globe are changing their liquid allowances from 100ml, but as of June 7 2024, not many have implemented it. This guide with helpful links to the official airport sources will help you plan what you can and can’t take in your hand luggage or carry on.

As always, baby food and milk is exempt from any liquid rule.

The important takeaway is to not only check the country you are departing from but check the return airport rules to, otherwise you may have to ditch your favourite shampoo or perfume on the return journey.

If the airport has not changed their rules or updated their scanners, you will likely need a small plastic bag and still need to remove your liquids before scanning.

Many other airports are hoping to implement a change in the amount of liquid you can take in your carry on later on in 2024 or 2025.

When all airports have fully tested their new scanners with 3D image capability, all items will be able to be left inside bags and liquids up to two litres will be permitted in your carry on.

But if you click on the official airport links in the table below, it will tell you exactly what the current status is, even if I am a day late updating the tables – so bookmark this page for a quick way to check the airports you are flying to and from.

Note: Many airports are still testing their scanners, so even if the liquid amount allowance hasn’t increased, at some airports you won’t have to take your liquids and laptops out of your bag, which saves time through security! This is usually signposted in the queue.

airport liquids bag
Airport liquid limits for carry on are changing..

U.K Airports liquid rules as of June 8th 2024

AIRPORT RULE CHANGED TO ALLOW 100ml + bottles AMOUNT Allowed Per container
Aberdeen No 100ml
Belfast No 100ml
Birmingham No 100ml – but no limit on the number of 100ml bottles. Liquids stay in bags
Bristol No 100ml
Cardiff No 100ml
Edinburgh No 100ml
Glasgow No 100ml
Leeds Bradford No 100ml
Liverpool No 100ml
London City No 100ml
London Gatwick No 100ml
London Heathrow No 100ml
London Luton No 100ml
London Southend No 100ml.
London Stansted No 100ml
Manchester No 100ml
Newcastle No 100ml
Southampton No 100ml
Teesside No 100ml

Europe Airports Rules as of June 2024.

Country Airport Rules changed Amount allowed
Austria Vienna International Airport No 100ml
Graz Airport No 100ml
Belgium Brussels Airport No 100ml
Croatia Zagreb Airport No 100ml
Czech Republic Prague No 100ml
Denmark Copenhagen Airport No 100ml
Estonia Tallinn Airport Yes 2 litres
Finland Helsinki Airport Yes 2 litres
France Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport No 100ml
Paris Orly Airport No 100ml
Nice Airport No 100ml
Bordeaux Airport No 100ml
Toulouse Airport No 100ml
Germany Berlin Brandenburg Airport No 100ml
Frankfurt Airport No 100ml
Munich Airport No 100ml
Greece Athens International Airport No 100ml
Rhodes Airport No 100ml
Corfu Airport No 100ml
Crete Heraklion Airport No 100ml
Crete Chania Airport No 100ml
Hungary Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport No 100ml
Ireland Dublin Airport No 100ml
Italy Rome Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport No 100ml
Milano Malpensa Airport Yes No restriction
Milano Linate Airport Yes No restriction
Florence Airport No 100ml
Pisa Airport No 100ml
Venice Airport No 100ml
Netherlands Amsterdam Airport Schiphol No 100mls
Poland Warsaw Chopin Airport No 100ml
Portugal Lisbon Airport No 100ml
Faro Airport No 100ml
Spain Madrid-Barajas Airport No 100ml
Barcelona-El Prat Airport No 100ml
Lanzarote Airport No 100ml
Palma de Mallorca Airport No 100ml
Malaga Airport No 100ml
Seville Airport No 100ml
Tenerife North Airport No 100ml
Tenerife South Airport No 100ml
Sweden Stockholm Arlanda Airport No 100ml
Switzerland Zurich Airport No 100ml
Geneva Airport No 100ml
airport liquids on carry on

U.S.A Airports

Currently all airports in the U.S.A follow the 100 ml (3.4oz) or 3-1-1 rules where all liquids must fit in a 20×20 cm or 8in × 8in.clear bag or quart size bag.

When there is confirmation they will change these liquid rules by the TSA, a table will made to reflect each major airport rules.

Dubai Airport Liquid Rules

Dubai Airport liquid rules are still the same with the 100ml limit.

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