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The Best Travel Potty for Toddlers 2023

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Finding a travel potty for toddlers is not as daunting as you may think at first. There are several really good, practical options for going out with little ones. Whether you are planning a camping trip, a road trip or out on a day trip, this guide to the best travel potty for toddlers will help. We’ve also included some foldable toilet training seats too.

How do you travel with a potty trained toddler?

We have gone on long car journeys and even plane journeys with a new in training toddler. In fact, her very first number two was in an airplane toilet – a surprise for all of us, considering how unfamiliar and noisy they can be!

But first things, first. Accidents can and will likely happen, but plan ahead and travel with a potty training toddler will be a breeze.

The Best Travel Potty for Toddlers

Tips for traveling with a potty training toddler

  • Encourage your toddler to use the potty or toilet before going out.
  • If on a road trip, break up the journey every hour, so everyone can try to go.
  • Use a car seat piddle pad, or liner which is a remove-able cover and bring a spare one
  • Consider lining the car seat with a puppy pad.
  • Bring extra changes of clothes, wipes etc

What age should a toddler be potty trained?

Please don’t worry if your child isn’t potty trained at two! Some may well be ready, but more often than not, around three is a general average age. However, it’s not age but physical, developmental and behavioural milestones that can mean your child is ready to potty train.

My Carry Potty has a leak proof seal on it

What is a travel potty?

There are two main styles which normally take up less space than a regular potty you would use at home. A travel potty needs to be small and easy to carry.

  • Normal potty  but with travel features like a case, or handles, with collapsable parts.
  • Toilet training seat – these are used on top of a normal toilet seat and often have hinges so they can be even more compact.
  • For boys, a portable urinal only option is available too.

Is a travel potty necessary?

Do you need a travel potty? You can get by without for some places, but in a park, long car journey, camping in the middle of the night etc the next stop may not have facilities, so a familiar potty may help keep the confidence to go when needed.

In a hurry? Here are our top picks!

Top recommended travel potty is the Potette Plus. It’s easy to use, can be used as a standalone potty or can fix to a toilet seat. Easy to pack and take abroad. It comes equipped with a carry bag and super-absorbent, disposable liners with carry handles.

If you haven’t any sort of potty at home, then consider the Potette Plus Max 3 in one, which has a reusable hard liner option for regular use. The OXO-Tot is also a very good option and My Carry Potty if you want to have one stay in the car for road trips.

Image NameMax Weight of childDimensionsWeightNotes
Potette Plus 2-in-1 (Travel Potty) Trainer Seat50 lbs9.84 x 9.53 x 2.8 inches0.85 lbsTravel bag included
Comes with 3 absorbent disposable liners
Fold-in legs for travel or storage
Built-in splash guard
OXO Tot 2-in-1 Go Potty11 x 11 x 2.5 inches3.2 lbsTravel bag included
Comes with 3 disposable bags with absorbent pads
Non-slip grips
ladybird my carry pottyMy Carry Potty Suitable for ages 15 months to 3+ years, 260mm x 235mm x 135mm1.13 lbs/850gmsComes with a carry handle and the only potty with a leak-proof seal, so there’s never any mess. Kids can take it to nursery, on summer holidays and for days out. Easily portable, it also hangs from your pushchair handle. 
MCGMITT Portable Potty Seat50 lbs‎9.9 x 9.8 x 5.4 inches1.19 lbsTravel bag included
Comes with 20 packs of disposable drawstring potty bags
Three-point fixing structure with rubber non-slip foot pads
Tinabless Portable Folding Banana Travel Toilet Potty60 lbs10.59 x 6.5 x 5.12 inches14.4 ouncesTravel bag included
Comes with 20 leak-proof and easy-to-use disposable liners
Folds into a banana shape
Rubberized bottom
Jool Baby Products Folding Travel Potty Seat10 x 7.2 x 2.72 inches9.9 ouncesTravel bag included
Made with 8 suction cups underneath
Fits Most Standard Toilets
Munchkin Sturdy Potty Seat13.5 x 3.38 x 15 inches0.02 lbsEasy-grip handles and a nonskid edge
Fits Most Standard Toilets
Built-in pee guard and “feet” for easy stand-up storage
Portable Potty and Training Seat by GuGu Tots10.75 x 9.76 x 3.31 inches1.34 lbsTravel bag included
Rubber-coated legs
Removable pot
ONEDONE Portable Potty for Toddler9 × 9.9 × 4.1 inches3.9 lbsTravel bag included
Suitable for babies under 2 years old
Honboom Portable Potty Training Seat50 lbs9 x 8.6 x 5.9 inches1.3 lbsComes with a splash-proof tongue
One-step folding design
Potette Plus Premium Max 3 in 1 travel potty50 lbs9.5 x 8 x 2 inches1.1 lbsTravel bag included
Comes with a reusable hard insert and 10 super-absorbent, disposable liners
Rubberized feet
Raised splash guard

Best Travel Potty

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