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What To Do In Corfu On A Rainy Day With Kids

Corfu, among Greece’s Ionian islands, offers stunning landscapes, picturesque architecture, and delightful cuisine, making it a traveler’s paradise.

While summers bring endless sunshine, other seasons might surprise you with occasional rain, especially post-October. However, fret not!

This guide transforms rainy days into exciting family adventures on this beautiful island. Explore intriguing museums, discover local wineries, visit charming churches, and immerse yourselves in local galleries.

Rainy days in Corfu might just add a dash of unexpected fun to your family’s island adventure!

What To Do In Corfu On A Rainy Day With Kids

What To Do In Corfu On A Rainy Day With Kids

Corfu Aquarium (Temporarily Closed until Mar 1, 2024)

If spending the day outdoors in the water isn’t an option, why not bring the party indoors? At Corfu Aquarium, you can surround yourself with water and sea creatures while staying dry from the rain.

During the guided half-hour tour, kids get hands-on with reptiles like the Royal Python and Boa Constrictors. The tour guides are great at both educating the little ones and keeping them engaged and amused.

And here’s the bonus – with your entrance ticket, you get complimentary seating and sunbeds outside for a unique and cozy experience. Many visitors opt for the combo tickets that include the submarine adventure!

And when hunger hits, the cafe serves up local delights like the Souvlaki Platter or Gyro Wrap. With well-kept facilities and a gift shop filled with souvenirs, Corfu Aquarium promises a day filled with laughter and learning for families seeking indoor fun on a rainy day.

Corfu Museums to visit during a rainy day

Corfu is rich in history and culture, boasting a variety of museums that make for an ideal family outing, especially during rainy days. Imagine the peaceful atmosphere as the rain gently taps on the windows, creating the perfect ambiance for an indoor adventure!

The Corfu Archaeological Museum is a standout, not just for history buffs but also as a playground for kids. They can get hands-on with activities, exploring replicas of ancient artifacts. Teens can dive deep into history with guided tours that make the past come alive.

Don’t miss Casa Parlante in Corfu Town! It’s like stepping into a time machine! Animatronic dolls and beautifully decorated rooms make it an interactive experience for the kids, while tech-savvy teens geek out over the robotic marvels.

Enjoy a cozy moment over tea, sharing laughs and delicious traditional treats.

Then there’s the Corfu Museum of Asian Art—a vibrant hub of creativity! Teens can unleash their artistic side in workshops inspired by captivating Asian art, while younger kids get lost in enchanting Asian tales during storytelling sessions. Make your mark on the cultural exchange corner before you leave!

Get ready for family fun at the Banknote Museum! Teens embark on a thrilling historical scavenger hunt, while the little ones get creative with coin-rubbing activities.

And for an extra dose of excitement, explore the museum’s virtual reality section—it’s like stepping into history!

End your museum adventure at Achillion Palace’s imperial gardens, where a royal treasure hunt awaits. Discover hidden clues, snap family photos against stunning backdrops, and wrap up your day by swinging by the pop-up royal tea corner to savor treats inspired by Princess Sissi’s favorites.

Cafes and Restaurants in Corfu 

Corfu’s food scene is a delightful blend of traditional Greek flavors with a local twist. And when the weather keeps you indoors, why not turn it into a delectable indoor adventure by exploring the island through its cuisine?

If you’re a pancake enthusiast, My Habit is the go-to breakfast spot for you. Tuck into their famous sweet or savory pancakes, accompanied by a comforting cup of Greek hot chocolate.

Craving homemade Greek pies? Starenio Bakery is a must-visit. Picture flaky pies brimming with classic spinach and cheese or a tantalizing chicken pie loaded with three cheeses. It’s a paradise for pie lovers.

For a hearty Greek lunch, Aegli is your destination. Savor their renowned pita, generously filled with tzatziki, succulent lamb, and pasta for the little ones.

And to top it off, head to Papagiorgis Patisserie-Gelateria, a paradise for pastry and gelato enthusiasts. Let the kids explore flavors like kumquat and pistachio or opt for beloved classics like chocolate, strawberry, or vanilla.

On a rainy day, stepping into The Plous Bookshop and Coffee feels like cozying up in a library! It’s an ideal escape, especially for young bookworms.

With three levels and shelves that have witnessed decades of stories, kids can get lost in tales, explore colorful illustrations, and even find quiet corners for creative play. Pair the joy of a good book with your favorite cuppa, and you have yourself a lovely evening for the whole family.

Tasting Experiences in Corfu on a rainy day

Corfu’s Liquid Gold experience is an absolute must-try, offering an enriching visit to the historic Dafnis family olive mill. Discover the secrets of the renowned Lianolia olive oil in an educational and enjoyable setting.

While adults explore the Governor olive oil’s nuances, little ones can enjoy a hands-on mini-pressing demonstration. Cap off the day with a visit to Corfu Old Town nearby, famous for its charming streets and vibrant culture, along with an array of cafes waiting to be explored.

Next on your itinerary is Theotoky Estate, a delightful wine experience with panoramic views. While adults savor the wines, children can appreciate the beauty of the vineyard.

Combine this with a visit to the family-friendly Corfu Golf Club, ensuring a hassle-free adventure with minivan pickup.

Conclude your exploration at the Mavroudis Family Museum and Modern Olive Oil Press, an olive oil extravaganza for the entire family! Kids can enjoy interactive activities and a mini olive oil tasting.

Enhance the experience with a visit to Angelokastro, an ancient fortress boasting breathtaking views.

Don’t miss out on the beer scene at Corfu Beer, conveniently located just 0.6 miles from Arillas Beach! Enjoy the smooth Corfu Beer Pilsner while immersing yourself in the vibrant and family-friendly atmosphere.

As a bonus, kids can join the brewery tour and indulge in non-alcoholic delights like the zesty Lemon Beer.

Head to Old Perithia on Mount Pantokratoras

Step into the captivating Old Perithia, a Venetian Village perched atop Mount Pantokrator! Imagine strolling along its cobblestone streets, surrounded by ancient stone houses that transport you back in time.

When the rain adds a mysterious touch, it becomes an immersive journey into Corfu’s fascinating history.

Let the kids roam around the charming lanes in the rain, as they imagine the stories hidden within these ancient stones. Meanwhile, you can snap some stunning photos of the misty mountain views to cherish later.

And when it’s time for a cozy break, swing by The Old Bakery, a charming local taverna. Kids can sip on hot chocolate or explore local snacks, while adults indulge in traditional Greek coffee.

Cooking Class with kids

Trade the gloom of a rainy day in Corfu for the warmth of a cooking class. Learn about local traditions at renowned schools like Corfood Bites or Traveling Spoon.

Chop alongside your kids, stirring up Corfiot specialities guided by expert chefs who are passionate about showcasing the island’s culinary gems. These schools take pride in celebrating fresh, seasonal ingredients, offering a hands-on experience for the whole family.

Whether you choose a class at a stunning villa or a seaside setting, it’s not just a cooking class, it’s an escape into the heart of the island’s culinary charm.

Art Galleries in Corfu to visit on a rainy day

Corfu’s art scene holds hidden treasures, especially when the rain sets in. Begin your family’s artistic journey at Handmade by Armeni Anthonio, a gallery where local and international artists add magic to every canvas.

It’s not just an art space; here, your family can join hands-on sessions, turning a rainy day into an artistic escapade.

Continue the exploration at Tsami Ceramics, where modern art blends with tradition, offering workshops that will surely capture the kids’ imaginations.

Explore historic churches in Corfu

Amidst the rain-kissed streets, Corfu’s churches are like timeless hideaways. The Holy Church of Saint Spyridon in Corfu Town is a standout, especially its impressive bell tower.

Stepping inside feels like entering a spiritual and mystical realm, making it a peaceful option to consider on a rainy day. 

For a dose of serenity, families can head to Panagia Vlacherna and Mouse Island, for the panoramic sea views. These locations serve as peaceful retreats where families can soak in the beauty of the surroundings and let the kids marvel at the scenery, perhaps catching a raindrop-kissed rainbow while they’re at it. 

Virtual Reality, Gaming Centers and Cinema

If the idea of stepping out for an activity-filled day feels like too much, Corfu’s got the perfect solution for a rainy day. How about treating your kids to some gaming at a local spot or gathering the family for escape adventures at Fortress of Secrets Escape Rooms Corfu and The MindTrap Escape Rooms Corfu?

Take it easy, collaborate with the family, solve puzzles, and uncover mysteries – it’s a rainy-day game extravaganza!

And if your family is all about the big screen magic, you can even make it into an epic movie day at Orpheus Cinema. A rainy day is the perfect setting to lose yourself in a story and snuggle up with family. 

Tips for Families Navigating Rainy Days in Corfu

  • Bring sturdy umbrellas and snacks. It’s essential to stay dry and keep the little ones fueled and content.
  • Stay informed with weather apps. Have backup plans in case your outdoor plans need to change due to rain.
  • Embrace indoor arts and crafts. Create a craft station with finger paints, glue, and paper for the toddlers. It can get messy, but it’ll be memorable.
  • Take advantage of indoor facilities at your accommodation, like pools or spas, for a relaxing time for both parents and kids.
  • Dust off board games and cards. Enjoy a little friendly competition to turn a dull day into a fun family bonding experience.
  • Create a cozy reading nook with books for all ages. Let each family member choose a story, turning the rainy day into a literary adventure.
  • Organize an indoor scavenger hunt. Hide items around your place and let the kids embark on a thrilling search, adding an exciting twist to the day.

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